1995-03-25: Language Barriers


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Scene Title Language Barriers
Synopsis As agreed upon, Bill takes Fleur outside Diagon Alley
Location Muggle London - Piccadilly Circus
Date Mar 25, 1995
Watch For Fleur. What else?
Logger WAW

It was a bit of cheating really, but for Fleur's first time out of Diagon Alley, Bill did find and choose a French restaurant within walking distance. It wasn't the most upscale place, but it was nice enough, and much less dingy than the Leaky Cauldron. At any rate, Bill found no fault with it, and he'll leave it up to Fleur to tell him how the cuisine stacked up to the motherland. Dinner's up and he's offered his arm so that he can escort her from the restaurant. "Do you want to see a bit of this area before going back to the Leaky Cauldron, Miss Delacour?"

Bill took a big gamble, taking a French woman to a French restaurant that /isn't/ in France. But the nice thing about England's Proximity to the other country, is that it isn't hard to get chefs who know what they're doing, so the cuisine isn't absolutely horrid. Truly about the most Bill had to deal with was Fleur repeatedly telling the waiter that he was pronouncing the dishes' names wrong. Because silly boy does not know how to speak properly! Well, speak French properly, at any rate. But, moral of the story; Bill leaves without an incident on his hands. Just a stuffed foreigner. He asks a question, and she glances about all these parks. "Hm." She ponders it, then lifts a shoulder. "Oui. That iz fine."

Since the restaurant was muggle in nature, Bill's blending in nicely with the non-magical folk. The exchange rate of galleons to pounds wasn't too difficult, he does work for a bank after all. It's a nice enough evening, just a lingering chill after an earlier rain. Dinner was a gamble, yes, and he wasn't embarrassed by Fleur's stream of corrections. All is going well enough, and if it will keep up this pace? Excellent. "Let's just walk a bit this way. There's an excellent place if you like dancing. It's a club, err, disco." To use a more European term for the establishment. "I go there a fair bit. I'm not as familiar with muggle London as some, but this area? I know it well enough." He then starts pointing out some of the older buildings, and the closer they get to the Circus, the statues and monuments in passing.

Fleur's probably causing whiplash. Even if she knows to keep the veela blood to a dull roar around muggles, some things can't be helped. She frowns a bit as Bill speaks, trying to push words here and there so they're more understandable. But the term disco is easy enough to understand and she looks as if her interest is at least perked a bit. "It is alright." she comments about the area. It's said in a dull sort of fashion, as if she's not really impressed, but at the same time, she's not /horridly/ put off either.

If the whiplash is happening, Bill's not complaining. He's never been one to be all, hey look at who I'm with, but someone as nice looking as Fleur? It can go to your head a bit. He laughs a bit, "Sorry, so this isn't really your cup of tea." He likes the Piccadilly area, it's always so full of life the times he goes to the club nearby. "What do you like to do for fun then?" Let's start there, where he should have started.

What does she like to do? "Ze walk, it is nice. And I am curious to see your dancing," place she means. Or hell, maybe she just wants to see if Bill dances funny. Fleur waves a hand as she speaks, "What I like, it is changing from…" She makes a moving motion with her fingers. "time. Sometimes, I am not liking the walking or dancing. But sometimes I am." Wow, that made no sense now that the words actually left her lips.

Bill laughs at Fleur. "Worried I'm that bad of a dancer? I'm passable." He hasn't taken much opportunity to go dancing in awhile. New Year's was the first in a bit of time. He doesn't realize Fleur means the club and not /his/ dancing. He's going to puzzle that one over as Fleur says what she likes to do. Aaah, language barriers. "So you mean it just depends on your mood then?" /That/ makes sense to him.

Ah! "Oui," she says with emphatic nodding. She's glad he understood that, because she's not sure if she did. Well, it made sense in her head, anyway. Fleur continues to take in the parks they walk past, or through. Taking in the muggles, many of which get a frown of distaste at whatever they're wearing. But, fortunately, she's keeping the commentary down to a minimum. Perhaps she's trying to make Bill's life easier tonight?

Bill /did/ say he was used to language barriers! "There's /got/ to be something else you like. Books, music? What about your family?" He's trying to get her to talk a bit more. How else is she going to learn the language, right?

Fleur lifts a finger to lightly tap on her chin, very delicately mind. She ponders the question. "I like music. My family, they are eh…us." She waves a hand between them indicating their wizardry. "Books…zey are boring. Too many words, sometimes, not enough…" Again her hand rolls. If Bill wasn't holding the other one, that would probably be moving as well, as if having her hands move about as she spoke helped her to be understood. "Things happening with ze words."

Okay. Books are out. Music is in. Excellent. Still, that's so little to go on! "I'm fine with books, but I did study quite a bit in school." He's not as in love with them as oh, say, Percy. "I'm rather fond of music. I like being active, so being a curse-breaker was great for that. I do like the quiet too, when I can find it. I'm from a large family, so I'm used to a lot of noise and activity."

Hey, you try telling your hobbies when sometimes you can't formulate the proper words and see how talkative you are! "Oh? How large? It would be bothersome, much noise. I only have my one sister. She is younger, but attending school." She frowns here, though, and it seems even in Fleur's neck of the woods, stereotypes happen. "You study a lot, then why a curse breaker? It sounds…not studious." She also points out his rather un-studious additions to his looks; the pony tail and the earring(s?).

Point taken. So Bill will yammer on a bit, trying to encourage Fleur to speak up a bit too. "I'm the eldest, I've got five brothers and one sister, who's the youngest. It's rare these days that we can all get together, but when there's a few of us? It's pretty loud and crowded." He also wouldn't have it any other way. He grins now, and offers a shrug, "I like to learn, and I did quite well in school, but I like a bit of adventure. Working behind a desk is okay, but it was good fun after studying so hard at school.. to get out, go into the tombs and work on making cursed items safe."

Fleur looks aghast. "That is…seven children." She's even got her hand up to her throat and everything! Then, Bill can guess what just crossed her mind because that hand now moves to her hips and she's making a funny face. For some reason, she doesn't really utter what just crossed her mind either. Bill should be thankful his date kept her mouth closed for once. "Cannot imagine so many children. All at once. Noise Noise noise…Nyeh." She just shudders a bit, as if she can't even imagine herself having one kid, much less seven. Oh, it isn't true, but Bill doesn't need to know that! "Ah. Adventure is…it is not very clean." she wiggles her fingers. "I dislike dirt under fingernails." She's now looking around the area. "Where is your dancing?"

Bill grins widely at Fleur, "We get that reaction a lot." So he's not offended. "Yup. Seven of us. Can't say it was easy, but it's also been great." He loves his family and wouldn't trade any of them. "Two of my brothers, Fred and George, they're twins. They like to make a lot of trouble, but they're quite funny. They like to play jokes a lot." Fang earring bobbing as he shrugs and nods his head, "I can't imagine that you would like the career. It's very dirty, and dangerous… oh it's right over here." Then he's steering Fleur off inside.. and will probably regale her with a few tales about some of the more daring exploits in Egypt.

Twins even! Poor Bill, Fleur's mental image of his mother's going to cause all sorts of problems should she ever actually meet the woman. Still, it seems interesting. But the career, Fleur makes a dismissing sort of face. "Not at the moment. Maybe later dirt will be fine." Because she is only seventeen! And oh! They are there? She blinks and will step back and look, and actually be impressed about the plain in sight but not really things were!

"Right. There's plenty of time. How about we go on and forget about talking for a bit?" Bill says, before escorting her on in. She's interning, there'll be more time to work on her speaking skills later. (Even if this means not listening to her speak for a bit.) "Come on then, it's quite excellent inside."

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