Portrayed By Kelli Dayton
House Slytherin
Year 5
Position Student
Sex Female
Race Half-Blood
Age 15
Place of Birth Croydon
Date of Birth February 20, 1980
Mother Jacilyn Walsh
Father Kevin Walsh
Siblings None
Marital Status N/A
Children N/A
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Jacilyn Smith and Kevin Walsh met one another by chance, as Kevin was working in a clothing store that Jacilyn came in to to pick up a few outfits. Hitting it off, Kevin asked her to go out with him that night after he got off of work, and to his amazement she accepted. They met again later on in a pub in the middle of downtown London that night, where they sat and talked for a few hours over more than a few pints. When it came time to go home and hopefully sleep off the ensuing hangover, they decided to go together and continue their conversation. One thing led to another, which then led to Jacilyn informing Kevin of her pregnancy, as well as a few other things. One of those happened to be the fact that she was a witch.

Determined to do the right thing by her, as he had grown rather fond of her over the past few weeks of dating, Kevin moved her in with him in his house in Herne Hill, stuck through it all with her and married Jacilyn three short months after the birth of their daughter, Maralyn. Maralyn, or Mara as she was soon to be called, had a very easy-going childhood; doted on by her father, she sat in with him as he and his friends played in their little garage band on their off days, reveling in the music, or as her mother jokingly called it, the noise. Her mother, when she wasn't busy working at the Ministry in the Regulations and Control of Magical Creatures, simply fascinated her, taking her out to places like Diagon Alley and showing her wondrous things that she could do with her wand, not to mention giving her awesome toys that she had to promise to keep out of sight of the other kids in the neighborhood, like her toy broom.

When Maralyn received her letter from Hogwarts, it came as no surprise to either parent. As soon as September came around, Mara was packed up and leaving on the Hogwarts Express, waving to her parents as they saw her off at King's Cross Station. Burning with excitement and ready to face it all, she shook her head and ignored the murmurs of the other first-years as they talked about the 'sorting' that they would soon be facing. Surely there wouldn't be anything -dangerous-…right?

Soon enough the Express stopped at Hogsmeade Station and the first-years made their way to the castle via the lake. Mara stared up in awe of the school as they drew nearer, worry boiling up in the pit of her stomach. What if she couldn't do the test? What would happen? Would she have to go home? She didn't have to wait long as they began the sorting and she waited her time through. Finally, it was her turn to walk up to the lone stool and the old hat. After a few moments of muttering debate, the Sorting Hat finally called out "Slytherin!" and Mara went to sit with her new House to the cheering of her new classmates.

Her first two years of school went on without a hitch; keeping to herself, she made a few good friends and her scores in her classes were high. Her favorite classes were Charms and Potions, though her least favorite by the end of the second year had to be Herbology; she could never handle getting her hands dirty for very long.

The summer between her second and third years was a changing point for her. Her father's band managed to get themselves signed to a minor record deal, and that meant that Kevin could quit his job and focus more on his true working love, music. Mara, ecstatic for her father, jumped headlong into helping him during her holiday, working behind the curtains with sound-checks and planning for the tours that would take her too far from home.

When she returned to Hogwarts after the holidays were over, she could scarcely be recognizable. Her previously long and curly black hair was now straightened and cut into a pixie-style cut, her ears were now lined with earrings, and she had an air about her of newly-found confidence. Shocked with the change, a few of her friends left her side, but they were quickly replaced. More outspoken and energetic than she was before, Maralyn Walsh now loved to be the center of attention, and would speak on end about the music that her father and pumping out into the world and her travels she made with him to anyone who would listen.

Picking up Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, and Care of Magical Creatures as her electives in the third year, Mara continued to excel in a number of her classes, though Herbology still seemed to be her down point. Care of Magical Creatures wasn't much better, but with an extra lick of work in her, she managed to keep a passing grade in the both of them.


Maralyn Walsh started out as a wallflower girl who never brought much attention to herself, save for her grades, but evolved into a girl who loves to be the center of attention now that she has come into herself. Loud, ambitious, slightly sarcastic, and always with a grin, she has went from the meek girl who was screamed “BULLY ME!” to the person who would stick up for another if she caught someone doing it…and occasionally being the bully herself. Relatively kind to those who stick around to talk to her, she's willing to give a hand to those who need it if she likes them well enough. When she's not busy talking, she's busy studying, be it her class books or her music.


Other Information

Memorable Quotes:

Trivia and Notes:

Music: Maralyn has a love for music, both Muggle and Wizard, that was instilled into her by her father at a young age. Thanks to spending her early childhood and holidays home among her Muggle father and Witch mother, she's just as likely to listen to The Verve as she is The Weird Sisters and Broom Closet (a triphop Wizard band.)

Guitar: As a present to her daughter before her fifth year at Hogwarts, Jacilyn bought her a black Gibson SG and gave it a minor enchantment so that it would be able to play without being plugged into an electrical source or an amp. Naming it Graham after the lead guitarist of the Muggle band Blur, Mara plays it whenever she has a chance to get away from studying or homework.

Cat: Mara has a small tabby named Kacee. She's an attention hog and likes to try to take Mara's attention away from Graham and onto her. Often times, she wins, but sometimes she doesn't.


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