1994-09-28: Lady Luck


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Scene Title Lady Luck
Synopsis Snape introduces the class to Felix Felicis.
Location Potions Classroom, Hogwarts
Date September 28, 1994
Watch For Snape being nice!
Logger Snape

The Potions Classroom is, as usual, frightfully drab and boring with that extra element of squeamish horror that makes it a truly uncomfortable place to be for most. A cauldron sits upon the teacher’s desk, a lid placed upon it to keep the contents away from prying eyes although in the dim room it is impossible not to notice the brilliant, golden glow that seems to be seeping through the narrow crevice around the rim. It rattles from time to time in a non-threatening, even jaunty fashion. Closer inspection will find that the Cauldron is warm to the touch, although a small sign with ‘Do Not Touch’ written upon it seems to indicate that one should not attempt to find out.

Sorrel slips into the classroom nice and early, looking about for a seat. The cauldron up the front though does catch her eye, and the sign even more so. Do not touch? Why does she suddenly want to touch it more than ever now. The siren call of curiosity is strong, drawing her down towards the front of the room, but she isn't so bold as to actually touch it - any other class, maybe. Instead, she just rises on tiptoes, trying to glimpse in it as she passes by on her way to one of those front seats. Though she tries to be subtle about it, she's not.

Julian steps into to the classroom, finding his seat near the front. He gazes intently at the cauldron for a few moments, then sits down in the seat. He glances around at the classroom, wondering where his Head of House is. When he doesn't see him, he returns to studying the potion, hands deftly retrieving parchment and quill from his bag.

Right behind her fellow Ravenclaw, Aisling shuffles into the Potion's classroom. She stashes the book she had been reading up until this point and takes an empty seat towards the back. For the moment the cauldron is ignored, as for the first few moments after she arrives she's shuffiling through parchments and pulling out at least six quills with ink to supply them. This is her usual class ritual and by the expression that covers her face she's taking it all very seriously.

Donner spends a moment paused by the cauldron before finding his seat. Looking isn't touching! Sitting down in the second row, he takes out his quill and ink and plenty of parchment. Everything is arranged very precisely on his desk with no one thing actually touching another thing.

Melissa follows behind Aisling. She'd been doing some serious preparation for Potions between classes, hoping to get on Snape's good side (does he even have one?). So, she thinks she can handle whatever comes up. She adjusts her glasses a bit as she spies the cauldron… that glow could mean a few things, couldn't it? You can almost see her thoughts working as she moves to her seat, pondering the possibilities while getting out her supplies.

Ginny enters among a crowd of third-years, though their chattering immediately dies down once they reach the threshold of the classroom. They all knew Professor Snape well enough to keep that out of this place. Ginny finds a seat in the exact center of the seats, as she often did. Her brown eyes go curiously to the undeniably shiny cauldron, but she busies herself getting supplies out of her bag.

Giving the cauldron a similarly curious look as Sorrel as he passes it, Rene heads towards his usual seat near the end of the front row, settling down quietly while the rest of his classmates file inside. He can't help but keep the golden glow in his sight, but for really little other reason than the fact it is front and center for all of them to look at.

As the students eye it and find their seats, the Cauldron continues to wobble in place merrily – seeming content to do just that until something noisy and startling happens. The lid of the cauldron suddenly flips into the air, spins several times and lands with a clatter on the stone floor that breaks the silence totally. The contents of the potion now revealed, it appears to look as though someone has melted down thousands of gold galleons – the molten metal swirling about, barely contained by the heavy, silver cauldron. The lid now removed, droplets of the substance fly into the air like dolphins leaping from the water before they land in it once again.

Julian watches the potion. Anything's possible around here. He wouldn't be surprised if Professor Snape came rising out of the cauldron. When the lid falls on the floor, he starts and continues to watch it. "What is that?" He whispers to his fellow front-row students.

Sorrel lets out a little exclamation of surprise as the cauldron's lid clatters to the floor. She didn't do it! her expression seems to say as she glances around with widened eyes. Just because she happened to be wishing for a peek inside at that very moment… And then realizing her chance, she can't help but rise from her seat, pushing again to tiptoes though she doesn't move from behind the desk - instead, it's used as leverage as she tries to peer over and see what's going on inside of there.

Melissa grins as she sees the jumping liquid. Now she's narrowed it down… This is going to be a tough, yet interesting class…

Coinciding with the lid clattering, Aisling finishes with her quill organizing and finally sees what has the first years murmuring. Not for the first time when a cauldron is going she's glad she elected to take a back seat. Though in this instance the thrid year rises half out of her seat to get a better look … then starts to flip through her stack of notes. She's /had/ to have written something about a bubbiling golden substance.

When the lid pops off, Donner sits up straighter too, trying to get a closer look. His motive isn't just pure curiosity however, Donner is sure this will be on the test. He dips his quill and starts scratching notes on to his parchment, recording his observations about the potion, his classmates, how this is all happening before the arrival of the professor, and how when that potion boils over they are going to be in serious trouble.

"I don'know what it is." Quite possibly, Rene makes the most sense. "Sorrel! Don'get to close." The boy calls out hesitantly to Sorrel when she gets up to tiptoe over, hands fluttering in the air for a moment as if he can pull her back by simply flagging her down.

The potion, so happy and bubbly, seems to beckon to the students. In fact, if it could talk it would most likely be saying 'Come drink me. You won't regret it. Honest.' Unfortunately, it cannot talk so it simply sits there, content to let the droplets leap across the surface like playful fish. Maybe Potions won't be all that bad if they're studying such a nice and friendly-looking potion. Maybe Potions will actually be-


The door to the class flies open, the braziers flare - bringing the classroom from a dim, barely lit room to almost painfully bright for a moment. Snape stalks along one side of the classroom; spinning about on the spot once he reaches the head of it and waving his wand. The heavy door slams noisily once again and the Potions Master lifts an eyebrow at the assembled students. Almost challenging them.

"Hazard. Sit. Who can name the potion in the Cauldron? Don't bother to refer to your texts for you shan't find it there."

Sorrel is back into her seat like a shot as the professor enters and orders her to sit. Rene gets a wide-eyed look, the usually unapologetic girl perhaps even a tiny bit sheepish for letting her curiosity get so much the better of her in here. Whether she knows the answer or not, there's no rush to call it out. No, she'll keep a low profile until she's quite sure she's not going to get blamed for knocking the lid off the cauldron.

Julian hasn't a clue. He wouldn't have asked otherwise. He watches the teacher stride to the front with admiration in his gaze. He glances over to Sorrel, wondering if she knows what the potion is.

Melissa raises her hand eagerly. As it happened, it wasn't a Potions book that she read about this potion- it was a Quidditch book. But any bit counts…

Oh how Donner wishes he could answer the question! Alas, he cannot, and can only sit poised to write the potion's name as the header for his notes so they can be properly titled.

Rene watches Sorrel sit back down with a bit of a scornful look in his eye. He apparently isn't sure of the answer either, so for now he just sits back and watches the room from where he sits. Nice and friendly looking potions be damned- Rene of all people knows too well that looks can be deceiving. With their luck, it is instant death bubbling over.

Aisling is just the tiniest bit sheepish that she doesn't have any clue. Especally when Melissa is so eager to raise her hand. Instead of lamenting for too long, she silently cheers her on. Maybe it will mean a couple of house points.

Ginny tilts her head to the side, eyeing the deliciously golden potion with. Like most of the students present, she isn't quite sure of the answer.

“Burch,” Snape says, lifting an eyebrow at the First Year, “What do you think it is?”

He does not presume she’d know and may in fact be surprised – but all of that is concealed by the practiced, even stare he has long since mastered. Pale hands folded in front of him, the Potion continues to bubble merrily behind him – completely unperturbed by the menacing presence of Severus Snape.

Melissa nods affirmatively. "That would be…" She thinks a bit, trying to make sure she gets the pronunciation right. "Felix Felicis, Professor," she finally says with a smile.

Julian is still in the dark, so he just watches, writing down 'Felix Felicis'. It may or may not be the right one, but if not, he'll look it up to learn what that potion is. Then, maybe if it shows up later, he'll know.

Sorrel glances over as she feels eyes on her, giving Julian and Rene a somewhat curious look in return for their own. What? As the moment seems to have passed and she's not in trouble, she begins to relax back into the swing of things, glancing back over her shoulder at Melissa and then turning to the front expectantly, waiting to see if her housemate is right.

Aisling beams proudly at the younger Ravenclaw and like Julian put down the name in her notes. There's got to be something special about the potion if it looks like that and has such an offbeat name. Like something couldn't decide on what to call it and gave it their own.

Donner writes "Felix Felicis" and underlines it. Gold. Jumps. Seems constrained to it's container. "Happy." Is not intimidated by Snape. Function?

"Yes. Felix Felicis."

Snape gestures to the Cauldron, eyeing the substance as though it has personally offended him. A wave of his wand causes the Cauldron's lid to rise from the floor and settle down on the desk, the droplets seeming to patter out a pleasant tune in their leaping about the potion.

"Illegal in competition, Felix Felicis is - essentially - luck distilled into a physical form. By drinking it, you are granted luck to the point where almost nothing can go wrong. The choice draught of those who are too incompetent or lazy to succeed on their own it is, fortunately, far too difficult for all but the most skilled to brew. Viciously toxic if taken in excess, and dangerous to the mind even with slight overuse, you will not be required to make it yourself although you will know the process and the ingredients."

Continuing on, Snape lifts the lid from the desk and slams it down noisily upon the Cauldron - and one could almost swear the substance seemed to sigh in a disappointed fashion.

"The use of Felix Felicis in competition or school work is expressly forbidden."

Rene picks up his quill to write, keeping his eyes between Professor Snape and the rest of the class. His eyes land on the cauldron as the man closes it up, and- wait, does he feel sorry for it? Can he feel sorry for a potion? A bit. He thins his lips and draws in his lower, scribbling something down on his parchment to catch up with what Snape has said. Rene peers neutrally ahead, thoughtful. If they're not going to brew it or use it, then why are they even being shown?

Julian scribbles all this down. Luck in a bottle. He watches the bubbles pop, and now understands the draw. "Where'd you learn that?" He turns quickly to Melissa. Without waiting for an answer he turns back around, waiting to hear the details of the process.

Melissa nods and takes down the information. She didn't know all that about the side effects… But she's thankful they don't have to make it in class.

As the professor picks up the lid and slams it back down on the cauldron, Sorrel jumps slightly. Taking up her quill, she quickly bows her head over her parchment and begins scribbling down some notes, avoiding looking Snape's way for several moments. It's too easy to get into trouble in this class and she's not wanting to take chances on getting blamed about that lid.

Aisling is too far away to say it, but mouths 'good job' to the back of Melissa head's and merrily goes back to taking notes. She writes in one color and underlines the important words in another from a seperate quill and ink bottle. As long as they don't have to make it she's in fine spirits.

Ginny dips her quill into her inkpot and scrawls across her parchment: Felix Felicis. Luck. Illegal. Dangerous. Shiny. She underlines this last word a few times. She admires the golden potion from afar, then adds "Ask Hermione more later" to her notes.

“The reason you are being shown this potion,” Snape continues, exercising his ability to answer questions that have not been asked, “Is because it is an incentive. While overuse will kill you, a small amount will provide for a perfect day – or as perfect as a day not brought about by your own ingenuity and skill can be.”

He continues on, gesturing to the cauldrons laid out before the class, “You will be answering questions this class. Limited knowledge being, of course, no excuse as you should all have read your text books during the summer break. The student with the most correct answers shall be rewarded with this.”

Snape reaches into his robes and produces a small phial that seems to be filled with the same molten gold as the cauldron. He holds it aloft for the class to see.

Julian is doomed. If it's over something not in the textbook, he doesn't have much of a chance. However, that's never stopped him before. He frowns, and waits for the questions to start rolling in. He'll answer what he can, and try to get it, if for no other reason than to earn the honor for his House. But that stuff could be seriously useful. He scribbles down a few more notes about the Felicis, and sets his quill down, looking up at the teacher to await his questions.

Donner breathes a sigh of relief at the news. Memorizing, now that he's a champ at. He pauses in his furious storm of notes. Wait, they -get- one?! He looks up, daring to actual meet the professor's eyes to judge if he's kidding. Okay, Snape probably wouldn't -kid-, but lying is possible.

Melissa nods, getting a determined look. She hasn't quite read the whole book, but… most of it. But, if she won, what would she do with it? She couldn't use it on a class day, apparently… But, no point asking that question just yet.

Sorrel looks back up from her notes, leaving off midword as Snape issues that particular challenge. Her eyebrows go up and she leans forward eagerly, eyeing the golden phial. Since losing points in that very first class, she's taken to reading most any book on Potions she can find, just in case Snape asks her some obscure question and expects an answer. It was done just to avoid further trouble, but now that it might pay off in a perfect day…? Sorrel can't help but smile a little at that idea.

Aisling leans back in her seat with a sigh of relief that mirrors Donner's. Reading and memorizing - great, putting it into practice… eh, she needed some work. Feeling more confident than she had since class began, she looks up the professor and waits. Winning would be nice, but she didn't want to let her year or house down ether.

Ginny boggles. Now, this was prime! Ginny glanced from left to right, seeing similar looks of shock on her classmates' faces. Was this really happening? Ginny pinched herself. Ow! Okay, yes. She wriggles a little in her seat, excited.

Snape giving out prizes that don’t involve detention – will the wonders never cease? He moves straight to the questions, hands folded across his chest.

“What creature is ground up for use in the Wit-Sharpening Potion?”

Sorrel furrows her brow trying to think, and then as it comes to her, she opens her mouth to speak. But then, classroom etiquette slowly getting through that thick skull, and not wanting to take any chances on not winning, her hand shoots up into the air and she has to purse her lips together to keep from just shouting it out.

Julian raises his hand, knowing the answer. He glances around to see who else knows it. He frowns, sure one of the Ravenclaws is going to win this challenge.

Aisling had the quick metal image of a shiny bug as soon as the potion is mentioned, and quickly raises her hand up into the air. In the back she may have a disadvantage- but at least she'll give it a go.

Rene is the next one to raise his hand, adjusting himself in his seat as if that might make him a little bit taller. Or noticable, period.

Melissa looks and notices several hands already raised. Too slow, she thinks, not bothering to raise her hand. It's not like all of the others could be wrong…

When the forest of hands go up, Snape somehow manages to spot the diminutive one in the back. A slight sneer upon his features, he inclines his head towards Rene and demands of him: "Answer."

Now is such a good time to realize you might not be able to pronounce the word. Good job, Rene, you little Franglish freak. But, somehow, he pulls through and doesn't mess it up, though he does have a split second hesitation before answering. "Scarab beetles, sir."

Julian knew it. He really did. He nods to Rene, and waits for the next question, writing the information down. If the man is asking questions about it, it's probably important.

Aisling already has it in her notes, but writes the information down anyway- along with the other ingredients that are required to finish the potion. She wrinkles her nose as she draws a tiny picture of a beetle next to the word and fills it in with the ink of her red tipped pen. Nasty little buggies.

Melissa gives her forehead a little slap. Of *course*. She notes that down for next time, and steels herself for the next question.

Sorrel frowns and lowers her hand as her good manners don't get her the point. Slowly, she lowers her hand back down and picks up her quill, making note of it as well - and also a note that Rene got the point for that one. Of course she's keeping score herself.

“What is the primary effect of Veritaserum when used on a wizard or witch?” Snape asks, not indicating whether Rene was right or wrong – although the fact that he moves on to another question may indicate the former. He glances into the forest of raised hands and says: “Hazard. Answer.”

Sorrel seems a little surprised - but vindicated - when her raised hand does the trick this time. She sits up a little straighter, as if that will somehow make her score even more here. "Veritaserum makes a wizard or witch tell the truth," she replies, sounding fairly confident in that answer.

Julian has his hand raised. His left hand, because he's busy scribbling questions and answers down with the right hand. He'll have a good list of potions and ingredients soon, if this keeps up.

Donner feels secure enough in his knowledge to raise his hand this time, but it goes up later than the others. He nods at Sorrel's answer as he writes, pleased that at least he would have been right had he been called on.

Ginny is a little too slow to be called on; she'd have to get some hand-raising techniques from Hermione. She smiles at Sorrel as she answers, then glances to Snape, waiting to for the information to be confirmed.

Aisling has heard from some of the upper years it's a possible NEWT potion, so she underlines the potion's name with three of the six colors… just in case. Yes, she is the kind of girl to look back at her notes from third year during sixth year. If they're good enough, why not?

“Where would you find a bezoar?” Snape asks next, and his eyes scour the room – making note of any hands that do not happen to go up. Being as he teaches this in his first First Year lesson, it would not do, he imagines, to not know. His eyes find Julian in the crowd, “Legume. Answer.”

Julian wrinkles his nose. "In the stomach of a goat, Professor." He feels confident in his answer. He meets Snape's gaze.

Oh sure, don't ask her now that she knows the answer. Sorrel frowns down at her page, making note of this (even though she made sure to know it after that dreadful first lesson) and the current score. A sore loser? Perhaps she is. But she looks back up, ready for the next chance to show how much she's learned since then.

Aisling puts the finishing touches on a rather cross looking goat's head and joins in the nose wrinkiling. She remembers seeing one of those shrivelled up bezoars once and they looked about as nasty as an old goat who could stomach them.

Donner makes a small "tch," sound as he lowers his hand. That would have been a fun question to answer, he ate goat once. Gamey, but lean. No beozar in that one though.

“Certain illegal branches of Potion-making use blood from which equine magical creature?” Snape asks, stalking up and down before the class with a distant and contemplative look in his eyes. As the hands are raised, he gestures at Ginny, “Weasley. Answer.”

Ginny resists the urge to do a dance of joy in her chair. She got called on! Hallelujah! So intense is her joy, she almost forgets the answer. "Unicorn, sir!" She answers, crossing her fingers under the desk.

Julian watches the redhead answer the question and shakes his head at her exuberance. That's the right answer, he knows, but it's not that big of a deal, is it? He smirks and returns his attention to the front.

Aisling grins at her fellow third year, knowing what it'slike. She crosses her fingers for Ginny and waits to see if she's right too.

Donner's hand is only halfway into the air when Ginny is called on, and he puts it down gratefully when she answers. Unicorn, he writes, crossing out his answer of hippogriff.

Melissa nods toward Ginny. That's what she thought too.

“What is the classic term for Fluxweed?” Again, the Potions Master surveys the class – making a mental note of all the hands that do not raise before he stares at Donner, “Jones. Answer.”

Donner's hand went up slowly, and he takes his time setting it down again before answering. Come on, he read this just two days ago, what was it? "Isssanthis brachus? Isanthis brachus," he repeats more confidently.

Julian frowns. He probably wouldn't have gotten that one. He was going to give the other common name. He notes for himself that when the professor asks for the 'classical' name, he wants the one in Latin. "Good job, Jones." Bean whispers, still scribbling on his paper.

Melissa frowns as she hears correct answers all around… she thought she'd have gotten one by now. But, it's good to know…

“Brachiatus,” Snape corrects with a sneer, although for some reason he isn’t deducting points or belittling the students. Something must have gotten into the Potions Professor today – he is behaving a little left of usual.

“And finally – why would one add flobberworm parts to a potion? Ryan. Answer.”

Aisling is just about to drop her hand and add to her notes when to her surprise her own name is called. She straightens up and answers without a beat in her drawl- the first thing she's said all class, "The mucus from the flobberworm is used as a potion thickener." The Ravenclaw holds her breath and saves the dance until she knows she's right.

Melissa gives a nod- she remembered buying some flobberworm parts for her father before, so she knows exactly what they're for. If only he hadn't asked the next question so quickly…

Donner mutters the correct pronunciation to himself, sounding it out for his notes, plus a comment to look up the spelling later to double check. Rats, he's running out of room and his notes are running together. He checks the time, they've got to be almost done, right? He can probably fit the rest of the notes on this sheet.

Snape turns his back to the class once Aisling has answered, his bat-like cloak concealing what he is doing around the cauldron of Felix Felicis from view. He does not speak for a long while, finally turning around with a number of vials – seven of them to be precise. There is a faint hint of something in his eyes as he comes around, depositing a vial in front of Melissa, Sorrel, Aisling, Ginny, Julian, Rene and Donner. Each filled with Felix Felicis, glowing merrily.

“Class dismissed.”

Melissa grins widely as she gets one, not even expecting it. "Thanks a lot, Professor Snape!" she says, barely believing what's happening. Now, she just has to think… what to use it for?

Sorrel just continues to get a bit annoyed when she doesn't get called on for a second time. Without a second point, there's no clear- Oh. She sits up straight again as the vial of potion is deposited in front of her and she looks a bit flummoxed, reaching out to take it with a slightly uncertain expression. But once it's in hand, her smile surely grows.

Julian looks down at his desk and eyes the vial. That's the other fair thing, he figures. He frowns at the vial, picking it up, eying the contents, watching it bubble and slosh. "Thank you, Professor." He sticks it inside his robe, in the breast pocket of his shirt. He will find a good use for this. Maybe to help him figure out… He gives the professor a genuine smile, the gears turning in his head. He's getting ideas. He rolls up his notes, stuffs all of it back into the bag, and slings the bag onto his shoulder.

Donner's quill slips out of his hand when the vial lands in front of him, skittering ink droplets across his parchment. That's totally okay though, because while there's a whole list of things he can't use this potion for, he suspects there's a much longer list of things he can use it for. And that's pretty neat.

Aisling takes a long needed breath after she's not corrected. Disecting flobberworms was always a /favorite/ activity. How could she forget? Though she might as well suck it back in when there's apprently a vial for her and the rest of the class. A curious glance is briefly flashed to Snape, and she pulls the vial towards her as a check is done over it. "Thank you, sir." She chimes in after the rest.

Even after Snape turns away and dismisses them, Rene looks immensely apprehensive about finally picking up the vial in his fingers. When he does, he examines it a little more slowly than most, glancing up at Professor Snape when he tucks it into his breast pocket just like Julian. "Merci." Rene bows his head just enough to notice, before he begins to order his things.

Melissa starts packing her things and gets up, looking at the other lucky (?) winners. She wonders who's going to try it first… she doesn't think it'll be her. It seems a bit too suspicious that Snape would give out prizes in class…

Oh, man! Ginny boggles big time as the vial is set in front of her. "Th-thank you, Professor," Ginny says, still blinking. She tucks the vial into a safe pocket in her bag, then collects her things and stows them into her bag. The potion glows merrily.

Snape pays no regard to the thank you’s, waving a wand to prompt the classroom to clean itself – the cauldron full of Felix Felicis disappearing quite suddenly as though it were never there. The vials, however, are full.

Waiting to provide that one lucky day.

This is the 1st-3rd Year Potions Class for the second week of May, 2009.

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