1995-03-09: Love and Tattoos


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Scene Title Love and Tattoos
Synopsis Christian comes to visit Thalia.
Location Den of Inkiquity, Hogsmeade
Date March 09, 1995
Watch For The ask out!
Logger Ginny

Night has fallen over the town of Hogsmeade, but it hasn't fallen peacefully. Outside rain falls in a steadily, and a cold wind sweeps through. Overall, the night is cold and dreary.

The door to the Den of Inkiquity is knocked on the opened quickly. The hunched form of Christian slips in and shuts it behind him just as quickly. "Bloody weather!" He growls under the upturned collar of his leather jacket.

Thalia has been holed up in her Den. There are warming charms sprinkled all over the room, some of them so intense that they've caused Octavius's tank to steam up. Tally herself is curled up in one of the plush armchairs, an afghan pulled over her. Only her curly head is visible. It turns as the door opens, and she opens one eye. "Hullo?" She sits up to see who's there.

Christian turns to the voice. "Sorry," he says with a chagrined smile. "I suppose I should have come at at better time." He unbuttons his jacket and pulls the collar flat to reveal his face. "Am I too late for the grand opening?" He grins slightly.

Thalia sits up further, the rainbow blanket falling down into her lap as she frees her arms from its grasp. "Mm, no, it's a fine time. And… a little bit." She returns his grin, and runs a hand through her tousled curls. "It's good to see you."

"The feeling is mutual," Christian says, brushing a stray lock of hair from his face. "I'm sorry that I couldn't be here. With the recent battle, I've been so wrapped up with work. Piles of paperwork, and mountains of red tape, as well as the usual unpleasentness."

Thalia's grin turns grim as he mentions the battle, and she nods. "Understandable. I thought about postponing the opening until people had had time to recover, but ended up not doing it. Figured people could use a good distraction. Has work been very stressful?"

"I would be surprised if you did postpone it," Chris says, wiping his feet and stepping further into the room. "You seem like someone who would know what people needed to help keep their spirits up. As for work…Well, I have spent less time at home the past couple of days than I ever had before. Paws has been going crazy. May I?" He indicates a seat across from her.

Thalia waves her hand to the chair, nodding her head. "Go ahead." She sits back in her own seat, turning her gaze to him, and smiles. "That's sweet of you to say. Really, it was a close decision. I hope it was the right one." She tilts her head then. "Paws?"

Christian removes his jacket and draps it over his arm. "Paws is my gold-furred tabby cat," he says, sitting with an obvious oof. "He gets abit jealous over where I spend my time. Paws is my caged tiger." He chuckles. "You know, I really like your decour here. Its very cozy."

Thalia grins widely, letting out a "Kitty!" of childlike delight. "I like cats. The only pet I have is Octavius, though." She inclines her head towards the octopus tank, then beams at the compliment. "Thank you! It took a while to get everything to come together."

Christian looks around the Den and grins. "Well, Octavius looks quite warm," he says. "The glass is fogged. He certainly appears well taken care of." Chris turns his attention back to Thalia. "How did opening night go by the way?"

Thalia nods solemnly. "Can't have an icy octopus. It's bloody cold out there, too. Can't wait for spring." With that, she snuggles back under the rainbow afghan. "It went quite well. Had a few people come. Nearly all of them made appointments afterwards, to get tattoos."

Christian nods in agreement. "Spring can't come fast enough," he says with a grin. "Then when it arrives, it will last only a few short moments before leaving us with the heat of summer. It seems to get shorter ever year." Chris leans foreward. "Are you all booked up, or may I also sign up?"

Thalia nods her agreement. "Spring is always too short. It's my favourite season, though. Everything blooming, coming to life. All the birdsong." A smile blossoms on her face as she looks over at Christian. "There's always room for one more, especially when the one more is you."

"Now I feel special," Christian chuckles. "Just like what I said before, you have a knack for keeping people's spirit's up." He strokes his mustache, and leans back with a sigh. "I also have an idea for a tattoo, but I don't know how easy it would be for you to do." He blushes slightly.

Thalia smiles, clearly taken with the idea. "Well, thank you. I hope you're right." When he mentions a tattoo idea, Tally leans forward, looking interested. "What is it?" As he blushes, one of her eyebrows quirks upwards questioningly.

Christian quirks his mouth in a lop-sided grin. "Well, I sort of had an idea that combines several concepts," he says. "I was thinking of a ram's head, but with…well…" A grown man looks sheepish for a moment. "Growing around his horns are vines of blue flowers. Sort of like those color." He points to her eyes.

Thalia grins widely, a blush colouring her own cheeks. "That could work, certainly." She twists one of her curls around her fingertip. "Did you have a specific flower in mind?" Yes, Tally, stay professional.

"I wasn't sure actually," Christian says with a shrug. "You said that the rose is abit over done. I was thinking maybe you might have an idea. Something that is simple, yet elegant. Sort of like its artist." Smooth Chris…Real smooth…

Thalia looks like she's not entirely sure what to say, shifting in her seat. She glances over at the pictures on the wall, thinking of something to say. In the end, she decides to dodge the compliment - unsure of how to react to it. "Well, there are lots of different flowers to choose from. Tulips, hibiscus flowers, lillies, bluebells - and lots, lots more. Did you ever have a favourite flower as a child?"

Christian looks around at the myriads of pictures on the walls. "I never really spent that much time on flowers when I was a kid," He says, brushing another lock of hair from his face. "Spent most of my time in a library. Maybe we can get more than just one type?

Thalia grins and nods her head. "Sure, we can do that. Combining various flowers on one vine. Or we can just do wildflowers - doesn't have to be a specific type of flower if you'd rather it wasn't. Irises are lovely - a kind of deep, purple-y blue. Those could work."

Christian thinks about it. "Really, I just can't think of a specific one," He chuckles. "I throught about blue cherry blossoms falling as well, but they aren't vines." He rubs his eyes. "Of course, I'm just guessing. I want to go what is easiest for you. I'm surprised you haven't asked where yet." He chuckles abit.

Thalia stretches her legs out, letting them rest on the coffee table. She's wearing rainbow toe socks on her feet. "Well, did you want a flower that's naturally blue, like an iris, or something that's normally a different colour but is blue for this, like a poppy?" Her eyes stay focused on Christian. "And where were you thinking it should be?"

"Well, I was thinking a flower that isn't necessarily a natural blue," Christian says, crossing his legs, and resting his chin in his hand. "But I think iris' can work." He winks at her with a chuckle. "The place for it is going to be interesting I think. I was thinking of getting in on my back actually. Between and over my shoulder blades."

Thalia chuckles softly, and nods. "We won't start the actual inking until next session, so if you want, you can go find some books about flowers and see which speak to you. Then, when you come back, we can change the design around for the vines." Her cheeks colour once more when he mentions the placement, and she ducks her head. Is she picturing the man across from her shirtless? Why yes, yes she is. "That's a good place."

Christian grins. "I figured that putting it on my back would give me an opportunity to keep it hidden if necessary, but also be in a pseudo-visible place," He explains, leaning forward again. "I also like the opportunity to make it large enough to be detailed." He grins as she blushes. "You keep turning that color. I think it looks good on you." He winks at her.

Thalia gives a nod of understanding. "Yes, there might be times you'll need to keep the tattoo out of sight, with your job and all. When you need to look professional," Tally says, going into her tattooing spiel a bit belatedly. "Somewhere easily covered by clothing is the best bet." Aaand now she's rambling just a bit. At Christian's comment about her blushing, she touches her fingertips to her cheek. It's hot. "Oh. Um. Thank you."

"I have to ask though," Christian says, arching an eyebrow. "Its not just me who is causing that? If so then I suppose I am better at flattering rock stars than I thought." He chuckles. "How are rehearsal's going by the way?"
"Well. Attractive men can usually, um. Elicit such a reaction. Especially when they're looking at me like I'm the only person in the world." Thalia grins, a bit surprised at her honesty, then studiously focuses on her feet. "They're going quite well."

Now its Christian's turn to blush. He laughs awkwardly. "Is the new album going to hit the shelves before or after your next tour?" He asks. "I ask because…Well, I'd like to know how long I've got to spend…well, I would like to be able to schedule…I'd like to see you again soon before you go away." Christian seems to struggle with his words.

Thalia sighs slightly, sitting back in her seat a little. "Before, I expect. But I'm not entirely sure when the tour is going to be. With everything that's been happening.. no one is sure that a tour is the best idea. And then everyone has conflicting schedules. It's been kind of a mess. It probably won't be happening until the summer at the earliest."

"Understandable," Christian says. "Well, at least you'll be able to enjoy the spring." He looks at her for a long moment. "Being in close proximity to the school, do you have to deal with the kids coming in and trying to get tattooed? Or even then, you must be swamped with people wanting you autograph?"

"I thought that would be the case," Tally says, poking her fingers through the afghan absently. "But after the attacks, there haven't been any more students around. I'm guessing they cancelled Hogsmeade weekends for a while, or maybe the kids are just too scared to venture out. I don't blame them, really. As for the autographs.. not many people know I'm here, and who I am. I didn't advertise it that much; I wanted relative privacy. It's worked out, so far."

"Well, I know you're here," Chris states, a lop-sided grin creasing his face. "And that's all that matters right?" He chuckles. "I joke, of course."

Thalia grins, lifting her gaze from the blanket to Christian. She nods. "Perhaps it is. People who need me know where to find me, anyway. And my door is always open to random passersby."

Christian nods and grins slightly. "Thats good to know," he says, rubbing his hands together. "So does that give me liscense to drop in on you unannounced? I mean, for professional purposes of course."

Thalia's grin slowly widens, and she nods, perhaps a touch too vigorously. "Surely. If you want to." A pause, and then she adds, a wicked gleam in her eye, "But sometimes, when it's just Octavius and me in here, I walk around with less clothing than is socially acceptable."

Christian turns bright red. "Oh really?" He says, finally stammering out a response. "Well, then I shall have to endeavor to capture you at just the right moments then." He chuckles. "But just to be sure, I might need to know when those times are, just so I can know what time is the 'right' time." He smiles and winks.

Thalia wiggles her toes without seeming to think about it, rubbing one foot against the other. "Yes, really. I don't schedule those sorts of things, they just happen. When whimsy strikes. Can't predict whimsy, though, so I don't even bother trying. You'll just have to keep trying until you get it right."

"Well, you are dealing with a detective here," Chris says with a grin. "Intuition is my guide. I could show up when you least expect it. Such as tomorrow specifically for the purpose of treating a famous rock star to dinner."

Thalia chuckles, the sound almost getting startled out of her. "True enough. I suppose I can't hide any secrets from you, then?" She teased gently, smiling at Christian, and then he drops the bomb. "I - er - are you - asking me out? On a date?"

"Mind like a steel trap, that's me," Christian laughs. "A rusty steel trap that is." He looks at her with a soft look on his face. "Well, that depends. All I said was that I would like to take you out for a nice dinner, and maybe a drink afterward. Does that sound like a date to you? If it does, then I can back up and ask over again formally."

The corner of Tally's mouth twitches upwards, mirth showing in her eyes. "Well, it does, a bit. What does asking me 'formally' consist of?" No, she doesn't make air quotes around formally, but she is sorely tempted. Nothing like a serious situation to help you laugh.

"Well, it would involved me getting all blushy and nervous," Christian says, staring off into space as he plays at thinking deep. "Then I would get this cute look on my face like I was a puppy beging for a treat, and unless you would really love to see that look, then I would like to skip most of that and just plain say that I would like to see you in a different light, say candlelight?"

Thalia laughs, and it's a fairly surprised laugh. She certainly hadn't expected such words from him, and once they come out, Tally tilts her head. Does he look different at all? She's not entirely sure, but a stupid grin forms on her face and shows no signs of leaving. "That.. that would be lovely," she finally manages, smiling. "When's your next day off?"

"I don't think I will be having a full day off for quite a while," Chris says with a deep sigh. "Not until those fugitives are caught. However, I technically get off of work in the evenings, so I can meet you anywhere you'd like whenever you feel would be best. Of course, I can always meet you here and pick you up as well." Christian stands, and paces abit.

Thalia nods thoughtfully, running a fingertip over her lower lip. "Well, the evenings work for me, as well, eith practices and everything. How about tomorrow evening?" Too late, Tally thinks she might have seen an article in Witches Weekly about playing hard to get. Oops. "You can meet me at the shop, and we can go wherever from there."

"Sounds like a…well like a date," Christian says with what can only be described as his own goofy grin. "I will come by tomorrow night. We can discuss which flowers would look best." He carefully pulls on his jacket. "Unfortunately, there is no rest for the wicked. I must brave the weather to get back home before Paws has torn the hell out of the flat." He strides to the door. "Good Night, Thalia. Try to stay warm."

Thalia claps her hands together. "That sounds good to me." She walks over to hand him his jacket, and smiles after him as he leaves. "I'm glad you came by. I'll see you tomorrow. Tell Paws I said hello." Following him to the door, she closes and locks it behind him, flicking off the outdoor light. Then, when she's sure it's just her and Octavius, Tally lets out a squeal of delight.

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