Mei Huang
Portrayed By Namie Amuro
House Hufflepuff
Year Fifth
Position <position>
Sex Female
Race Half-Blood
Age 15
Place of Birth Hong Kong, China
Date of Birth Aug 14 1979
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Mei is a simple girl who hails from the distant land of China, in the city of Hong Kong. Born there way back in 1979, she spent her early life learning the ins and outs of potions from her father who is a traditional apothecary. Her parents, Junjie and Daiyu are quite proud of their little girl, with her father Junjie's family of wizards expecting she will step right up to be the next in a long line of potions masters. Daiyu (her mother) on the other hand, comes from a muggle background and hides no expectation that Mei will be something more than just a simple apothecary. With both parents being from Hufflepuff house, it is no shock that Mei also finds herself sorted into that house.
Her first and second years were hardest for the girl, spending so much time, including holidays, away from home. Only the summers, short as they were, when she could return to Hong Kong were where she could find respite. Curiously, her second summer wasn't as fun as she expected, with an odd longing for Hogwarts burning in her. It was this longing that prompted Mei to ask if she could move in with her cousin and his wife, living in London during the summers and returning home only for short visits. With much reservation, her parents agreed, and Mei found herself happy once more. Third and fourth years came and went, with most of the girl's time spent studying in preperation for the OWLS she knew was coming at the end of her fifth year. In fact, she spent so much time at her studies that her fellow students often playfully accused her of being a Ravenclaw spy.
Now with her fifth year quickly approaching, Mei finds that her studies are becoming more and more important, and that she really doesn't know what she has planned after this. What she will study, who she will be, well that remains to be seen.


Mei is very outgoing, but also somewhat shy at times. Quick to make friends with anyone (literally anyone) she doesn't hold back when she speaks. However she's also very proper when it comes to speaking to someone, and will often give an air of superiority if not careful.

Other Information

Mei was born and raised in Hong Kong, China. Due to its distance from London (almost 6k miles), Mei grew up not really understanding who Voldemort was nor why Harry Potter was so famous. Since coming to Hogwarts, she has learned much about the Dark Lord, but still doesn't quite understand just what makes Harry so special. Like the rest of the wizarding world, she will not say Voldemort's name, but that's due to her being unable to pronounce it.

Memorable Quotes:

(said to Harry Potter at their first meeting.)
"I understand it and all, but seriously. What makes you so special?"

Trivia and Notes:

Unlike most students her age, Mei's wand is not an Ollivander wand, but is instead one of "Master Po's" wands. Master Po, a chinese wand maker, isn't well known outside the region, but is known for using traditional materials. In Mei's case, her wand is a seven inch stiff mahogany wand, with Chinese Dragon's heart string as its core.

Mei in her favorite dress being flirty.

Posing for the camera.

Mei in her usual happy mood.

(She is about to turn 15 this year, and will do so by the time term starts.)

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