Liam Laronte
Portrayed By Danila Kovalev
House Slytherin
Year Graduated
Position M-Sec Healer
Sex Male
Race Half-Blood
Age 27
Place of Birth England
Date of Birth March 15, 1974
Mother Francesca Laronte
Father Neron Laronte
Marital Status Single
First Appearance Wakey Wakey
Last Appearance

Character History:


Dedicated in his position as a healer, Liam always approaches those under his care with a gentle touch of kindness, possessing the sort of endless patience that goes so well with someone in his chosen profession. He does not flinch nor waver, no matter how grievous the injury, working tirelessly until he is successful…or not. Every recovery celebrated, every loss mourned, Liam takes his job very seriously and can be counted on to be the 'good man in a storm'.

For the most part, Liam wraps himself in soft blanket of serene calm, his feathers the kind most find difficult to ruffle. The melodic sound of his laughter, the beauty of his smile, the fluid way in which he moves, all seemingly designed to capture and draw people in. Before D-Day he had quite a large circle of friends and lovers, enjoying a wide variety of activities both public and private, but clearly not so much these days. If left idle too long, he tends to wander off on his own, with nothing but his thoughts for company.

Liam prefers wide, open spaces, preferably near water to being encapsulated by mortar and stone.

Sometimes hyper-focused and alarmingly studious, especially if there is a problem that needs sorting, Liam is able to block out almost any distraction. This makes it possible for him to be completely unaware of entire conversations if the speaker hasn't first gotten his attention, but there are always exceptions. Stubbornness, runs deep, and once he's got his mind set on something he'll stop at nothing until he obtains his goal, even if it means breaking the rules. Anger is a particularly tricky thing for this quarter Mer, with a wide range of degrees. He might seem perfectly fine on the surface, ignore someone completely, or unleash a rage that no one ever sees coming.

When it comes to romance, that's when things get a little complicated. A notorious flirt in his schoolboy days, rumor has it Liam slept his way through his final few years at Hogwarts, and that as long as his potential partner was good-looking enough 'no' was not in his vocabulary. In some ways this trend has followed him into adulthood, never lacking for companionship when the mood so strikes, but with age came a pension to tease more than deliver. 'Love', as he puts it, 'has never come knocking' and claims that he isn't sure he would answer the door even if it did. Though, recent life-shattering events may have something to do with that.

Character Description

Shoulders back and standing tall, this man is approximately six feet in height. From the top of his head spills silky waves of honey-blonde hair to the center of his back, usually left loose to play about his shoulders, but can be easily pinned up in a hurry if necessary. His face is comprised of sensually arched brows poised over startlingly vibrant aqua eyes, which are framed in turn by thick ashen lashes. An aquiline nose eases into full bow-shaped lips, wildly expressive in their own right, conveying a wide range of emotion with just a quirk. The simplicity of a smile has the potential to steal away the very breath of the unprepared, taken to heart-stopping levels in the right set of circumstances, however this is kept under tight control. The pitch and timbre of his voice is decidedly soothing in everyday conversation, rarely wavering no matter what is being said, but can tip towards harsh or alluringly seductive depending on the situation. He is fluidity in motion, one movement flowing effortlessly into the next, as if pre-calculated in advance for optimal effectiveness.

Liam's body is decidedly slender in appearance, with long limbs that taper into elegant digits, but there is a fitness to him that betrays an effort to stay that way. Stretched over his toned musculature is lightly sun-kissed skin, a condition that can be found to haunt him year round. He tends towards clothing that accentuate his many attributes without being tightly form fitting, and at present that happens to be robes in sea-foam green and ivory. Feet are dressed in warm brown leather boots, that cut off mid-calf.

Other Information

9 1/2 inches, slightly yielding Blackthorn with a Phoenix Feather core

Notable Stats

  • Half-breed Merit
  • Soothing Voice Merit
  • Striking Looks Merit
  • Presence 5
  • Primal Eyes Flaw


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