Mortimer Marlowe Mordred
Portrayed By Sacha Baron Cohen
House Slytherin
Year 1980
Position Fashion Design
Sex Male
Race Half-blood
Age 33
Place of Birth Tyne and Wear
Date of Birth October 13th, 1961
First Appearance Fashion Disasters
Last Appearance

Character History:

Born into a half-blooded family, Mortimer had a fairly easy time with his heritage. Until he went to Hogwarts, but more on that later. The Mordred name once upon a time held some prominence, a few generations back, until the bloodline was diluted with muggle blood. Not that his parents minded this, much. His paternal grandparents' were able to remember a time when having a pure bloodline was a source of pride, and lamented the fact that theirs had dwindled. Edith and Marlowe Mordred didn't exactly share the same sentiment, but accepted it as a fact of life. Times change, and some sacrifices have to be made. This was just one of those things and they could always lie about having muggle relations.

When the newest Mordred couple to breed started a family of their own, they thought it great fun to start them all off with names beginning with 'M'. Their firstborn, Mortimer, was also named for his father by way of middle name. Then the other three to follow, Milton, Mathilda and Maxwell. The Mordred's were well off financially, until the four children started Hogwarts, then money proceeded to get tighter. (But only because they were too proud to do sensible things like shop for second-hand items.)

The family got on well enough as siblings do. Young Morty showed a bit of an ambitious streak. Wanting to strive above his current place in the world. Y'know, the usual. He wasn't above taking credit for the achievements of his siblings, or ratting them out. Not that this is different from any sibling rivalry, mind. Things just tend to be a little more cutthroat where magic is concerned. Such as swiping daddy's wand, using it on the sly then pinning it on a younger, more unsuspecting sibling.

When Mortimer began Hogwarts, he was sorted into Slytherin. It did not take long to see that his classmates didn't quite share the same sentiments as his parents and grandparents. Pureblood counted for everything. So he did the only thing he could think of.

He lied.

Which kept him from being bullied by his house-mates for a full year until his brother began Hogwarts and was sorted into Ravenclaw. Shame on Milton and his honest streak, and being proud of his heritage. The stupid git blabbed half the family tree to the Great Hall. You could say this was when and where Morty and Milton began their falling out. The two haven't been on speaking terms since. During You Know Who's rise to power, being a half-blood in Slytherin house just wasn't the healthiest thing in the world. His time in the hospital wing from various pranks, hexes and just plain cruel classmate tricks can speak volumes for this.

Morty was a capable student, easily bored and with no specific direction. He took well to Charms and herbology, then to some degree, transfiguration. There were no real close friends that he had in school, and his housemates ostracized him for the most part. You would too, if you were in Slytherin and the Dark Lord is on the rise. So any companionship he found was on the sly, but nothing that was sustainable throughout school and afterwards.

During the war, he didn't want to choose either side since they both had the painful possibility of death. (Nor did he want the pressure of standing in the middle.) So, looking out for his own skin, he fled the UK, and was abroad on the Continent until the end of 1981. During this time, he dropped out of contact with his family and hasn't bothered to resume it. While visiting France, Spain, Italy and Germany, he picked up a taste in fashion. Since then, he's made a name for himself in fashion design. Sure it's an effeminate career path, and it gets him thought of as a fop at times, but the ladies /love/ him. (Although he's had to chase off a few overly friendly wizards.) Morty has even picked up a weekly program on the WWN giving advice and tips on the latest fashions.

Witches and wizards, he is a metro. A fabulous one at that.



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