1994-09-05: Mirror, Mirror


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Scene Title Mirror, Mirror
Synopsis Using the two way mirrors, Sirius and Harry have a quick chat.
Date September 5, 1994
Watch For Bad role models
Chronology Takes place between Potions and before heading to Grimmauld Place
Logger Snoopy

Hogwarts - Gryffindor Boys' Dorms and the Mountain Caves

It's somewhat late in the evening, hopefully at a time where a certain young man can steal a few moments away in private. Rather than poking his head into a fire to see if the Common Room is empty or not, Sirius is in his cave with his half of the mirror in hand. Speaking clearly into it, he calls his godson's name, "Harry?" He's been checking every so often to see if the teen has the mirror on his person. On the other end, it might feel as if he's being watched, and something or someone calling his name.

It's late enough that most people are either still down in the common room, or not yet retired to the tower. As such, Harry has the 4th year boys dorms all to himself. After the meltdown in Potions class, he took a stop by the Trophy Room before kicking back on his bed. Staring up at the ceiling, his own mirror lies on the stand next to his bed. That's when…."Sirius?" he asks, sitting up in the bed. Hermione's not around to scold him for using the name this time. As he glances over to the mirror, he asks again. "Sirius?", except he starts to pick up the mirror as he does.

Sirius's face appears in the mirror, smiling as Harry comes into view. "Ah-ah, use Padfoot," he chastises good-naturedly. The man's looking groomed far better than the last few times Harry has seen him and in fairly high spirits. Of course this could be attributed to the fact that he's getting to communicate with someone. "This is much handier than owl post, is it not?"

Harry smirks, amused almost. "You're as bad as Hermione." he snickers quietly as his own face would come into view on Sirius' mirror. If any of the background projects, it's clear that he's sitting in the dorm room. Alone. Probably at a time when he should be studying or hanging out with friends. "Loads easier. Did you get the package?"

"In what way?," Sirius asks, joking even as he seems taken aback by the accusation. A slight smile forms as he takes in the background behind Harry. Oh memories. "I did! Thank you for that, Buckbeak and I had a proper feast, we did. He's quite appreciative as well." Sirius then adjusts the mirror so that Harry can see Buckbeak, who is currently preening his feathers. The mirror is then turned back so that Sirius is in view, "When is your first Hogsmeade weekend?"

"Pestering me not to use your name." Harry explains, laughing slightly. "I'm glad you two enjoyed it. Dobby promised me he'd make sure it was taken care off. He also promises that he'll send more. Though I told him to make them random. Different times." See? The boy can and does think sometimes. And he waves to Buckbeak in the background. "The 17th. Though, I doubt I'll be able to make it." His face turns sour at that thought.

Sirius chuckles and says, "She's right about that. It will raise questions you don't want to have to answer." There's a smile of approval for the suggestion of staggered delivery times and dates. "Excellent." Dobby, now there's a fine example of a house-elf, unlike his own. "The 17th, excellent, look, you, Hermione and Ron should take care on the visi.. what? Why won't you be able to make it?"

Harry bites his lower lip, as if unsure how his godfather will take the news. "I'll probably have detention." he states, and then adding in a displeased tone, "With Snape." Short. Simple. Details - Inquire Within.

"As much as I want to encourage you to take nothing from Snape.. it is probably a good idea to not provoke him. Completely." Sirius says with a slight wink. "You wouldn't be James's son if you didn't give him trouble. /Or/ land in detentions. What happened?" He's torn between being a somewhat responsible guardian and encouraging boys to be boys.

"He had use check out a copy of Most Potente Potions from the Restricted Section of the Library." Harry starts to explain, shifting on his bed to sit up straighter as he does. "There weren't enough copies for everyone and…well Hermione tried to share hers with me. He took points from /her/ for me not having the book." Yeah, not exactly something to get riled up over. "And I sort of…went off the deep end and walked out of class."

Sirius's eyes narrow somewhat, easily seeing where this is going the moment the restricted section is mentioned. "Greasy git had to have done that on purpose, knowing there wasn't enough copies to go around." He makes a noise of disapproval for Snape's actions. "Snivellus would take that as an excuse to punish you and Gryffindor." For a moment, pride shines in his eyes about Harry's walkout then he coughs and tries to compose himself, "You shouldn't have done that. I dislike Snape as much as you do, and that's something your father or myself would have done. Yet I should encourage you to exercise a little caution."

Harry nods in one hundred percent agreement with Sirius. "That's what I tried to tell him!" Of course, we all know Snape listens to Harry. Not! But as the chiding comes about his actions, his face slackens slightly. "I know. But between not being allowed to go anywhere after the attack in Diagon Alley, and then this…I kind of…" he pauses, searching for the right word, "…exploded."

"And you should know by now that Snape doesn't care about playing fair. If he can give you any excuse, then he will. Try to not rise to his bait," Sirius instructs, sounding somewhat like an adult. Almost like he should be sounding. "Harry," Sirius then starts, sounding torn between pleading and understanding, "I know how you feel. Trust me on that. Don't you think that I don't know what it's like to be restricted on activities? All I ask is that you try to not let that greaseball get to you."

Oh, Harry knows Sirius does indeed know all about being resticted on doing things. "I'll try." he says, not making any promises that he will. "It was just a…momentary lapse of judgment." he adds, trying to smile into the mirror. Out in the hallway, there's the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs, though maybe not to his dorm.

"That's all I ask. I know Snivellus makes it difficult, by the way, I don't encourage you to call him that," Sirius says as he inclines his head in a nod. "Listen, I've overheard Death Eaters in Hogsmeade.." He cuts himself off, hearing the foosteps. "You better go. Hide the mirror when you aren't using it. Others may not know how it works, but we can't take the chance of someone finding it. Take care Harry, Remus and I are nearby and Moody's there to keep an eye on you."

Death Eaters in Hogsmeade? That's cause for a concerned look on Harry's face. Mention of calling Snape by the boyhood nickname is at least noted, but not mentioned. "Yeah, I figured that much." he says, turning up a slight grin at that. The footsteps get closer. "I'll be in touch." he adds quickly, shoving the mirror under his pillow just in time as the dormitory door opens.

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