1994-12-23: Kittysnake


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Scene Title Kittysnake
Synopsis Ginny visits Torchwood Offices with Siobhan. Things happen.
Location Torchwood Offices, Hogsmeade
Date December 23, 1994
Watch For The box to open.
Logger Ginny

Arriving first, Siobhan taps her wand against her hip and follows the rather complex patterns Jack showed her to open the floo before her guest arrives. There, finished! Wand stowed away again, she waits for Ginny, moving towards the coffee-maker to spell clean a couple of mugs.

"Oof!" Ginny blinks a few times, smoothing her hair and ducking out from the fireplace. "Nice place your brother has. I forgot to say last time," she takes a proper look around, walking around the spacious office. "Your brother likes plushies?" Ginny asks as she pets the stuffed dragon.

With a glance over her shoulder, Siobhan bursts out laughing. "Aw, naw. That's just Myfanwy. He's had her for ages." Snagging two mugs, she fills them both, adding cream and sugar. "Bit of a mascot, he says." There's fondness evident in her tone, but whether it's fondness for Jack or Myfanwy is uncertain.

On Jack's desk, among the stacks of parchment and mounds of half-broken artifacts, is a pile of mail, crowned with a medium sized box. That shakes. And wiggles. Boxes shouldn't do that. Probably.

Ginny grins. "She looks well-loved. Odd name, though." With another pat to the dragon, she hears a rustling from Jack's desk. Turning, her brow furrows. "Um, Sio? Was your brother expecting any packages?" Her hand goes to her wand pocket.

"S'Welsh, actually. Jack said tha - No… Not that I know of anyway." She turns then, a mug in each hand. "Why?" Noting the hand to the pocket, she follows Ginny's gaze to the moving, wiggling box and just…stares. "What in the…"

The box, for it's part, wriggles and twitches and even flops around a bit before going very, very still.
"The box is moving." Ginny states calmly, though perhaps stating the obvious is her way of showing her nervousness. "Did your brother order a moving box, by any chance?" She takes a step closer to Siobhan, eyes never leaving the box.

"Not that I know of…" Granted, Siobhan for sure doesn't know everything Jack does. But a moving box? Surely he would have said something… Right? "Hang on. Stay back Gin." Safety first, after all. Setting the mugs back down on the counter, Sio goes for her wand, levitating the box gently over to a cleared space in the middle of the floor. With softly spoken, careful charms, she cuts the seams of the box. Turning to Ginny, she nods. "On the count of three, I'll drop the sides, okay?"

Ginny backs up slowly, then nods, drawing out her wand. She's ready to hit the box with a stunning charm if necessary. Her eyes narrow with concentration, and her tongue sticks out from between her lips. "1…."

"2…" Siobhan's wand is held out at the ready, her brown eyes narrowed in concentration as the box starts to move again. "Three!" And with a wave of her tiny wand, the sides of the box fall open to reveal… "A snake?" Disbelief is plain in Sio's voice, though she doesn't lower her wand arm just yet.

Yes, it is a snake. Of sorts. It's very small - only about eight inches long - and very white. For a long moment it lays quite still, eyes closed; but then, so very, very slowly, it begins to uncoil itself, spreading tiny feathered wings and yawning a Very Big Yawn. Its eyes do not open, but the soft, purrling coo - for that's the only word able to describe that sound - that it makes is more reminiscent of a kitten than a serpent.

Ginny squeals! "Ohmygod, Sio, it's a kittysnake!" Another squeal rends the air, and she puts away her wand, clapping her hands. Yes, she even bounces on the balls of her feet. "It's so cuuute!" Emboldened by the cuteness, Ginny steps closer and peers into the box. "Hello, you!" She baby-talks the little thing.

The little white 'kittysnake', upon having a voice so close to it, cringes backwards, which only causes it to flop over to the far side, hissing in surprise and… and cheeping rather pitifully.

Siobhan once again feels the rather Tonks-ish impulse to smack her hand against her forehead. "Ginny!" she hisses. "Get back away from there! You don't know if that thing's poisonous!" But the little cries melt her heart and she sheathes her wand, kneeling next to her friend. With gentle, careful hands, she scoops the tiny critter to be cradled in her palms. "Poor dear's probably starvin'. Who knows how long it's been stuck here in that box…"

"What? I'm not putting my hand in there or anything! What's it gonna do, fly up and bite me dead?" This is said sarcastically, until she notices the kittysnake's wings. "Um. That wasn't suggestion, little one." She looks up and around the office. "Do you have any food for it? Do you think it likes coffee?"

"Um…there's a fridge upstairs. Jack's gotta have somethin' in there it'll eat." Apparently ignoring her own warning, Siobhan cradles the tiny thing close to her chest and stands, smiling a bit like a loon as it reflexively curls around her thumb and between her fingers. "C'mon!" Her excitement is tangible now, growing exponentially with each passing second the 'kittysnake' doesn't sink its fangs into her flesh.

"Er.. are you entirely sure you should be picking it up? What if it bites you and you die instantly and your body begins to turn gangrenous and it starts eating your face and.. and.. and.." Ginny pauses for air, while trailing behind Siobhan. "Maybe you could wrap it in a towel or a blanket or something?"

"Nope, not sure at all!" Yeah, definitely ignoring her own advice. Although… That verbal imagery is, frankly, foul. "Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad idea." With her free hand, she unfastens her cloak from around her shoulders and drapes it over one arm, trying to encourage the little serpent to move into the softer, less hazardous fabric. The hatchling, however, is having none of it; clinging to Siobhan's hand as if its little life depends on it. "Um…" Sio looks a bit lost. "Ginny, um… I think it's purrin'." Indeed, there's a rumbling sound coming from the small reptile that - while from a larger animal would be definitely considered more of a rumble - sounds close enough to a purr right now.

"Purring? Seriously? Are you sure it's not your stomach rumbling?" Ginny trots to catch up with Siobhan, leaning close to peer at the white creature. "Hi, little kittysnake," she coos at it. "Are you purring? Do you want to go into Siobhan's nice warm cloak in case you are a maneater?" This is asked in a sugar sweet tone.

"Can't be, I'm not hungry yet!" But with the prospect of a homecooked meal this evening - and not one made by House Elves either - that'll change soon. The 'kittysnake' turns in the direction of Ginny's voice, yawning hugely and creeling in a very pitiful manner. Its eyes stay firmly shut, even as those tiny wings flutter, moving air over them to dry a bit more. It won't budge from Sio's hand, however; not one inch. "Um…maybe it'll move once we feed it?" And so up the stairs Siobhan leaps, careful to keep the little thing close so as not to accidentally whap it on something. Unfortunately, the upstairs is still a mess, both from Jack's usual manner of living and her own dresses that still clutter the flat. "Oh bugger."

Ginny follows Siobhan up the stairs, increasing her pace as the older girl does. She gives the kittysnake a perplexed look when it refuses to move, leaning forward to stroke its head with a fingertip. "Why would it be in a box in your brother's office? I mean, I doubt you can get this sort of thing," Ginny gestures to the kittysnake, "In mail-order catalogs." When she reaches the top of her stairs, her eyes widen a bit at the chaos. "Um. You find food. I'll clear a place for you two."

"I dunno… I mean, Jack's got all sorts of contacts, all over the world. People sometimes send him stuff they can't figure out, or presents for helpin' them outta trouble sometimes…" She turns to eye the little white snake. "Considerin' my brother's profession, little one, I really hope you're a present. Here," she tries to unload it onto Ginny while she goes in search of food, but the little sucker won't budge. "Worth a try, anyway." Moving through Jack's apartment at present is rather like overcoming an obstacle course; several times Siobhan comes perilously close to losing her balance. Even so, she makes it to the icebox, where the only thing left unspoilt inside is a package of cold cuts. "Merlin, I hope you like meat…" Snagging the package in her free hand, she shuts the door with her foot and weaves her way back towards her friend. "You got a space cleared there?"

Ginny begins to move clothes, blankets, and an occasional plate from the bed, carefully folding everything into a separate counter. She frowns a little at the mess, the Molly in her tutting a little. But she refrains from making a comment, instead beckoning Siobhan closer. "Yep, over here by the top of the bed. What'd you get for him?"

Inwardly wincing at the thought of just what else has been done on that bed - come on, this is Jack here - Siobhan bites her tongue and does her best to ignore it. No need to scar Ginny after all. "Some cold cuts. I hope it eats meat…" With an 'oomph', she settles herself on the bed and tosses the cold cuts over. "Open that, please." She waits until the package is open, then snatches one of the thin slices and starts shredding it with her fingers; the pieces are dropped on the bedspread. The smell must get to the little critter, because for the first time since it latched on, it looses itself from Sio's hand and makes for the meat. It ends up doing an awkward sort of faceplant on the coverlet, but is undiscouraged. THAR BE FOOOOD HERE.

Ginny is completely oblivious of the history of the bed she perches on the edge of. And glad to be it, thank you very much. She gives Siobhan a smile as the girl joins her, scooting over to make room. Obligingly, she opens it, and the smell permeates the air. The creature's faceplant makes Ginny giggle, and with gentle fingers, she gently rights the creature. "It must be weird to have no arms," she muses.

"Yeah, no joke…" Siobhan's reply is vacant and a bit slow; most of her attention is rivited on the tiny white snake that is going to town on those cold cuts. Three more slices Siobhan has to shred before the critter is finished. Definitely rounder than it had been before, the 'kittysnake' yawns hugely and slither-flutters in Ginny's direction, rams nose-first into her knee and stops, sniffing. Wrong one. Turning, it moves slower this time, sniffing the air and eventually banging its nose against Siobhan's leg. Flutter-flutter-flutter and the thing settles in a heap on the Slytherin's thigh; fast asleep. Siobhan absolutely melts. "What a sweet thing…" she coos under her breath. "It looks like the winged serpent god the Muggles in South America used to worship Quetzalcoatl, they called it." She smiles wider. "I wonder if this is what Quetzalcoatl was based on… I've no idea what else it could be."

"Eeee!" Ginny's squeal is once again shrill. "It bumped me with its itty bitty HEAD." It takes serious self-control for her to stop from clapping and giggling with glee. "Oh, it's so darling." There's a soft smile on her face as she watches it eat itself into a bigger size. "Quetzalcoatl?" Ginny mangles the pronounciation horribly, the vowels sound terribly wrong. "That's quite a mouthful." With a tilt of her head, she strokes the sleeping body. "What are we going to do with it? I don't expect there was a return address on the box?"

That shrill squeal is a rather loud reminder of just how old Ginny really is. Wincing a little at the noise, Siobhan smiles over at her friend. She's excited too! Just…not that shrill. "Quetzalcoatl," she repeats the name, but much more slowly. "It was a good god, who supposedly brought the wind and rains and very good luck." Her grin turns fond - the little serpent's already wrapped her around its tiny…er, wings - and she strokes a finger down the tiny spine. "It's an awful big name for such a little thing… but Quetzalcoatl suits you, I think." With a quick look up to Ginny, she adds swiftly, "Q for short." And then under her breath, she murmurs, "Maybe you'll bring me some good luck for a change, eh?"

Ginny repeats the name precisely (well, nearly) after Siobhan repeats it again. To be sure, she mutters it a few times under her breath, then smiles. "If that's his name, I'm going to call him a little godlet." Turning to the feline serpent, she coos to it, "Who's a godlet? Who's a cute little godlet?" She isn't so bold as to touch it just yet, but her smile is quite fond. "Are you going to keep him.. her.. um." This hadn't occured to her before, but.. "Um, how do we check if it's a boy or a girl?"

"I…have no idea." And not for the first time today, Siobhan appears perplexed. "How d'you tell with a regular snake?" she wonders. "I mean, y'can't exactly peek between their legs an' check for bits." When Ginny croons at the sleeping 'kittysnake', Sio can't help but smile. "A little godlet, huh? I suppose that suits it well enough." An unpleasant thought occurs to her and she wrinkles her nose in confusion. "I probably shouldn't name it, but even if Jack needs it for something," and she can hope with all her might that he doesn't, "he won't mind my namin' it. I think."

Ginny blushes a bit when Siobhan says 'bits'. Well, she is only 13. "Er, maybe if we turn it over, there might be something… dangling? Or not? And then we'll know? Though, I mean, it's a winged serpent." She begins to look deeply thoughtful, the sign that she's about to go into a tangent. "How do they reproduce? What if their reproductive organs are all inside and they reproduce by licking, or something? And what if they do, and they lick you? Would you somehow be impregnated with half-human, half-winged serpent babies?" Ginny pauses for air, then resumes, "Maybe they don't have dangly bits like humans, maybe it shows gender by longer wing feathers or something, and how do we know if it has longer wing feathers because we can't exactly compare it with anything, now can we?"

"I…" Siobhan is absolutely speechless. "Um… Are you alright?" Those are obviously not thoughts Sio usually has. "I suppose… Well, I don't even know what it is. And we can't very well ask Hagrid. He'll… I dunno, name it something awful and keep it. You know anyone good with obscure critters?" Or obscure anything, really.

Ginny looks rather nonplussed at Siobhan's reaction. It all made perfect sense to her. "Well, I'm not sure, actually. There might be some books about these creatures.. I mean, we have Care of Magical Creatures, there must be information about this kind of stuff. And we can find out what it eats and what kind of enviornment it needs to live and stuff like that. Should we look when we get back to school?" Then something occurs to her. "Hey, my brother Charlie works with dragons. This is sort of like a dragon. It's a distant cousin. Maybe I can look in his books."

At Ginny's suggestion, Siobhan's soft brown eyes light up with excitement. She starts to jump up - to give the girl a hug, no doubt - but the weight in her lap serves as a sharp reminder. "Oh Gin, that'd be the best! Would you please?" The glance she sends the sleeping serpent is already protective; apparently it doesn't take much to worm one's way into Sio's heart. "I guess I can keep feedin' it cold cuts an' other meat scraps for now. S'not like there's any short of food at home. Or school, for that matter… School!" Oh bother. "Oh man, how am I ever gonna keep this a secret at school? Mum'd never let me keep it at home…" She seems to have forgotten that this little kittysnake is technically her brother's.

Ginny grins at Sio, appreciating the intent to hug. "Sure, Sio, it's no problem. When I Floo back home, I'll go into his room and check it out, definitely. How should I contact you, later on? Just write? Is it safe to mention this," a nod to the kittysnake, "in regular letters?" Then she ponders, "Is it safe for it to eat meat? What if it's deathly allergic to meat, yet craves it, and in fourteen seconds - thirteen now! twelve now! - it will internally combust and you'll get bits of godlet on your brother's sheets!" Aaand there she goes again.

"It wouldn't be the worst thing to splatter on these sheets, I'm sure." Siobhan's mutter is quickly covered by a cough. It's a ruse that soon turns real as her cheeks flame up with a flush. "I was er…actually hopin' I might be able to go back with you for a bit?" It's embarrassing, asking oneself over, but… "It's just that Mum's off with one of her Societies, Da an' Liam are at the Ministry and no one else is home yet but Jack an' he's…" Not here. "It's been just awful sittin' at home by myself all the time." Especially since the house in ungodly huge. "Or maybe your Mum'd let you stay over?" And at that, she does wince. It's a bit pathetic when a seventh-year has to ask a third-year for company.

Ginny luckily doesn't hear the mutter. She would probably be forever scarred if she had. Instead, she smiles at Siobhan. "I don't see why not. I'll have to ask Mum, of course, but she likes it when I have friends over." Ginny smiles at Siobhan. Apparently she considers the girl a friend. "Also, Angelina's coming to stay for a bit, so you two can hang out. Do you know Angelina? Angelina Johnson? In Gryffindor?"

With a glance at the bedside clock, Siobhan carefully gathers the kittysnake off her lap and drapes it carefully around her neck, smiling when it curls reflexively to sit like a warm, breathing torc. With wings. Thankful for the excuse of time to get Off The Bed, she stands and stretches, wincing slightly at the mention of Angelina. "Yeah, I know her. Think I might've offended her the other day, actually." She grins sheepishly. "Offered her my Astronomy chart so she could get to bed quicker, but she turned it away." Which makes very little sense to Sio. "But we should get goin' if we're to get finished and home before your Mum's time limit is up."

Ginny stands, too, making sure not to step on anything while she did. "You should think about suggesting a maid to your brother. Or some cleaning spells - something. Some of this food will be a life form soon." She smiles, quite charmed at the darling white thing. "That's so cute, I think the godlet likes you. But, um.." Ginny pauses, unsure how to put it tactfully, then gives up on tact altogether. "If Mum sees you, she'll be happy. But if she sees you with THAT," Ginny points to the kittysnake, "She will turn a few very interesting shades of colours you've never seen on a human face."

Siobhan grins. "She's a bit like my mum then. I'll wear my cloak while we shop, an' then when we get to your house I can use the loo and put it under my jumper." Against the skin of her neck, she can feel if it starts to get antsy, too. "Where'd you wanna go first?" Sio dodges the obstacles on the floor and heads for the stairs. "I'll be sure an' mention that next time I see him." It's a light enough statement, but considering the circumstances, perhaps the little bit of a hitch in her voice can be overlooked. "I've only got a few more things to grab."

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