1994-10-07: Library Love Poems


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Scene Title Library Love Poems
Synopsis Reese goes to the library to pick up a book for a claass and encounters a very strange sight.
Location Library
Date Oct 07, 1994
Watch For Derek's books of choice
Logger Reese

Early evening time in the castle, well after classes are out and everyone has had their fill at the dinner table. Usually this time finds most students either cooped up in their common rooms studying, or causing trouble. Reese, however, is doing neither. Well, it might be considered studying. But he enters the library, making his way to Madam Pince's desk and shows her a slip of paper. Silently, the librarian points to a shelf at the far side of the room. "Thanks." he says quietly, turning to head for that particular stack.

Derek is siting at one of the tables himself with a few books but there not normal school books there books on poem and love songs and anything of that line he could find in the library, he thinking as he write trying to make words that rhyme but not having any luck with it. " your hair is white at snow…. ummm it's well know?

Reese just happens to pass right by Derek's table on his way to the location of his own book. As he does, he glances at the titles. What's this? A first year with books on poetry and love songs? This obviously merits the question of… "Someone catch your fancy?" he asks Derek, as he slows to a stop by the table.

Derek blushes as he rolls the scroll he was writing on up. "not of your business, why should you care about it?" he grunt as he starts to close the books around him and stack them up to take with him, but then he remember he might get even more teasing down there so he blush some more.

"Well, it's just that you don't see too many first years writing love songs our poems." Reese starts, grinning as he crosses his arms over his chest. "Much less first year Slytherins. But, I wouldn't recommend taking those back to the dorms…" he adds, confirming that he notices the blush. "They'll eat you alive."

Derek growls and wants to pull out his wand and just curse you but doesn't seeing your older and would just get him before he got you and Madam Pince is watching so he keeps his wand where it's been in his side pocket. "don't you think i know that, I though this would be a quiet place to do it too seeing everbody is someplace else." he stands up and grabs the books he was reading and the partment to leave, but he can't get everthing in one grasp and starts droping things as he walks.

Reese watches Derek's reaction with a grin. "Oh, I'll admit it's the best spot to do it if you're going to work on it." he grins, watching at the boy stands. "I can leave you alo…." the older boy trails off as the younger one starts walking away. There's a grin on his face as he watches things start to drop and he fishes his wand out of his robe pocket. "Wingardium Leviosa." he says, making several motions to levitate the fallen items into a stack which hovers in mid-air. "I think you're dropping some things."

Derek mumbles as he grabs the sack and his stuff, he says a few choice words under his breath which sounds like it should fit a sailor more then a 11 year old, he stubles off into the hall to find a quieter place to work.

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