Portrayed By Erin Chambers
House Hufflepuff
Year Sixth
Position Student/Hufflepuff Chaser
Sex Female
Race Pureblood
Age 17
Place of Birth London, England
Date of Birth 09 Jan 1978
Mother Thiana Garvey
Father Kailin Garvey
Siblings Kaitlin Garvey, Tom Garvey
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Kelti is the middle child of two pureblood wizard parents. Her sister Kaitlin is 4 years older and a graduate of Hogwarts (house Hufflepuff) working for the ministry is the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Her younger brother is a second year in Hufflepuff and quite the argumentative brat, or so she hears from teachers constantly. Kelti herself was born the 9th of January in Hogsmeade (where her family still resides) to a couple of ministry worker, her father a senior officer in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and her mother works for the Department of Magical Games and Sports. Kelti was raised with a certain set of rules and expectations. Her family though never the most knowledgeable about muggles, never looked down on then or any 'mudbloods' (of course her aunt married a muggle, so this did affect her mother's and father's viewpoints). Her family is full of hard-working, down to earth folk and Kelti is no exception.

Kelti of course was expected to be a wizard and was home schooled for the first few years of her school life before she received her letter of acceptance to Hogwarts. Kelti hadn't show any strong signs of magic as a child, but enough to assume she had the gift. Stepping into the halls of Hogwarts Kelti was sorted into Hufflepuff like every other member of her family had ever been (as far as anyone could remember). Kelti's older sister was a 4th year Hufflepuff at the time and never wanted much to do with her younger sister, never expressing much interest in Kelti while they were both in school. Kelti always tried not to take her sister's lack of interest personally but ignored her sister right back. If Kelti was ever in trouble, Kaitlin was always there when needed despite her cold exterior. Kelti fit in just fine in Hufflepuff, never fearing hard work.

Showing no real aptitude for any of her classes Kelti did manage to be an average student in all. It wasn't until her 2nd year of Hogwarts that Kelti found her place. Her mother was a star quidditch keeper back in her school days and Kelti was pushed into trying out for the Hufflepuff team. Kelti was no good at Keeper ever but always liked to play Chaser and found a spot of the team right away. Small and agile, she was told she should try for seeker but Kelti is the type of person to find a spot and stick to it, and so she has every year since, never once failing to make the team.

Kelti's younger brother Tom came to Hogwarts when she was in her forth year and was sorted into Hufflepuff as well. Kelti and him seem to get along much more then she does with her sister. Tom is a hard-headed, full of gusto, young man who wants to be everywhere and know everything at once. He has been known at school as a bit of a troublemaker because he never knows when to back down on an issue. He'll argue any point, as long as he thinks he is doing what's right. Kelti constantly finds herself having to back her brother up and defend his decisions (good or bad).

Kelti passed her owls last year with all Excellents except for Defence Against the Dark Arts (which she received an Outstanding in, much to her own surprise) so she dropped a few core classes and decided to take Advanced Defensive Theory, making her father very proud. Showing both a love for her father and her mother's chosen professions Kelti has no idea what she wants to be once she leaves Hogwarts. Deciding on a career path occupies most of Kelti's free time, since both her parents are pushing for her to join the department's they work for in the ministry. She secretly harbors a wish to try out for professional quidditch but doesn't know if he parents would support her decision.



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