1994-07-11: Man's Best Friend


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Scene Title Man's Best Friend
Synopsis Jilly gives Lupin a piece of her mind. Padfoot is bad, Lupin covers for him and Tonks is Tonks!
Date July 11, 1994
Watch For Uhm. Everything.
Chronology n/a
Logger Bad Dog

Hogsmeade - High Street

After ducking Ministry people who were totally after someone else, and a child wanting to take him home, Padfoot is poking his nose back into the area. Seems someone just doesn't know how to sit still and stay put. Not when there's fresh air about, and freedom (of sorts), going to his head.

Ducking out of the post office, flipping the open sign to closed, Jilly starts whistling and heading toward Three Broomsticks. It's her treat for good days to go and have a bit of a lunch there away from the crush of customers. It only takes her a few steps before she recognizes the large black dog that almost has been haunting her steps again. "You again?" she asks it, as if expecting it to respond accordingly. "If I ever find that owner of yours again, I'm going to give him a piece of my mind for letting you roam like this."

Speaking of the supposed owner of the dog, or at least the man who said he was the owner, Remus Lupin is walking up the road in the opposite direction, more from the same area as the Shrieking Shack. He just had a nice little nap there, knowing that no one would bother him, as they are all too afraid of the place. Only he and a select few living people know that it was actually, in fact, himself who made all those noises that now makes the place the most haunted in Britain.

Well, she /had/ promised she'd try to get him food. And hopefully he'd appreciate the treat and the work she went through to get the small basket of goodies. It involved a trip home and sitting through her mum going on about her career choice and WHY OH WHY Nymphadora don't you ever wash your socks on a daily basis? Ahem. So, yes, Tonks is back in Hogsmeade, trying to figure out a reason why she'd go wandering off into the outskirts of the area. Fortunately she wouldn't have to explain the basket or anything, as magic is a wonderful thing and she's got essentially a bag of holding to take care of hiding the basket of Andromeda's Home Cooking.
Today, Tonks has decided to sport brilliant blue hair, and she's actually allowed it to have some length. She steps out of Honeydukes, to add a few more things to her care package (Because Sirius really needs /sugar/ guys), and that's when she manages to spot her cousin. 'What the…' is mouthed, and she frowns. NOW what is she going to do?

Padfoot /is/ a grim you know. He's supposed to haunt things! But not so much. He was really being restless and looking out to see if any familiar faces were heading into the area. Buckbeak really isn't much for conversation y'know, and when there's a disguise this good, tends to make one not really think much. When he hears the postmistress's voice, his ears raise, and he's torn between amusement and uh-oh. His tail wags as he barks at the witch.

Then.. just.. it's more uhoh as his cousin appears, as well as his best friend. This could either end in tears, or just wind up really funny later.

Oblivious to everyone else, Jilly approaches the dog she knows as Padfoot with a hand on her hip. "You poor thing." Not realizing the poor 'dog's' dilemma, she approaches it with a hand out to sniff or lick. He's been known to do both. "I'll get you a sandwich from the 'Sticks." Because even dogs must love their cooking. It's one of the best in town. "Really, I should just keep you for my own. If you'd be a good dog. I could use a good guard dog." Once she's close enough, she tries to scratch behind his ears. Soon she'll look up and notice Tonks and Lupin - more Lupin than Tonks, as she knows one and not the other. But, she's bound to notice someone staring at the pair soon.

Lupin sighs and shakes his head. His friend…bothering the postmistress again? Shame. That's one habit he should probably kick. He approaches the two, having not noticed Tonks just yet. "Oh, my dear post mistress! I do hope Padfoot hasn't been bothering you again." He frowns. "He got away yet again. He keeps doing it, you see. Just slips right on by. He's so very smart. I just wish I could keep tabs on him. But alas." He wracks his brain for a moment. Didn't she mention that he should get a collar for Padfoot last time around? "Oh…I did try getting him a collar, too, by the by." He says, thinking on his feet. "Got it off, somehow, and chewed it right up! I'm afraid he'd do much the same again if I tried once more…"

Oh, hello Remus…Observing from the sidelines, Tonks seems to get the feeling that this scenario's happened before. Well, might as well say hi… Putting on her best 'I totally wasn't watching' face, Tonks strides over, raising her hand. "Oi, Remus!" she says by greeting. She slows, though as she nears the now-trio, looking appropriately apprehensive at the really large dog. He's not going to bite, is he?

If dogs can give a sheepish expression, Padfoot gives one. To both Remus and Tonks. And HEY, for the record, he was /not/ bothering the woman. He was minding his own business! To try and show himself as a loyal pet however, he barks and trots right up to Lupin, and sitting down next to the werewolf. See. Good animal. Mostly. The dog could very well be smiling, with the way his mouth is open and tongue lolling out.

Oh, ho! That self-same owner that Jilly told Padfoot he'd give Lupin a piece of her mind. And so she will. "You should get him a trainer, then. It could be dangerous out here for him, you know!" Jilly stands up again, once the poor stupid dog goes back to the owner that let shim roam free. "He could be hexed, or taken to a pound to be put to sleep. He's so thin, he looks a stray. And the size of him! Anyone could mistake him as a menacing stray. I must say, I have half a mind to intervene on behalf of the poor animal to make sure that he's taken care of properly." This is the biggest speech Jilly has really given on any subject in awhile. But, she's a bleeding heart, especially for animals.

Seeing Tonks approaching, she nods politely at her. "He allows his dog to range freewill around Hogsmeade without a collar. And it doesn't seem like he's feeding him enough." As if to bring the cousin in on her side. "I've come across this poor dog at least three times more and each time, he's been just as gamey. I'm worried for his well-being."

Lupin gives Padfoot a little pat on the head as he sits by him, smiling at Tonks as she approaches. "Ah, Nymphadora. Good to see you…ooops, I do apologize. I meant to say Tonks." He says kindly to the woman as he then turns back to face Jilly. "He has a high metabolism, ma'am. He's uh…well, rather well fed. I just wish I could make it appear like he actually has some meat on his bones." He frowns. "I'm not mistreating him any, Miss. Don't worry. I love this dog. He's one of the best friends a man can have. I'd never allow any mistreatment to befall him."

There's immediate bristling at the mention of her name, but it calms the moment he apologises. "S'okay." Tonks then listens to Jilly's take on things, and she turns her head down to look at Padfoot. "I'unno… He looks kind of old and stuff. Could probably use a bath, too…" There's a face made at the state of Sirius' canine hygiene.

Padfoot looks up at Tonks, and damn, there appears to be amusement in his pale eyes. Almost as if this were some sort of game, and after being locked up for twelve years, well, he's getting a bit of a kick out of this. Fortunately, dogs really can't look amused right? So he probably just comes across as oblivious.. to those who don't know him that well. So what does Padfoot do during Jilly's rant? He scratches at his ear with a hind paw. La la la. Whut? He takes the headpatting in stride, and just might tear up at Moony's words.. or howl. But right now? He's more tempted to nip at Tonks for her words.

Hmph. Jilly tilts her chin up, be she's not totally convinced about Lupin's sincerity at taking care of his animal. But, she's too polite to really bring it up again. "If he's too much for you, I would be glad to help out in watching him. He seems like a good dog. And I don't think I've seen you much around the town." It's small enough that she should know most people though her job. "He probably could, too. When's the lat time he got a bath?"

Lupin shakes his head. "Actually…I was just thinking of making sure he had a good, warm bath. One worthy of…well, of a loyal friend." He says softly. "Thank you for your offer, Miss." He says sincerely to Jilly. "You may not have seen me much because my work takes me all over. I'm a tutor, you see. And I own my own owl." Okay, well maybe that isn't quite true, but he plans to make it so soon enough. "And often times, the families of my tutorees will have me stay for dinner, so when I'm here, I walk dear Padfoot here and feed him but I don't actually spend much time in town either at the Three Broomsticks or otherwise."

"Does he bite," Tonks asks of Lupin, being very careful to make the motions of one who might be nervous of a scraggly, smelly, old and large dog. She's careful not to comment about whether or not she knew he 'owned' a dog, less that might spark the Miss's want of keeping him. "Make sure to use a lot of soap. And maybe a wire comb to get out all those tangles."

Oh wait, hey, stop right there. Padfoot can wash himself thank you! He knows what you speak of! His hind foot stops in mid-scratch, eying the two witches. He doesn't know the mischief Jilly's capable of, but Tonks is of his own blood, and that's enough for him to know what she can get on about. And just for that Tonks? He gets up and pads over towards the witch, eyes her a moment, before trying to stick his nose into the basket she has!

"I don't believe he does." Jilly answers Tonks. She's been close enough that he doesn't seem to have done anything of the like to her. "And that's no schedule to properly train a dog." Her family had dogs growing up and she knows how that goes. "You need to give a stray discipline and time, otherwise he'll wander and pee all over your things." That she knows. "I'd be more than glad to look out for him while you're tutoring. As long as he doesn't bark at the owls. I've kind of started looking out for him when I"m about the town. He seems a lovely thing. Please, call me Jilly."

Lupin smiles softly at Tonks. "Oh, no, no. He doesn't bite. That is certainly. He may nip you every now and again, but not bite." He explains. "Well, I shall certainly be in touch with you about that, ma'am…Jilly. I'll give it the proper think over." He just chuckles as Padfoot goes to sniffing Tonks' bag. "Padfoot! Leave the kindly lady's bag alone." At least until she's at a place where she can properly give you the food.

There's a giggle from Tonks about the peeing thing. "Well, I certainly hope /he/ doesn't pee over everythi-HEY!" Her belongings are yanked up hopefully out of reach of Padfoot's browsing. "You leave that alone. Not for you. Bad dog." She looks int it and tries to fix it. "Good thing he didn't get into the chocolate frogs. I hear chocolate's poisonous for dogs. don't want him to just keel over just because he was being a nosey prat, now don't we?" She says this to Padfoot in her best 'talking to animals cutely' voice. She looks to Jilly and beams afterwards, "I'm Tonks."

Padfoot does /not/ use the loo over everything! Hmph! (Unless we're talking about a certain Slytherin, then he'll be more than happy to do so.) He does back off Tonks's basket though when Lupin speaks up, to show that he has some training. Some. Tonks's reaction to him trying to get into the basket causes him to bark, and while it's tempting to mess with his cousin further… He 'listens' to Remus. For now.

At least he takes orders. That's good. "Please, do," She tells Lupin sincerely. "I'd be glad to watch him. If I see him begging without tags again, I may just steal him for myself!" She gives the ex-professor a smile. "Nice to meet you, Tonks. I should get going. I need to get myself some food and head back to the post office. Have a good day." And to Padfoot, she wags a finger. "Behave." And then, she gives a friendly wave toward Tonks and Lupin and moves off toward the Three Broomsticks again.

Lupin bows his head to Jilly. "Of course. I shall see you soon, possibly. Good day." And she looks to Tonks. "Oh, he knows better than to use just anything as a toilet." He smiles, though, as the dog listens to him. "Good Padfoot. Always the good dog you are…well, mostly, anyway." He grins.

"Bye, Take care," Tonks says her farewells then gives a pointed look down at Padfoot. Looking up to Lupin she offers, "Maybe you should get him home before he causes more trouble? And find an unbreakable collar and leash for him. I'm sure someone makes something like that."

Padfoot barks at Jilly, and tailwags at her goodbye. Him? Behave? Not if he can help it. He looks up at his cousin and his best friend as if to ask, 'Now what?' EXCEPT THAT. Tonks's suggestion earns a rather fierce growl.

Lupin looks down to Sirius. "Now, now. Be nice. It's the least you can do." He kneels down beside his friend and whispers, "She's your cousin, after all. And she only has to talk like that until we get somewhere private." He gives his friend an encouraging ruffle on his head and a nod to Tonks. "I do believe a quick trip to the Shrieking Shack is in order?" He asks of the other two.

Tonks nods at that. It's a good place, and it's notorious reputation should be enough to ensure privacy. "Lead the way, Remus."

Padfoot looks up at Remus for his whisper. Hmrmph. He knows his cousin well enough to know she may mean otherwise! The suggestion of going to the Shack is met with approval as the dog sprints off in the direction of the abandoned building.

To be continued!

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