1994-07-14: Miss Information


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Scene Title Miss Information
Synopsis Jack goes to the office of Misinformation and gets good information.
Date Jul 14, 1994
Watch For Jack gets shot down. Introducing Adelaide!
Chronology none
Logger Jack

Office of Misinformation

There seems to be a bit of confusion as to exactly WHAT this department handles. One would hope that the employee's job is to clear up any information that gets out. I suppose if you want to be misinformed about anything, this is the place to come!
Like with many departments at the Ministry, there's a sort of organized chaos to the rooms here. Any strange goings on in the muggle realm that have been caused by magic or creatures, the employees here tend to the cover stories.

As a secretary, Adelaide moves from department to department as needed. She doesn't exactly have one or the other to call her home. She's gotten quite adept and learning how to help each one individually while at the same time doing what she always does. After she switches departments, it always takes her about a day to just catch up on what she needs to do. For now, it's going through paperwork and trying to figure out, well, what this department actually does. Sitting behind the desk right at the front, she flicks her wand one way and the other to try and get the pages to sort themsleves.

Jack strolls into the office of Misinformation, looking for a friend who normally works here. However, he stops, leans against the doorway and just watches Adelaide for a moment. He grins, and whistles softly. "That's some skill there, ma'am." He begins, moving in to take a chair in front of the desk. He cheekily flips it around and sits on it facing her.

"Don't have years of practice at this for nothing," Adelaide replies without looking up immediately. When she does, she eyes Jack for a moment, as if trying to place him. She's certainly heard a rumor or two about this wizard. With a stern sort of reply, her filing slows just slightly. "Now don't think you can start with me. Your devil-may-care hair may woo the mediwitches, but I've seen where you have to go to get that sort of hairgel. Unless you need a chair to ask where your a proper file is."

"I hadn't even turned on the charm, yet, luv." Jack says with a wink. "I actually came here to look for Devon. Does he work here? He used to…" He rests his chin on his arms and thinks for a moment. Something else is niggling at the back of his mind, but he quashes it for a moment.

"You'll let me know when you do, hmmm?" Adelaide replies with a raised eyebrow. She's not buying it. "Devon? You're in the wrong section of the building. You want the MAaC, right below the CoMC. You sure do get turned around from your friend. You should know more about him." A flick of her wand, a page goes flying into it's right pile. "And I'm not your luv."

Jack takes a long moment to digest that, deciphering all the codes and acronyms. "Right. He must've changed recently." Or told Jack the wrong one. "Well, we kind of lost touch when he married." He shrugs, and shifts in the seat. "You know your way around here." It's a compliment. "Got a question for you."

"Not too recently. He'd been working on the MLE before that, got a promotion. Not too long after he got married, actually." Adelaide gives Jack all this information about his friend as if she knows him better than he does. "You've got to know the ins and outs when you work in as many departments as I have." She'll take the compliment with a bit of a grain of salt for now. "Is it an official question or are you about to put on your charm?"

"Neither, actually." Jack says, reaching up to rub the back of his neck in a nervous fashion. "I've got a friend who is a hard worker, good with the files, but she's stuck in the Magical Creatures department. I think she'd do better somewhere else, and I wondered if you knew a department that had an opening." He figures she might.

"Magical Creatures is actually one of the good places to work. As long as you don't mind a stray dangerous animal getting loose every once in awhile." Adelaide actually stops her filing for a moment to think the question over seriously. She's been in a lot of departments, this one the most recent. "Misinformation may be hiring. It depends on what she wants to do and if she's good with making up stories and giving misinformation." Obviously.

Jack shakes his head. "Hmm. Don't know if that would work. Well, thing is, she's not that good with creatures…" He doesn't elaborate. "Anyway. I'll keep looking. It might be that she's fine. I don't know." He just feels like that if he can find her a better position, he ought to at least offer it. "I took a demiguise in there the other day." He grins. "Poor little guy." He's rambling a bit now, avoiding going back to boring old paperwork.

"If she's not good with creatures, then she shouldn't stay in the Creature department. Tell her to come up and she can talk with Poppy. The very least she won't have to deal with animals anymore, innit?" Adelaide, thinking she's done her good deed returns to flicking pages one way and another. "If you found it where it wasn't supposed to be, then it's good to get it back to where it's supposed to." Eyeing him in his seat, she's not exactly sure why he's still talking to her. Most people ask questions and then leave.

Jack nods. "I'll talk to her, and see what she thinks." He glances around. "I hate paperwork." He snorts. "But, it's a necessary evil, innit?" He grins at her, not sure what her expression means, but amused by her all the same.

"It's all I do." Addy makes a gesture at all the papers. She's a secretary, that's what she's in charge of - paper. "S'not so bad once you get used to it." And at his pronunciation of 'innit', she bristles. "Making fun of the secretary isn't better than paperwork, you know."

"Who says I was making fun?" Jack says, holding his hands up in surrender. "I wasn't!" Really he wasn't. He has a tendency to adapt himself to the people around him. The better to communicate with, my dear. "Maybe I should find someone to do it for me." His mind works again. '

Even with the placating and apologizing, Adelaide isn't convinced. There was teasing, there. She's sure of it. "No one needs to say anything." It just happens. "And if you think you're roping me into doing some other department's paperwork, you've got another thing coming, Noble." The stern tone is back, as is her semi-glare. "I've got enough on my desk as it is, as you can very well see."

Jack is cowed. And this doesn't happen very often. "Alright, alright. Thanks for the information. I'll go track down my friend." He stands up, grins at her cheekily, and leaves the office without another word, leaving the chair turned backwards.

Devon is an NPC invented for the purpose of this RP. Feel free to steal him. :)

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