1995-07-21: Mother - Son Lunch


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Scene Title Mother - Son Lunch
Synopsis Ron and Molly talk somewhat seriously during a normal, crazy Burrow holiday lunch
Location The Burrow
Date June 28, 1995
Watch For Flying food
Logger Mum Wheezy

The midsummer sun shines brightly around the burrow, and Molly hums as she finishes up lunch. She sets it out on the table, and calls out to her family to come eat. "Lunch time, children!" She smiles, and finds herself a seat, waiting for them to come barreling down the stairs.

Lunch time? That means it's the BEST time! Before anyone else can even think of coming downstairs to get their hands on Molly's delicious cooking, one Ronald Weasley is already halfway down the stairs, the words barely out of his mom's mouth. He hops the last five steps, landing with a soft thud on the landing at the foot. "Hey mum," he says, moving into the kitchen, coming to a stop near the table, standing right beside her. "What's for lunch?"

"Oh, well." Her son's enthusiasm cheers her even more, and Molly gestures to the table. "Since it was so hot, I decided just to warm some of the leftover soup, and make some sandwiches." She shakes her head amusedly, then turns to look at him for a long moment. "Ronald, …" Boys at this stage can be tricky to deal with. "Are you enjoying your summer, dear?"

"Mmm," Ron responds, taking a seat at the table and pulling a bowl towards him. Filling it with soup, and then placing a sandwich on his tray, he begins to tuck in. Only when his mother speaks to him again does he look up, making sure to swallow before he responds (after all, while he may get away talking with food in his mouth at Hogwarts, there's no way he's going to do it in front of his mom.) "Oh… yeah, so far." Another spoonful of soup. "Why, is something up?"

Molly watches the others scurry down, gets them settled in their places. As the conversation levels rise around them she turns her attention back to her second youngest. "Not in particular really. I just worry about you lot." She continues to eat, too, and then she sighs. "I was rather thinking about having us go stay with Sirius for a couple weeks shortly. It's an idea I've been tossing around in my head. What do you think?" She keeps her voice down, except to reply to the occasional belted, "Oi, Mum!" that inevitably happens during a meal.

Taking care to make sure none of his things are spilled as everyone scurries to find a seat at the table, Ron turns back to Molly, a small frown on his face. "Why do you worry about me a lot?" he says, mind jumping to conclusions. He has dragon pox! No! Some other sort of disease! Or he's adopted! Or! Something! But then she's asking about Grimmauld, and the most he can do is sort of shrug. "Well.. we could, yeah, if you think it's safer than here or something. Will Harry come, too?" he says, even if he is still a bit confused about why his mother is worrying about him.

"Mother's perogative." Molly answsers a little cheekily. "And I don't worry about you more than I worry about your siblings…" She pauses, and turns toward the twins. "Fred, George, stop that!" They do, and she sighs. "I worry about the whole lot of you, not you a whole lot." She shakes her head again, falling silent as she eats in relative peace for a few precious moments. "He's already there, luv. So, we'd be joining him. Grimmauld's a bit dreary, but it is locked up fairly tight. It's not quite as open as the Burrow." Understatement much? "But it'd be a change of pace, and since we really can't go somewhere on vacation…" She shrugs. "I just thought you'd like to spend a fortnight with your friend."

Taking a few bites of his sandwich and dodging a piece of bread thrown by one of the twins, Ron's eyes widen a bit as he continues to listen to his mother. "Oh…" Ron says, a bit of relief spreading through him. "I'm sure everything will be fine, mum," he says, smiling at her. "We can go to Grimmauld, too. I'd like to see Harry, and I bet he would like us to go there."

"That's rather what I thou—" She whirls around at the sight of the flying bread. "George Septimus Weasley. You've just signed up for cleanup duty. If you're full enough to be wasting good food, you can spend the remainder of the time cleaning up after the rest of us." George's complaints are summarily ignored. "That's rather what I thought. I thought we'd go closer to the end of August, so that we can get to King's Cross more easily." She chuckles. "It's just a hop, skip and jump, if I remember." She eats quietly for a few moments. "Have you heard from Harry, dear?"

Finishing the last of his meal and pushing his plate and bowel towards the middle of the table, Ron shrugs at his mother. "Just a couple letters," Ron says, unable to keep the smirk off his face at the sight of George being scolded. "It'll be good being closer to King's Cross, though, too."

Molly nods, finishing her own meal. "Well, since lunch cleanup is covered, why don't you come outside with me and help me harvest a few of those herbs? It shouldn't take that long and we can lay them out all neatly on the counter…" She chuckles. "I'm glad. Did he sound like he was doing well?" She asks after her seventh son (or would be if she had her way).

Aw, man. He has to do work! Still, he can't exactly say no to his mom, especially after she just fed him, amongst the other many things she does as a mother. "Oh, I suppose," Ron says, feigning an air of 'I can't believe you're making me do more work how could you!' As for Harry… "Yeah, he seemed to be doing okay."

So much for attempting to instill her love of herbology into her children. Molly rolls ehr eyes and shakes her head. "Well, that's good." She responds to his comments on Harry. "I worry about him as well. You three get into so much trouble…" On a regular basis. "At least this summer, he'll be eating properly…" She's quite glad he's with Sirius, even if the man is a bit immature. "Come along." She pushes her chair back, and stands, waiting for him to follow — "Ginevra! Language!" She casts a look Ginny's way. "Or you'll not be having visitors for a week!"

Pushing himself back from the table, Ron can't help the sigh that escapes him. Work. To borrow a word from Lavender Brown: eurgh. It's vacation! He doesn't want to be working! Besides, he gets enough Herbology experience at Hogwarts dealing with the crazy magical plants their teacher sets upon them. Still, he can't exactly argue, and he tags along with his mum, following her outside towards the garden.

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