1994-07-04: Unicorns Like Vodka?


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Scene Title Unicorns Like Vodka?
Synopsis Siobhan spots and follows a man through Knockturn Alley, until he turns the tables and tells her to leave. Cho stumbles in after a cat, and somehow, unicorns must like vodka.
Date 04 July, 1994
Watch For Conflict, gardening bits and a cute - but evil - kitty.
Chronology N/A
Logger Siobhan

Knockturn Alley

Are you certain you want to go this way? Dangerous dealings are known to go on in this narrow, dingy alleyway. Just as you enter, there's a shop selling poisonous candles with an old wooden sign hanging above it that reads, 'Knockturn Alley'. Across the alley is another shop with a display of shrunken heads in the window. A couple of doors down is a large cage filled with huge black spiders crawling over each other. Just as with Diagon Alley there are a few street vendors to be found, but from the looks of them, it's questionable as to how close you want to get in order to see what they're selling.

Knockturn Alley…always a place for the more dark aspects of magic. It's certainly not a place that the Ministry fully approves of. There are street vendors flecking the path, though there are much more suspicious looking than most of the stores, however. With all the dark magic and questionable items here, it would make one wonder…what would a Ministry worker, even one who is an Unspeakable, doing here? William Millingstone is just exiting Borgin and Burkes, though he seems to be on his way to one of the vendors as well. What could he but up to? Anyone who knows him well knows he's adamantly against dark magic. But…perhaps this is some mysterious work related shopping spree? You can never fully know with the Department of Mysteries.

Leaving one of the shops further down, a large canvas bag slung over one shoulder, Siobhan adjusts her burden and slips her sunglasses on top of her head. It's too dark to wear them here. Paused as she is, the movements of a certain familiar man catch her gaze. Eyes narrow in concentration as she examines his features. Isn't he a Ministry man? Intrigued by this undeniably odd set of circumstances, she lets him move on a bit more and then starts to follow him. Her muggle clothing sticks out here like a sore thumb, but she seems to be enough of a regular that she garners no further notice than a few nods of recognition and the rare smile - all of which she returns with her trademark sunny grin. Every so often, she pauses at one vendor or another, examining wares varying from books to seeds to a bottle claiming to hold phoenix tears. Despite this, she makes quite sure to keep him within her line of sight. A mystery indeed…

William makes a stop at one of the vendors who seems to be advertising a potion that will give you the power to summon a unicorn at will. "Summon a unicorn, you say?" He gives the man a few knuts for the bottle. A few metres away, he stops off to the side and opens the bottle. Taking a whiff, he shakes his head with a small, soft smile. "Smells like vodka." He mutters and shakes his head. He slips it into a pocket however for later. Maybe there's something more to it than smell can entail.

A bit thrilled with her success thus far, Siobhan chances moving closer. Perhaps she can catch a few snippets of conversation. "Summon a unicorn…?" she mutters to herself, eyeing a similar bottle with disdain. "That has ta be the silliest thing I've ever heard." Rifling through the other wares on display here, she watches the Ministry man from the corner of her eye as he sniffs the bottle and then pockets it. What a strange, strange man…

A strange man? Perhaps. William would never say otherwise. From the corner of his eyes he watches a gal purchase the same thing. Didn't he just watch her come out of another store a few minutes ago? Curious…how very curious. Now his old auror instincts are kicking in. He saw her leave another store, she's buying the exact same thing…there's something strange about that, right?

Siobhan would never deny her own strangeness; never has, in fact. Still… Exchanging a few knuts for her own bottle, she slips it into her canvas bag and glances up. Catching his eye on her - she thinks - the young Slytherin offers him a bright smile and then turns in the opposite direction, heading for the stall next door. She spies a basket of seeds and starts haggling their worth with the vendor, every so often sneaking glances at the mysterious man.

William gives the girl a little smile and nod, leaning up against a wall. Though he may seem familiar to her, he's not sure he's seen her before. Or has he? Has he seen here while seeing his daughter to and from Hogwarts. Though, he could be mistaking her, but she does seem quite familiar. He pushes himself off the wall and decides to go investigate. "Excuse me, Miss?" He says to Siobhan. "Would you happen to be a student or recent graduate of Hogwarts?" She looks like she's old enough to be graduating this year or having graduated recently.

With a grin that's - oddly enough - echoed by the street vendor she'd been haggling with, Siobhan exchanges a few coins for a large bag of those seeds. She's about to check up on that mystery man again when a voice at her elbow startles her. "Oh! Hullo," she greets him; a bit breathless. "I am, actually. Seventh year comin' up in a few months." Her smile doesn't waver, but an astute observer may note her dilated pupils or the slight tension in her stance. Sio and William are standing off to one side of the street in front of a vendor's, chatting. Sio's dressed in her usual muggle-style clothes and William is in a dark suit. "Did you have a…" She looks him up and down quickly, making a snap decision. "Child there?"

William has a habit of just appearing at peoples side when they last expect it. Probably a Department of Mysteries thing. "Yes. I had a daughter there." He says. "You know, you shouldn't be in here. Not safe for someone your age. He motions his head for for her to follow as he moves away from the vendor. "I should be escorting you out. You could get in trouble just for being here."

Siobhan follows him amiably enough at first. "Oh? What was her name?" That smile widens, the young Snake looking forward to a pleasant association. That is, at least, until he mentions escorting her away. At that, she rolls her eyes and pauses to inspect a "foe-glass" for sale. "If just being here was a crime, the Ministry would have shut the whole place down ages ago." She hefts her bag up a little higher on her shoulder. "I've been comin' here for years t' get things for my garden." Not that her family is aware of that little factoid, but what they don't know won't hurt them, right? "An' I've managed so far. So, sir, thanks for the offer, but no thanks."

"Here kitty kitty.." A few moments ago a small and cute little kitten just ran through the direction of Knockturn Alley from the side, and it seems there was a young girl following it. That young girl is of course, Cho Chang, dressed casually in muggle clothing, which consists of a dark blue blouse and a pair of snug fitting jeans. She pops her head towards the alley, now noticing just how creepy it is and she hrmms, chewing on her bottom lip before she runs towards Siobhan's direction, recognizing the older girl.

William looks at the girl lightly. "Mary Millingstone." He says at mention of his daughter's name. The approaching Cho may even recognize that name, if she heard it, of a Ravenclaw girl who graduated a year previously. He stops as Siobhan does. "You can buy items for a garden in Diagon Alley, however." He mentions, though no doubt she knew that already. "No doubt anything you need is there." As Cho approaches, he puts a face to a name…more specifically to the daughter of someone he works with on an almost daily basis, either in passing or on an actual project. "Hello." He greets her kindly. "You're Abra Chang's daughter, aren't you?"

"True, you can." Siobhan won't argue with that point. He's right, she knows. "Not true." Seems she only believes half of his statement. "The nightshade seeds are always too dry there because the Ministry put up some harsh rulings." She shrugs and moves on to the next stall, unwilling to let him dictate when she'll be leaving. "If someone is stupid enough to use nightshade or aconite that's too strong in concentration, then it's their own fault, not the vendors. First year potions students are taught better." As Cho arrives, her expression morphs smoothly from a mild agitation to a truly pleasant one. "Hullo, Cho! Hear anythin' from your friend?"

Cho blinks blankly as she stares up at the older man, having seen him before with her mother. She nods and smiles as she seems to forget about the cute kitty and nods. "Oh, yes! That's my mom!" she chirps brightly, suddenly stepping closer considering where they are. She gives a friendly little waggle of her fingers to Siobhan and nods, "Baba actually said yes to Professor Lupin! Can you believe that? It was because he said my marks in DADA weren’t high enough last year, so some private instruction might actually benefit me!"

William shakes his head at Siobhan. "But that as is, you should not be here. This is a more…adult oriented place." No, not in the dirty sense of the word. Just with all the Dark Magic lingering about, it's not exactly safe for people who don't know what they're doing and may not be able to protect themselves from a lot of the advanced magic. "Ah, I thought you seemed a bit familiar. You look a lot like your mother." He doesn't exactly know Cho's father, so he can't make a comparison. "Now, girls, we should be heading out of this littlest dark alley and into the more…agreeable area. I don't want either of you running into unpleasant types."

"Did he really?" Siobhan's eyes light up and her smile widens. "That's fantastic, Cho!" Really, she's very excited for the younger witch. It seems, however, that William is not about to let this thing go. Turning to face him fully, Siobhan's face becomes deadly serious, her jaw set and her brown eyes flashing. "I've managed so far without your help, /sir/. In the eyes of Wizarding Law, I /am/ an adult. It's not illegal for me to be here, so I'll do as I like, thanks." And with that, she turns back to the vendor, purchasing a cheap silver bracelet that she really doesn't need. Or want. Still, it's the principle of the thing. Composed now, she turns to the pair standing near her - though her smile is all for Cho - and re-settles her bag. "Now, I'm starved. Anyone else fancy a butterbeer?"

Oh. Em. Gee. Did Siobhan really just talk like that to an elder? Cho's eyes widen, staring at her in shock for a few moments before she looks back over to William, smiling brightly. "Oh, mom would love to hear you say that! But I do think I remember you.." she says before peeking out towards the alley. It seems the cute (and probably evil) kitty has gone away. She lets out a sad little sigh and nods at the mention of food. "Mmm, I could go for something, bangers I think.." she says with a sage nod.

William raises a cool eyebrow at Siobhan. "Miss, I could tell you of things about this alley that could make even a Death Eater recoil in fear." It's hard to tell if he's actually joking or not. "And didn't your parents ever teach you to not back to your elder like that? You should respect your elders, even if you don't exactly like what they have to say." And he's not saying that she can't come back when he's not around. What he doesn't see won't hurt him, of course. He smiles kindly at Cho. "She's a lovely woman, your mother." He chuckles. "I'm William Millingstone." He introduces himself lightly. "You two go ahead and have your fun and enjoy your food. I've got to be getting back to the Ministry." Though it can be assumed he'll stay to watch to make sure they get out safely.

"I'll respect someone who talks sense." Siobhan apparently digs her heels in deep. Stubborn little thing. Still, just because she doesn't know a thing, doesn't mean it isn't true. A lesson she'll have to learn the hard way, most likely. She doesn't bother with an introduction, just extends her hand to Cho - fingers wiggling - and smiles. "Bangers and mash sound good now, yeah. I'd /kill/ for some chips though!" She laughs then, the sound light and carefree. Perhaps the joke is lost on these two in particular, but Sio /always/ craves chips.

Cho remains sheepish for a few moments as William chastises Siobhan. It's best to just remain quiet during these moments, lest you get attention on your self, and that's something she wouldn’t want, at least not this kind of attention. "A pleasure to meet you Mr. Millingstone. I'll tell my mom you said hi.." and with that she looks over towards the older girl, nodding. "Mmm, chips would be good, but I do feel like bangers. I've been craving them since this morning.." she says before taking the Sio's hand, letting her fingers entwine with hers and skips off merrily. They do skip, right?

William shakes his head. "I've got more sense then anything. I used to be an auror fighting against the Dark Lord and his little minions. Can you claim that, little girl?" Le gasp! Well, no doubt he's on Siobhan's enemy list now. Oh well. "Look, I don't mean to be demeaning, so I'm sorry. I truly am." He sounds sincere in that. "But this isn't a place for just anyone to walk around in. You may have done so many times before, but it doesn't mean that the next time you come here won't be your last." He shakes his head. "But be on your way, have fun."

No, Cho; they do not skip. "No, I can't. But I can expect you to /listen/ when I say I'm fine. I'm not a child." His apology strikes a chord, but her anger and frustration won't let go of her just yet. "Look, don't worry about it, yeah? Just…" She sighs heavily, trying to rein in her temper. She knows about the vultures that roam these streets and they'd just love a fight. The ensuing chaos would be the perfect cover for all sorts of mischief. "The next time I get out of bed, I could trip an' break m'neck, even though I've done it millions of times. That mean I should stop gettin' out of bed?" And with that, she shifts her grip on Cho's hand to a mere grasping of palms rather than entwined fingers and tugs her along out of the alley.

William waves his hand. "This isn't up for questioning. Off with you two, now."

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