Melissa Burch
Portrayed By Abigail Breslin
House Ravenclaw
Year 2nd
Position Student
Sex Female
Race Halfblood
Age 12
Place of Birth London
Date of Birth 12 Apr 1983
First Appearance HP:ITF year 1994
Last Appearance Who knows?

Character History:

Born in London on the 12th of April, 1984, Melissa Burch is the daughter of a wizard, Marcus Burch, who moved to London (where his grandparents lived) from America after Voldemort's apparent death, and also of a Muggle, Jennie Burch, who met him on the boat over (he didn't trust planes all that much) and soon fell in love with the mysterious man. Jennie was a science teacher, and while she was certainly surprised to learn of the existence of magic, she and Marcus (who was part of the Ministry's Office of Misinformation, a position which requires scientific knowledge in itself) encouraged their oldest of three children, Melissa, to learn about both. Their philosophy was that magic didn't break the laws of nature, it just followed its own rules, and that understanding both Muggle science and magic would help Melissa have a fuller life experience. She is part of the new incoming class at Hogwarts, and has high hopes, particularly in the more scientifically-oriented classes such as Potions, Astronomy, and Herbology, leading her to be sorted into Ravenclaw. She's a friendly and intelligent girl who enjoys the company of others.


Other Information

Wears glasses.

Memorable Quotes:

Trivia and Notes:

While aged by potion from December 10-13, 1994, her adult self looks like Jacqueline McKenzie.

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