1995 03-06: Moody's Army


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Scene Title Moody's Army
Synopsis The first training session of Moody's Army. The students learn how to Stupefy and Ennervate
Location Unspecified Classroom (Classroom 11)
Date Mar 06, 1995
Watch For Students being cursed (again) Ninja Skillz-And eaves droppers
Logger Mad Eye, Amber

It is the time and the hour. And this is the place to be. Already the room has been prepared for the coming trials. A few mats have been added to the ground as a row of wooden dummy's stand along the back wall away from the door. A foe glass hangs in two corners, so as all angles are covered. The desks have been removed and all but a couple trunks and cabinets. But the room is quite literally made bare for a very reason. Filch must have had some fun doing this. Yeah, right.

And then comes the chime- for those who are already here and lingering early-well one might expect the Auror to be bursting through right at the chime-however. An uneasy stillness sets. Perhaps he is making them wait to see who will sweat it out and who will leave.

Looking rather ragged, Harry was one of the few that were lingering early. From the looks of it, he hasn't really been sleeping well. And the early morning training regimines haven't been helping either. Not that he's ever had a problem being awake when they start. Still, he looks like he's got some bags under those eyes and his hair is a mess…..then again, it is usually that way anyhow. As the chime sounds, he looks up from one of the trunks that he sits on.

Due to his ramblings around the castle both before curfew and after it, Julian knows the floor plan pretty well. So, when it's announced at this morning's run that the meeting will be in classroom 11, Bean heads there to arrive precisely on time. He steps into the room and notices the dummies, showing his appreciation with a soft whistle. "Nice." He steps closer to the dummies and examines them closely. When he sees Harry, he gives the boy a nod. "Potter." He knows the boy's name, of course, who doesn't?

There are a couple students that have been in here a good while before anyone else- the thing is, both of them are stuffed quietly in one of the tall leftover cabinets. Rene, on one hand, has his wand in his hand; he knows that Professor Moody can see right through the wood if he wants to, so it will either end up that he lets them be, or he points them out. And We All Know what happens when Moody picks someone out of a crowd, right? Right. The boy in the cabinet with him is a bit of close contact, but at least from this close of an earshot he can 'ssssssh' as potentially appropriate.

Jax isn't going anywhere, that's for sure. Though not actually old enough to be here, the Hufflepuff firstie is crouched in one of the old cabinets that ring the room, tense with anticipation as he tries to peer out through a tiny gap where the ancient door is hinged. He doesn't make noise, just grips his wand tightly, and stays rather still in the tight confines of the cabinet, trying not to squish Rene too much.

Brian is another of the early arrivers. He's leaning against the wall near the door, wand in hand, but holding it in an idle, not-about-to-hex-someone grip, looking it over as if examining for damage. Not that there'd be any. He nods when Bean walks in. "Hey."

Ginny was ready to barge in and demand to be taught how to defend herself when she heard that only fourth years and up would be allowed. However, after a discussion with Angelina, the barge-and-demand plan was put on the backburner. So Ginny walks in at a fairly sedate pace, her wand in her hand. Brown eyes flick from student to student, noting who was there.

With a small gaggle of Hufflepuffs. A mixture of 4th and 5th years, Rune finds himself just sorta loafing. They came early because they were expecting to get hexed for being late-or worse picked out for examples. They seem to be all jokes and laughs-that is till the chime comes, and its then that Rune swallows. His throat suddenly dry and his hands sweaty. You'd think he was asked to the yule ball or something. Eyes are on the door. Waiting.

Angelina and Siobhan were, of course, here early as well. They stood at the front of the room, talking. Alright. Really, they were scheming. But talking will work. When the time comes, and the chime rings, and there is no Professor, they both look at one another. Angie gives a faint grin, and then the two of them split up, one on each side of the room. It is Angie that speaks first. "Alright! Pair up! One across from the other. Until the Professor gets here, it will be Protego and Expelliarmus. Nothing else! Siobhan and I will come around and check on each of you."

Archibald, the second-year Slytherin was sitting with his back up against one of the old wardrobes when the chime rang. He looks up and frowns slightly when there's no teacher. However the call for pairing up has been called and so the young student stands, and withdraws his wand from within his robes.

Ahh might wish to belay that order there Johnson, for as soon as it is given and seemingly folks start to match up- a rather ominous stumping sound can be heard from the hallway. Tap-STUMP, Tap-STUMP. And then without a turn of the knob the door flies open with a simple spell, a loud banging noise that reverbs even in the partially filled classroom as Moody lurches in. Blue eye is looking around. Already something has his attention off in the corner, but no words come out right away. A slight nod, and he turns looking back to the door that closes like rapid fire behind him. "Alright, you pack of children, quit playin' grab arse an Line up. Year, House! Fourth years in front, Seventh back." The bark is much like one might hear from a drill wizard during their Auror or hit wizard training. That Blue eye does not stray from a certain Cabinet.

"NOW" When Moody says jump, you best jump.

Already prone to jump at the most harmless of noises, when Siobhan hears that Tap-STUMP, she braces herself. Even then, she cannot help a flinch at the bang, gripping her tiny wand in one hand. Seemingly content to drop into line and take orders - for now, or at least from this man - Sio falls into place at the very back, subtly leaning against the furniture for support and absently scratching at the skin on her forearm.

It's like…being at the Dursleys all over again. And the Professor does kind of remind Harry of dear Uncle Vernon in a certain, rotund aspect. A little more hair, shorter cut, and moustache and he'd nearly be a twin. But anyhow…he was already getting to his feet when the order came to like up, so it's not much more of an effort to fall into a proper spot in line.

Stuffed in so close, Rene is lucky he isn't claustrophobic. He takes second-long peeks out of the tiny crack until Moody comes in. He expects that lightning blue eye to whirl around and face them. He is not disappointed one bit, and leans in super-close to whisper in Jackson's ear. Hopefully he's not ticklish! "He's looking." Hello, eyeball! How are you? The blond boy is tense, but only to see if he actually does something about them or not.

Julian starts to pair up with someone, and then, when he hears the unmistakable footfalls of his esteemed professor. When Moody shows up barking his order, it's not as much of a surprise as it might be. Well, he knows his place, so he lines up in the front with the fourth years, deciding to stand on the very end of the line, being the only Slytherin young one here. Siobhan is here, but she's all the way at the back, and he needs to be able to see. He frowns at some of the other students around, wondering what's going to happen next.

Luna, having been dreadfully quiet up until this point, Luna takes a spot in the appropriate place in the Ravenclaw line. Although, on the other hand, Luna does lean to one side so that she can get a clearer view of Moody, holds that lean for a moment, and then straightens again, her necklace of bottle caps and butterbeer corks clacking against itself as she does so.

"Maybe we should line up," Jax whispers back very softly. "He did say /now/." He lets Rene have the peeking-crack, opting instead to press his ear to the side of the cabinet, listening intently. His fingers tighten around his wand.

In the front?! Aw. Amber eyes the other Hufflepuffs who've come with her, and sighs. Well, so much for strength in numbers. Normally fairly independent, she thought maybe she'd stick with the group as close as possible today, but this is not to happen. Too bad there's not any other fourth year Hufflepuffs here. Anyway, she'll stand as near a certain fifth year as she can.

Archibald jumps about a foot in the air, wand pointing towards the door when it crashed open, but quickly lowers it when he notices it's Professor Moody. At the call to line up, Archie quickly moves towards the front of the line, second years weren't mentioned and so he moves to get into line ahead of the fourth year Slytherins. He smiles to himself and to his younger housemate Julian, glad to not be the youngest student here.

As much as she hates it when Snape does that, the banging door open, Angie hates it a little less from Moody. This doesn't stop her from jumping, even if she did hear his approach. Don't have to tell her twice, however! She quickly moves to the back of the Gryffindor line, making sure all her ducks are in a row, as it were, on the way.

When Moody says jump, Rune literally jumps. And like that he is lining up with a few other Fifth years behind the fourths. There's a glance to their own numbers, before he is trying to see who else is here. Though in the spirit for not being singled out he is turning his head straight forward. Maybe he can do a smashing impression of a statue.

Ginny jumps as the door bangs open, looking over her shoulder - and there's Professor Moody. When he gives his order to line up, she obeys, moving to the front of the Gryffindor line. A brief smile is tossed to Angelina as the other girl goes to the back of the line, and she peers around a little, looking for other familiar faces. Spotting Harry, a grin breaks across her face, and she waves shyly.

Well. Interesting start to the class. Brian had started to push off the wall in order to follow Angelina and Siobhan's instructions when the door slammed open. Thankfully, he'd been bright enough to settle himself out of the door's reach, but it still makes him jump when the door whizzes so close to him. Then he gives a rueful, amused-sounding snort and heads for the appropriate place in the given lineup, to stand in the Gryffindor line. Of course, given the year specifications, he ended up just behind Harry. "You ok?" He whispered. He'd noticed how haggard the other boy looked.
Moody's blue eye doesn't move, not an inch as his brown eye takes in the nice-slightly ordered ranks of students. There's a twist of his lips, before he is taking that walking stick and slamming it once with a resounding crack on the floor. For those unlucky enough to be hiding inside the cabinet will find themselves being forcefully evicted and out onto the floor. Its not gentle either. Just a fair warning.

"Alright, If you're younger than fourth year, come and stand t' my left, NOW!" another bullroar like bellow, before he's snapping his head towards the rows of students "Johnson, Noble-front and center." He'll wait for them to acquiesce, before he instructs any further-as far as what the students are to do, but till he's ready to star lessons, he will give a wee statement:

"Those of you here are here on your own accord. But, while you are here, you are mine. This class will not be easy. You will probably be injured, fatigued, an all out tried by the end of it. I will not tolerate anyone talking back t' me or my officers" Yes that would be Siobhan and Angelina. "If you all fancy yourselves an army- I'll run you like it. you may hate me or love me, I don't give a good damn-but you will respect me, an each other in here. Because as I said you are here on your own accord-because you want t' learn to defend yourselves. If I see anything I don't like form you-I will bounce your arse out of here quicker than crap through a goose." a slight pause "That Understood?"

He'll wait a moment before dealing with his wee ones.

Well, now that Bean's in line with the rest of the army, Moody makes a change. However, as the man says, he's the boss. So, Bean strides purposefully toward the professor, standing smartly beside him in the place indicated. He merely tries to be as obedient as possible. This man knows about survival. This man is survival personnified. So, Bean needs to learn everything he can from him. He snorts softly as Rene and Jax are uncovered. "C'm'over here, mates." Then, he's silent again.

Back then front… Siobhan honestly wishes the crochety old Auror would make up his mind. Movement still isn't easy as it was before. Still, he's right; orders are orders and she's extra careful today not to trod on the old bear's toes. Definitely not today - and especially not if her suspicions are correct. "Aye, sir." Her voice is quiet but steady, a bit of her birthplace brogue slipping through before she catches it. Bean is given a slight smile, but the uncovering of Others pulls it into a Very Cross Frown. This was not what she expected - especially from her own House. Still, whatever Moody has to say to them will surely out-terrify anything she could come up with.

The crack of the cane on the floor makes Amber do a little hop in place, eyes blinking rapidly as she 'wakes up,' so to speak. She has a feeling that's gonna happen a lot in here. After what happened with Perpetua, she's ready. She's going to learn to defend herself. She's going to learn what the Dark Arts are and how to repel them! … Sure, that's easy enough to say now.

Standing up a little straighter when Moody dictates that she's here on her own accord, the Hufflepuff gives a minute nod. She can take it. It can't be worse than that football practice Coach called at two in the morning that one time. Angry, tired elementary school students can slide-tackle the hell out of shins when they'd rather be asleep.


She can't help half a smile in Bean's direction when she sees him. Nice kid, for a Slytherin! "Aye," she notes, probably in conjunction with the other people in the room, when Moody asks if things are understood. Amber gets it. She's just not so sure how bad it's going to be yet, despite pre-coaching by Angelina.

Harry watches the other students fall into place, and catches the wave from Ginny. Despite being worn out, he still manages a smile and a return wave. At the question of his well-being, he glances back to Brian. "Yeah, I'll be fine." he says quickly, quieting down as Moody explains there Terms and Conditions. Batteries are definitely not included. Just as he is about to respond with his understanding to Moody, there's a small figure in the doorway.

"Sorry to bother, Professor Moody…" Flitwick, the little charms professor states, "…but, I need to borrow Potter for a short moment. Shouldn't be too long and I'll have him right back."

Raising his brow in curiosity, Harry shrugs and starts to move towards the door. "Guess I'll….be right back then."

Jax oofs quietly as he is tumbled out of the cabinet, rubbing at his elbow where it has hit the ground. Only for a second, though; Moody's orders have him grabbing his wand, scrambling to his feet and hurrying to the professor's side, falling into line beside Bean. His cheeks are furiously red, but he stands up straight, trying not to fidget or look /too/ guilty.

It seems like Jackson was right about that- they should have probably jumped out the first time. BOOM. The Cabinet rattles and the boys come sprawling out of it onto the hard floor. Rene keeps a tight grip on his wand as he tumbles onto his stomach, long hair splaying out around his head like a halo on brownstone. Oomf. Despite his nose now aching and reddened, Rene clambors to his feet and helps Jackson up before skittering over to stand beside Julian, chin up and his expression flustered in a noble sort of way.

Archibald doesn't seem /too/ concerned about the shouting Moody. However, he has had his Defense Against the Dark Arts classes, and knows full well not to dawdle. He strides on up to the front of the class, standing off to the left side of the professor. His arms cross over his chest, and he's still holding his wand. He glances over towards the two students thrown out of the cabinet, he snickers softly.

Rune again jumps with the startle. Merlin's balls he's rather nervous when it comes to all of this. However he just remains silent well-till Moody asks understad, and its almost automatic-as if this was ingrained in him by his Da' "Yes Sir!"

With a quick look over the Gryffindors, Angelina moves to the front of the room as ordered, not so much as a grumble coming from her. At the professor's words, she looks over the group of students that spoke with her about coming, brow raised. This is their chance to leave, if they are going.

Brian nods back to Harry. He's not entirely convinced, but he'll take the boy at his word. Moody's lecture then gains his attention, and he gives a grimfaced nod. Knowing Moody, Brian is fully expecting the worst, up to and including bringing Really Bad Things (tm) into the classroom. The physical stuff that Angelina and Siobhan had had them doing didn't worry him too much … he was reasonably physically fit, so it hadn't been a hardship to do. He chose to worry about the /other/ stuff Moody'd sic on them.

Bringing up a hand to rub at the end of her nose, Luna stares vacantly in the general direction of Moody at what he says. Smiling to nothing in particular, she slips her wand behind her ear, tucks her hands together in front of herself, and moves to the spot indicated, standing near Julian as well. "Hello, Julian." she says in a whisper, crinkling her nose with a subdued little smile towards the firstie. Expression relaxing soon afterwards, though, she turns her eyes back towards Moody.

At Moody's command, Ginny walks over to stand at Moody's left. Her chin is lifted, and her posture is near flawless - all signs that Ginny's Stubbornness - worthy of its own capital letter - is showing. She says nothing, however, simply waits for the Professor to speak.

A nod is passed on towards Harry "See to it Potter." and a not back to Flitwick-all the same it is accepted and so he is back to it as it were.

"Legume, you're spoken for, so file back in." Noble has already spoken to him about the wee one, so he does not entirely worry about the little toughie. He however remains focused on those over there-mainly Archibald, Jackson, and Rene "Now-you all know- that this was directed for Fourth years and up. So you are walking a thin line by HIDING in here to begin with. If you are dead serious-then I hope you have someone who will vouch for you. I will not be writing howlers t' parents telling them how stupid their children are. Are we understood?" There's a look back to the class assembeled.

"Wands out!- but before we go further- quick someone sign off for these young ones. Whether they are in your house or no-they will be YOUR responsibility." And he'll wait-before telling them what they will learn today.

If Caira did at some point know of this meeting, she's forgotten about it. Thus, when she comes across a cracked open door, and hears that it's occupied, she peers in. When she sees what's happening, she keeps watching from what should be a somewhat safe spot.

Back and forth. Right. Well, he's back in line before anyone can really say much. As he does though, Bean gives a quick nod to Luna for the greeting. He stands back in line, waiting to get things started.

Angelina pulls out her wand when ordered to do so, and speaks up immediately. "I'll take responsibility for Weasley and Holland, Professor." Ginny of course knew this would happen. Jackson didn't. "Holland, we'll speak after class. But for today, I will take responsibility." The others, she doesn't know well enough to do this for.

Okay, now they're getting to the fun part. Fun being in quotations and with several dozen question marks after it. Amber takes her wand out of her pants pocket - a length of Rosewood with a unicorn hair core. Amber looks around to see if she could 'claim' any of the younger students, but, honestly, she just made the cut off herself, year-wise. Alas, if only she'd been born a couple months earlier in the year, she could have been one class up today. She'll stay silent on the mentoring because of it.

Wand already out, Siobhan turns to Bean at Moody's announcement. Mouthing a series of unfamiliar syllables in his direction and then nodding towards Rene, she quirks a questioning brow and waits for her answer before she'll speak up Yeah or Nay.

Archibald looks around at the older students. Most here he recognizes from around the castle, but none are /close/ friends. At least not ones who he believe will vouch for him. However, being the ambitious and determined Slytherin that he is, the second year remains, his wand still kept out.

Rene is torn between staying quiet and thin-lipped or even offering up an apology about hiding to Moody and his roving eye. At the very least, he does glance sidelong at the craggy professor with a look that he hopes comes off as rightfully apologetic, remaining otherwise serious. Hiding was a bad idea, sure, but he didn't know how else to get in here. One, Two, Three- The rest of them start to get claimed up fine. Rene stays there, a head shorter than most of them but standing with a posture of a much taller person as he watches the older students.

Luna didn't quite think anyone would speak up for her, really. Still, the girl wasn't quite making motions to leave the room just yet. She was ~nearly~ a fourth year, much like Amber, regardless! Ginny, of course, was given a little smile of her own, before Luna shifts her eyes forward, and brushes her blonde hair over her shoulder, grabbing her wand from behind her ear on the return go. As people start getting claimed, Luna lists a bit towards Rene.

Rune is not opening his mouth after his own report of Yes sir. Rather he looks back down towards Amber, or well over and downish towards Amber to see if someone takes Rene, but it seems he will not be the fifth year to speak up..Well that is till finally he is speaking up "I'll speak for Lovegood!" What did he just do?

Brian gives the kids a long look. When everyone but one gets snapped up, he thinks about it for a moment. Because the kid left? Is a Slytherin. Still … years of defending Charlie, and /knowing/ they're up against nasty stuff … "C'mon over." He tells the remaining youngster. He doesn't associate with Slytherin enough to know the kid's name. "I'll speak for you." And they will have a little chat later, whereing Brian makes SURE the kid doesn't pull any idiot stunts.

Moody looks back towards Siobhan and over towards Rene as it seems everyone is claimed up-save that one and there is a nod given back "Fall in line squirts." given to those still standing there, before he is Whipping out his wand "Alright-As I said wands out. The first spell you will know-most adults know and is a key spell in the Auror's and hitwizard's armory of spells." The old Professor lets that hang before he is pointing his wand towards the gaggle of Hufflepuffs "Majora-Step up." comes the bark.

He waits for the young man to come up, and then moves to place him right on one of the mats "Everyone get back so you can see.." And with that he turns out. "The Stupefy spell-Made to stun Like a brick when used. Its incantation is easy-Stupefy. Everyone repeat, but make no motions. STU-PE-FY" said slowly so all can respond in kind. "When in action-it looks like this.." And with no warning what so ever there's a turn towards the Student and rapidly points "STUPEFY" the light from the end of his wand fires off as the spell goes smoothly, hitting poor Rune in the chest, to kick him up in the air and back down on the mats like a sack of bricks.

Rune for his credit does as he is told, coming up and allows himself to be moved when he is called up. A cough as he's looking back towards his friends. He does go through the motions of repeating with everyone else, but when Moody says in action he is looking back towards the professor "Wait! Pro!" but Protego doesn't come out instead he's hit and he's sent up and down with a light skid. And now he's laying there with a groan. Oh why did he do this again? "Oww…" Someone help him up-please.

Expect the unexpected? Constant vigilance? Amber's getting complacent as Moody calls Rune to the front of the room, settling back on her heels with her wand crossed in front of her. Stupify is repeated with the rest, arms remaining stationary with no motion whatsoever. And just like that, the lesson begins, with poor Rune being the target of the first spell! Aw, poor guy. She can't help a half-smile, however. He'll be fine, and she steps out of line - with hesitation, because she's sure that'll make her next - to kneel next to Rune in an attempt to help him out of his stupor. "Hey, nice dive there, mate. Gotta work on your delivery, though," she says, just loud enough for him to hear.

Julian catches Sio's mouthing, mouths it to himself to catch the meaning, and shakes his hand in the clear signal of 'maybe'. He is being honest to his fellow snake. He turns to watch Moody as he casts the spell. "Stu-pe-fy," he repeats to himself, though his wand is still, and there's no intent, so no spell is cast. But he needs to know the incantation.

Jax mouths a quiet thanks to Angelina. He nods at Moody. "Yessir," he says quietly. He skitters back into line, taking a deep breath and standing up as tall as he can. That is to say, not very. He holds his wand tightly at his side, listening intently to the professor. He repeats the incantation after Moody, but his eyes widen when the spell hits the nearby Hufflepuff — slightly worried but mostly impressed. His eyebrows raise high enough to disappear beneath his mop of brown hair.

Archibald smiles and nods towards the Gryffindor Brian as he walks over and gets back in line. He lowers his arms to his side, his wand still held in his left hand. He repeats the words in a low tone a few times, "Stu-pe-fy, stup-efy, stupefy," but makes no wand movements. However, he does take a step back when the Hufflepuff student is stunned.

And Luna cannot help but smile as she was spoken for. She had faith that she Moody would have let her train regardless, but - things had a lovely way of working out! Turning her head to glance over her shoulder towards Rune, she moves towards the Hufflepuff line that he stood in, as opposed to returning back to the Ravenclaw lines. Right when poor Rune is blasted like that. Blinking, the vague smile falls from her face as she glances down towards him as he bounces. "Well - I appreciate your speaking up for me." she tells the stupified Rune. A beat. "I'll repeat it for the both of us, then: stupefy, stupefy." she says, rather serenely.

Something seems to be decided then, and Siobhan nods towards Rene, gesturing for him to come and stand next to Bean. Then Moody is giving his demonstration and Siobhan keeps glancing between the grouchy professor and the clump of watching students. When Rune groans, Sio - rather a bit like the snake her House is famous for - strikes. With a speed that costs her in personal pain, she whips out her tiny wand and hisses out a "Stupefy!", the spell aimed right for the unsuspecting Brian. Random victimization. Joy.

Caira attempts to oppen the door a bit more, so that she can actually see a bit. Hopeully, no one will notice- or, at least, think anything of- the movement. She moths the incantation, but doesn't vocalize it.

Just when it seems like he's going to be left up there(oy vey, kicked out, what would everyone say?!), Rene is a breath away from a sigh of relief when the nods go around and Siobhan calls him over too. Happily- gratefully, even- he falls into line like the rest, speaking aloud the incantation in stride with the class. And then, BAM- Moody takes one out, and then WHAM- Siobhan launches a second. Truthfully, he expected the first one, but Siobhan's shot at Brian makes him take a half-step back, wand tight in his left hand.

"What's your name?" Brian wants to know when Archibald comes over, pulling out his wand, then says the spell after Moody. Thankfully, it's one he knows already. Moody's sudden 'attack' on Rune has him tightening his grip on his wand, already thinking 'protego' in his head, even though he's got doubts as to its efficacy (if he even manages to yell it before getting nailed) against Moody's spellcasting. A flicker of movement and sound … /not/ from Moody, and Brian, like Rune, starts to yell. "Prote … " /WHAM/. Fortunately for him, it's NOT Moody that nails him, and while he still goes flying backwards, his feet don't actually part company with the floor. "Ow." He grumbles as he picks himself up. He's severely tempted to sling something back in retaliation, but he's not quite sure of whether or not that'd piss Moody off, so he settles for giving Siobhan a death glare.

Ginny murmurs "Stupefy" with the rest of the group, staying at the fringe for now. A glance is given to Luna, and she grins briefly at the girl, before turning to watch the goings-on. Ginny steps back when Brian comes hurtling in her direction, just barely avoiding getting smushed by him. Her wand is motionless in her hand.
Moody stumps over to where Luna, and Rune are. "Johnson get over here and help Lovegood, move Majora off the floor-" He'll be sure to give some points to Hufflepuff for that "Walk it off, son." Of course-that will be Moody's advice for what to do with a stun, and it will probably give the the boy some time to get his wits about him. "Alright everyone-Pair off, as I want you dueling and trying this spell. When it hits, it should feel as if your whole body was hit by a fist, and a painful numbness will hit your bones, but wear off. If you're dueling, only use the spells Protego, Expelliarmus, and Stupefy for now-I don't want blast parks on anything or anyone-You are going to disarm and to stun-nothing more. Now it won't be powerful seein how you are learning it, an its hard t' aim at first, bit of a kick-"

A whip crack of his head back towards Siobhan as she nails Brian. A slight nod "More flick in the wrist Noble. It's like a jab" and he mimics the boxing pose. "…If you can't get a partner-or if you get tired there are dummies t' move against the wall practice there. Are we understood?" He'll wait for the yeses before simply stepping back and saying "Begin."

Death glare, smeath glare. Siobhan meets Brian's gaze coolly, one eyebrow raised in an expression that could have been pulled straight off of Snape. A bit creepy, that. "Constant vigilence, Ackerman," she calls across to him almost amicably. "An' you can stop that pout of yours. It'll take a lot more'n you t'scare me." All things considered. That said, she turns to her two 'charges' and nods sharply. "You two saw how it's done?" She leaves her meaning open, ambiguous. They're snakes too. They'll know she means both the spell and the timing.

The door, as it creaks further open, makes enough of a groan to startle the jumpy Slytherin. Whipping around - the motion causing her weak body to overbalance and land on its arse - she flicks and jabs and casts out another Stupefy towards the opening in the doorway. There is no place for subtlety in an instinctive reaction. Trying to catch her breath against the waves of pain screaming at her for her abuse of a still-recovering body, she glances towards Moody with wide eyes. He'd better investigate that noise, because her damned frail self isn't moving for at least another minute.

"Archi-" the last part of his name is cut off when Brian the Gryffindor is nailed by the Stunning Spell. Archibald takes a quick couple of steps back away from the group at large, not sure what to expect now. He's got his wand arm held up in front of him. He glances around in constant vigilance, not really sure who cast the spell at Brian. With further instructions from Professor Moody, Archibald walks over towards Brian and offers him a hand. " Names Archibald. I got a little cut off there. I take it we're supposed to be dueling each other then?" The second year does look a bit hesitant on that. "I'd think we should pair off in more … even groupings."

Luna bends over Rune a bit, glancing to his expression with a bit of curiousity. As Moody demands he be moved off, Luna doesn't quite wait for Johnson before bending down to try to help him to his feet, at least. With Angelina's help, though, both girls should be able to at least get Rune standing. If he wasn't still overly fuzzy from the spell's aftereffects. "I find that if my head gets too fuzzy, I hum a little song and dance to shake the wrackspurts out. It does wonders after a fall - falling kinda jars them loose, you see." she offers helpfully to the older Hufflepuff.

Jax's eyes flick around, landing on Rene. He scoots closer to the other first year, his wand already held at the ready. "Want to pair up?" He apparently has a similar thought to Archibald about staying relatively even in the pairings.

Brian grimaced and shook his head at Siobhan, only /just/ stopping a smart-ass comment about bloody-minded snakes before it comes out of his mouth. Not the best idea, given his partner. "Nice to meetcha, Archibald. I'm Brian." He says as he straigtens up, still grimacing a bit. He didn't lean too much into Archie's grip, though he did accept the hand. "Ah, no worries. I don't mind getting knocked around too much." He'd mostly been pissed at the /surprise/ of it, and was still wondering if it was all's fair or not. He got his breath back and shook the remaining unpleasantness off. "Let's see what you've got, eh?" Give the younger, less practiced kid a chance at it before Brian took a swing at him.

Rune looks back towards Luna-his eyes rolling a bit for a moment. "I feel like a troll sat on me.." muttered out before he's blinking back. And he stands finally for a bit-still a bit woozy he just tilts his head to Luna. A deep breath before it all comes out in a jumble "Whatinth'bloodymess areyousayin?"

Caira continues to watch, not pairing up for obvious reasons. Suddenly, though, she's hit by a stupefy, and her warning isn't enough, nor are her reflexes, and she's hit as she tries to throw herself back from the door, ending up sprawled acrass the hallway with a thump.

Rene nods sharply back just before Sio turns on her heel and fires another, only to land on the foor without her balance at its best. "Are you okay?" The boy spares a moment of concern for a fallen fellow, but only long enough to find out if she's fine. His head turns back up at Jackson's approaching, and the Hufflepuff firstie gets a short nod of Yes. "I suppose that we should pick on people our own size for now, hm?" Rene lifts his hand to rub at his still sore nose a bit, his wand steady in his grip. This is somewhat to give Jax a moment or so of debating over whether he wants to strike first, like Siobhan. Because yes- Rene is of the mind that Li'l Puffs could use a break.

Rune also blinks back over towards Amber-and yes that would be a blush there as he nods back towards the fourth year "Uh thanks.." And Majora is looking around, anywhere but Amber's face, but he fails. "Fallin' is my best ability.." And with that he's shaking his head "I need some water.."

Kneeling off to the side as Luna takes over the task of helping her Housemate up, Amber tries to think of the spell that usually counters Stupefy. Can she cast other magic in here? Hell, he's already awake.

Well, the water she can do, courtesy of one substitute potions professor. God, these little tricks she's pulling are going to get her into so much trouble one day. Pointing the wand at his face, she says, "Aguamenti." Instant water!

Archibald nods and takes a couple of steps back from his dueling partner now that introductions are out of the way. The Slytherin stands sideways, with one foot in front of him and the other behind him. Less of a target that way. He twirls his wand and shouts, "Expelliarmus!" However, his aim isn't the greatest.

Jax grins, bright and cheerful, when Rene accepts. "Probably!" he chirrups, taking a couple steps back before taking aim. "/Stupefy/!" His incantation is good, but his aim goes wide with the force of the spell, the blast missing Rene by a few inches and thudding into the wall instead. He presses his lips together, shaking his left arm out briefly before lifting it again.

Brian manages to dodge Archie's attempt at Expelliarmus, the spell going a little high and a little to the side as he ducks to the other side. "Nice try." He says, and his tone is not condescending. "Take your time." He keeps his own wand in front of him, standing fairly square, giving Archie a better target. He's making no move to defend himself from Archie just yet (after all, Archie is never going to know if he's done it right if Brian shield himself!), though he's now got a cautious eye on the other students. Nor is he attacking. Still giving the younger student a chance to practice.

Moody takes his time to watch how the Students are doing, though that blue eye is already off and in search of something that might have been a bit of noise. There's a nod to Siobhan and he is whirling off to go stumping, Where exactly? Why to that small bit of space that Caira has taken time to go hiding in. He doesn't take kindly to eavesdroppers, or the wand in his hand might dictate.

Luna didn't quite let go of Majora's shoulder. Although she does give it little pat as the young man stablizes a bit further. "Come on, then - everyone else is practicing now." she tells the two Hufflepuffs. "Although, perhaps we should stick to the statues. Less bruises all around." she says, serenely. "Anna's getting a bit of water for you, now, too." she says, turning her head to smile at Amber.

Archibald grits his teeth together in frustration at his spell missing, though it doesn't surprise him. He's just stubborn and refuses to give up, especially this early in the game. He lets out a slow breath before inhaling deeply and "EXPELLIARMUS," he shouts louder this time, taking a step forward and aiming the tip of his wand directly at Brian.

Rune grins back towards Luna-about to say more-but Amber does get the water spell coming into his face- so there's a spurt and gurgle, before he's opening his mouth and trying to catch the jet of water coming from the wand-like drinking from a ruddy, muggle water fountain.. A wipe of his mouth-and face as he looks back towards Amber "Thanks-An thank you Luna.." muttered before he is fuzzily looking towards the statues-"Yeah I agree.."

"It's… Amber," she says. Anna? It's close. She still smiles at the younger Ravenclaw girl, though, as she pulls her wand away from Rune's face and rests it against her shoulder. "C'mon, mates, we really should get this on each other, 'r we'll never know what it's like." A little hypocritical, considering the poisons lesson she almost walked out on, but the truth is, Stupify isn't going to kill anyone - first of all - and also, the lesson with the poisons came after Amber was still a little raw from Perpetua's death. "So let's do it, aye? You can practise on me first, if y'want. I'ma do the smart thing and sit down onna mat, though, if it's all th'same to ya."

Ginny has been working on stupefying the dummies for a while now, her face wrinkling with concentration. When she's got it to only about every other spell failing, she looks around the room. Dummies can't protego back at you, after all, and Ginny intended to find a partner. The threesome of Amber, Luna, and Rune is spotted, and Ginny smiles. Bingo. Ambling over to the three, she smiles. "Mind if I come and even you out some?"

At first, Rene is more than geared to shout up a shield charm. But as it turns out, he realizes right away that he does not even need to move his outstretched wand-arm- the red bolt whizzes past him and into the wall, and blue eyes flicker purple as they watch it sizzle past. He hears it hit the wall, turns his eyes back, and jabs ahead with his own. "Stupefy!" The red leaps out of his wand toward's Jackson- thankfully, it is his first time casting it, and it doesn't have as much wild kick as his shield charm tends to. It's more like a test run- but it'll still hurt. BOMP.

This time, Archie's spell strikes true … at least at Brian. It misses his wand by an inch or two, but hits him solidly in the gut, knocking him backwards. This time when he gets up, he looks the furthest thing from ticked off. "That's got it!" He wheezed, rubbing at his middle. Ouch. Bruises. Right. Definitely. "Bit more practice like that and you'll hit the wand." A couple of attempts at a deep breath before he actually managed one. "Nice shot." Another breath. "You know how to shield yourself?" He wants to know.

Luna blinks, turning her eyes to glance in the direction of Amber for a long moment. Slowly, a smile touches her lips, and the girl nods her head towards Amber. "Well, I think he should have the first shot at anyone," she says, indicating Rune with a wave of her hand, "Or… oh, hello Ginny!" Luna says, a trace of kindness entering her tone. "Yes, please do. We'll have the largest group here." she says, her tone slipping back to normal. A pause, and she goes by the mat, to have a seat by Amber, arranging her robes to set about her in a specific manner. "I suppose that makes us the targets this time." she says, turning her vague smile to Amber.

The second year Slytherin lets out a triumphant shout, and pumps his fist in the air. Grinning from ear to ear, Archibald shakes his head at Brians' question. "I don't," comes his reluctant reply, "but I do play Quidditch. So I can always try and dodge the spell. Can't be quicker than a couple of bludgers." He casts a quick glance around the room, taking in how all the other students are handling things.

Rene's spell BOMPs Jax square in the chest, knocking the small boy backwards — he doesn't fall, though he takes a few stumbling steps before regaining his balance. His wand is already at the ready, and he takes a gasping breath before hurling a "/Stupefy/!" again back in Rene's direction, his aim much better this time, though the spell is none too strong.

Rune, smiles back as Amber takes the position on the floor. And there's a slight sigh there as he pairs off from her "I guess I can give it a go.." A look over towards Ginny as she joins them-and he smiles, one hand coming up to rub at his head absently "Hey, Ginny.." murmured, before he's focused back on Matthews. "Right, So..here goes nothing…" A faint frown to Amber "M' sorry." And with a jab, as Moody showed albeit a little shaky, his wand points towards the other Puff where she sits "STUPEFY!" shouted, and off goes the spell right for her. Yes he is going to wince.

"Oi, you," she says in greeting to Ginny, looking back over her shoulder. Weasley! She can tell because of the red hair and the fact that she's a Weasley. Or something. The first name eludes her at the moment. "We was jes' gonna start. 'ad t'wake Rune up 'ere first. N' I think I may o' gotten a little o' the floor. Oops." Floor needed a wake-up, too. Scooting back from Rune, she curls her fingers toward her a couple times in a 'let's have it!' sort of gesture. BOLDLY GOING WHERE SHE'S NEVER GONE BEFORE! Forced unconsciousness! There's this… look in her eye, just before she sort of flops over onto her side on the mat, eyes partially open, but decidedly out for the count. Snore.

Brian grins at Archie's exuberance, then sobers. "Trust me, they can be." He says with a shiver. "And even if they /were/ slower … ducking's not going to work if you've got four or five hexes coming at you at once. C'mon over here, and I'll teach you Protego. It works against most stuff." He says.

Ginny gives a smile to the others, watching Amber and Luna settle themselves on the mats. "Guess that means I'm stupefying, huh?" Taking Rune's casting as an answer, she grins just a little. "Sorry, Luna!" She calls to her friend before she points her wand at the blonde and cries, "STUPEFY!"
Moody looks back towards where the large gaggle of students is-whilst looking for that one sound still. A bark of words are directed out for the class. "GOOD, once you stun someone, revive them with Ennervate. ENN ER VATE." he doesn't bother going through a wand motion as he continues to stalk-looking for that wee bit of unwelcomed ear.

Luna looks up towards Ginny, and waves her wand to her friend in a little bit of a wave. "I'm rather looking forward to it, act—" Then the spell comes in, and Luna can't quite help the instinct to try to duck out of the way. But it strikes her, skids her back a touch, and then, plop. Right on the mat beside Amber, Luna's wand rolling out of her fingers.

Archibald nods solemnly and walks towards Brian. However, he doesn't lower his wand, at least not completely. Constant vigilance, remember? "Alrighty," he says as he reaches Brian, "is it a spell that must be cast before the curse or can you cast it after?"

"Protego!" Rene fires back, side-stepping as the shield charm inflates so that when the stunner hits it, the red bolt is likely to ricochet off somewhere. Who knows where. But it gives Rene enough time to send off a more powerful "Stupefy!" Into the Hufflepuff's direction. Probably not enough to stun an adult, but for another little guy if it hits- should be enough to knock Jackson flat until an Ennervate comes along.

Caira is still on the floor of the hallway outside the door to the classroom, knocked out by the spell that had caught her. However, her shoe-clad foot should be near enough to the door that one looking would see it.

There's a frown on Rune's face before he is coming over and leaning down by Amber. "Oh I am sorry-sorry-sorry." muttered out rapid fire before he is bringing his wand back-remembering what Moody said and there's a slight pause as he flicks his wrist. "Ennervate.." said loudly with a tap to Amber's prone form. Oh this part always sucks-he knows because he woke up that way not too long ago.

The door opens only to see the prone student, and Moody's half tempted to turn back around and go back to his class. However if this ever gets out-well parent's won't like that he left some girl stunned and alone in a hallway "Ennervate.." Moody snarls, before throwing in a barked out "Go home.." and with that the door is slammed right behind him.

Aaand it works! Ginny is actually a bit surprised - and then the surprise fades away, to leave guilt in its place. "Sorry!" Wincing slightly, Ginny bends over Luna, tapping her wand against the girl's abdomen. "Ennervate!" Please, please work.

"Prot—" Jax begins, but not fast enough before the spell hits him. This time he does topple over backwards, eyes wide and dazed as he stares at the ceiling, his fingers still tight around his wand where he clutches it at his side.

"Before." Brian says. "But depending on your reflexes and the distance between you and your opponent, you might still get the shield up in time after the whole hex is out of someone's mouth. Watch." And, pointing the wand away from them both, he makes the appropriate motion, and barks "Protego!" The shield flared to life in front of them.

Luna responds to the ennervate like the stupefy spell of Ginny's. Blinking, Luna sits up almost immeadiately, although her hand goes to her forehead, the girl a bit wobbly even in her sit. "I don't think I liked that much after all, Ginny." Luna says, giving the other girl an equally wobbly smile.

For a few seconds, Amber has no idea what's going on in the room, and then, suddenly, she's awake again. Well, not awake, but conscious, at least, eyes focusing as Rune ennervates her again. "Oh my god, didja get the plate number o' that truck?" she mutters, pushing herself into a sitting position, one hand planted on the floor for support, while the other brushes long hair back out of her eyes. Jeez. This is the reason they should all perfect Protego as soon as possible.

She cracks her neck, muttering something to herself as she gets slowly to her feet. So, her turn, yeah? Waiting until she's sure Rune is ready, she says, "Stupefy!"

Rune falls like a sack full of bricks. Amber's positive she's killed him - in fact, she wonders if he hit his head. Maybe it's that worry that keeps her from being able to cast Ennervate correctly. "Ennervate," she says, tapping him with the wand. He remains out cold, though. She tries again. And again! "Pr'fessor! I think Rune 'ere 'it 'is 'ead!" she says, slightly panicked.

It's not too long before Moody arrives, crouches down near the Hufflepuff, and, with a grunt, lifts him to take him off to the hospital.

Archibald copies the wand movement of the older Gryffindor, without copying the actual saying yet. He looks impressed with the shield that the spell generates. He performs the wand movement again, and says, "Protego", but nothing happened. Frowning a bit, he tries again. And again. Yet to the same result. Frustration and anger clearly showing on his face. With one final try, "Protego", the second year manages to produce a small shield, though the effectiveness of it would be severely lacking. It barely covers his chest and stomach. Leaving the rest of his body a clear target.

Ginny smiles sheepishly at Luna. "I don't think I much do either, Luna. Need a hand up?" Offering said hand to her friend, she glances over at Rune's prone form, and blinks as he's swept away. He can't really be dead, she's sure.. or, well, mostly sure. "Um. Who wants to stun next?" Ginny tries to sound cheerful.

Haha! He did it! Though maybe he should have let Jackson hit him- ah, well. Maybe if he's up for another. Rene steps over to the other boy, leaning over to look down at him. Rene lifts his wand confidently to Jackson's chest before mimicking the wand movements of the older students. "Ennervate." It works, yes, though Jackson will probably be feeling tingles in his fingers and toes as if they had been asleep for a bit.

As the door is shut, no one sees as Caira just sits there for a moment, before getting up and heading back to her dorm, face red in a mix of shame and embarrassment.

Brian lets Archie try for a bit, and once he's got the mini-shield up, he steps in again. "Y'gotta /mean/ it." He says, his standard advice. "Picture it in your mind the way you want it to be … big and thick and impenetrable. "Don't let it rattle you if you can't get it right … getting upset just makes spells go hinkier." He should know. He got more than a bit upset, his first year, at his inability to cast spells. The results had NOT been pretty.

Luna favours Ginny with a smile, one that fades away with a look of concern at Amber's panic. However, Ginny's cheerfulness, however forced, does bring that smile back to Luna's face, the girl looking back towards Ginny. "Well, you haven't had a turn yet - but, I'd really rather not accidentally kill you." says Luna, quite matter-of-factly.

Jax blinks as he is revived, flexing his hands and grinning up at Rene as he scoots backwards. "Good one," he says, voice a bit strained still from the blow. He sits up slowly, rubbing at his head and wiggling his feet. His shoulders roll as he picks himself up into a crouch, and then the boy — rather tougher than his size or House's reputation would suggest — is already flicking his wand at Rene with a more confident "Stupefy!" this time, delivered from his crouching position on his way to standing. His right arm is held awkwardly at his side, sore from the way he landed on his fall.

The second year Slytherin looks towards Brian, and nods, though it's clear that Archibald wants to say something. "Protego," he says clear and distinct, his wand moving in a precise pattern. The shield grows a little bit in diameter. Deep breath. Count to 3, 1-2-3, and "Protego," Archie shouts, putting every ounce of meaning into his spell. The shield shimmers brightly and then expands again, encompassing his entire body.

Amber frowns. Well, she'll just have to be more careful with her friends. "Guys, we usu'lly won't be usin' none o' this on each other. But righ' now, we don't 'ave enemies r' nothin' in the room - thank god - so we just got friends. Weasley - if you wanna lay down on the mat r' somethin, so y'don't bop yer 'ead… Luna, y'really should take a turn castin'. Just so's y'get it." She looks to Ginny for confirmation. "Aye?"

"Oomf-" So much for letting himself get hit. The little Puff bastard! Rene gets lobbed in the stomach and flops backwards onto the mat gracelessly, the wind knocked out of him by it. Wauuuuugh! If only Charlie Brown was here, he'd say the same.

Brian grins when Archie manages a full Protego. "Great!" He encourages. "That got it." So much for size … now to see if it's actually able to hold against a spell … which Brian had learned the hard way, they didn't always. "Stupefy!" He shouted, aiming the blast at the shield protecting Archie.

Ginny grins slightly at Luna. "I don't think I'll die. I'm pretty tough." Nodding to Amber, she sits down on the mat, and tries to prepare herself. How does one get into a stupefied kind of state of mind? Ginny isn't entirely sure, but she tries!

Jax's eyes widen when his spell hits successfully. He scurries over to Rene's side, crouching beside the Slytherin and tapping him gently with his wand. "Ennervate," he says firmly, and offers Rene a hand once the spell works, his brow creasing faintly with concern. "Y'aright?"

Content with letting the stunning spell test out his shield, Archibald stands still. His wand held out, but all of a sudden his shield starts to flicker and then disappears altogether. He tries to jump out of the way at the last moment but the spell still hits him in his shoulder, spinning him around in midair and he hits the ground hard. Groaning, he pushes himself up to his knees weakly. "Oi, that hurts a little more than a bludger. I'd hate to take one of those square in the chest."

Another smile from Luna's end of things, and the girl stands up. Taking a few long steps away from the mats, she turns towards Ginny, purses her lips, and gives her wand a little wiggle. "Stupefy!" Nothing happens. A pause, and Luna draws her wand back up. "Stupefy…!" she says, giving her wand a forward sort of jab. The tip of it starts to glow a brilliant orange, and Luna turns her attention down towards it, canting her head to the side owlishly. After a few seconds, right when Luna was about to lower it again, the spell fires with a 'schwoop!', leaving the tip of her wand to bolt towards Ginny's midsection. Luna jumps a bit in place at the surprise of that.

You really can't get into a state of mind for this. Still, it's not painful, unless you knock yourself in the head like Rune did. Amber was just a little tired afterward. Still rubbing at her eyes to get the sleep out of them, she stands back as Ginny sits on the mat.

Luna is…

A little crazy, isn't she. Amber also tilts her head, brows drawn down as she stares at the spell that Luna is failing to cast with spectcularly interesting effects. It's like a Lumos and Stupefy all in one. A Stupumos, if you will! Except then, the spell is firing, and Amber is seriously concerned for Ginny's well-being.

Hurrying to the younger student's side, she kneels down. "Oi, Weasley." Tapping Ginny with her wand, she says "Ennervate," hoping that the Ravenclaw didn't just discover a new, improved (orange) version of the killing curse.

Brian walked over to Archie. "You ok?" It was his turn to offer a hand up. "And yeah, they hurt when they hit square. Yours felt like I'd got kicked by a horse. Wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of one cast by a fully trained wizard."

Rene grabs onto the offered hand once he catches his breath, sitting up and pushing himself into a stand. "Oui, oui-" Oh, wait. "-yes. You really got me." The blond boy rubs at his stomach gently, rubbing harder at the spot where it hit. "Wily, are you?" Rhetorical. He is.

Jax helps Rene up, watching him with a concerned look before offering him a shy, apologetic smile as he takes a step back. "Jus' practicing is all. Outside'a here, gotta be on our toes."

Taking the offered hand, Archibald gets the rest of the way to his feet. Rubbing his shoulder. "I'm fine," he winces however when he rubs a tender spot, "might have a bruise forming but nothing to worry about." He somewhat brightens up a bit, "Really? And that was just the disarming spell. I'd like to try that Stupefy though," he says glancing around at all the students, "looks like it can do some damage."

Luckily, Ginny is still alive. She blinks blearily up at the two girls, then manages a weak smile. "Very good, Luna. Very, um. Good." Ginny nods her red head, and makes to sit up. Her body, however, will be having none of that - the entire classroom wobbles a bit in her vision. "I! am just going to. Stay down here for a few minutes." Another nod.

Luna manages a nervous little smile, her eyes becoming a bit faraway. "I'm sorry about that." she says, in her dreamy, faraway voice. The smile does fade into a bit of a concerned look, however, towards Ginny. "Ginny, are you alright?" Luna asks, her voice taking on a even more distracted tone, her attention drawn towards her wand again. You see, the tip was starting to glow orange once more. Calmly, Luna swivels it about to point it towards one of the wooden statues, waiting for the discharge of the second 'schwooping' stupefy spell to strike the wooden statue, (which comes soon after), a beaming smile then springing onto her lips. "It's very good you're still alive, Ginny!" she exclaims. "Would you like some water?" she adds, although she was keeping her wand pointed at the wooden statues.

Brian grins. "Yeah. Expelliarmus packs a whallop even if you miss the wand." He says, then snorts and backs off a bit. "Go for it. Already been knocked on my ass twice. Third time'll just add another layer of color."

"Well, we 'ad our lesson anyway, aye?" she gives Ginny's shoulder a pat, crossing her legs to sit on the floor next to her, and looking at the door for Moody. At least they can all cast the spell fairly well. Amber's been using magic for awhile, but she's never stupefied anyone… And she's not sure if she's proud of herself or a little uneasy. Maybe she'll get used to it. No, she will get used to it, because she's not going to end up like Perpetua.

"I don' think thah' was quite a Stupefy, Luna," Amber says as the spell continues to shoot at the wooden dummies in the back of the room. What's that spell to stop an incantation? Does it work on a wand? Amber'll try anything. "Finite Incantatem," she says, pointing at Luna's wand.

"Toes. Yes." Rene answers, letting his mind wander off for just another moment. "Should we keep on each other, or perhaps use the dummies?" He is not keen on waking up with bruises, he realizes. Smaller he is, the smaller the soreness needs to be to bother all of him.

"You can throw your shield charm up," Archibald offers, "I just really want to see if I can lean two advanced spells in one day." He starts circling around Brian then, trying to keep himself calm. "Stupefy!" His wand emits the red bolt shooting towards Brian, but it's weak, however the kick of the spell is more than anticipated and Archibald almost loses grasp of his wand.

Jax squints from Rene to the dummies, chewing on his lip. "Probably a good idea to practice on the dummies for a while," he decides, rubbing at his sore arm with a nod. He flicks a glance towards the door, his grin a bit crooked. "Professor Moody'd never let us back if we sent each other to the hospital wing in our first lesson." He gestures in indication towards a few free dummies before heading towards them.

Ginny nods to Luna. "I'm okay, yes. Just a tiny bit wobbly." When Luna's wand starts glowing again, Ginny shifts in the other direction without thinking. Hopefully the finite incantatem works, or else she's going to have to be very careful not to get in the way of Luna's wand. "No, thank you," she says in reply to Luna's asking her for water.

Luna's wand was between glows when Amber's incantation was cast. However, Luna lets the tip of it linger in the direction of the wooden statue for a few seconds yet. When nothing happens, Luna gives her wand a little shake. Another pause, then the girl shrugs, tucks her wand behind her ear, and moves to sit by Ginny as well, sitting in the right spot to make the three sitting girls a circle, a vague smile bright on her lips.

Brian considered the offer, then decided discretion was the better part of valor. His "Protego!" overlapped Archie's voice, his shield going up and bouncing the weakened spell off of it. "At least you got it to work!" Brian says from behind it. "Usually takes me a couple tries with a new spell."

Archibald nods towars Brian. "I can be pretty determined at times," he says. "Defensive and offensive spells are usually my worst." He doesn't let his wand down, in case the Gryffindor decides to cast another stunning spell at the younger Slytherin again. "Have you used the spell before? Outside of tonight, that is?"

Moving slowly through the room, Siobhan pauses here or there to correct a posture or to suggest a slight improvement when it seems one of them is having a bit of trouble. This goes on until she's seen at least a little change for the better in everyone. Once she is satisfied, she moves to stand at the head of the room and snaps her wand upwards, sending silver sparks from the tip of her wand to call attention. It's much more effective than shouting, after all. "All right, you lot. That's enough!"

Pausing one more moment to allow everyone to pay attention, she nods sharply, face tight. "I've seen - if not a good performance - at least a good effort from all of you. That'll do for today." Leaning on one of the trunks a little, she does her best to offer them a smile. It doesn't quite work. "Keep working on your charms and reaction times during your breaks this week." She gestures towards her first victim. "As Brian found out, there's no tellin' when one of us'll test you." A flash of something crosses her face and then she's waving towards the door. "Off with you lot, then! Go on!"

"Protego, you mean?" Brian asks for clarification. "Or Stupefy? Protego, definitely." He grimaced. "Hogsmeade. Thank goodness we learned it fourth year. Had time to practice it. Stupefy, no. Wanted to give you a go at it." When Sio dismisses them, he holds a hand out to Archie. "Hang on a sec. Need to find out what your schedule's like so we can figure out when to meet up."

"I know! Let's see how fast we can send some." Speed stunners! YEAH. Boys are inherently a danger to themselves. Rene follows Jackson over to the dummies, only to be alerted away by Siobhan's sparks. He almost pouts at the end of it, but seeing as he snuck inside in the first place- he is lucky to have gotten to stay, so he bucks up and just feels good that he got some small ones out. Are there any midget Death Eaters? He'll get'em.

Oh, whew. They don't have to stupefy anyone anymore! "C'mon, I'll getcha to Pomfrey," Amber says to Ginny. "Dunno what Luna 'itcha with, but you shouldae be this out of sorts still. C'mon, then." If allowed, she'll help Ginny to her feet. "You okay, Luna? You gotta come, too?"

Jax is busy lifting his wand towards a statue when Siobhan signals them to stop. His nose crinkles as he drops his hand to his side. "We should get together during the week and practice," he tells Rene brightly. "I bet we can get /wicked/ fast."

"Oh, I'm fine - a bit fuzzy-headed, but that's more the wrackspurts than anything else." says Luna, "And I'm a bit used to them complaining." she says, smiling brightly. Rising to a stand alongside the two, she extends her hands in an offer to help either of them up, if they need it.

And that's a wrap! Ginny looks up as the silver sparks are released into the air, and grins. "Good job, you two." At Amber's insisting on seeing Pomfrey, she looks a bit sheepish, and looks like she's about to argue. However, something in the Hufflepuff girl's eyes makes her sigh, and nod. "Okay. I'm sure I'm fine, though." Clasping Luna's hand, Ginny hoists herself up, and smiles at the girl. "Thanks."

Archibald after the dismissal, the second year turns back towards Brian. Finally lowering his wand to his side. "Sure thing," he says. He puts his wand away in his robes and takes a roll of parchment out. "Not much going on outside of Quidditch practice, I'm a reserve, and I do have a few classes, but I spend a few nights a week in the Library and courtyard studying."

Brian checks Archie's schedule, and finally taps two of the days. "Here and here … I've not got any classes, and neither do you, nor the Quidditch. We can spend an hour on prep, and an hour on the spells." Because it had been made quite clear that schoolwork was to be kept up to standard, or else. Brian fixes Archie with a stern look. "And do /not/ practice those spells with anyone but me outside of the lessons, got it? Not even Siobhan." Not when she had another Slytherin littlebie to look after.

"We shall see, Jackson." Rene nods quietly at the Hufflepuff. Yes, he knows that he's committing social suicide at a young age. Oh well, screw it. He waves his hand in the air for a second to get Siobhan's attention. "Is this room going to be open to practice if we have the spare time?"

That bit said, Siobhan leans further against the trunk before heading for the door, something obviously keen on her mind. As she moves, this puts her near Brian and Archie, just in time to hear Brian's admonition. "Ackerman!" she snaps, in no mood for it. "You're responsible for him, not in charge of him. Don't be tellin' 'em what they can an' can't be doin', boy, or you'll find that I'll be doin' the same t'you." And not in a manner he'll enjoy, either. There has to be order in the structure for this to work. If Moody chews her out later, then fine, but for now… For now she'll reinforce the order in the way she knows how. "C'mon, Archie." Her voice is much less snappish when addressing her younger Housemate. "Let's get you some hot chocolate before bed." Rene's question catches her attention and she beckons him to join them as well. "I dunno that one yet, Rene. If it is, Angie or I'll let you know, yeah? C'mon now, let's clear out." And with that, she starts to shepherd her young Snakes towards the door.

Archibald nods towards the older Gryffindor. "Sounds good. I'd like more practice with Protego for sure, it didn't last that long when I was able to produce it," it's clear that he wants to say more, but that's when Siobhan steps in and snaps at Brian. Knowing when to stay quiet, the second year Slytherin does so now. He does respond to Siobhan's offer for hot chocolate. "That does sound good," he says, then to Brian, "It was nice meeting you. The advice and help is greatly appreciated."

Julian has been practicing with another student over in the corner; said student grabbed for his strong skills. Bean's learned a lot from him, but when the meeting / practice is over, he sidles up to Siobhan and smiles cheerily. "Hot chocolate. Sounds wonderful. Let's go." Cheeky little bugger.

As Rene is shepherded out by Sio, he turns just to offer a small wave to Jackson. "See you around." And once he finds out the answer to the question- sure, they can practice. The little ones need some catching up, at the very least. Well, then there's something else to pay attention to. "With marshmallows?"

Brian glowers at Siobhan and mutters something indistinct under his breath, looking more frustrated than angry, but he doesn't actually say anything aloud. He rolled his eyes and blew out a breath before heading out himself.

Jax smiles at Rene. "See ya!" He tucks his wand away, starting to trot over to the group of older Hufflepuffs who attended to file out with them, though he throws a wistful look at the Slytherins and in the end quietly slips in with them instead. /They/ get hot chocolate!

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