1994-09-01: Late Night Studying


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Scene Title Late Night Studying
Synopsis After the sorting, Zarina goes to the Library to find out more about the Triwizard Tournament, all while managing to bump into a certain Gryffindor again.
Date September 1, 1994
Chronology After sorting
Logger Zarina

Hogwarts Library

Rated PG. Nothing offensive happens

[HGW] - Library

Diffused golden light is given off by enclosed globes of flame bracketed to towering mahogany bookshelves, flickering into even the dustiest recesses of the stacks. Here and there, open areas are littered with open tables, each set with chairs comfortable enough to sit in for hours, should one of the students need to study that long. At the end of certain popular shelves, small end tables with decorative lace doilies offer non-functional stained-glass lamps. The librarian's table is set near the expansive doors, kept impeccable neat. Hidden away in the darkness to the back of the library is a roped-off section, a wooden plaque overhead reading 'Restricted Section: Do Not Enter Without Permission'.

The first night in Hogwarts, and what is Braeden doing? Studying. He had made his way up to the Library not long after the first years were shown to their dorms, spiriting himself away from the rest to get a jump start on the area before others would have made there way here. The place is empty, not even a Ravenclaw in sight. Light flickers from the closed globes about the area upon, allowing him perusal of the old tome he'd pulled out from the general section. If one were to look at the pages, they'd see older handwriting quite possibly dating back centuries in regards to the finer points of dispelling a particularly nasty hex. "Hm. Alastor Moody. He's the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor this year?" He just shakes his head in wonder before grinning faintly to himself, "Nobody better to learn from. At least Snape didn't get it."

Slipping through the history section of the massive library, Zarina's sapphire eyes glance over each row of books in thought, her soft fingertips brushing along the spines of the books as she traces to the general area of what she is looking for. Those bright sapphire eyes focus slightly, narrowing in thought before she finally finds the book she wants. Sliding her fingers to the top edge, she pulls it out easily as it falls comfortably into her hands. 'Hogwarts: A History'. The Slytherin girl narrows her eyes as she reaches up and absently brushes a lock of snow white hair behind her ear, opening the cover in her hands to find the index. With her fingers flipping the yellowed pages, intent on its pages that when she walks to the table to pull out one of the chairs, she blinks in surprise, finding herself unable to move it. Her bright eyes blink as she looks up from the book, surprised further still to find the Gryffindor boy from the train.

Braeden had heard the approaching footsteps in the library, breaking the otherwise silence that had been upon it, though he didn't bother to look around. Instead, he finds himself looking up from his study suddenly to find that of the woman he'd ran into on the train tugging on the very chair he'd been sitting in. "Oh. I didn't see you in here when I came in." He offers suspiciously before tilting his head to get a better look at her. His own sky-blue eyes match with her sapphire counterparts when that happens, a soft sound drifting from his lips before adding. "I'll beat you in that next game of wizard's chess you know." Something of a grin is offered to her, the mirth in him from the first day of school seeming to still be with him if a bit muted by the run-in with a member of -that- particular house.

Zarina blinks at him for a moment before lifting a brow, pulling a hand away from the chair as she moves around the end of the table, arching a silver white brow at him as he gives her a suspicious look. "Maybe you were just that focused on finding your book then." she answers, and as her brow quirks, she leans forward slight, looking at the title, "'Practical Defensive Magic and Its Use Against the Dark Arts'?" Her brow arches, the corner of her full lips barely tugging as her eyes look up at his. Zarina purses her full lips slightly as she straightens her back, her own book still in her arms. Smiling some, she shrugs her shoulders lightly, "Could be. I'm not all that skilled with wizard chess."

Braeden shrugs a shoulder in reply before raising a hand to brush away a few stray strands of hair. "Maybe I was. That's a good book you chose though. Hard to get with the waiting list too." He raises his wand as he looks down at the book in front of him afterward, flicking it with a certain finesse. No word commands are given with it though and nothing happens as he presses his lips together as if he had just practiced a motion as described. His attention drifts back to her afterwards to her later words though, a small grin offered that just barely cracks his facade. "What are you good at then? Challenges are always a good thing."

Zarina smirks some as she shrugs a shoulder, "A couple of years ago every single copy was checked out. I suppose it just helps to pick it out the day before classes." she chuckles softly, setting down her copy on the table as she reaches for the chair opposite of him, pulling it out as she lowers herself into the seat, habitually crossing her legs. "Flying, Quidditch, Potions, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, charming." she answers easily, his small grin only making her own smirk grows.

A dark brow is raised in regards to the woman as she says that, "Is that so?" He asks easily in reply, those eyes of his remaining upon her own unwaveringly, almost as if he was studying something there before adding. "Transfiguration too?" Braeden sits back in his chair comfortably as he raises one leg to cross over the other, his arms shifting over his chest with the press of his dress shirt. He seems almost expectant on that last one as his lips quirk just a bit.

Zarina lowers her chin in a single nod, "Yes. I'm taking all of those classes this year, also with some electives." Her bright sapphire eys look down at the open book of Hogwarts: A History in front of it, pausing on it briefly before releasing a slow breath. Reaching up, a hand unclasps the cloak from around her shoulders, letting it rest over her shoulders before her slender fingers pull at the deep green and silver tie, loosening around her neck. Her brow furrows slightly in thought at the book. "'The Triwizard Tournament was established roughly seven hundred years ago as a friendly competition between the wizarding schools of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, and the Durmstrang Institute. Held every five years, the competition would be hosted by each school in turn, and the judges for the Tournament included the Headmasters or Headmistresses of the schools.'" she quotes from the book, "Though, after the Triwizard Tournament of 1792, they discontinued it because of the rising death toll…" She shakes her snow white hair, "Why would they revive something like that after two centuries?"

Braeden seems troubled for a few moments by what she says, his thoughts turning inward as his lips press together. "I hadn't thought of that until now. I hadn't known for sure exactly what the Tournament was until you just mentioned it." His fingertips run along the page of the old tome he'd been studying after that before tapping at the page slowly with a soft sound. "Maybe with the latest problems caused with the Potter kid and otherwise, Dumbledore's decided it best to test the students in how well they can work in such situations. They say he's fond of the kid after all." He shrugs afterwards before shifting back again, his cloak already resting across the back of his chair. "It seems we'll be seeing each other quite often if that's your choice of classes."

The concerned frown remains in her expression as Zarina glances over the book, releasing a breath as she shakes her head lightly, "I had never heard of it before, and since I am eligible for the Tournament, I figured that it would be best to find out exactly what it is before deciding if I want to enter my name or not." she shrugs a shoulder lightly, "But if there is a death toll… it must be considerably dangerous. Teachers wouldn't needlessly let students enter something like this, would they?" Her sapphire eyes glance up to his, frowning slightly as he mentions Potter. Her full lips press against each other, "Hm, perhaps…" Zarina murmurs, "I wonder if it really does have something to do with Potter. Or maybe that spectacle today with Professor Moody and the Troll head…" she makes a slight face at that. Her eyes return back to his as he leans back in his chair, her brow quirking as the light smile returns to her full lips, "I suppose it is then. I guess it means you'll just have to work all that much harder to keep up with me." she smirks, flicking a lock of white hair behind her ear.

"I doubt I'll have much trouble." Spoken with a bit of confidence though by the look in his eyes it would seem he believed it wholeheartedly. The same smile plays across his lips as he does so before he chooses to look back down at his book. "Quidditch. I remember playing against you a few years back now in one of the games." He muses quietly, the words just loud enough to drift in the quiet of the library though he soon adds afterward, "You were a rather good Seeker. It seems there are a lot of things we've done the same."

Zarina smirks lightly, shaking her snow white hair as she returns to the book between her fingers. "That is a Gryffindor for you. Just make sure you can keep up, hm?" she arches a brow, though the smirk remains with her eyes on the page. After a moment or so, his comment about Quidditch earns a glance from her over the the book, smirking some as she returns to it. "Well, I try to be anyway." she shrugs a shoulder. Running her fingers across the print, her sapphire eyes narrow slightly, "October thirty-first is when the champions from each house are chosen…" she murmurs, "November twenty-fourth is the first task, followed by Yule Ball on Christmas Night." she frowns slightly as she flips the page. "February twenty-fourth is the second task, and June twenty-fourth is the third and last task." she ponders for a moment, flipping the page back again. "I wonder what the tasks are about."

Braeden watches her as she speaks before furrowing his brow just a bit. "Who knows. Maybe one of them will require your charms, if you're as good at them as you think you are." His own smirk is given in reply before he allows his gaze to slip back downward towards the book in front of him. He brushes his fingers across the page for a moment then proceeds to flip it to the next. His gaze remains upon the page afterward, studying it with a sound of musing on his lips though he'd murmur again in addition. "It could be anything at all. If it's as dangerous as the book and Dumbledore say it to be, then it could be anything from magical traps to wizards duels between those in the contest."

Zarina's full lips curl with a smug smirk, "Perhaps, though it certainly seems I'm charming enough for /you/ to be chatting me up." the smile grows as she glances up from the book, "And no, I'm not going to let you live down the fact that you walked in on me changing. That's bold, even for a Gryffindor." she wrinkles her nose lightly, chuckling as she shaking her head and looks to the book in her sender hands. She arches a brow. "All it says about the first task is that its designed to test the daring, courage in the face of the unknown." Zarina gives the book a skeptical glance before closing it shut. "And I guess we'll be staying here for Christmas too. Oh well." she shrugs a shoulder, sliding back her seat as she takes the book from the table. Her mary jane heels click softly on the floor as she finds her row once more, looking for a long moment or two before replacing Hogwarts: A History back in its place.

Braeden finds himself looking away from her when she mentions anything about chatting her up, seeming to shove that thought directly out of his head. So much so that he doesn't bother replying to the comment as he reaches for his quill to dip it in an ink pot. The thing is raised soon after to blot it against the parchment paper before writing a few things down with an almost gentle touch. His gaze follows after her though when she begins to walk away, following those heels quietly before bringing himself back to what he had in front of him. "I will most likely either way. I normally do anyway."

"Odd I hadn't seen you in the hallways then." Zarina answers through the bookshelves idly, her sapphire eyes looking above the books in front of her to watch his quill scrawling across his parchment, noting something from the book in front of him. Her eyes watch for a moment or so before glancing back to the book in front of her, brushing her soft fingertips along the spines at each of the titles. "Well, that is want I wanted to find out…" she murmurs thoughtfully, though it was more to herself than anything.

Braeden's gaze drifts back upward towards the book case where she was standing for a brief moment, watching her with an almost curious look in his eyes. His attention is soon stolen again though by the parchment in front of him as the sound of his quill against it resumes. "Get your act together Braeden." He whispers to himself quietly, the words only barely passing beyond his full lips as an almost troubled look drifts across his features. A glance is cast back towards the book for a moment after that with the flip of another page.

Placing her palm against the books briefly, Zarina pulls her hand away as a smile tugs at the corner of her full lips, her steps echoing slightly as she slips out of the row to turn slightly towards him. Her hands reach up, pulling off the cloak from her shoulders before folding it over one arm, "Well, don't stay up too much longer. You'll need your sleep if you want to keep up with me in class, after all." she smirks slightly, arching a white brow at him. "If you can that is."

Braeden glances up at her when she passes over to get her cloak, offering her a slow upturned nod. "Have a good night." The words are spoken neutrally though in essence by the look he gives her, it'd seem he was sincere with what he said. Afterwards, he closes the book with a heavy sound and stands up from his seat to pick it up off of the table. Each step carries him towards the shelves after that with the light sound of leather soles against the hard surface beneath them.

Zarina turns on foot, her back towards him as she lifts a hand to wave as she walks to the open doors, "You too, Lionheart." she answers easily enough, her arm coming back down to wrap against her bulky cloak over the other arm. She is careful to keep her footsteps quiet as she walks through the halls, knowing that Peeves might be lurking nearby, no doubt plotting potential mischief for the first day of the year, especially for the first years. With a light exhale, she shakes her snow white head, keeping her ears and eyes alert, just in case.

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