1994-06-26: Mean Old Witch


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Scene Title Mean Old Witch
Synopsis A stray dog begs a sandwich off a witch, Remus makes funnies.
Date June 26, 1994
Watch For How easy it is to sucker someone.
Chronology None
Logger Bad Dog

Hogsmeade - High Street

The things a wizard will do to keep his word, to keep those he loves safe, or just to enjoy being alive and out of confinement. All of these reasons combined are why the large stray black dog is trotting down the streets of Hogsmeade. He's also looking for a bite to eat that isn't a scurrying rat. (Although, there has been a good deal of satisfaction in rat killing.) His fur is matted and heavy with dust. Coupled with his size, the dog looks rather wild.

Down the other way, Jillian Gale is in her own little artistic world. Possibly she's thinking of the way the sky is a particularly brilliant grey that seems perfect to capture in a pencil sketch. Or maybe she's thinking about the hooting of the owls at the post office where she works. But, whatever the case, she's doesn't notice the poor thin dog until she almost trips over it. And when she does, she's not sure whether she should be wary or sympathetic. Hungry wild dogs - especially ones of this size - are likely to bite. "Good dog?"

Tripping over the large beast would be a feat in of itself! He's supposed to be hiding, and in a way, he's hiding in plain sight, but he's just inviting danger like this. There are only a handful of people who know his secret, still, being out like this is just a little… reckless. 'Good dog?,' he thinks to himself. Well. He may as well play the part, this could be a ticket to that meal he was seeking out. So, he plunks his backside down on the road and stares at Jilly, head canted to the side as he studies the witch.

It may be a large feat, but not one that could be put past Jilly. As she stares at the large dog, she skirts the edge of the road and gives the Post Office a bit of a look before returning her gaze to the black dog. Isn't that supposed to be bad luck? She never really did pay attention on Divinations class. Or almost any class, for that matter. It's not hard to see that the dog is hungry and dirty. The woman frowns. "What? What're you looking at me for, there are…" she looks around, "Well, okay, there aren't that many other people about. But, what?" As if the dog could talk.

Padfoot wags his tail, which winds up just thumping there in the dirt of the road, raising a dustcloud. He cocks his head to the other side before giving a bark. Hey, look, the dog is playing you made eye contact with me game! Pushing himself up from the dirt, the dog takes a few steps towards the postmistress, sniffing at her.

Never having owned a dog or any real sort of pet - other than an owl - Jilly doesn't know quite what to do with the barking, yipping, tail wagging dog. "Shhh," she tells it urgently. When the dog takes a few steps toward her, she doesn't back up, that seems like it would be a bad idea. Instead, she stands in a kind of rigid straight mode. What do you do in a situation like this with a strange possibly rabid dog? "Be a good boy, shhh."

Jilly's reaction only seems to provoke further playfulness from the large dog. Barking again, tail still wagging, he sniffs at the witch's robes. And hey, he's not rabid! Maybe a lot of fleas, but that goes with the territory!

Oh dear. More barking, more sniffing. "Gooood doggie." Holding out her hand for him to sniff, she looks around. What in the world can she do? Why is everyone just walking by as if this was normal and not stopping to help her with this deranged dog? "Oh, why can't you speak like people do? I have to get to work and you're scaring the socks off me."

Padfoot does sniff at Jilly's hand, only because it's expected. Another bark is made, almost sounding like a laugh. But dogs can't laugh. Even if he found Jilly's words to be pretty darned funny. Hrm. He's scaring the witch, huh? Thinking a moment, he decides to play up the sympathy factor by whining softly.

A dog that's not much interested in sniffing? Well, that suits Jilly just fine. As soon as he starts to back off and whine a little, the post office witch edges her way across buildings again toward her place of business. But the whining is pretty hard to handle. The sympathy card is, really, the way to go to get Jilly's attention. "Oh, now don't do that."

The dog whines again and trots after Jilly. You're walking away! No! In the sympathy play, he doesn't miss that the woman is associated with the post office. Handy info to keep in mind. His tail wags once, then drops a little, his ears lowering.

Oh no. More of that pathetic whining. It's hard to take. Especially for a kind soul like Jilly. "Now…you stop that, you," she says as she watches the dog following her. "I'm a mean old postal witch. I'll let the owls have at you! You don't want to follow me!"

Apparently, that's a snort worthy comment. Mean old postal witch. HA. Sirius bets this woman must have been a Hufflepuff. Her threats have no effect, they fall on deaf ears, or well, the dog doesn't understand the feeble protests and keeps following.

And while Sirius would be right, hat doesn't mean that Jilly would let him know that. Not that there's much to let an old dog know. "Oh, please don't do that." Already her resolve is weakening. The poor thing looks a little worse for wear, with the ribs through the skin and the whining.

Oh Padfoot continues. The dog must be sensing the weakness of the postmistress. He keeps up the act! Perhaps this could be a line on a regular meal, or at least something more regular than what he's been finding, since he's wanting to stay close to the castle.

It's not hard to miss. Jilly's face is already starting to crumple with feeling for the poor mistreated creature. It's not biting or acting like it's rabid. And so, she starts to feel sorry for it. "What, did you lose your home? Don't you have a family, little dog?" Not that this dog is anything like little. In fact, it's quite big.

Little dog. HA HA. Oh this is far too amusing. It's a good thing the witch doesn't know who is nosing up to her, otherwise this wouldn't be funny at all. Although her words hit a nerve and his tail tucks downwards.

If Jilly really knew who she was talking to, she would call the Aurors. And the Dementors. And anyone else she thought to protect her against a murderer. But, she doesn't. Instead, she sighs at the poor sight this creature makes. "You're not allowed in the post office," she tells him with a finger up to show that she means business. "But if you wait out here, I may have something to feed you, okay?"

The dog's tail gives a wag as he proceeds along with Jilly. He noses at her hand. Not allowed in? Lady. You got the wrong dog. If he wants in, he'll find a way in!

That may be the case, but Jilly doesn't know that yet. And if this dog wants to be fed, he better not come in, otherwise, she'll just kick him out again. "Now. You wait right here." Once she reaches the Post Office door, she once again gives Sirius the warning finger. "I'll be right back. Promise."

No dogs allowed? Sorry, this dog doesn't understand. No really. In fact, he tries to poke his muzzle into the post office. Look, his ears are even perked up in interest!

There may be perked up dog ears, but Jilly gives him a very stern look. "No." Closing the door firmly behind her, she leaves no argument from the dog. Not that a dog can really give him a huge argument, but she doesn't want to leave the possibility. After a few minutes, she returns with a sandwich for the dog. "Okay. Now. Sit."

"/Hey!/" Even if Sirius is hungry, he's a dog. And to Jilly, that means he has to obey certain rules. That means he sits for his food and he doesn't try to jump up on her. "/No/. Bad dog." Holding the sandwich high above her head, she shakes her head at him. "Sit!" Once he sits, then she'll let him eat away. But, he needs to prove himself to have some discipline first.

The dog's massive paws settle on the witch for a moment before he drops back down. He gives a snort, which could be in disagreement, but he's too hungry to argue. So… he sits. Eyes still on the sandwich.

Jilly waits a few moments before she drops her arm and then lets the sandwich drop to the ground right by the big dog's paws. "Good dog." That was her own lunch, but she can always stop by the Three Broomsticks to get something else for herself. Easier to get than a meal for this poor dog.

It's at this moment that a quite haggard looking wizard makes his way by. Remus Lupin is wearing his usual patchy clothing with a rather old looking suitcase by his side. He glances sidewise at the dog who seems to be bothering a kindly witch for food. He slowly down for a moment. Well…it could be the same dog. Probably is. It wasn't that long ago now that everything happened. He watches for a moment to be sure. "Padfoot?" He calls out to see.

Padfoot happily takes the sandwich and wolfs it down. He could eat an entire cow about now, but this is better than what he was scrounging up. Sandwich gone, crumbs and all, and about to demand more, he hears Lupin's voice. Tilting his head to the side, blinking his pale eyes once, he barks. How can you mistake this dog for any other?

Seeing the haggard looking Lupin, Jilly eyes the pair - dog and wizard both. "Oh, is this your dog, sir?" She doesn't know the professor werewolf and doesn't know to be scared of him - should she be scared of him. "You should really take better care of him. He's been outside begging and looking much the worse for wear. The poor thing doesn't look like he's eaten in days."

Lupin makes to stand beside the dog, giving him a pat on the head. "I do apologize, ma'am. Yes, he's my dog." He looks down at him with a sigh. "You see, he's been missing for a few days. I've been trying and trying to find him with no luck! And now here he is, begging for food outside the post office!" He smiles, patting Sirius a few more times. "Padfoot here is a curious dog, you see. Very intelligent. More so than most dogs. Very resilient. But also very stubborn. I thank you for your kind generosity in feeding him, though. It is certainly much appreciated." He chuckles. "He'll probably come to see you again if he gets the chance."

The large dog's tail wags and he gets up from where he's sitting to trot to Lupin. But stops abruptly at his friend's words. Settling himself back down, he sits and proceeds to bite at his hindquarters. Don't know you, not acting like a dog being missed here. Nope. It's all in good fun, of course. Being out in the open is kind of going to his head.

"He doesn't have a collar," Jilly points out. It's one of the first things that she noticed when he was looking hungry and then looking like she may be something good to eat. "I'd really get him one. He's big enough that someone might take the wrong impression of him! He's a nice boy, though. Don't worry about it. I'm glad he found his rightful home is all."

Lupin smiles and pets Padfoot again. He jumps in shock as he gets bit, however. "Hoho, oh Padfoot. Always the rascal, aren't you?" He shakes his head and looks back at Jilly. "Mmm, you're right. I should get right on that. This is the first time he's really…escaped, you see." Aha! Eluding! He nods at Jilly. "Yes, he's a good dog. He has made a good companion as well. He likes to play a lot, which can cause some mayhem around the house, but nothing a quick little spell repair spell can't fix." He nods. "But he has certainly found his friends once more."

Collars? Padfoot draws the line at collars. Anyone tries that, they're gonna be bitten. Oh Moony, making with the quips. Still, the mickey hasn't been taken out of Sirius yet. Wagging his tail, he sets off at a fast trot away from Jilly and Lupin, leading off to who knows where. Hopefully, somewhere quiet and secluded.

"I'm sure he does." Now that the dog is in good hand and she knows that he won't run off again - except for right now, obviously - Jilly smiles. "Keep a good eye on him, he seems mischievous." And if only she knew that was the truth. "I should get back to work. Hopefully I'll see you around. I'll keep an extra sandwich for Padfoot, should I see him around again."

"I'm keeping both my eyes on him, in fact." Remus smiles and chuckles. "He's mischievous alright…little does he know that I'll probably find him now, soon enough." He nods. "Well, I'm sure he'll appreciate that you're thinking of him. Good day, ma'am." And he's off after Padfoot. Not just because the dog is actually a friend, but he can't put on a poor show for the lady.

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