1995 03-11: Lawyer Appreciation


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Scene Title Lawyer Appreciation
Synopsis Horatio is practicing orations for a case the next day, and Madeline stumbles upon him.
Location Unspecified Courtroom at the Ministry of Magic
Date March 11 1995
Watch For Lame jokes, Puffskein
Logger Solicitor Monkshood

It is a late night, that is for sure, most employees having headed home for dinner and such, but in the empty courtroom, one such employee of the Ministry finds himself. He stands center of the room with his briefcase open and laid out on the chair in the center as he looks on towards the high risers. In normal times he is there as are many others all clad in their robes and hats, however for now he is practicing for his own case coming forth in the morrow. hands out by his sides as shoes shuffle quietly.

"…And that is why, My esteem brothers and sisters in wizarding law-that we must come to a definite answer in this matter. To say nothing admits, that we who stand watch will allow the wolves amongst the sheep. That we praise those and reward them that do serious injury to others whom are innocent and helpless.." A pause and a step, as he looks towards the the risers "That is why we must stay the course, and find the defendant-Guilty. We must not allow laziness, and fear to be our precedent." A nod to himself and Horatio exhales softly. One hand cranes and moves up through his hair

"Bollocks it-I nee to rewrite that last part-seems as if I am slinging a damned manifesto.." more or less to himself, after all who else would be lurking around as late as he is?

Madeline has a tendency sometimes to slip about unnoticed. It isn't really done on purpose, but the meek woman just has a quiet and inward way of carrying herself, coming from years of practice at being so horribly plain and ordinary. Tonight, she's all but silently made her way down to the courtrooms, and if one were to watch her, she seems to be looking for something. At least until she hears the sound of someone talking within. Her brow furrows as she tries to figure why they would be having a trial here so late. Without entirely meaning to, she drifts over, further into the room, to see what is going on. Upon realizing it's just one man here alone (talking to himself, no less), she is ready to just depart, as much as a wraith as she came in. But then there comes a low-pitched humming sound that might give her away. The very puffskein she came down here in search of is humming happily at being reunited with its owner upon trundling out from under a bench. Madeline's cheeks go pink as she bends down to snatch it up quickly - and not altogether gently, though there's no malice to it either.
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Horatio looks as if he is going to reach in for whatever parchment he was quoting. However the light coo'ing trill seems to catch his own attention-more so than the rather sneaky and silent unspeakable. Wand is not drawn, but the hitch in his hand up towards his robes, and then systematically smoothes them out. After all one can take the auror out of the department, but the Auror never truly leaves the Wizard. A slight bit of breath is expelled though in a reassuring moment when he finds its not just a gaggle of people, but one young woman and her puffskien.

"Ahh, well..Hello there." might as well try and be pleasant, or so the smile that comes seems to dictate. And with that he is moving for his briefcase to begin closing it up, and shuffling papers further in. Latches closed with a snap. "Well I guess that accounts for the odd squeaks and such I heard. And here I thought I was getting jumpy in my age." A lame joke, but it is passing the awkward pack up time.

"I- I'm sorry," Madeline stammers out as she is so thoroughly spotted, and she seems slightly worried he might actually draw his wand and hex her - but then, she is just naturally jumpy. Her cheeks have gone rather red as she gets a firm hold on the puffskein. Unnecessarily firm, really, since the butterscotch-coloured creature seems content to just be with her, humming as though his little heart might burst from the sheer joy of it. "I … didn't mean to interrupt. I just- My… My pet slipped away." She lifts the pet in question in case he doesn't believe her, though he clearly has already figured it out for himself. Still, the joke, lame or not, gets a small smile, and she drops her gaze back down to the creature. "No, It … It will do that sometimes," she agrees with a nod.

There's a pause as he sits the briefcase up in the chair, and he is looking around for a second and then back to her. Horatio does at least try to offer a smile in there, though his own jumpiness did show to the better there-which is usually rare. "No-no don't be sorry. I was just finishing so you weren't interrupting anything. Just briefing myself before a case tomorrow-nothing more. I should have been doing this at my flat-but I figured this was much more appropriate. It at least calms the nerves.." And he moves to come around with his briefcase in tow, one hand offered out.

"It should be, my apologies for bothering you-Seems I gave you a bit of a jump, for the one I got, and that is not entirely approved on my end." Eyes slide to the small puff, before he is continuing. "My pardons for my manners, I am Horatio."

"It … It sounded convincing to me," Madeline offers a little hesitantly, not sure if that's the sort of thing one should say. But she feels she owes something for having intruded upon his briefing, anyway. She shifts the puffskein to the other hand so that she can take the offered one. "It's, ah, it's nice to meet you, Mr., er, Horatio. I'm, ah, Madeline… Sagace." She glances about the courtroom once again, before her gaze returns to him and she manages a shy and sheepish smile. "And you … don't owe an apology either. It - It makes sense you'd want to practice in here…"

A grin, there. Honest, and full as he sets down his briefcase all the same beside him. Eyes watching the little puff before taking in the unspeakable as she stands. "Well, I sure hope so, Miss Sagace, or do you prefer Madeline?" He might as well ask since he is assuming her a co-worker. After all only workers or rather nutty people would still be here at this hour. "Ah-yes. Sorry Monkshood, Horatio Monkshood. I prefer Horatio, having been called by my surname for most of my career..besides its after hours. No need to be entirely professional." Though Monkshood is clearly keeping a professional bit of distance between them. After all the did just meet, and he's not a fan of invading personal spaces. "Yes, well Sometimes I get used to the idea that I own the room-which is not true at all." a chuckle that slightly reaches. "I don't believe though I have seen you around too often. Where is it that you work?"

And his grin helps to set Madeline a little more at ease, though it's still graded on a curve, since the poor dear is nearly always flustered and on edge. "I, um…" The question about her name actually gives her pause, but finally she shrugs. "No, ah, I suppose … Madeline is fine," she decides, with a slight pink in her cheeks. She nods, noting his preference to go by his first name as well. "Yes, it - it did get quite late, didn't it," she realizes, as though it's only just occurred to her that the Ministry is nigh deserted. "I'm, ah, I'm with the Department of Mysteries," she goes on, and says nothing further on that matter, since she isn't at liberty to divulge more. "But perhaps it's … not the worst thing, for you to think you, ah, you own the room? It … must help, I'd think?"

Horatio seems to relax a bit more now that the conversation is flowing. Even if one of the two is rightly flustered. Don't worry, Horatio did not always possess an smoothness about him. That came with culture, age and a little bit of classes on public speaking. "Madeline it is then.." settled like that ad he moves to clasp his hands behind his back, as a general at ease posture is assumed. "Oh, I bet that is exciting work, or horridly boring depending on the day or the mystery.." A cant of his head there before he's snorting-yes snorting softly. "I am sorry, bad joke. I seem to be able to come up with more serious rhetoric, than humor these days."

A shake of his head, as he loosens up a little more, and rocks back on his heels, a habit that hasn't left him since his school days. "It helps, yes..And if I owned this room, I guess the value wouldn't be much. No one has a stomach for Solicitors these days..Well no one I try before the court.."

Madeline gives a small, inward smile, as if she's reflecting on some private thought. "Well, I … quite enjoy it," she replies sincerely, before smile widens a little at the joke. At least she's easy to impress in that department. "You … don't need to apologize. I'd tell jokes, but I'm … not any good at them. But there's … enough serious rhetoric these days." She finally relaxes enough to loosen her hold on the poor, squeezed puffskein, and it wastes no time clambering up onto her shoulder, starting to hum again. Madeline ignores it. "You'd think … someone needing a solicitor might, ah, might value them…" she muses, sounding distantly thoughtful.

"Good." offered as her smile widens. Horatio's own smile seems to brighten out quite considerably, as well there "Ah good-well then whenever we meet and all I'll be sure to come up with a positively horrid pun or some sort of play on words for you." A nod, and both now are seemingly relaxed as a bit of the swagger Monkshood does have shows in his stance. "Ahh I think the Barristers will be more popular than I. I'm right to be up there with the Scotch Advocates. No, when it comes to actually getting the law to go against someone-you paint a bloody target on your back." a grin "But, I am sure the Ministry will appreciate my efforts."

And that gets another little grin from Madeline, though she goes pink again at the idea of someone going to the trouble of punning just for her. Clearly she needs to get out more. "I'd … like that, thank you." She listens with quiet thoughtfulness as he explains about his relative worth. "I … don't really know very much about the law," she admits with a sheepish expression glancing down at the floor between them. "Other than not to break it," is added a little more wryly. "I'm, ah, I'm glad someone will appreciate them… That's the - the important thing, yes?"

It seems if Horatio was one to play Quidditch he would be on a roll with the decisive hits, though unintentional. And so he finally lets his hands down and fusses with his robes for a moment, as that grin just curves. "Well, that is a start-should you ever want to learn. I can give you the bare bones over a drink sometime, or dinner..Whatever is easiest." An offer for more conversation at least. "But yes-not breaking the law is good. I would rather like my plate to not get full up." which he has a feeling will come to pass in the coming days. "Yes. Appreciate? Yes. It means someone will have money and possibly still a job."

"It … probably would be useful to, ah, know a little more, perhaps," Madeline ponders with a faint smile, nodding her head a few times. "Though I … wouldn't want to take up too much of your, ah, your time, of course. I'm sure you're … very busy." Her gaze flickers around the empty room, though she really wasn't being sarcastic. Practising is important "I will, ah, try not to … break any laws, then," she concurs, while her smile turns just a little more wry. "As long as you … enjoy the work. I've come to see how, er, how valuable that is…" The puffskein finally gets her attention as it tries to go after her nose, which in turn reminds her what she was doing down here in the first place. "I … should, ah, be getting back, I think. I … hadn't realized how late it was."

Horatio nods, before a hand is coming up in a brushing manner. "Do not worry about my time and how I spend it. If you would still like a drink or such I would be for it as well." There that settled as he looks around the room himself. taking time to bend absently for his briefcase. "I understand. I am on my way as well-some light reading to do before I turn in for the evening." Well and there is dinner to be had. "But if you need anything, please do seek my out-my offices are in the Magical law Enforcement wing.." An offer, after all one can never have too many friends, and Horatio despite being startled has enjoyed the chat so far.."You have a splendid evening, Madeline."

"All right, well … thank you," Madeline replies, quiet and self-conscious, but sincere in her gratitude, nonetheless. She nods, making a mental note of where his office is located, her smile returning as the conversation wraps up. "Well, ah, perhaps I'll … I'll see you soon then," she comments, bobbing her head in something between a nod and a bow. "You, ah … you have a good night too," is bidden before she offers a final smile, and awkward wave, and then finally turns to go, to return to her own department on the next floor.

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