1994-06-26: Moony And Padfoot Ride Again


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Scene Title Moony And Padfoot Ride Again
Synopsis The remaining half of the Marauders are up to no good.
Date Jun 26 1994
Watch For Temper temper, and Remus is still the good boy.
Chronology N/A
Logger Sirius

Hogsmeade and the Shrieking Shack

The large black dog that's been seen around the village of Hogsmeade is currently wandering along the road by the Shrieking Shack. A large rat in its mouth. Oh it's not for himself, it's for his feathered furry friend hiding up in a cave. Perhaps later he'll try and hunt down a rabbit or something more substantial. For now this will have to do.

Wandering down the self-same path is the haggardly looking wizard who had claimed that the dog was his not but a couple days earlier. Of course, that was all a lie on Remus' part. He couldn't claim to know the dog and then not say it was his…or that it at least belonged to someone he knew. He, unlike most of the town and the rest of the wizarding world, doesn't seem to be afraid to be near the Shrieking Shack. For good reason too. He is the one who did most of the shrieking there.

Spotting Remus coming from the opposite direction, the dog's tail starts to wag. The rat is spat aside so that he can let out a bark. Abandoning the late rodent, he sprints towards his good friend. Looks like something better will be caught for Buckbeak later!

Lupin can't help but hear that wonderfully loud bark. Spotting the dog who is running up toward him, he shakes his head. "Well, there you are Padfoot! I've been looking for you!" He smiles, giving his friend a pat on the head. "Out on the prowl near our old stomping grounds?"

A soft growl is issued at the pat on the head. No one's watching Moony, no need for that! Another bark is made and the dog leads away from the road towards the shack. In there, they should be able to talk without danger.

Lupin can't help but give a sly little grin. "I can't help it. It's habit to pet a dog. I hope you can forgive me." He chuckles before following up the path toward the shack.

Another tail wag is made, surely that's a sign of forgiveness! Once the pair have broken into the shack, the dog is free to transform back to his rightful form. Sirius shakes his mane of disheveled hair from his face, "Good to see you again Moony." There's a baring of teeth with his smile, a more feral edge to the humor on his haunted face.

Lupin smiles softly at Sirius as he transforms, something that he'd seen many times before. "And you, Padfoot. It's nice to be here under less excruciating circumstances." He says with a small nod, looking around. Look of realization comes to his face. "Oh yes! I've got a letter from your favourite godson." He pulls out a piece of folded paper from one of his many pockets and hands it to Sirius.

Sirius claps a hand to Remus's shoulder in a fraternal fashion before eagerly reaching for the letter. "How is he? I just sent another letter before I came back North." The letter is promptly opened and read. "It's a good thing I did not decide to travel to Surrey just yet then. Of course, it's still a tempting idea to do so. I'm sure his aunt has some flowerbeds I can tamper with." A twinkle is seen there in his grey eyes, indicating the mischief he mentions causing. "Looks like I'll be heading to Ottery St. Catchpole now," he states with finality as he promptly makes up his mind on where to hide out next.

Lupin grins. "He seems to be doing all right. Worried about you, of course. Now that he has a godfather, all he wants to do is spend his time with you." He gives a soft chuckle. "Ah yes, Lily's sister. From what I hear, she's an interesting sort. Dumbledore mentioned to me about that. It's almost sad that he has to go there every summer right away before going elsewhere." He grins. "But yes, now he's with the Weasleys. You'll remember Ron, the boy who you so kindly dragged here." He says with a little twinkle in his eye. "He's one of the Weasley's."

"Dumbledore's got his reasons," Sirius says in a slow voice as he rolls the letter up and pockets it away within his dingy robes. "Ron, the red headed boy. I sent him an owl at end of term. To make up for no longer having a pet." He looks around the interior of the shack, his grey eyes dark as he seems to be recalling the events of a short time ago. "The Weasley's will take good care of him. I trust they will." There's an underlying energy in the fugitive's words, and the way he looks around. "I should go near him, help keep out an eye. I would go hunt down Peter, but he's most likely hidden himself well."

"Dumbledore always has his reasons. And they generally turn out to be good ones, too." Remus agrees. "Yes, that would be him." He smiles softly. "Well, I'm sure that the owl will be a fine replacement. I don't think he'll be going for rats again soon, anyway." He chuckles. "They're a good family, the Weasley's. If anyone knows how to take good care of him, it's them." He says reassuringly. "Don't you worry about Wormtail. I have a feeling that we'll see him again some day." He nods. "If you do go to stay near Harry, though, be careful. It's one thing to trot around Hogsmead and beg food off of the people here. Ottery St. Catchpole is a whole different deal. There are more muggles around there and if any of them catch sight of Buckbeak, it'll be hard to cover that up."

"Not soon enough. I'd of liked to have had my name cleared and the little rat to pay for all he's done." A gleam shines in Sirius's eyes as he ponders many ways of making Peter pay. With wizarding healing, he could probably carry on for days. Distracted from those thoughts, he turns his pale eyes back to Remus. "I know how to keep Buckbeak hidden," he says with a wave of his hand. "I just can't stay here, doing nothing."

Lupin takes a deep breath in. "We'd all like to get your name cleared, honestly. But unless we know where he is, there's nothing we can do." He pauses. "There are thoughts waving around that he's gone in search of Voldemort, but we don't quite know where he's gone either." He looks at Sirius quite…well, seriously, in fact. "You've always had trouble just keeping hidden. Even back in our school days you had to be doing SOMETHING." There's a small gleam of amusement in his eyes.

Another wave of his hand is made as Sirius glances away. As if having his name cleared is just a small matter in the grand scheme of things. "Our help is needed.. Harry /needs/ me around." About to start kicking himself for what should have been, he stops. Dwelling never solved anything. A grim smile forms on his face as he regards his friend once more, fondly looking back. "So much trouble to cause, so little time, Moony."

"What Harry needs is for his godfather to be safe and hidden until his name has been cleared." Comes the reply from Remus. He grins widely. "You know, that never stopped us before, and it won't again. If anyone can do it, though, it would be us." He pauses, looking nostalgic for a moment. "Though, if anyone could give us a run for our money, it's the Weasley twins. You won't've met them, but they are big tricksters. Been taken to Filch's office on more than one occasion."

Sirius's pale eyes narrow some at the mild rebuke from Lupin. Anyone else but Remus, and he may have snapped back with a retort. "Good to see some things never change at Hogwarts. I wonder if our record of detentions have been beaten," he says with an absent air of recollection. "You'll be keeping an eye on Harry, next term, won't you?"

Lupin gives Sirius a little look, knowing full well how Sirius is feeling. He shakes his head. "I doubt anyone, even the Weasley twins, will beat our record for detentions. If they did, I'd be surprised." He says lightly. "I'd like to say that I'd be able to keep an eye on Harry next term…but I won't be teaching again. I've left the Hogwarts faculty."

"What? Remus!" Sirius says with surprise and a little growl. "You could have kept teaching! Tell Dumbledore you've changed your mind! You'll stay another term!" As if it were that simple. Clearly, he's not in the loop in that the school now knows Lupin's a werewolf.

Lupin folds up his arms in a defensive posture. "It's not that simple, Sirius. Severus made it public that I was a werewolf. The parents know. If I kept teaching, there would be an uproar! They believe that I am too much of a danger to the students. And after that one night, I'm not surprised."

The growl Sirius now gives is audible and almost sounds as if he's transformed back to his animagus form. "Bloody Snivellus!! I could rip that greasy mop from his head!" As a point of fact, the animagus looks about ready to storm away to find his old school 'chum'.

Lupin places a well-worn hand on his friend's shoulder. "I may no longer a teacher there, but it doesn't mean an eye can't still be kept on Harry. Severus may have had his reasons for this." He looks Sirius in the eyes. "Remember, Dumbledore is there. And we've got other friends. Like Minerva." He smiles softly. "Regardless, Severus is supposed to be our friend now. Dumbledore trusts him, and as such so do I."

Sirius doesn't calm completely down at his friend's touch. There's an initial flinch, before he settles down. The contact wasn't expected, and after what he's been through, it startled him. "You've always been too trusting Moony. Snivellus can't be trusted."

Lupin raises an eyebrow. "We've all been a little too trusting at times, but sometimes it pays to be trusting, does it not? We were wrong about Wormtail, weren't we? What makes you so sure that you're right about Severus? He made me a potion all year long that helped me keep my human mind while I was a werewolf. He was cordial."

Another growl is heard from the man as he snaps, "Enough." Sirius's mood has quickly gone south and further talk of Wormtail isn't helping. "He had no choice under Dumbledore's watch." Finding a rickety chair that's still more or less intact, he settles upon it. The additional dust makes no difference to his current state.

As if turning on a knut, the foul mood is gone as he brings about cheery and reckless topics. "So what is your plan for the upcoming term? Staying close to Hogsmeade?"

Lupin knows better than to further the topic with his old friend. "I'm thinking I might. Stay close to Harry and keep an eye on him. It can't hurt. And someone has to keep up the legends of this house being the most haunted in Britain, don't they? Besides, what else do I have to do? Werewolves are not exactly in high demand these days."

"Excellent. I will continue hiding out here then, more so in plain sight." Which is far better than hiding constantly in a cave. "For the rest of the summer, I should keep moving. Perhaps let myself be seen by some muggles far away from here, draw attention away." Sirius turns his head towards one of the boarded up windows as if listening for something. "I'll find Harry, speak with him briefly then keep moving."

"Good then. It'll be like old times, then, won't it? Of course, Harry will, more than ever, want to come visit here at the shack if he know we're bother here." Says Lupin thoughtfully. "The question is, shall we let him?" He asks with a small, sly grin as if he already knows the answer that the other is going to give.

"Come off it Moony, you know the answer to that question before you even asked," Sirius says with a wide grin that meets his eyes. It's a smile that's a reflection of old times. "He's his father all over again. He'll be capable of sneaking about."

Lupin shakes his head lightly. "Well, now that he knows all about the Whomping Willow, he'll no doubt be here as much as he can manage without looking suspicious." He sighs, with a nod. "And of course he's actually got the Marauder's Map. Found it right in Filch's office. I think the Weasley twins had found it at one time. Though how they found it is right beyond me."

"Don't sound so disappointed Remus my friend, you should feel proud that the mischief we caused has been passed down to the next generation." Sirius pushes himself up from the chair and gives a shake of his head. "I need to go find Buckbeak some dinner then prepare to journey south."

Lupin lets out a chuckle. "Quite the feat of magic we made there. The map was pure genius if I do say so myself." He says with a little wink. "I can't say I blame him for using it. It served us well. I just hope he doesn't get caught using it again. I can't always be there to keep other teachers from getting their hands on it." He shrugs. "Oh well. What can you do? He has to have some amount of fun and adventure." He gives Sirius a nod. "Yes. Of course. I'll send you an owl in good time. Just one from the post office here. I hope you fare well, Padfoot. Take care of yourself, and be careful. And for now…" He pauses, letting that hang in the air. "For now, mischief managed."

"Of course it was genius! We made it!" Sirius says as if it were the only response to give. "I'll be careful Moony, as careful as I've ever been." Which isn't the comfort it should be. He gives a snort when Remus says he'll use the Hogsmeade post office. "Tell the generous post mistress that I've gone off to obedience school or the like." Briefly a hand claps to Remus's shoulder before he transforms and slips off and out of the shack.

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