1995-06-24: Mind The Cephalopod


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Scene Title Mind The Cephalopod
Synopsis Hogwarts students discuss summer plans, Celaeno is in search of a young Hufflepuff.
Location Hogwarts Lake
Date June 24, 1995
Watch For When squids attack! Sort of. Well, not really.
Logger Pandora

Pandora is kneeling by the edge of the lake, heedless of any danger that might emerge from its murky depths or grass stains she might acquire on her knees. A leather satchel containing partitions is at her side, in each little compartment is a stoppered glass vial. She seems quite intent on her effort to methodically fill each vial with lake water. Sometimes she digs a little into the sediment, or tries to get a little bit of water weed in with what's collected, carefully stoppering them and sliding them back into the satchel, one by one.

Dietrich comes flying over the surface of the lake, enjoying the nice weather as it would happen to be today. He trails a hand from his broom to skim the surface of the water before he flies a little higher, the reason obvious as one of the squid's tentacles breaks the surface as though brushing off something annoying. Dietrich laughs, before he spots Pandora at the water's edge. He turns his broom in her direction, getting close before he greets her, "Hello there."

"Oi, Dietrich!" Hufflepuff's Keeper gives him a merry greeting and sunny smile, even as she continues to fill little vials with lake water. "Do you always tease the cephalapod?" she asks earnestly, "Mei says squid's pretty good to eat, but I imagine that'd take a lot of catsup. Got summer plans?"

Dietrich laughs as he sits there on the broom, watching, "On occasion. He doesn't mind it too much though. Although I think he'd mind being eaten very much. And I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that squid's wrath." He eyes the vials, "Studying the water and plants?" He goads the broom into setting down near Pandora.

"Professor Sprout's going to be working on some experiments this summer and she asked me to get her some samples." Pandora says earnestly. "But I'll be going back to Bristol soon enough. My parents want to take a holiday, but haven't decided where to go yet. My dad says the Isle of Man's too rustic and my mum says Sark's too full of fake French people who really ought to know they're English. What about you?"

Dietrich gives a wry smile, "Back to London and no magic for the summer, even reading about it except for homework. Although I do miss seeing my parents during the year, and they miss having myself and Fritzi off here at Hogwarts, it still sucks." He shrugs though and says, "My dad's probably going to be showing me anything new he started working on during the year, probably work on some home project. I really dunno, they might have a holiday planned, but where they'd go…"

"Isn't the no magic thing bloody aggravating?" Panda rolls her eyes emphatically. "My dad won't even let me help him, and I'll have to put down with my mum 'calling down the moon' and running about naked in our backyard. At least this year dad promised me I wouldn't have to do it with her anymore. I might do a bit of a summer job thing in the shop, though. What sort of project is your dad up to, then?"

Dietrich nods, "I understand why they have it, but you'd think there'd be some magic-safe areas where we -could- do magic without worrying about the Ministry breathing down our necks." He sighs and says, "Both my parents are Muggles Pandora. My father's an electrician, part of why our utility bill is so bloody bad every year. My mum nearly goes spare over it, but he brings in most of the money, so she can't mind it that much. But I used to help my father and do little electrical and science projects with his help. He knew I was magical even before I did, since stuff would transfigure if I was missing something and really needed it." Dietrich sits on his broom which is hovering still so he doesn't have to sit on the ground. "Other than that, I might go to Diagon Alley a few times, see if I can scrounge up any summer work myself."

"There's Muggle summer jobs too." Pandora says helpfully. "My Mum's a Muggle, only we can't really tell her that because she thinks she's a witch, see." She looks rueful. "It's a bit daft, but she's really good about it." Her brows lift. "Cor. Magic and science. That sounds a bit like it's got the potential to muck each other up a bit."

Dietrich smiles and says, "They're interesting in the way that they both work. Our power is something that every single one of us that's witch or wizard can tap into and allows us to do virtually anything we put it's use to. Electricity is a power that every single person in the world, magical or muggle, can use and it has the power to move the world. One simply need look at everything the Muggles have done to know that their science does them wonders because they cannot fix things with a wave of a wand like we can." He tilts his head and asks, "You said you'll work in the shop… your parents own someplace then?"

"My mum owns it, it was passed down from granny after she retired." Pandora explains. "Crystals and tarot cards books and things. What Muggles think magic is, but not what it is, not really. My mum comes from a long line of Muggles who've thought they were witches for hundreds of years." she adds proudly.

Dietrich nods with a ahh, "I see. The kind that my mum thought were nutters. In fact, when Flitwick came around to tell me that I was a wizard, she nearly threw him out of the house until he showed he wasn't joking." He tilts his head, "Hmm, I dunno if my family will get down Bristol's way this summer, but if I do, might you want to hang out or something?"

Wandering back along the water's edge comes Mei. Having no classes left for her for…well probably till next year, she's shirked her shoes and stockings and can be found wading in just the edges of the water, idly humming something to herself.

"Sure, that'd be whizzer!" says Pandora brightly, and spotting Mei, waves to her House mate in a bit of a spastic fashion. "Oi, Mei!" she calls out. "Mind the cephalopod!"

Dietrich glances down at Mei as she walks along and calls out himself, "Yeah, he's little hungry today!" He gives a grin to Pandora. And to possibly give his words a little credence, the arms of the squid break the surface not too far away as his expression falls, "Umm…."

Looking up at Pandora she raises an eyebrow and then waggles her toes before dodging whatever it was she was told to be mindful of. Meaning that she just walks where the water can just dance over her feet in the sand while not getting her soaked. Looking to the squid, Mei grins and hmms. "Tasty." she says playfully, probably reminding them that she eats squid back home…

Pandora can't help but laugh. "Yeah, it'd need an really big pot, wouldn't it?" she remarks to Dietrich, but loud enough for Mei to hear. "I don't know. I miss Hogwarts something awful in the summer. All my friends are here." She sounds a bit wistful. Yeah, with few if any fellow magical teens in her city, it probably does get a bit lonely. She brightens. "We have a computer, though! I'll e-mail the ones that have them too, and owl the ones that don't. It's not the same, but it'll do."

Mei hmms as she nears, asking curiously "Why would you cook it?" teasing somewhat the girl stil moves to clambor up on that big rock she usually perches on, taking a moment to dry her feet before starting to pull her stockings back on. "What is this demon speak you emit?" the girl teases, canting her head to one side. "Compooter?"

Dietrich smiles as the squid goes back underwater and he looks to Mei, "I'm suprised it didn't grab you, with you being a known squid eater." He chuckles looking back to Pandora, "Alright then, I'll stop on by if I can. Or if you're going to get up to Diagon Alley, just owl me with when you'll be there."

"Oh yeah, do, I'll show you around!" Panda says enthusiastically. "The party scene's a bit crazy - Muggle kids are always smoking things or snorting things or popping pills in their mouths. Magic's way more fun than any of that, though!" She turns to Mei. "It's a Muggle thing. Kind of hard to explain. It's a box that connects people to each other and stores information and things." Yeah, Pandora doesn't really know who in Hogwarts is Muggle savvy and who isn't. Doh.

Hearing the explanation, Mei oh's and nods. "I have heard of these things. They have bad habits of losing things you place in them correct? Something like a muggle version of a vanishing cabinet.?"

Dietrich laughs and says, "No, each computer connects to another, sort of like the Floo Network, information and messages can be sent from one computer here in the UK to another one anywhere in the world really. They're dead useful to Muggles." He glances at Pandora with a touch of concern, but shrugs, "Just don't expect me to do what they do. Electrical shocks are enough for my body without adding drugs, herbs, and whatnot they're using there."

Pandora blinks a little at Dietrich. Did he miss the part where she said magic's way more fun than drugs? "Why would I?" she asks, confused. To Mei, "So you want to owl back and forth while you're in Hong Kong then? Whizzer, that's going to be an awful long flight!"

Mei ahs and shakes her head. "Can't use an owl." Thinking she pulls on the other stocking and then puts a shoe on before asking "you do know how far that is from here right?"

Dietrich apparently must have, but he lets the topic drop and laughs, "Get a goose, they could fly that far, except I don't think they carry letters." He eyes the sky, checking for rainclouds or anything that might mar this little impromptu gathering.

"Well yeah, like I said, it's an awful long flight. How do you keep in touch with anyone?" Panda continues to look a little puzzled, like she's wondering if she's started to speak in tongues. She smiles affably to Dietrich as he looks up at the sky. "A little rain never hurt anyone, right?"

Mei giggles "It's ten thousand Kilometers. Give or take." Putting the last shoe on she smiles. "Well, you use an owl up to a point, if you use the post, you pay a bit extra for it. It flies to the docks, and then the mail goes by magical boat. Takes, oh…two or three days to get sent, but until someone comes up with something better…" Mei just shrugs and goes back to fidgeting with her shoes.

Dietrich smiles back at Panda, "Not really." He glances back to Mei and says, "Ahh. Interesting way of doing that. Wonder why no one's just thought of long-distance flying the mail by broom or magic carpet. Of course they have to cross lots of international borders to do it, but still."

Mei ahs and then smirks. "They'd have to go through a couple of dragon reserves…and get past the Russians, and Red Chinese." Still the point is noted. Looking to Panda she just grins and waits.

<OOC> Mei says, "sorry to go out of turn, I have to afk. just skip me a bit."

"There's probably all sorts of border protocols and everything." puts for Panda helpfully. "And yeah, dragons eating the mail birds would sort of muck up things." She continues to fill vials, about three quarters finished. "When are you two leaving the grounds for home?"

Dietrich nods and says, "Good points. Dragons are cool though, if a little uncontrollable. I'm leaving with the train, same as everyone else, since I live in London." He brushes the grass with his feet while sitting on the broom.

Mei hmms and then smiles. "Well…" she says tucking her feet under her. "I usually catch the train to London, then either go to my cousin's and pack, or head straight through to the portkey place and take a portkey to outside Hong Kong before taking a slow boat to China."

"Of course, everyone leaves on the train." Pandora blushes at that, and she's not one of those girls for whom blushing makes them prettier. She goes lobster red. But as it fades, she peers over at Dietrich, or more pointedly, his broom. "What kind is that there?" she asks with interest. "You know, you're not bad on it, Dietrich - why don't you try out for a position on your House team next year?"

Dietrich glances at the broom and says, "It's a Comet, I forget the number of it. My parents got it for me second year as a birthday gift." He looks back to Pandora and says, "I probably could, although I dunno what position I'd like to play, I more or less like to fly, that's all."

"You should! It'd be a cracking good time. It'll depend on what positions free up, yeah? But sounds like Seeker or Chaser might be right up your alley." Pandora brightens considerably when she talks about Quidditch. It's the one thing she's super-good at!

Dietrich smiles and says, "I'll keep it in mind Pandora." He glances at the lake and says, "Prehaps you'd like to go for a fly when you're done collecting all that stuff?"

Pandora is on her knees by the shore of the lake, collecting water samples in vials for Professor Sprout. Nearby, Mei is wading in the shallows and Dietrich is perched on his broom. "Maybe?" Panda is saying to Dietrich as she works. "I really got to give it a good cleaning. If I don't take care of it properly, my dad won't buy me a new one as an early birthday present before classes start again."

Celaeno spots the students from far off and walks toward them. As she gets closer, she smiles as she sees Pandora and Mei's Hufflepuff uniforms. "Ah, Hufflepuff! Just the ones I was looking for!" she says to them happily. "You wouldn't happen to know where Bridget is, would you? Second-year? I haven't been able to find her…"

Dietrich smiles, "Best time for a fly then, before you clean it so it isen't dirty afterwards." He glances at Celaeno as she comes towards them, remembering that it's alumni weekend and he glances at Pandora at the mention of Hufflepuff.

Mei peers at Cel and ahs. "Who?" she asks before shaking her head. "Wasn't a second year turned into a rat by the Slytherins last week?" Yes, she's teasing, can't really help it, though after a moment the girl admits "Dunno her ma'am."

Celaeno frowns a bit. "Are you sure? She's been trying out for the Quidditch team this past year," she points out. "Ah well, this is alumni weekend, not parent's weekend anyway. Still, I'd like to see how she's doing before she comes home," she says with a brief sigh.

Pandora scratches her head a bit, looking thoughtful. "Bridget…um, it sounds familiar?" She doesn't pay attention to a lot of the younger students unless they're on the team, though granted if this girl's been making herself noticed on the pitch, it might click in Panda's memory. "I think she tried out for Chaser a couple of times?"

Blushing some, Mei giggles before saying honestly "I don't play Quidditch. They tell me I should but, I can't fly." Rolling her eyes, the girl sighs admitting "I'm afraid of heights."

Celaeno nods toward Pandora. "Yes, that's right," she says. "Have you seen her?"

Dietrich just listens for the moment from his broom perch.

For a moment it looks like Pandora's going to nod yes, but then says, "Sorry, no. You could check with Professor Sprout, though. She's in the greenhouse. But is there anything else we can help you with?"

Celaeno shakes her head. "No, thank you, I'll be fine," she answers. "Thank you for your help though. If you see her though, please tell her I've arrived." She smiles and walks off toward the greenhouses.

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