Full Name Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody
Portrayed By Brendan Gleeson
House Gryffindor
Year Graduated
Position Defense Against The Dark Arts
Sex Male
Race Pureblood
Age 46
Place of Birth Brigadoon Scotland
Date of Birth November 3rd, 1948
Marital Status Widowed
Children None
First Appearance Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Character History:

Born on a cold November (Nov 3rd, 1948) morning in th’ town of Brigadoon, Scotland (Noth of Dundeee,made famous by the muggle musical of such name) to Nathan and Mariah Moody. His father a maker of wands, and his mother a teacher of the local primary. His childhood was relatively a good one. His father (but a sign of how Moody would age and become) was a shrewd man with a mind for his business and a deep love of his family.

Alastor was sent to Hogwarts like all wizarding children, and was sorted smartly into Gryffindor. Most likely due to his sense of adventure and courage. He made friends with his housemates and notably Evelyn Conlan, a hufflepuff of the same age.

His years at Hogwarts, Moody proved to be a great student, performing well in his NEWTS and OWLS. His fifth year he was made a Prefect (and was rumored to keep the law in the halls) and on year Seven made the Quidditch team, in which he played a rather effective role as a beater. (Ravenclaw though would still win that year)
During this time he dated the same Evelyn Conlan, whom had been one of his best friends since his arrival at Hogwarts.

After Hogwarts he applied and was accepted for Auror training, in which he passed the arduous three year training, coming up the top of his class, and was set to work immediately. His second year as an Auror, he finally proposed to his long time girlfriend, and married her the following year. Work would continue to be the focus of his life, however when he was 28 Moody’s life would change. His home would be attacked, himself injured in the defense, with his wife serving as the only fatality. (It was in this incident that Moody would lose his right eye.)

Instead of mourning as one would expect, Moody as soon as he was released from the hospital threw himself head long into his work, as that is according to what he said was all that was worth a damn. From there he waged a full out war as it could be considered on Dark Wizards, already securing himself the beginning of his famous reputation. By the time the first war rolled around Alastor had an impressive record for captures and imprisonments. Through the course of the War, Moody became one of the foremost fighters and racked himself up an impressive kill count (Something he never brags about) And felt no remorse or so they said, for using the authorized unforgiveables. Either way Moody came out of the war with a reputation that made him a target to aspiring dark wizards, and with more scars and patches than a quilt. During this time he lost his left leg, managed to make himself disfigured.

After the war Alastor was assigned more of a training role for incoming Aurors, and it was there he met and mentored one Nymphadora Tonks. Though never said, the woman would prove to be a pride of his, and seen as the daughter he never had. Still he did not go easy on her, and made sure he helped form one of the best Aurors to come out of her class.

Alastor retired years later, taking on a more quiet role as far as life would allow. But, even then he would find himself attacked from time to time, by either the aspiring dark or them that he captured (or in some cases their families) So by the time Dumbledore came to him about teaching at Hogwarts he was more abrasive and paranoid than the Headmaster had ever known him to be.

However, when Dumbledor asked him to teach the students of Hogwarts he accepted, shortly before being waylaid in his Glascow home by Barty Crouch Jr. and impersonated.

Since his rescue from the hands of the fellow, Moody has been continuing his tenure at Hogwarts, though- he is a slight more paranoid than usual.

The Other Facts


Moody is Paranoid: Mad Eye due to his years in service to the ministry, and having survived the First Wizarding War against Voldemort, is a wee bit bparanoid. The constant attacks in the line of duty have played heavily on him, and as such he’s taken measures to prevent his own demise. Whether preparing his own food, or drinking from a flask-Moody is ever suspicious of foul play-mainly directed towards him.

Morbid Humor- Given his profession and what he has seen, it is not out of the ordinary for Moody to crack darker jokes. Whether it be about death or dying, Moody will be more inclined to find a means to chuckle- though it is rare (could be considered letting his guard down)

Abrasive- Abrasive is a kind way to speak on how Moody can be. Needless to say he doesn’t take shite from people and is very set in his ways. Add this to a hard life and you’ll have one of the harsher views out there. As such he can come off as harsh with with a bit of a bark to him. And if you don’t like it, Moody is generally of the mind you can kiss off with it as well.

Loyal- A fine trait for someone to have had, who has served in the ministry, but it is rarely seen these days. Moody is loyal to his friends and his students, and would gladly put himself inbetween them and danger.

Danger Seeker- Along side with his being loyal, he is a career man and one that has shaped his life as well as his way of living. As such Moody is more prone to put himself into dangerous situations. This can be anything from heading into a room where he would be outnumbered, or volunteering to lead dangerous missions for the Order. Despite his paranoia he seems to thrive on the need for danger. A vicious circle this.

Fatherly- Moody does have soft spots in him, though they are rarely shown. He cares deeply for his students and will often try and take a fatherly roll with protégé’s and those he sees as needing of it. The best cases of this are seen with how he was with Harry (though impersonated by Barty Crouch JR., in the books he would have exhibited similar tendancies) And how he is with Nymphadora Tonks.

Unpredictable- Even though some have gotten Moody in the past, the man prides himself in being unable to be snuck up on and having the upper hand. As such he tends to go for what will be unexpected. Shoot first, ask later

Constant Vigilance- Moody is always attentive to his surroundings and holds himself as always being ready for anything. As such he pays close attention to details and his surroundings. He also pays attention to body language and other things that might give an enemy away. This all plays back over towards his paranoia.


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