1994-10-09: Love At The Dinner Table


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Scene Title Love At The Dinner Table
Synopsis Derek sends Zarina a love note. Ginny and Siobhan discuss classes.
Location Great Hall
Date October 9, 1994
Watch For Zarina's reaction. Ron talking with his mouth full.
Logger Ginny

The scroll hovers behind the backs of some of the younger year Slytherins, lifting upward slightly to come down in front of Zarinas face. Her sapphire eyes blink at it for a moment, unknown to everyone else her reflexes had already reached for her wand in her sleeve, her muscles tense for a moment before the girl forces herself to let go of the wand. Sliding a deep emerald green ribbon into her book, she closes the Defense Against the Dark Arts book next to her plate, the other hand reaching for the floating scroll in front of her face. Frowning slightly at the scroll for a moment, she glances it over, arching a brow at it for a moment before reaching back into her sleeve and pulling out her wand. Knowing the students in this school, theres a good possibility it could be hexed. She flicks the end at the scroll, making sure its free of any spells, charms, or hexes before slipping the wand back in her sleeve. Her slender fingers work at unwrapping the thin piece of thread, uncurling it slightly as her sapphire eyes glance over the surface of the parchment.

The Great hall is full of people eating dinner there, Donner is siting at the Slytherin table piging out on ribs with derek not to far way just picking at his food, futher down the table Zarina reading one of her school books. at the Griffdor table is Ron eating some of his favor foods. The scroll has writing on it, it reads. "Love is a strange thing. It is a flower, so delicate that a touch will broke it & so strong that nothing will stop its growth. think how often we miss love in a life time by a wrong gesture.. by an unspoken word.. by not keeping silent at the right time.. we lose it by interference of other people, by a lack of money and communication, by a quarrel over something stupid and yet..we cannot live without it.." It's not signed or anything. Derek looks around to see if anybody notices he sent it then goes back to picking his food some.

Ginny is late, again. Apparently the really interesting book that'd kept her from lunch the day before had worked its magic on Ginny again. She is slightly flushed from the run down the stairs, and a little out of breath. Navigating Hogwarts' staircases was never a dull task, and became even more involved when one was in a hurry. Spotting Zarina, she gives her friend a wave before taking a seat across from Ron at the Gryffindor table.

Donner gulps down his food with the help of a glass of water, keeping one eye on Zarina to watch her reaction to this curious event. When he's finished, he sets the glass down and dares to ask, "What's it say?"

There's no way for Ron to see what the scroll over at the Slytherin table says, and he turns his eyes to the student sitting next to him. They both shrug, and when Ginny comes into the Great Hall to take a seat across from her, he greets his sister. "Hey, Ginny," he says, eyes drifting past her to keep a lookout at the Slytherin table. If only they could see what that scroll said…

As her sapphire eyes read over the scroll at a steady pace, Zarina lifts a brow, reading curiously as she tilts her head slightly, a hand lifting to absently brush her slender fingers through her long, snow white hair. When she finishes, she presses her lip together, the corner tugging with a light smile as she rolls the scroll up and reties the lace to secure it once more. Zarina arches a brow as she glances to Donner as he asks her curiously. She smiles some and shrugs a shoulder, "Just something." she answers vaguely. As Ginny waves to her from over at the Gryffindor table, her smile grows a bit further, lifting a hand to wave back to her friend before reaching for her goblet of pumpkin juice and taking another drink.

Derek shakes his head when Zarina said it was nothing and gives a light sigh he work on that poem all night, guess he will have to try again later with something else.

Derek shakes his head when Zarina said it was something and gives a light smile he work on that poem all night, he will have to try again with something else.

Ginny begins to put various food items on her plate - meat, potatoes, salad. The aromas of dinner make her stomach growl, and she grins down at it. "Hold your horses, you'll get food soon," she murmurs to it. Yes, Ginny is talking to her stomach. Out loud. Ron's steady gaze towards the Slytherin table makes her turn, following his gaze. "What are we looking at?" She asks her brother.

Donner looks about to press the matter, but refills his water glass instead. A swift chug of water works up his courage again, and he tries a different approach. "Do you know who it's from?" he asks. He knows the general direction, but was too absorbed in his own dinner to take note of the specifics.

"That girl over there, the one you waved at," Ron says to Ginny, pointing (inconspicuously, of course), "a scroll was floated down the table to her from someone. Ollie pointed it out to me." He indicates the student next to him, who smiles at Ginny, and continues to eat his dinner, while watching the girl of course. "Don't know what it says, though."

Zarina lifts a brow as her sapphire eyes glance to Donner for a long moment. Her only answer is the light smirk, shaking her snow white head as her free hand lifts to tuck a silver white lock behind her ear. "A girl has to have private matters. This is one of them. If it had something to do with you, I will tell you. I promise." the soft smile lingers on her full lips as she gives him a reassuring wink, shaking her head again as she looks back down at her food, spooning some pudding onto her spoon before it disappears between her lips.

Ginny glances towards Zarina, raising an eyebrow. "Really? How curious. I wonder what it could be.. did you see who it came from?" She asks Ron, turning back towards her brother. After a few mouthfuls of her dinner - which pleases her stomach most definitely - she turns back around on the bench, concentrating. As hard as she tries, though, she can't make her eyes show her what's so far away. Blast.

Donner sighs, but accepts the answer. In all likelihood, it -doesn't- have anything to do with him, especially if it's ~Girl Stuff~. Finished with his dinner (the only desert meat needs is more meat), Donner stands up to go. Homework beckons.

"Di'n't," Ron replies (through the food stuffed in his mouth— he has the best manners, doesn't he?), swallowing his food and taking another long drink of pumpkin juice. He's just about had enough where he's nearly full.

Zarina smirks some as she lifts a hand, idling giving Donner a wave as he finishes the last of his food and stands up to leave. She chuckles some, shaking her snow white head as she absently reaches up to brush back her long hair with a hand. Her sapphire eyes glance to the scroll thoughtfully for a moment, even as she reaches for her goblet and lifts it to her lips, finishing the last of her pumpkin juice.

Derek has lost his apptight anyway so he pushes his plate away and takes a sip of pumpkin juice as he starts to talk to one of fellow first years about something.

Ginny and Ron sit at the Gryffindor table, chatting and filling their stomachs. (And in Ron's case, doing both at the same time.) Zarina and Derek are at the Slytherin table; a floating scroll, rolled up, hovers in front of Zarina.

Ginny glances at Ron and raises an eyebrow. "I know Mum taught you better manners than that," she teases her brother. Shrugging a shoulder at the mystery that is Zarina and her scroll, she picks up her fork, beginning to work on the contents of her plate.

Nose buried in a book - and moving much less stiffly than she has been, thank you bruise salve! - Siobhan ambles into the Hall. Not really paying attention to where she's going, she takes a seat at the end of the Hufflepuff table and absentmindedly dishes out food onto an empty plate, never once pausing in her perusal of the book/

"Mum isn't here to catch me," Ron replies to Ginny with a smirk, taking another drink of pumpkin juice. He finishes off the last of his food, pushing his plate towards the middle of the table. He takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly, and he looks back to Ginny. "How's the year going so far for you?"

Pushing her plate aside, Zarina helps herself to some desert pudding, pulling it towards her as she dips her spoon into the semisolid desert. The spoon disappears into her mouth, earning a light smile before pulling out the clean spoon, dipping it into the bowl as her sapphire eyes flick up to the Gryffindor table. The smile grows some and she offers Ginny another smile, lifting a brow slightly at the brief, odd look Ron was giving her before the food pulled at his attention.

Derek keeps on talking to his fellow Slytherin, he stands up and grabs his stuff, he gives a glance over at Zarina and blushs some before he starts walking across the hall to leave.

"It's been going well so far," Ginny tells her brother. "I'm glad to be back here. Feels like home, you know?" She smiles, feeling sentimental. "What about you?" Ginny sees Zarina's grin directed at her out of the corner of her eye, and twiddles her fingers in a wave to the Slytherin girl. She notices the book-absorbed Siobhan enter a moment later, and grins, recognizing herself in the girl. Indeed, Ginny had been glued to a book the last few days, herself.

In Sio's defence, it is a Very Impressive Book! One-handed, the seventh-year manages to shovel food into her mouth at various and sundry intervals, showing about as much attachment to table manners as Ron. Once in a while, her free hand will make a twirl-flick-slashing motion, followed by differing numbers of flicks. Practicing motions for wandcasting, no doubt. She seems content enough in her own world to pay little attention to the goings-on of her neighbors.

"Same as usual," is the response from Ron. "Avoiding studying, no matter what Hermione says, and trying to keep out of trouble." Of course, for the trio, that's something more easily said than done.

Finishing the last of her desert, Zarina sets aside the empty bowl as she reaches for her book, tucking it in her arm before wrapping her fingers around the scroll from earlier. Standing to her feet, her dark robes fall to brush against the polished stone floor as she walks around her side of the Slytherin table. Smiling to Ginny, she offers Ron a wink before the smirk grows on her full lips, chuckling lightly as she steps out of the great hall.

Ginny giggles at Ron, her plate now empty of food except for a few scraps of various food items. Nearby, a bowl full of pudding looks terribly appetizing, so she slides it closer. Ginny has a wicked sweet tooth.

Siobhan curses under her breath as she comes across a particularly confusing passage, but aside from missing her mouth completely and pausing to hastily clean herself up, she doesn't pull her attention from the pages.

Ginny glances over at Siobhan as the tables begin to clear, students wandering away to get back to studying. It seems that Siobhan has combined the two activities. She smiles and waves at the other girl, after taking another spoonful of pudding.

Just catching the movement out of the corner of her eye, Siobhan pauses to look up and across, her mouth having just been stuffed with a bit of potato. It's a bit of a comical sight, her scanning the waning crowd. Oh! With a smile and a nod as she swallows her bite, Sio waves right back, rather than trying to talk with her mouth full. Seems she has one up on Ron, then. But only just that one.

Ginny grins at Siobhan, slightly amused. She looked a bit like Hermione at that moment - Hermione, who'd read through earthquakes, not to mention meals. Raising her voice a little, she calls over to the girl, "What're you reading?"

"Erm, it's a bit of extra study for Advanced Defensive," Siobhan calls over. "Has to be the most complicated thing I've read in my entire /life/!" There's a sheepish grin there, but it's quickly buried once again in the book.
"Looks pretty engrossing," Ginny calls over to Siobhan, after devouring another spoonful of pudding. "Most complicated thing in your life? That's impressive, considering the reading we get here," she says teasingly, after glancing around to see that no teachers were nearby to overhear.

Letting out a snort of amusement, Siobhan nods and tilts her head from side to side. "Yeah, and that's a fair enough truth. Still, it's worded so that you've got to read it like…eight times before it even /starts/ to make sense." A sigh is heaved, even as she chuckles. "I know I need the class, but I'm almost sorry I took it."
Ginny grins, looking sympathetic. "I've read that type of book before. Denser than molasses, yeah?" Another spoonful of the delicious chocolately goodness goes into her mouth, before she speaks again. "Is it a good class? I thought about taking it later on, but I'm not sure what I want to be just yet."

"Oh it's /excellent/! I've really learned a lot, and the professor's a bit more reliable than some of the ones we've had for the basic Defense classes." Sio grins conspiratorily over at the younger girl, not really caring if there /are/ teachers about to overhear.

Ginny picks up her bowl of pudding and her spoon, and walks over to plop across from Siobhan. "That sounds fun. Is it just for those that want to be Aurors or suchlike?" She asks, tilting her head to the side.

"Oh I dunno. Who knows really what they'll do after school?" It's a far cry from her firm assertion she made this past summer, but that was a different time, a different place and a different person. "I think it's probably for anyone who wants to learn better defensive spells and such."

Ginny nods her red head. "That should be useful, then. Is it a prerequisite, or an elective, like Divination?" She asks, her brown eyes curious.

"An elective." Of this, Siobhan seems certain. Finally, something seems to irritate her enough in the passage that she slams the book shut. "What're you thinking you'd want to do after school, then?"

Ginny purses her lips thoughtfully. She lifts a hand to twist a strand of red hair around and around her index finger. "I thought about being an Auror.. but I don't know if I could be one. Besides, fighting bad guys all the time seems a bit.. much. Right now I want to be a Healer. What about you?"

And even though she should have seen it coming, the return of her earlier question seems to discomfort Siobhan. With a glance at the door, she grabs her book and stands. "I dunno, really. Suppose I'll figure it out at some point." And with that, she starts heading for the door, tossing a haphazard wave over her shoulder.

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