1995-05-17: Light As A Feather

Participants: Neville, Kalleigh, Melissa, Selina

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Scene Title Light As a Feather
Synopsis Late night conversation about Neville's new gift, and talk of tutoring.
Location Great Hall
Date 1995-05-17
Watch For Slap happy bags
Logger Selina

[HGW] - Great Hall

Full of aureate light and gilded gleam, the Great Hall of Hogwarts is both strange and splendid. Thousands and thousands of white taper candles float in midair, their inextinguishable flames casting dancing light down over four long tables, laid with glittering golden plates and goblets. Were one to stand at the door looking in, members of Slytherin house would be seated at the far left, followed by Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and then Ravenclaw along the right wall. At the top of the hall is another long table for the teachers, perpendicular to the House tables. Set along the wall beside the head table, an unobtrusive doorway leads to a much smaller room. The appearance of the ceiling above varies with the weather and time of day, as it has been bewitched to look like the sky outside. Most would agree that the effect is startlingly realistic, making the Great Hall seem to simple open on to the heavens.

Contents: Selina Neville Melissa Kalleigh

Exits: [Out] Entrance Hall [SR] Staff Room


Desserts fill the table of the Great Hall. Some students have already toddled off to their common rooms, others sticking around to study while munching on their favorite sweets or talking to friends from other houses. However, Neville Longbottom has lingered to open a large package that his Gran's owl, a old looking great horned, had delivered midway through dinner. The boy is off to one side of the Gryffindor table, back towards the wide middle isle behind him. "Brilliant!" he claims as he peeks into the parcel paper that encloses his gift.

Over at the Hufflepuff table, Kalleigh is starting to work on an extra large dessert today - a stack of cream puffs with chocolate syrup drizzled all over them. She has one in her mouth and a second on her spoon, ready to continue consumption seamlessly. She looks up when Neville gives an excited cry, then looks around, a little surprised to find the rest of her classmates have cleared off for the evening. "What is it?" She asks Neville, a little hesitant.

Melissa also turns from her food, looking back toward Neville. "Yeah, what is it? Oh, is it your birthday or something?" she asks, getting a bit excited.

Neville glances behind him, looking a bit sheepish. The stares and whispers have finally stopped from when the missing students had come back from what had been rumored as the dead. His eyes turn to the two girls and he spins over the bench, tugging out a rather nice looking bookbag. It's a suade sort of fabric with gold stiching all along it. "I lost mine in…" he trails off. "When I got lost. So m'gran just sent me another. This one is bewitched to carry twice as much as it looks and be light as a feather!"

"Oh!" Kalleigh smiles brightly. "That /is/ nice." She gives him a longer smile before turning back to dessert, popping another cream puff in her mouth and looking for the world like she is now ignoring Neville. Melissa also fall short of the enrapturing power of cream puff stack. Nom.

Melissa grins. "Oh, I'd like one of those," she says. "Have you gotten new books for it yet?" she asks. "With a bag that holds twice as much, you could have spares!"

The nearby commotion causes Selina to glance up suddenly from her spot at the Ravenclaw table, and she turns around to look at the Gryffindor table behind her, the licorice treat still dangling from her mouth comically. She's apparently too curious to notice for the moment as she ignores her current studying and watches Neville's excitement over the mysterious package. When he whips out the contents, she says, "Wow, that's a really nice bag there; did you say your gran sent it to you? That's very sweet of her." The young witch grins brightly.

"Isn't it," Neville says happily, looking at the bag and flipping the flap over to rummage inside. "Oh, actually… she sent some herbology books an' the potions book I lost, too. Good ol' Gran. She musta been worried." He picks out a book that looks like it's cover is a big, leathery leaf. "Wow." Neville meets Selina's comment with a nod. "Oh, yeah. Well. I guess she was worried when I was gone. I haven't gotten a single howler."

Melissa nods. "I was worried about everyone too! But I came down a few times and caught glimpses of you, so I knew you weren't starving to death or anything. You could write a book about how you survived!" she says. "It'd be like one of those stories about people who get lost and have to live out in the wilderness or something…"

"You knew they weren't starving to death because you saw them?" Kalleigh asks, blinking at Melissa, confused. "When I saw them, it only made me worry more."

Melissa nods. "Well, they were walking around and everything, even a few days after, so… obviously they weren't dead."

The fifth year witch blinks toward the two firsties, frowning slighlty at the word 'death.' "Don't say things so dreary…There's been an awful lot of ghosts around lately." Selina might have been studying recently, but she's been aware enough to catch the rumors and news flying around.

Melissa chokes a bit. "I-I'm not being dreary…" she says. "I was saying they were all fine!"

Neville scratches the back of his head, looking down and setting his bag aside to clutch at the herbology book. "Well… it got pretty rough in there," he admits with a snuffle. "No food other than apples an' chocolate. Which…" his eyes drift to the syrup on Kalleigh's plate. "I won't be quick to eat again. But… we were okay. Going a bit nutters in a very strange world, though. I missed Hogwarts."

Selina looks concernedly toward the young girl sitting near her. "I know, but it's so depressing with the /Prophet/ and the horrible reports…" She gives the girl a kind, reassuring look. "I am glad that you and the others are okay, though." She nods to Neville. "That's happy news, of course!"

Melissa nods, understanding. "I know… I guess I should start censoring myself," she says. "No more talking about d- the D word."

Neville shifts himself, picking up his things and moving to sit closer to the others. "It's all right, I figured I was gonna… y'know. That." The fourth year clears his throat. "Nothing beats Hogwarts meal time, though. I don't know if I'll ever leave this place. Just for the food."

"Food's always good," Selina states, finishing the licorice wand from its still dangling spot in her mouth. "But I guess too much of anything can be bad….I don't suppose you'd be wanting to eat chocolate anytime soon if that's all you had to eat out there." She flicks a hand up to stifle a tired yawn. "Mmm, it's getting a little late. Speaking of too much, I think I've been staring at text for too long." The girl indicates her DADA book propped up on the wooden surface in front of her.

Neville can't help but laugh a bit at Selina. "Oh, right. Didn't meant to distract you, mate. I should be heading to my common room myself. Gotta help a kid on his herbology paper." Neville snerks fondly. "Honestly. I don't know what half the school does when m'not here to tutor them."

Melissa grins. "Good luck," she says. "I have most of my papers done already," she adds.

"Good start," Selina nods to Melissa. "Way better than waiting until the last minute and going nutters over everything." To Neville, she offers a smile. "Herbology, huh? I hear you're brilliant in that! You'll do great on it in your OWLS, I'm sure."

"It /is/ my best subject," Neville admits shyly. "Pulls me out of sticky spots with Potions nearly every year." He pauses, mind back on the events of the last few weeks. Suddenly Neville frowns, but he doesn't explain. "Charms is good, too. An' I like Defense well enough." He glances to Selina. "What are you studying right now?"

The fifth year witch points briefly to the top page of the heavy book, and says, "Right now, I'm going over the different effects certain spells or curses have on the basic Protego charm. Much of it is based on the skill level of the caster, and it seems that some nastier ones can still penetrate the shield, at least partly. Of course the Unforgiveables are top on that list…"

Neville winces, chomping down on his bottom lip. "Oh, yeah. They could," he agrees with a small look down. He stows his herbology book away, patting the bag and standing to pick it up. Neville overestimates the weight load and the bag flips up and bops him in the face. "Woah!" he squeaks, settling his feather light bag. "I'll have to get used to that. Wanna see? Four books in there, two of 'em big. It's light as air." He holds his bag over to whomever goes for it first.

Melissa nods. "That's something that's really useful to know," she says. "If it's not going to block what's coming at you, you shouldn't bother using it…" She thinks a bit. "Oh yeah, did Egbert tell you, we were looking for some people to help us practice for defense," she says. "Any ideas of who might be willing?"

Selina reaches out and feels the weightlessness of the golden bag, a look of pleasant surprise lighting her fair features. "Ohh, it's really soft too, almost like silk or an actual feather!" She hands the wonderous gift back and then turns to the first year Ravenclaw beside her. "You need someone to help you practice, you said? I'd be more than happy to, if you'd like; though I've never actually taught someone before." She grins timidly; afterall, this one was never one for the spotlight.

"It's gotta be expensive," Neville agrees. "Gran's getting a big thank you owl." He takes the bag back, looking to Melissa. "Never hurts to get more practice in and I'm way behind in all my classes. I could use it." He shoulders the bag, grinning down on it. "I'll be… well, right there—" he turns to point at his seat. "At meals when you're ready to start, Melissa."

Melissa nods. "Sounds great, I'll have to find Egbert and tell him…" she says.

"So, do you mean you want two 'teachers'?" The older student blinks, confused. "You didn't exactly specify there." Selina smiles playfully, her green-blue eyes bright. "Neville can do it if he really wants to though, since I know he's great at Defense."

Neville starts towards the entry way to the Great Hall, slowing a bit. "I can help," he says over his shoulder. "I like tutoring a lot."

"Well, anyone who wants to come really…" Melissa says. "Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it… especially since I'm not so good at it."

"Okay then, I'll see when I can help," Selina winks at her fellow Ravenclaw. "I think you know where to find me. Shouldn't be too hard." She glances over as Neville starts to leave. "Yeah, actually heading off sounds like a good idea. I'm getting right tired myself." The girl struggles to fight back another yawn, then grabs her book and stuffs it in with the rest of her school items inside her messenger bag. "I'll see you around, then, 'kay? Good night!" And with that, Selina is off toward the comfy bed awaiting her in her dorm. Not as soft and cozy as Neville's new bag, but hey any bed is a good thing when it's late at night.

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