Michael Maitland jr.
Portrayed By Charlie Cox
House Ravenclaw
Year 1984
Position Hitwizard
Sex Male
Race Muggleborn
Age 28
Place of Birth Fulham, West London
Date of Birth 11.11.1966
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

This story begins in the southwest London area known as Fulham in November of 1966, when Inspector Michael Maitland of the Metropolitan Police Service and his wife Victoria, who worked as an actress, became parents for the second time. From before, they had a two years old daughter named Antonia, and now they got their first son, who was named Michael jr, after his father. Two years later, his brother, who got the name Jacob, and a year after that again, the youngest of the siblings, a girl named Christina was born.
The family was always close, as close as a family could be when the father was out and about at work very often. Especially the two oldest, with Antonia always letting her brother know what she learned at school. He learned to read upside down, from sitting on the other side of the table when his older sister doing her homework. But then, the summer before Mike would turn 11, his family got quite a shock.
Out of the blue, it came. A person came to the family, explaining that he was a faculty member of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry , and that young Michael Maitland jr had a place at the school waiting for him. His parents were naturally suspicious of what they were told, but they were finally convinced that it was the best thing for their son, and he had to leave his family behind, to start his new life as a student of magic at Hogwarts.
And so he went, a young boy, in the company of strangers, heading off on the adventure of his life while leaving his family behind for the first time in his life. At the sorting feast when he got to school he was sorted into Ravenclaw. There he got the reputation of being a skilled student, who also did his fair share of pranking, and otherwise trying to let out some steam with almost as much effort as he put into his studies. He wasn’t one of those people with lots of friends, although he was on friendly terms with most people. When he started his fourth year, the second of the siblings, his youngest sister Christina, also arrived at Hogwarts, and was sorted into Gryffindor.
By the start of his fifth years, with the electives Ancient Runes and Care of Magical Creatures, Mike hadn’t really pondered what kind of a job he should be going for, but in the August of that year, something happened to change that. His sister Antonia was on her way back home one evening, but never showed up back at the family home. It took two days to find her, and when they did, it was in an alley not too far from the area they lived, stabbed to death. To this day, the murder’s not been solved.
Having been the one of the other siblings that had been closest to Antonia, young Michael took that quite hard, and doubled his effort at school, aiming for a career as a Hit-Wizard when he graduated, figuring it was the closest thing he could do to following in his father’s footsteps. And from then, most of his academic focus was on classes that could help him with that goal. Some of his friends became a bit scared by this change, and what they thought was a bit of single-mindedness.
Getting through the last two years of school with all the classes needed for his new career, Mike managed to get the grades needed to continue on, and for the next few years, he was training to become a hit wizard, and then finally getting to work as one. In the Ministry he’s known as a dedicated and hard-working person, although he might get a bit of a temper when dealing with crimes involving women. What is less known is that although there’s a difference between his work and his father’s, the old man’s still a bit of a mentor for him, and he asks him for advice when needed.
He lives in a small flat in Mayfair, and keeps up with his roots out there, including popular culture and similar things. One of his favorite spots to relax if he needs to get away, is a small pub down by the river in the area of London known as Pimlico. His main interests aside from work is music, works of fiction and golf, although he doesn’t play the game, at least not yet. He’s still close to his family, and has a tendency to visit his older sister’s grave, believing that her spirit can listen when he talks while he’s there.



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