1995-02-18: Late Night Nargles


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Scene Title Late Night Nargles
Synopsis Professors are out late at night, and students sneak in from Nargle hunting.
Location Entrance Hall, Hogwarts
Date Feb 18, 1995
Watch For Sneaky Students, Moody being nice
Logger Mad Eye

Given recent scares things had been put in place to alert professors-well Certain professors that someone had entered. All the same It won't be long before the sound of the Stumping leg of the aged Defense Against the Dark Arts professor along with the tap of his cane can be heard even as his figure remains shadowed in the low light of the lanterns and flickering candles as many had gone on to bed, and so what lights aren't needed have been put out. Leaving much in darkness. As soon as the face, a patchwork of scars and malcontent peeks its way through the shade-the Electric blue eye almost seems to glow. No words are said as he continues on towards the main doors, before nodding-he stalks back towards the Great Hall from whence he came-or so that is the plan

"All's well m' arse.." mutters the professor as he hesitates for as moment. The blue eye whirls back to the double doors, while Moody merely pulls out his flask to have a wee dram. Late night-early morning rounds. Sometimes even a wizard as hearty as Moody-needs a wee pick me up.
Those alarms may quite possibly have been tripped by one woman in particular - though she'd been assured that any errands she had to run would be perfectly acceptable - who steps through the main doors shrouded in a dove grey cloak of crushed velvet. Once they are closed behind her, she reaches up to push the hood back off her face, revealing black hair that seems almost to shimmer softly in the dancing candle-light.

Her boots make very little sound as she walks across the Entrance Hall floor, but if scent - and rumor - don't lie, this man will spot her anyway. "It is a little late for a nightcap, is it not, Alastor?"

There's not even a hesitation as Moody whips around, flask held in one hand and the end of his walking-stick pointed where she is before the words comes out. Its a small space of time before Moody lowers the stick and leans into it with a grunt. "Ah, Tiana.." murmured before the flask is quickly replaced within his robes.

Moody grumbles all the same for a moment before he is nodding all the same "I was wondering when I would see you given th' antics down in the town." He caught bits from the peripheral, but enough to know she was there. "Fancy wand work.." a compliment or perhaps a back handed one. After all she did kill two there. "What has you out late?"

"A family affair." Tiana's answer is simple, vague and has the added benefit of being true. Gloves of supple lambskin dyed an inky black are pulled from her hands one finger at a time. "We will be seeing quite a bit more of each other I do believe. Or have you heard?" Her accent is thick, but it adds to the beauty of her soft soprano rather than detracting from it.

"I could say the same for you." After all, one of those Tiana killed was a Death Eater. The other one got in the way. "I see you recovered your leg." The comment itself is solicitous, but the smile doesn't quite reach her eyes. Tit for tat, Moody-love. "Has there been any news?"

" Way t' put it." Moody grunts. No he does not trust her, but then he rarely trusts anything that has come out of Durmstrang. Lets just say he's cursed and captured more graduates of that school than he has cared to have met. The blue eye continues to hold the witch just so before he is stumping back along down towards her. His accent is thick as well, but it adds to his harsh-hoarse voice. Part of the aura right?

"Figures I would get jinxed in the back after taking off one of their hands. Though I think mine was friendly." a grimace all the same before he is looking to his leg, a tap with the walking stick "What has you up for this hour?" suspicious? Completly, but that us like saying it is raining in Scotland. Moody snorts "I've heard. I am slight surprised you of all people-Oh next time don't go for the head-we might want to question them next time."

"Why 'me of all people'?" Tiana questions him calmly. "Have I done something to offend?" Her amicable expression quickly shifts to one of disgust as Fenrir is brought to mind. "Fenrir needed to be put down. That he was willing to sacrifice one of his own to save himself proved this. That a bystander got in the way was…unfortunate." Dunno where you come from, Moody, but out in Romania it is a much harsher life. Anarkia is very much a way of life.

"Friendly fire was not tolerated when I was trained." She says this very casually, finishing with a shrug. "I fail to see what business it is of yours, but if it will ease your mind… I had a letter to post to my family. I keep no owl of my own, so I walked it down to Hogsmeade."

Moody comes from a place in Scotland with a Bridge that randomly disappears. Some shite musical writers came upon it. Bloody muggles of all things and made up some grand story about it-Played in the West End once.. "Aye you-" consider it one of those questions that some one should not ask some one of the similar disposition. "It is generally not tolerated anywhere.." What comes from his throat could count as a laugh for a moment before he eyes her over once more "How are you handling potions?" an innocuous enough question

With a pink hat, complete with earwarmers to ward against the chill, sat neatly atop her blonde head, Luna enters Hogwarts again, a couple firsties in tow, although whether it was the firsties following Luna, or vice-versa, was a little unclear. Shifting her bookbag over her shoulder, the girl looks towards the others. "Oh, yes, the Crumple-Horned Snorkack is very real. Daddy says it might be in…" she begins, although she stops, along with her forward motion as she spots the two teachers in the hall. Canting her head owllike, she looks between the two, a faraway sort of look upon her features.

One of the first years walking along with the older student who he's come to trust actually, is Aston he nods listening intently to what she's saying. "I will have to see about getting signed on to receive a copy of that." but he stops here looking to the teachers though his look is more of 'ahh, now were gonna get it.' he waits to see what there response will be to the students.

"That statement is a fallacy, Alastor." Tiana's voice is so kind, so eminantly reasonable. It would be hard to imagine this woman killing anyone, except for the slightly predatory aura she gives off. The very subtle 'Alpha' stance and attitude. "I come from a place where such things were accepted as part of the cost to keep the peace." The students are then spotted and Tiana's eyes narrow, drawing herself up to her full height. "And why are you out of your dormitories so late?" Shifting her gaze back to Moody, she tosses a bit of hair back over one shoulder. "I am finding that I rather enjoy teaching. We will be moving on to some of the more basic poisons this week, I do believe."

It seems whatever is going on between the two teachers stops-even if momentarily as the blue eye whirls instinctually towards the snotties, following from one over to Belden. "Students!" comes the bark of the professor, as he turns, thus disengaging from the small little chatter with Professor Moldovia. "What are you-" doing up is what Moody was going to ask before sending them scurrying. However his eye is looking towards Luna. She has her book bag and hat? Still no words perhaps its the calm the odd calm about Xeno's little girl that has Alastor Moody stuck in his tongue. "What are you doing up?" And then a shake of his head for a moment "Explain yourselves- before I start counting off points."

Don't you worry Tiana, he'll be back to all of that in a bit.

"It's the nargles, professor." Luna says towards Moody, turning her head away from the man to glance towards Tiana. The owlike cant to her head straightens, and turns the other way as she observes the new professor, a little bit of a smile touching her otherwise dreamy features. "They stole Aston's book, and carried it off somewhere new." The smile grows, "It turned up, though, and luckily, before bedtime. We should have time for pudding beforehand." A pause. "Is it very late?" she asks serenely, straightening her neck once more.

Aston nods unsure about the nargles portion but figuring his friend knows what she is doing, but he holds up his book which is obviously his school notes for all his classes a devastating lost to any student for certain. "Luna helped me find it professor's I would have done horribly in my classes without being able to study you see." it's the truth after all.

Tiana blinks at Luna several times, seemingly trying to decide whether she had mis-heard, the child had mis-spoken or the world had turned upside-down. Frankly, any of those was probable lately. "Pardon?" she inquires. "Did you say that nargles stole this child's book?" A questioning glance is sent Moody's way - just in case he has any insight into these…Nargles. "Yes, actually. It is quite late. Were you not at dinner?" Her accent seems a little more pronounced as she looks over Aston, but that is the only change in her demeanor.

That Blue of eye flicks between the two but mainly is focused in on Luna's backpack. There's a big lurch on over to where Luna is standing. not even a second glance over towards Belden "Then Miss Lovegood.." comes Moody's voice in a bit of a a growl-one gnarled finger coming out to poke at her bag "Can you explain the contents of you bag?" It seems the elderly one legged profressor is not going to open it, for well he knows what he sees there, and the eye remains pointedly focused solely there even as the brown eye watches the girl and then looks back over towards Tiana.

"Don't ask-" hopefully you won't have to find out exactly what a nargle is or isn't. There's a long story there- and despite having many back copies of the Quibbler, Moody is not about to give a lecture on the properites of said 'beastie'

Luna seemed surprised by Moody, her blue eyes coming open as the old man points towards her pack. As opposed to looking guilty, though, the surprised look slips into a beaming smile. "Of course. Them and wrackspurts are really the worst pests here at Hogwarts - they get into everything, it's really rather horrid." she says, as she un shoulders her pack. "Oh…! Well, my father made a wrackspurt detector, you see… he really is a clever wizard, you know. It's part of his war against wrackspurts." Luna says. She pauses a moment, however, her expression slipping back to neutrality as she seemingly collects her thoughts. "He gave me a wrackspurt detector, but the Slytherins took it. So I'm trying to build a new one." she says, letting that pack droop to the ground, her hand clutching the strap of it tightly.

Aston simply watches the other speak hoping to avoid trouble or losing points if he can. The first year looks between the two teachers and than back to the older student. "It's nothing bad Professor Moody." he points to the bag figuring the object was inside. "We didn't realize the time really, we can head back to our dorms though breakfast is soon enough right?" his voice is calmer now than it had been.

Looking from Luna to Aston to Luna to Moody to Aston to Luna to Moody… Tiana decides just one thing.

These British are certifiably insane. All of them.

"It would appear you have things very well under control, Alastor. I must bid you goodnight." And with one final shake of her head, she spins on her heel and heads for the dungeons, muttering these strange new words - nargles? wrackspurts? - under her breath as she goes.

"Get to bed if you can.." Probably lucky that this is indeed a weekend or otherwise Moody would be more than livid as such he's looking back to the snotties and Luna all the same. "And I will be giving th' lot of you detention come monday.." If it were not the lateness of the hour he might have been more lenient. If such a word can be used with Moody "Belden, You an th' other go now I am going to have a word with Miss Lovegood.."

So the motion is given to Luna to wait for a moment there's a glance over his shoulder, and a face is pulled "Good evening, Tatiana.." muttered before he's staring right back to the rather calm and oddly serene Lovegood…Though that is normal for her, and unnerving to Moody.

If pressed, Luna would admit to a bit of worry. That didn't really show, however. In spite of Moody's unusual demeanor, she could tell he was nice, in spite of him potentially being a part of the conspiracy, being the Hogwarts teacher that killed the troll scholar and all. The word detention seems to throw Luna a bit, any trace of the smile faltering further as she blinks rapidly. She didn't look sad or anything, really, just a bit confused. "Good night." Luna says in the direction of the parting professor, the confusion already slipping away from her features. "Oh, and take care, friends." Luna says to the firsties, "I'm to stay behind. Which is just as well, as we are all from different houses, anyway."

Moody waits for a moment till the Firsties have gone their way before he's looking albeit a little concerned back towards Luna "You know what has happened down in Hogsmeade aye?" asked, but Moody will not be waiting for his response as eye finally slides up from the bag to look over the poor girl "And you know being out right now is dangerous- Nargles or not What were you doin' out there? Were you really lookin for that book or-" a motion is made to the bag "Getting ingredients?" And yes albeit he now looks like a great jagged rock of malcontent and flesh Moody is trying to crouch a little so as to be on her level.

"Well, everyone in the castle is very frightened, professor. There were some dark wizards about, and they killed Harry. Although one of my classmates also says that Harry is alive, so it is really rather confusing." There is a pause. "Why would they attack people in Hogsmeade, Professor? I'm quite sure there is more to the story." she asks. One might think she was trying to change the subject, particularly with the little way she cants her head to the other side, but, "Oh, I was looking for the book, and looking for these sorts of things as well. The nargles hide them, you see, to protect their wrackspurt friends, so it really works well together to get both at once." Another pause, and her expression falls. Almost a look of guilt, really.

There's a faint frown there. Where as it seems Moody would rail on a first year in class or throw something at a student somewhere else-he has trouble doing any such thing. A grunt mainly as he is situating himself in that crouch so he doesn't topple over on the girl. One hand reaches out-gently to take her by the shoulder "I can assure you Mister Potter is quite alright" as he's been saying to anyone who has asked him today-but he hasn't gone beyond that. "as for those people..They get joy from cruelty and hurting other people Luna-It is not right- nor fair of em t' do that, but that's why they attacked people in Hogsmeade." a quite simple explination, but he would be inclined to agree with the girl "Look. I only ask because I am concerned- it is not safe to be out there right now-especially this late." And with that Moody is rising up when his hand comes back and presses into his knee. There's a small wobble before he is righted once more

"I'll walk you back to your dorm if you like- or you can run along now. You still have detention with me on Monday- but we'll use that as a time to make your detector?" A small concession-possibly. "Promise me one thing Luna?" and the Blue eye focuses off somewhere down the hallway behind him. "Don't let me catch you out like this again."

With Luna's eyes having dropped towards the ground along with that look that she ended things with, the unsteady grasp of Moody's hand upon her slender shoulder draws her eyes back up to the gargoylish Moody. Regardless of her tendency to believe there was more to the story, the assurance of the old man that it was simply because they were evil sorts overrides that a touch, and Luna nods her head once in response. "Oh, you needn't walk me back to the Ravenclaw tower. I know where it is." she says, a little smile blossoming upon her lips again. As to the promise, she replies to that with another nod, seeming to brighten - as much as she ever did - with the suggestion of what she would be doing during detention. Why, that wasn't like lines with Snape at all! It actually sounded rather fun to her.

"I promise I won't go out during the dark, professor Moody." Luna says, her voice quite calm in spite of the excitement in her features. Moving deftly around the large form of the man, her bookbag clanking somewhat, she starts to skip off, but pauses. Turning around, she lifts her chin back up to look towards him, "I think daddy might be wrong about you. You aren't a bad person at all… you're really very kind." she says, turning her eyes away, and starting to skip off then, without waiting for a reply.

There's one last look over towards where Luna skips off, and what? is that crooked line of Moody's face a smile-Maybe, but its gone as soon as it shows before he's turning away silently and heading off in the other direction. He has rounds to complete. Constant Vigilance.

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