1995-05-20: Let's Make a Deal!


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Scene Title Let's Make a Deal!
Synopsis Angelina's a brave soul. She's got a question for the professor.
Location Hogwarts - Music Classroom
Date May 20, 1995
Watch For Kazoos!
Logger Professor Cranky

Keegan is typically found in his office, in the music classroom.. he's the sort of professor to keep to himself. When he's not harassing people. He keeps to himself and tends to like it that way. Getting mixed up in the business of others leads to a lot of unpleasantness. So he's down in the classroom, seated at the piano, playing a bluesy little number. He's the only person in the room, and it's blissfully free of students.

Angelina Johnson has never taken a class in this room. As a Prefect, she has been in here on patrols, of course. She steps into the room, then makes her way toward the piano. "Excuse me. Professor Keegan? Do you have a few minutes to talk with me about something?"

Keegan doesn't stop playing when Angelina enters the room and approaches. He does stop singing, but keeps his hands on the keys, playing the musical number. "Miss Johnson, isn't it?," he asks, glancing at the prefect. "Maybe I have a few minutes, maybe I don't." He's a bit difficult, but in a different way than Snape.

Angelina wanders over to the piano before nodding at his answer. "Alright. I'll wait then, if it's alright?" Without waiting for his answer, she steps up and leans against the instrument. Yep. She's waiting. "Nice song, by the way. I like it. Professor Lupin would like it too, though I think his tastes are more big band than…that."

Keegan makes a scoffing sort of noise. "I am playing for myself, not for an ex-professor," he says in snappish tones. He doesn't give a rat's arse who he pleases or doesn't please. "I'm waiting. What did you want to talk to me about? Time's wasting, I don't have all day." He /does/, but that doesn't make for as nasty a reply.

Angelina was fully expecting this. He has a reputation around the school, after all. But she continues to lean on the piano. "I need a teacher advisor for a committee to run an event here at Hogwarts. Its going to be a rather large event, but we can't even start planning it until we have an advisor. So..will you?"

Keegan's fingers never falter on the keys, "What sort of committee, and why me? I hate people." Maybe if he's as grouchy as he's capable of being, she'll go away and pick a more sociable teacher. He switches to playing something a little funereal on the keys before stopping, and fully facing Angelina.

Angie smiles ever-so-sweetle. "We chose you because we took a vote in the Gryffindor house and you won the most favorite and lovable professor award. So, who better, we figure, to help us plan a Hogwarts Alumni weekend?" Pause. "That, and we figure you won't want anything to do with it, so we can plan whatever we darn well want."

Keegan rolls his eyes at Angelina, "Flattery will get you nowhere, Miss Johnson. Damn Gryffindors.. doesn't Minerva keep you lot under proper control?" Fingers idly toying with some of the keys on the keyboard.. it's a bit of the infamous theme from 'Jaws'. "I'll need to have a word with her about you keeping you kids in place." There's a snort from him, "I will say this, you Gryffindor students are a sight more honest about what you're up to. Fine. Alumni weekend.. I insist on a talent show amongst the students."

"Done. Talent show." Angie extends a hand to him. "It's been good making a deal with you, Professor Keegan. Now, I will get out of your hair so you can go on with your playing for non-ex-professors."

"The talent show is punishment for bothering me." Punishment for WHO, well that remains to be seen. Keegan eyes the offered hand and reluctantly shakes it. "I want to see a kazoo band, or I'll make one of my own." Alumni weekend. Feh. He stopped talking to people for a reason! Well, if it keeps the students busy..

Angie tips her head at him quizzically, arm returning to her side. "A..k..kazoo band? Is that a kind of music? Like…rock? I don't know if we can hire a band playing kazoo music. We might not have pockets that deep."

"Never you mind. I'll just assign enough people to detention to make one up." Keegan has PLANS. The detention he gave Amber? NOTHING compared to the plans he can cook up.

Angelina nods. "Very well. Just so I'm excluded from that list. I hear, however, that Fred and George Weasley are interested in the more musical side of life. Perhaps you might 'recruit' them to work on it with you." Sweeeeeet smile. Too sweet.

"Mmhmm." Keegan doesn't buy into it. "I would never dream of taking the pleasure of punishing them from miserable old Filch. Now go, bother other teachers or students?" He waves a hand before returning back to playing some peppy little number on the piano. Don't mind him too terribly. He actually enjoyed the visit!

"But why should you let Filch keep all the pleasure to himself? I could use with a good laugh too." Angie gives him a grin, then nods and heads out. "Thanks. I'll make sure you get your talent show in. Have a good day."

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