1995-02-24: Lessons To Learn


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Scene Title Lessons To Learn
Synopsis Brian seeks out Sirius before the wizard leaves Hogwarts.
Location Hogwarts - Hospital Wing
Date Feb 24, 1995
Watch For Sir
Logger Rin Tin Tin

It's the 24th, a full week after the incident on Hogsmeade. Harry's been released now from Pomfrey's care and Sirius saw him off to his common room. Back in the hospital wing, he's collecting his things. The books he's pilfered from the library? Those are left on the bedside table. It's fun making Pince scurry after her beloved charges. It's an old game from his first year. At the moment, he's packing up his chess set and some of his own personal books into a bag. His cloak has been laid across the bed, ready to be put on for his departure.

It's been … a hell of a week. First the fight with the Death Eaters, then … well, Brian would prefer to NOT remember Potions class, thankyouverymuch. But things are slowly returning to normal, and he's been thinking. And watching. And to that end, he's come down to the hospital wing, hoping to catch a certain someone before they leave. He pokes his head inside the door, and lets out a breath when he spots Sirius, mid-pack. He walks all the way into the room. "Sir? Can I speak to you for a moment?" He asks.

There's not a response initially to being referred to as 'sir', that's just a bit weird for Sirius. His father was sir, everyone else is but him, and it's not an honorific he's used to hearing where he's concerned. Wait, there's no one else in here that could apply to, so it's probably him. He looks up and around, yup, the student's talking to him. There's a faint look of surprise, "Sure.. but save the 'sirs' for your teachers. Sirius is fine."

Brian nodded. He hadn't quite been sure how to address Sirius, so had erred on the side of caution … and politeness. "All right. Sirius. I … wanted to apologize. To you." He takes a deep breath. "For whatever it's worth, after the last week … I really do think you're innocent." Of the murders.

Sirius's brows raise quizzically, "You've nothing to apologize for. You like so many others presumed the Ministry was right for so long." He doesn't seem bothered much by another person stepping forward and admitting they believed the old line. "But thank you all the same for the apology."

Brian nodded, then grimaced. "I don't get how people can still think you did it. Someone who fights so damn hard on the side of the good guys … " He shakes his head. "That sort of thing doesn't go hand-in-hand with a conscienceless killer." Nor does the fact that Sirius is so devoted to Harry.

"It's easy to believe something you've thought was right for over ten years," Sirius states as he buckles the bag closed, then turns to sit on the bed. "You're just now seeing the start of evil again. Perhaps you'll come to see just how easy it was back then to pin crimes on innocent people. I'm not the only example, just the most publicized. Voldmort had been terrorizing for eleven years, people were afraid. Since that night, complacency has set in, and people still want to cling to what they know."

Brian grimaces. "Yeah, figured that out my third year … when the Chamber got opened. Everyone was pointing fingers /everywhere/." Then, because Sirius probably doesn't know. "I'm muggleborn." And then. "I dunno how the hell Harry does it … deal with all this all the time. One encounter with those sorry sons of … and my nerves were shot for days."

"It's easy to point fingers and lose sight when you're scared. Fear is a powerful weapon, one that Voldemort is proficient in using." Sirius knows this all too well. "Just remember who your friends are and trust them." A mistake that cost a few lives. He smiles tightly, "Because there's not much choice is there? There's also no shame in feeling what you've been feeling. It's human."

Brian nods, then looks serious. "It's going to get worse, isn't it? As bad as things have been." Being muggleborn, and exposed to Harry so much, Brian doesn't have the flinch reflex at Voldemort's name. "Voldemort's really only warming up." It's not a question.

"I wouldn't be surprised if it does," Sirius states with all truthfulness. He's not going to lie, but he's also not going to frighten the kid. Yet, anyway. "But yes, this is very much a warmup, based on what I've seen and experienced in the past."

Brian looked grim. "That's what I thought. I'm going to be taking some extra lessons with Moody. Hopefully, next time, I won't fall apart at the seams after it's over." He glares out the window. "I don't like being a target, period, but I'll be damned if I make myself an /easy/ target."

"If you're going to learn from someone, might as well be the best. Moody's been in action before, so don't be surprised if he's rough on you lot." Sirius shakes his head at Brian, "If you fall apart, it's a normal reaction. No one likes being a target, but don't be surprised if you take things hard in the future. Grown witches and wizards still have a hard time facing their dark wizard opponents. Even the most trained and battle hardened."

That makes Brian grin a little. "That kinda makes me feel better. Hanging around Moody tends to make one think otherwise." Because Moody? Well, if he's ever been scared in his life, you'd never know it. I guess I'll let you finish packing so you can get going. I'll try and keep an eye on Harry as best I can." Not like it will do him much good.

Sirius laughs a little, "He's been through quite a bit, Moody has. But he'll teach you well if you're willing to learn." Black gets up from the bed and starts to pull on his cloak, "Good luck with that. He's as sneaky as his father, and might not take kindly to it." His bag is slung over his shoulder, "Just stay on your toes and pay attention to Moody. He's not a cruel man, this is just how he knows to impart his knowledge."

Brian grinned. "Yeah, I kinda figured out he wasn't cruel or anything like that. He just kinda makes it seem like getting perturbed about fights is for wimps or something, you know what I mean?" And then he chuckled. "And I got that impression about Harry. Heck, his /roommates/ have a time of it keeping track of him, most days, nevermind the rest of us."

"That's just his way. I'm fairly certain he wouldn't fault the lot of you for being spooked at serious fights. That mess in Hogsmeade? Should never have been for those underaged." Sirius sounds a little regretful about the course of events. It's just like it was in the early days. "Remember, there's no shame in running if you find yourself up against something stronger than yourself."

Brian laughed out loud. "Ummm … Sirius? Those of us that got into that fight? Stayed. We could have run, but we didn't. Might not have been the brightest thing any of us ever did, but we were there because we wanted to be. I think a lot of us have realized that Voldemort and his crew don't give a flying fig who gets caught in the crossfire in their little campaign. Heck, half the reason I'm wanting to learn more is because next time, there might not be any Aurors around to save my bacon." He grimaced. "Goes against the grain to turn tail and run." Heck, he wouldn't be a Gryffindor if it didn't. "But I suppose that's one of the lessons I need to learn."

"Oh I'm aware of that, I'm just saying." Sirius thinks the students should have run, particularly the younger ones. There's no shame in it. "Better to run and learn more than to have wound up dead." Which was a likely result of the fight. He offers another smile to Brian, "I best be off before Dumbledore sees that I'm still lurking about." He then sets off towards the doors to leave.

"See you around sometime." Brian offers as Sirius heads off.

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