1994-11-04: Locomotor?


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Scene Title Locomotor?
Synopsis Alice approaches Elizabeth with curious questions.
Location Hogwarts, Classroom 11
Date November 4, 1994
Watch For Oo, watch out! Flying vase!
Logger Elizabeth

Hogwarts, Classroom 11

You find yourself in an unused classroom. Despite it not being used for a class, it is still kept clean, either by Filch or students serving detention. A long line of tables serving as desks are aligned in neat rows with the benches behind them. An ancient and heavy desk sits at the front of the room with portable blackboards flanking it. Stained glass windows are set high on the walls, throwing down rainbow patterns across the floor and furniture. Two large chandeliers are suspended from the ceiling, devoid of the candles it presumably would hold if this room was used. Lining the walls are an odd assortment of battered and rather old wardrobes, cabinets, trunks and bookshelves. It appears that this room is used for storage too. Curious students might feel inclined to find out what could be contained in here.

With her back towards the front of the desk, Elizabeth turns on foot as her dark robes flow around her slightly, her sky blue eyes narrowing slightly as her left hand reaches up to push her glasses upwards along her nose. As she lowers her arm to her side, she lifts her right arm as she holds her wand upwards slightly, focusing her attention on a vase that is resting squarely in the middle of the main desk. Taking a step towards it, the Ravenclaw girl flicks her wrist, pointing the tip of her wand as she states evenly out loud, "Carpe Retractum." Instantly a rope lashes out at the vase, the tip wrapping around it as it snaps and pulls back, pulling it back towards its caster as Liz suddenly flicks her wrist upwards. The porcelain vase flies high into they sky, the spell releasing it as it hovers in midair for a moment before starting its descent. Within inches of smashing on the floor, the raven-haired girl flicks her wand again, "Immobulus." she says precisely out loud, freezing it exactly where it is as it hovers inches above the classroom floor.

"Ooh, that's bloody brilliant, that is!" comes a oppressively cheerful voice from the doorway. There stands Alice who grins broadly as she scurries inside, a bowl under one arm filled with (apparently) rocks. "Nicely done!" Alice grins again as she sets the bowl down on one of the pieces of furniture that grace the room, "You seem quite good with charms, Miss… ah… Tweedle, right? Sorry, I'm terrible with names." A brief pause before the blond girl says by way of explanation, "We met in the library." A thoughtful expression falls over her features as she purses her lips tightly, "Mmm, actually you might be able to help me a bit. Would you mind terribly if I picked your mind for some things about Charms?"

Elizabeth lifts a brow as she gives the doorway a sideways glance, watching Alice enter with what looks like to be a large bowl with… gravel? She seems to pay the compliment no heed as her sky blue eyes return to the vase, swishing her wrist to flick her wand in a specific movement as she states clearly out loud, "Wingardium Leviosa." The shimmer of magic shoots from the tip of her wand, engulfing the vase as she lightly lifts the tip of her wand, the vase hovering to follow the end of the wand as she sets it precisely in the middle of the desk once more. Her left hand reaches up to push up her circular glasses. "Dweedle." she corrects. "And yes, I do remember. I have an eidetic memory." At the mention of charms, the Ravenclaw girl arches a dark brow, her eyes glancing to the bowl of rocks for a calculating moment before answering, "I think it depends on the inquiries. I believe I can answer your curiosities of Charms, though only recreational. And I also will not be responsible for any… experimentations you are conducting."

"Dweedle, right," Alice states, nodding several times and smiling brightly, "Sorry. I was close, though! Only one letter off." The girl pushes her glasses up her nose and digs around in her robes, letting out a cascade of coquettish laughter before producing her wand, "Oh, I wouldn't expect you to be -responsible-. I'm just working on a, er… a personal project." She cants her head to one side, jabbing the wand to the bowl of gravel, "Do you know of any way to move an object like that with leviosa without having line-of-sight on it? Using it from around a corner or something like that?"

Elizabeth frowns at the other girl for a moment, as if seriously debating objecting to the girl's flippant nature about her last name, though after a moment she just briefly shakes her head, seeing the point would be fruitless. Releasing a slow breath, she turns her black heels to approach the second desk where Alice had placed the bowl of rocks. She gives it a long, skeptical glance before looking up at the other girl. "'Personal project'." she states evenly, though the hint of disbelief can still be detected. Lifting a brow again, she glances down curiously at the rocks once more. "Hm. I believe there is the Locomotor charm… However, you can always use a mirror if you are wanting to direct a spell around a corner."

"No, no, no," Alice says, shaking her head quickly before waving her arms like a distressed stork, "I have to be -completely- out of sight. I thought about using some kind of scrying charm, but those are way out of my league. I don't think they even mention them, really, until you're a seventh year. The ideal would be able to sort of… well… queue up a number of commands, I suppose, and then have them go at a specified time. That would be best; I'd be nowhere in sight!" The girl nods with certainty before canting her head to one side, "What's the Locomotor charm have to do with that sort of thing? I thought it was just used on people, not inanimate objects." She motions again to the bowl of rocks, "I want to move something roughly the size and weight of that, you see. But more… uh… sugary."

Elizabeth arches another skeptical brow at the other girl for a long moment before looking to the bowl of rocks, reaching down to pick up one of them and weight it carefully in her hand. "Timed spells perhaps…" she murmurs thoughtfully, though after a moment dismisses it as she looks up at Alice. "Locomotor is a charm which enchants an object or creature, causing them to ascend into the air and travel floating where the spellcaster wishes." Releasing a slow sigh, she just briefly shakes her head, "I am not aware of any timed spells, or anything else of that nature. However, if you are insistent of being way from the said commands, perhaps you can take an easier route and have another perform the spells for you." After a moment, she arches another suspicious brow at Alice for a long moment. "Do I want to know what you are formulating?"

"Well, I've thought of that, actually," Alice replies, tapping her chin again, "About having someone else do the delivery of the… the payload. But I really can't expect anyone else to take the risk, just in case anything -does- go wrong. Not that it should — anybody would be thrilled to get the payload! But just in case…" The girl pauses and blinks at the suspicious question before breaking out in more nervous, coquettish laughter, "I don't know! Maybe. Though it might be best not to say any of the particulars. Suffice to say that I'm doing something nice for someone who really needs it. Well, someone who seems to need it, in any case."

Elizabeth continues to watch the other girl suspiciously for another moment or so before lightly dropping the rock back into the bowl, turning to walk towards the other desk as she reaches out to close a charms book. "There is no evidence to suggest that, only that your actions and research appear to be leading to a suspiciously planned occurring event." she states easily as she takes the book, tucking it easily under her arm as she slips her wand into her sleeve. Turning around to face the young Hufflepuff and approaching her, "I do not know of any other spells that may move objects at a distance. If anything, I would suggest doing some research in the restricted section of the Library. However…" she lifts a hand to push up her glasses. "I have not witnessed anything serious at present, but I will warn you to be cautious. You may not have enough present experience in order to accomplish something this… apparently detailed."

"Cor! The restricted section?!" Alice blanches slightly, shifting uneasily, "I don't think they let anyone below fifth year even close to that. Oi, this is getting more complicated than I thought it'd be." The blonde raises the hand with her wand and runs it through her bangs, letting out a sigh of frustration. This is quickly gone, however, and replaced with her normal cheery demeanor, "You're quite right, though… I may not have the ability to pull this off myself. Which would mean getting help from -someone-. I just… don't know who, exactly." Alice frowns faintly, casting a curious look to the Ravenclaw, "You don't really think I'm up to something… -untoward-, do you? I'd never do anything like that. I mean, I'm not a Slytherin! Not that they're all like that, either, but, you know. They do have that reputation."

"I believe any student can enter the restricted section of the library if they have a permission slip of approval from a professor. If not yourself, I am certain you can find a fellow housemate that would be willing of doing the research in the restricted section in your place." Elizabeth answers in her usual idle tone, though after a moment she slightly narrows her sky blue eyes at Alice. "As does Gryffindor, however your House has nothing to do with getting into mischief. My conclusion is based off /your/ personal actions." she absently reaches up to push up her glasses. "I suggest conducting your research before the hour grows too late. Until our paths cross again." lowering her chin in a single nod, the Ravenclaw girl turns and walks towards the open doorway, passing through to disappear from sight.

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