1995-05-18: Late Night Confessions


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Scene Title Late Night Confessions
Synopsis It's the night for heart-to-hearts!
Location Gryffindor Common Room, Hogwarts
Date May 18, 1995
Watch For The guts being spilled!
Logger Ginny Gin-Gin

Even after a few days of being back, Neville Longbottom is having a hard time dodging questions and chatter about his two weeks missing. Rumors have flown, and one second year is still frightened that the missing kids could very well be zombies come back to life. In any case, Neville has turned to avoiding the common room during it's peak hours and instead finding shelter in it once most of the Gryffindor's have gone to bed. He's in one of the cushy chairs by the fire, his toad in his lap. His books, in their brand new and expensive looking bookbag, are slumped against a leg of the chair and untouched. Neville sighs, not bothering to hide a shuddering snuffle since he figures he's very much alone.

Ginny has curled up in one of the many comfy armchairs, her small form hidden from view by the piles of books, blank parchment, and notes. Ever since returning from the land Ginny has no name for, she's thrown herself into her studies, all the better to distract herself with. She'd spent little time socializing. Neville's snuffle makes her sit up and look around. She, too, had thought she was alone. "Hullo?"

Slowly, and very hesitantly, Neville's pale face peeks out from around the chair. "O-oh," he says, spying Ginny at her studies. Tight fingers curl around the upholstered arm of his own chair. "'Lo, Ginny. Didn't know you were hear. You're awfully quiet."

Ginny smiles slightly at Neville. "Hi, Neville. Yeah, I've been studying. Lots to know before exams." Taking note of Neville's face, her brow furrows. "Are you okay? You look a bit.." Ginny searches for a tactful word, ".. off."
Neville leans a bit, rubbing his nose as he gulps down another sniff. "I'm…" It's obvious he begins to lie about being fine, but he stops himself. "You don't mind if I interrupt your studies?" Neville wonders, glancing to her books. "Because I'm kind of not. Okay, that is."

Ginny straightens in a rustle of paper, pushing her books aside for now and turning to properly face Neville. "No, I don't mind. I could use a break, anyway." She smiles at the boy, then inquires, "What's wrong? Is it about what you saw in the.. in that place?"

Neville stands, letting Trevor hop off as he selects a chair next to Ginny. The fourth year tucks himself to the back, attempting to cross his legs up into the chair. It'd a bit of a tight fit for the tall boy, but he manages. "Partly. It's been haunting me. I dunno if Fred's told you much… he doesn't seem so bothered by it, of course. But he'd /Fred/." Neville stops his ramble and sneaks a look to Ginny. "Did he tell you about You-Know-Who? An'… an' we /saw/ him. And ourselves. But only we were mean. Really mean."

Ginny waits patiently as Neville settles himself, then nods as he begins to speak. "I heard a little about it, in the Hospital Wing. Angie mentioned that you guys had seen You-Know-Who. She didn't mention seeing mean selves, though.." This seems to be an invitation for Neville to tell her more.

Neville nods slowly, dropping his eyes as he plays with a shoe lace. "Evil twins, I think Jackson or Angie called them. They were saying awful stuff to all of us. They even made Luna cry a bit." This is said with a great delicacy and importance. "Talkin' about her mum's death and whatnot. I didn't even know…" Neville pauses here. He attempts to smile, only managing a weak one. "I think Fred jus' figured his twin was George on a bad day."

Ginny looks deeply aghast at this. Evil Mum was bad enough, but evil her? The very thought gives her chills. Her gaze is sympathetic when she turns it back on Neville. "That must've been really hard, Neville. Did you.. what did it say to you?" Her tone is gentle - she doesn't want to upset him further.

Neville clears his throat, fidgeting. "That I was a blubbering useless git. Nothing the Slytherin's don't tell me nearly every day. But—" He takes a moment to glance around. "Told me it was my fault about m'parents. That I was helpless to stop it. Defenseless. But… I was jus' a baby, Gin. Like Harry was." His breath intake was a little more rapid now. He focuses his eyes as best he can on her. It's a subject Neville's never truly spoken about, even to his younger Gryffindor friend. "It's been giving me nightmares somthing awful."

On an impulse, Ginny reaches across the gap between them to squeeze Neville's wrist. "You shouldn't listen to it, Neville, even now. It was wrong - it was just trying to be mean, it wasn't saying true things. And you made it go away, didn't you?" Her tone is encouraging. "How'd you do that?"

Neville relaxes a bit under Ginny's touch. His breathing hitches back to a normal pace and his eyes close for a moment, brows knitting at the memory. "I stopped caring what it said about me," he remembers, peeking back open at her. "I was so worried about Luna. I've never seen her upset not to mention crying… I just turned away from my twin to take care of Luna and it went away."

Worry is clear on Ginny's face, worry for Luna as well as Neville. For now, though, she focused on her Housemate. "There you go, then. That's the key. You stopped caring - it wasn't important what it said about you, it was important that you helped your friend. That you cared for her and not for the evil twin."

"Luna was more important. But even after that she still wanted to stay in that place. Odd bird, she is." Neville chuckles unevenly at this, wiping at his eyes. "It hurt, though. And it told me that my parents shouldn't come back 'cause they would be ashamed. They were Aurors, you know. Both of them. Can't help but dreaming about /that/. Them waking up from their— illness an'… an' disowning me. Same dream three nights in a row. What's that mean, huh? That I believe it."

Ginny cracks a weak smile. "Luna is a bit odd, yes." That's quite an understatement. "Just because you dream about it doesn't mean it'll happen. You'll keep it from happening. It's just a dream, Neville, it's just your fears talking. Not what's real."

"No, of course not. There isn't a chance they'll come back, anyways. There isn't a potion or spell in the world that has been able to yet." His shoulders slump and he leans back, looking at the fire. "Of course, it's all small beans compared to Voldemort an' his dream world future. Angie thinks it's real but it's the future. By the same logic it can't be real because it hasn't happened yet. Muggles as slaves and wizards roaming London streets using Unforgivables free as day. Rubbish. Horrid bag of tricks."

Ginny shudders again, running her hand over the soft fabric of her chair in an attempt to comfort herself. "That's horrible, Neville. I.. we won't let it happen. None of us will. Simple as that. At least we know what /not/ to work towards, now." The optimism in her voice is a little strained. "Now we just have to do whatever we can to stop that from happening."

"We won't," Neville says. "It was wrong. I'm not useless. I'd be dead 'fore something like what we saw could happen." Neville crosses his arms. "In less interesting, and far more mundane news… your brother Fred an' his love triangle he's got going with, well, you'll know about that, of course? They're attempting to set me up with a Slytherin."

Neville's determination seems to be catching, for Ginny grins and straightens. "Good, Neville. That's good." She refrains from commenting on Fred's love, triangular or otherwise, but her nose wrinkles a little. "A Slytherin? Really? Who? I suppose they're not all bad, Sio's pretty nice, but.. still. Slytherin!"

Neville can't help but fall into a rather fond smile at Ginny. "A girl named Nia. She's nice, don't get me wrong. Fifth year. Bit forward, if you ask me. Kissed me without so much as a 'wotcher'. I'm not /good/ with girls. Talking or whatever. Besides /you/, of course. You're different. You're more like… a girl, sure. But I mean— you know what I mean. On top of everything she tol' Fred she liked me. An' she tol' me on Sunday when I was leaving the hospital wing, too. I got spooked. I, uh, ran, actually. If I remember correctly. I think I black out when I panic."

Ginny returns Neville's smile with one of her own, letting out a little snort of laughter as he flails over his words. Before he can dig himself into some sort of hole, she nods. "I know what you mean. I'm your friend, not just a girl." Amusement flickers briefly in her eyes as Neville mentions running, and she covers her eyes with her hand. "You ran from her? Well. At least she knows you're shy, now. I guess if she's nice, you can go to Hogsmeade with her one weekend, maybe. See if you could be friends, or maybe more. As long as you didn't black out, it'd be good."

Neville goes a bit red. "You Weasleys!" he says good naturedly. "Fred tol' me the same thing. Hogsmeade, apparently, is the place to hook up." He holds up a hand. "Don't tell me what you an' Harry do there! Still, you don't seem like a Madam Puddifoot's sort of girl."

Ginny chuckles warmly. "Well, it gives you some privacy from the rest of the students, so it's nice. It's really pretty out, though, maybe you could have a picnic on the grounds?" Ginny lets out another snort of laughter, this one louder. "I won't, Nevs." Her nose wrinkles in distaste. "No, I'm most certainly not. Three Broomsticks is good fun, though!"

Neville props his elbow on the chair. He checks the coast and finds it clear. "You know, Fred an' George an' I get along fairly swimmingly, an' Ron, of course. You don't get into a scrap with Malfoy, Crabbe, an' Goyle without bein' best mates. But you! You're my favorite Weasley. Hands down. Don't tell them I said that. I know how you lot like t'fight over me."

Ginny flushes at this compliment, though she grins through her blushing. "Well, thanks, Neville." She chuckles a bit, leaning back in her chair. Momentarily, she looks unsure of what to say. "I think you should do something with Nia," she finally says. "Or something fun with someone, anyway. You deserve some fun after all that's happened."

Neville seems a bit surprised at this. His eyebrows arch over wide eyes. "You do?" he asks, taking this bit of advice far more seriously than Fred's or Angie's. "I suppose kicking about Hogsmeade might be fun. She's something, all right. I don't know if I like her. It's all so sudden. I'm Neville," he reminds Ginny. "This sort of thing doesn't usually happen."

Ginny chuckles, and nods. "Sure, I do. You don't even have to make it like a date - just have it be hanging out, or something. Have some fun, go to Zonko's and Honeyduke's.. all of that. Drink a bunch of butterbeer. It'll be fun. Fun is good!" Another chuckle escapes her. "I know it doesn't, but right now you should just enjoy it."

Neville taps his chin, rubbing at the bit of stubble that shows after a long day. "I do like butterbeer," he admits as if this is a deciding factor. "Don't tempt me, or I'll drag you along an' make you promise to keep me in check. Case I try an' run. Musta made her feel awful, Merlin!"

Ginny nods enthusiastically. "Drink a ton of butterbeer! You'll just have to warn her beforehand that you tend to, um.." Bolt like a bunny rabbit? Not the best way to phrase that, Gin! "Get nervous," she finishes tactfully. "Once she knows that, she'll probably be more forgiving."

Neville licks at his lips. "Oh, get a bit drunk, you suggest?" he teases. "Shame on you, Gin. Heh. I just hope everything isn't ruined now. Our friendship most of all. It's nice having a friend in Slytherin, though I hate to think the treatment she gets for it with her housemates." Neville shudders.

Ginny laughs. "I read somewhere that getting drunk can loosen your inhibitions. Maybe that'll help you! Just don't let Professor McGonagall find out." She winks. "I don't think it'll be ruined. If she's really a friend, she won't get upset that easily."

"I've learned that the hard way," Neville admits to her. "But you're right! I'll try again. The ol' Gryffindor try. Stubborn lot," he comments proudly. "Don't tell Harry, will you? Or Ron especially! Last thing I need, buncha meddlers."

Coming down the stairway is one Fred Weasley looking wide awake still and rather annoyed, "You'd think a guy could sleep after being awake for weeks…but no!" Seeing Nevler the Weasley twin slumps down in a chair by him and looking grumpy waves to the boy, "Oh hay Gin." He says spotting his sister.

Ginny chuckles at Neville's enthusiasm. "Stubborn, indeed! Just persist until she throws you off the Astronomy Tower," is Ginny's teasing piece of advice. Fred arrives before she can promise not to tell, and not wanting to alert her brother, she simply makes a zipping-the-lips gesture at Neville. "Hi, Fred."

"Only if you promise to catch me, oh wise one!" Neville jokes back. He looks up quickly at Fred, bobbing his head secretively at Ginny. "'Lo, Fred. Feelin' all right? Didn't see any green, I hope?"

Fred rolls his eyes at Neville and crosses his arms over his chest, "Had to get out of the room. George is /still/ pissed at me and whining like a little girl. Sleep is the most elusive thing I've ever tried to find and what is this about falling off a tower?"

Ginny shoots a sympathetic look towards Fred. "You could always go down to Madame Pomfrey, she has all sorts of sleeping draughts." She purposefully ignores the question about towers.

"Nothing," Neville says quickly, pushing himself up. "I was just on my way to bed. No problems sleeping here, thanks to not having any brothers." He gathers up his bookbag. "Thanks, Ginny. I owe you. Fred." Nevile tips his head. "G'night!" And up the stairs he goes!

Fred waves a hand to Neville and then raises an eyebrow to Ginny, "Come on, tell big brother all small fry." He grins to her and leans forward in his chair, "I need something amusing."

Ginny shakes her head so vigorously her hair flies around. "Nuh uh! Neville asked me not to, so I'm not gonna. Simple as that." Yes, Ginny is stubborn, too. Must be a Gryffindor thing. "Are you okay?" Her tone turns more serious as she peers intently at her brother.

Fred shakes his head at her question and leans back again, "Nope, but I'll live Gin. George has been pissed at me in the past, just don't think this badly ever." He shrugs and gives a half smile, "Well I am a prat I guess."

Ginny frowns thoughtfully. "You two will work it out, I'm sure. Your fights never last too long." She sounds fairly certain about this. Just then, there's an inquisitive chirp, and Ginny's cat has arrived. "Hi, Sabrina," she greets the feline in a gooey voice.

Fred nods his head at Ginny's assumption, "I know Angelina thinks he'll stay mad forever but I told her he'll get over it." Looking to the cat the older boy rolls his eyes, girl and their cuddly wuddlies.

"I wouldn't worry too much about it," Ginny suggests, then extends her fingertips to the cat. The feline - no longer a kitten, if her gangly limbs are any indication - sniffs them. "Gone any good pranks lately?"

Fred grins at this and just has to ask, "Didn't like the toilet seats?" He shakes his head though, "Nah, nothing really good. To much bloody homework to catch up on, teacher are cruel, I have pastimes to attend to."

Ginny laughs! "Those were you? Why am I surprised? You'd better hope Mum doesn't find out about those. All the third year girls have been talking about it." She snorts, running a hand over her face.

Fred winks to his little sister, "Yep I did make a promise." He smiles and uncrosses his arms finally, "So planning a little shin dig for Jackson's birthday, you have to come or I drag you there."

Ginny shifts in her chair, patting an empty spot for the cat to jump onto. "Sure, I'll come. He seems like a good kid. What did you have in mind?"

Fred shrugs, "Leave that up to the girlly. I'm just suppose to con the house elves into making a huffle themed cake…bug Angie about it." He says and covers a touch of a yawn, "Hey Gin can I ask a dumb question?"

Ginny chuckles. "I bet Jackson will like that! Little badgers and all." She strokes the cat's head absently, and nods. "Sure! Wouldn't be the first time you'd asked me a dumb question." Ginny grins.

Fred raises an eyebrow at his sister and then wags his finger at her, "You watch that tongue Missy or mum will start getting mad at me for talking through you." He winks and then sigh, yep Fred Weasley sighing, "And I really that big of a prat? I mean the copy of me made a few good points in the void, I laugh it off and the real copy of me out here is saying the same things. Maybe I've gotta, you know…I don't know. I'm truly confused." Who else does Fred actually ask when George won't talk to him?

Ginny looks thoughtful at this line of questioning. "I dunno. I mean, you're my brother, I'm used to you all being prats. I guess not any more than any of the rest of you." She grins slightly. "Does that help?"

Fred reaches over to ruffle Ginny's hair if she doesn't duck out of the way, "Ah thanks, always loved being just like the rest of them." He rolls his eyes, "Yeah sure Ginny." He then has to ask again, "So what did Nevler tell you all about? Was it about Nia?" He waggles his eyebrows for effect.

Ginny lets her hair be ruffled, making an exaggeratedly pained face. "I'm not telling! He asked me not to tell you. My lips are sealed." She crosses her arms over her chest, as if that were that.

Fred tries to put a hurt look on his face but is still smiling as he clutches at his shirt over his heart, "He asked you to not tell me specifically? Oh this is so unfair, I might protest."

Ginny lets out a snort. "No, he told me not to tell anyone. You're such a drama queen." She sticks her tongue out at her brother, then resumes petting the cat, who has begun to purr.

Fred raises an eyebrow towards Ginny and sticks out his tongue childishly, "Me a drama queen…I do have to protest that." He states and shakes his head, "I'll just bug him for information later, he has to tell /me/."

Ginny scoffs. "You know you are, don't even try to argue that you're not. And leave poor Neville alone, the boy has to have some secrets. If he wants you to know, he'll tell you."

Fred fakes a pout and crosses his arms again, "Hey I'm just as dramay as you are Gin-gin. How is that Potter boy of yours anyways? Am I allowed to off him yet?" He asks a touch to gleeful.

Ginny giggles softly. "Dramay? That's not even a word, Fred. Don't let a professor hear you say it! 'specially Professor McGonagall." At the mention of Harry, she blushes slightly. "He's good. And no, you can't off him," her tone is stern.

Fred rolls his eyes, "It's a word now. I officially say dramay is a real word and shall stay that way." He slaps his hand down on the chair's arm and grins, "Really? Can't off him? I'm /soooo/ disapointed."

"Uh huh. I bet if you say that around a Ravenclaw - or worse, Hermione - they will berate you for it. They might even throw books at your head. I'd watch out, if I were you." Ginny pointedly ignores more comments about Harry.

Fred pretends to duck and cover saying, "Bring em on, I've had Molly Weasley practice." Fred chuckles and standing up waves to his sister, "Night Runt." Before he heads up the stairs hoping Georgey boy went to sleep.

On the heels of Ginny's grin is a considerable yawn. "Oof. I should get to bed, too." Rising from the chair, Ginny begins to gather up all the books and paper and bring them up to her room.

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