1996-03-31B: Manly Bubbles


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Scene Title Manly Bubbles
Synopsis Kee and Bean sneak into the Prefects' Bathroom. They have a somewhat serious discussion.
Location Hogwarts: Prefects' Bathroom
Date Mar 31, 1996
Watch For Funny hair, discussions of the 'sight', shopping, and family.
Logger Bean

If there's one thing Kee hates … well, ok, there's way more then one thing he hates. But today, it's the crowded bathrooms. So, he kinda gave Bean the 'nod' signal when people were done making a mass go for the baths in general. "Prefect Bathroom." he mouthed, giving a serious nod, before gathering up what he'd need and sneaking off with a decided lack of stealth to head that way. "I dunno how we'll get in, but I swear if I have to see one more image of what Bartholomew does with himself under the covers cause he can't be bloody careful and keep the hell away from me…"

"Ewww, that's gross." Bean wrinkles his nose, knowing that makes him look 'cute'. "I know the password. It's Oakmoss." The little boy listens at locks, and peers around corners, finding out more information than he really ought to have. "I can say it, or you can." He doesn't care. If he does it, he knows he can wriggle out of whatever trouble he's in. If not, he can blame Kee. Though, now that they're kind of family, he might just stand up for the kid, as well. Who knows? Of course, that might all be moot. They might pull this off without a hitch. "I hear they have four different scents of soap." He sounds excited.

"Tell me about it. I see way more then I want to." Scowl! "If we get caught, I'll just look real pathetic; pretend I had one of those 'knock me out, make me queasy' visions. I needed spaaaaaaaaace. And you, being family, were looking out for me. I've got a boatload of unpleasant memories I can unload as excuses." Thus, he'll say the password. "Oakmoss!" he ventures, looking around and acting all casual. As if he has every right to be there. C'mon. As if that won't make Slythering Sio /proud/. "Four different scents? Hope they're not all flowers."

Oooh. Forget about Sio. Bean is pretty chuffed himself. "I like your reasoning," he laughs, stepping into the room, taking it all in. He gives him a tiny worried look for all the 'sight' thing, but he knows he wouldn't want to be pitied, so he does not pity the other boy. "I bet there's at least one manly scent." Gryffindor boys have been bathing in here for eons. "I bet two of them are flowers, and two are 'boy scents'" He hopes, too. "Though it might be three and one." That's more likely, unfortunately.

"I've picked up a few things the past year or so." Cianan, proud of himself. And he is more then content with people who just know when to give him space. No pity required. "Probably right." he agrees, stepping sideways into the room and peeking around the hallway again before he shuts the door. Nothing to see here, move along! "Well, you know girls." He rolls his eyes all dramatically. As if he has the first clue what he's talking about. Obviously he doesn't. "Woooow. Check this place out. Almost worth being a Prefect for." Almost.

Bean actually does know girls. Or at least knows a bit about them. Not a lot, though. "That's good. It'll keep you alive." Julian is a firm believer that subtlety will save your bacon more times than not. Of course, it's why he's in Sio's house and not Kee's. "I don't know. If I can get in here anyway…" It's not really worth the hassle of being in charge of so many other people. He shudders at the idea. "I don't know if I want all the little brats coming to me for problems." Nevermind that he is one of those 'brats' at the moment.

"That's why I said almost." Cianan points out quickly. "Got enough problems of my own, thanks." of course, he is also far too often a vocal smartypants. Which should not be a surprise. Absolutely thrilled that they have managed to pull this off without a hitch so far, and far to full of confidence, he ambles on over to the baths and sets the hot water swirling. He is having a bath. And a peaceful one at that. Even if it means girly soap. "Sio take you shopping yet? If not, hide. Hide somewhere before she can get you alone and make you go to a tailor."

"Yes. We went shopping." Bean enjoyed it, secretly, but 'little boy code' demands he appear to have absolutely hated it. "I got dragged to the tailor, and then to several Muggle shops for dungarees and everything." He was embarrassed about this part: "Uncle Jack took me to get a swim costume." He looks down as his cheeks flush, and moves to sit on the bench beside. He doesn't need a bath yet. He'd rather spend his time chatting with his new 'cousin.'

"Did you see the ties that look as if someone hurled on them?" Cianan sure got a good laugh out of that one. Much to the amusement of Sio and her shopping buddy that day. He's on the quiet side until he's sunk in to the water up to his neck, with MANLY smelling bubbles frothing all around. "You'll need 'em when we hit the beach. Italy soon, and then Brisbane after she ties the knot with the American. Don't worry 'bout it." He, on the other hand, will probably try to hide somewhere in the hotel on beach days. "And there'll be another new cousin along. Though, I guess he'll wind up as your brother yeah? The kid, Cole."

Brother. The idea that Bean will have a brother is intriguing and also worrisome. His last 'brother' was injured severely in a Death Eater raid. He nods. "Yeah, I'm wondering what kinda guy he'll be, being a Yank and all." He snorts. "I did see the ties. I didn't laugh so much, but I did grin." Like this. Bean lifts his face, grinning widely at the other boy. "I've just always gone swimming in whatever…." Usually nothing or just his pants. "It's kind of weird to have a whole separate thing to wear just to swim." He understands the idea, of course, but it still makes him go 'huh?' sometimes. "Those bubbles do smell manly," he teases. "Like a tree or something." He knows exactly what's in the scents from paying attention to ingredients in Snape's class, but a general tree is close enough.

"Pfft. We'll de-Yankify him before the end of his first year." Kee's not worried about that part. He even has that righteous emo smirk going on. Cole doesn't stand a chance. "It's because they have money." he decides, talking about swim trunks rather then just jumping in the water pants and all. "When you have money, you can do things like that. Just like Sio made me throw out all my old clothing." Which was about two pairs of threadbare jeans and three black t-shirts. "When you got no money, you just don't do separate clothes for different occasions. Lucky to have enough just to be covered at all." Something he knows all too well. "Hey, they ARE manly. Manly bubbles, and you don't tell anyone otherwise." he points, trying not to laugh at the wide grin Bean's sporting.

Bean understands the clothes thing very well. "If you even get that much," he mutters, though he smiles easily again after seeing Cianan's attempts not to laugh. He snickers softly, and nods. "He'll be right proper and British soon enough." The accent he puts on is high RP, and sounds pretty ridiculous coming from the little boy's mouth. "Oh, I know. I'm just getting used to that." It's why the boy hoards food and small things all to himself. Just in case that money isn't available. "I said they were," the boy squeaks defensively, hands up in front of him. "Very manly bubbles."

"Please, Bean. We both know I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn even if I wanted to. Even pretending I could is a total joke." He flicks the manly bubbles at Julian. But, he also exits the tub and dries off before he turns into a girly prune. "Me too. I still eat like it's all gonna disappear on me. But trust me, you don't want to do that in front of Sio's mum." WIDE EYES are given, the emphasize this. "She'll look at you like you've just spit on the Queen of England. It's very disturbing."

"Hey, it could happen." Bean grins, but sits back, giving the boy some room. He pointedly looks away; not from shame, but just because it's what you do. "Exactly." He snorts. "That's one bonus to being in Slytherin, though," Julian muses. "I learned all this proper stuff fairly quickly. Lost house points if I didn't." Slytherins must comport themselves as properly as possible at all times in front of everyone else. In the common room, the rules are somewhat relaxed.

"We mostly have our noses buried in books." Cianan admits, only haphazardly tucking hit shirt in before he throws the robes on over himself. He's definitely not the neatest of the extended family. "We lose points if the homework and extra credit stuff isn't handed in on time. Always make the best use of your mind." It's just a different focus, really. "I suspect that's more so that we leave the prefects alone so they can study for NEWTS and OWLS though." Whatever!

"You do." At this point, Bean is giggling. "I saw one of you — a girl in my year – run right into the wall. It reminded me of that movie." 'That movie' being Disney's Beauty and the Beast, which Bean caught bits of in a store window. "I can understand that," though he wouldn't need the time studying that most Claws do. "We're taught to make the most of any situation. That often requires brains, luck, skill and … " Maneuvering. Lots of wiggling into small verbal spaces and making a home there. It comes naturally to Bean. "I wanna try." Now, he'll take a bath.

Okay, so it's Kee's turn to lounge on the bench now and keep watch. Which he does, propping the opposite foot up on his knee inn relaxed repose so that Bean can catch a bath. "I believe it. I've never quite been that bad. But I believe it." Alas, he has no skill for verbal graces and… niceties. He only knows what to do so that neither of Sio's parents give him the evil eye. "I got brains, and… well, I definitely don't have luck. No poor bastard that sees weird shit when he touches people has luck. And skill? Yeahno. Not yet. I'll let you guys do all the… you know, plotting. I'll just let you know if it'll work out or not. Sound fair?" Dimple.

Julian strips quickly and efficiently, shameless in front of the other boy. He steps into the water and sighs. "This is really nice." It isn't often that he gets a really good hot bath. He got one at their house before everything went to hell, but only just the one. He pushes the pump for the 'manly soap' and cleans himself off. "That'll work. I think it's meant to work that way, isn't it?" Let the Slytherins plan everything, the Ravenclaws research the feasibility thereof, the Gryffindors fight for the plans to happen, and the Hufflepuffs to actually do the work. "Well, it may just depend on how you see things." Bean wouldn't mind seeing into people's lives like that at all. "It could be considered lucky if you wanted to know everything about everybody." He muses to himself as he scrubs the grime off his little body. It doesn't take him that long at all to wash his whole body and scrub at his head.

"I suppose. I mean, on things supposed to work that way." Give Kee a good few days to puzzle that one out. And then he might actually get it. Until then, he'll nod amiable about how awesome the prefect bath is. "Not like the the animal herding station that the rest of the bathrooms are." Which, you know, actually makes him twitch. "It'd only be considered lucky, I think, if you didn't see absolutely horrid things. Then it might be lucky. Instead, it's like a crappiest coin toss ever. You might get something good. But then, do you tell em? People have a habit of screwing the good shit up, if they think they have it in the bag. and the horrid things…" *shudder*.

Bean hadn't thought about that. He has seen enough horrors of his own that the thought of gleaning information from seeing something, especially if it's only a possibility, seems distant and acceptable in comparison. He snorts at the description of the baths, and shakes his head, getting bubbles in the water everywhere. After dipping down to clean those bubbles off his head, he comes back up and replies. "Herding station. That's about right." They do try to have some sort of order or decorum in how they bathe, but there are times. "Sometimes, I think it might be worth it, but since it's not my …." He pointedly doesn't use the word gift because he's been through that stuff before, and usually when someone says it that way, they're being very condescending. "It's not me who has to go through it. So." He steps out, grabbing a towel and drying off before getting right back into his clothes. "What do you say we head to the Great Hall? I think it's getting close to dinner time." He grins over at the other boy, wet hair standing on end.

"Yeah. Sometimes." Cianan doesn't seem to either be agreeing or disagreeing about whether it's worth it or not in the long run. To each their own, right? And he's about to agree that heading to the Great Hall is a good idea when he really notices the hair. Standing on end. "Wait, wait." He holds up a hand, and grabs another towel. One that he scrubs through his hair vigorously until it too is standing up on end. "There, now we can go. We match."

Finishing up his buttons and tie, Bean looks up, then loses it. He sits back down on the bench, his high laughter ringing throughout the room. It might look a little strange; two boys, one blue, one green, walking quickly down the hall with their hair standing almost straight up, but with the laughs and smiles involved, no one stops to take a second glance.

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