Edison Keegan
Portrayed By Hugh Laurie
House Ravenclaw
Year Graduated
Position Professor of Wizarding Music Theory
Sex Male
Race Muggleborn
Age 42
Place of Birth Canterbury
Date of Birth 11 Jun 1952
Mother Zoe Keegan
Father Ainsley Keegan
Siblings Abigail, Leonard and Rodney
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance Dorf on Orff
Last Appearance

Character History:

Born to Ainsley and Zoe Keegan, Edison is the second child and the first of three sons. His sister Abigail is a year older, and his brothers, Leonard and Rodney two and three years behind him. The Keegan family raised their children active in the church and school choirs. For them, music also started in the home where there was almost always someone tinkering with the careworn upright piano. The family of six were as tight as a family can get, with their share of spats.

Edison was a fairly normal child who early on showed an easy aptitude for all things musical. Sometimes, odd things happened, like the piano playing without him touching the keys, or him not needing to reach the pedals. He also had a good ear for mimicry with playing, and took easily to the guitar. Aside from that, there wasn't too much unusual about the lad's activities and behavior. Although his classmates found him a bit queer, unable to put their finger on what it was about him.

All was of course made clear in the summer of 1963. The Beatles were bursting onto the scene, and music was taking on a more modern style, and appealed to Edison. As the sixties were getting into full swing, a letter arrived with a gent who looked like he belonged to the 1860's. He claimed he was a wizard and was there to welcome Edison to some boarding school called Hogwarts.

The Keegans didn't know how to take this. Edison was of course intrigued, and wanted to give this school of magic a try. His parents on the other hand were afraid, and took some convincing to allow him to attend. Abigail and Leonard distanced themselves from their odd brother while Rodney was more in awe than afraid.

At Hogwarts, Edison was sorted into Ravenclaw and welcomed their knowledge seeking ways. It felt homey to him, despite the lack of musical courses or groups at the school. This however did not stop him from learning all that he could, or practicing on the side. He did try to teach some of his housemates catchy muggle tunes of the time. They found them decidedly odd, and in return, taught Edison about the music of the wizarding world.

Despite getting on quite well at Hogwarts, Edison was a standoffish sort. His family never got over their fear that one of their children was a wizard. They also made no effort to learn about what their son was, choosing to stay afraid and finding it difficult to comprehend. This did make the young man a bit bitter towards his family, especially as the years progressed and he graduated in 1970.

Due to his family's attitude, he severed ties with them once he became of age in the wizarding world and did not return back to Canterbury. As far as the locals know, he's off traversing the continent, or some nonsense, the ungrateful boy. He /did/ lark about on the continent a bit, but that was with other musically inclined chums from school. Instead of seeking out a career in the muggle musical scene, he stuck firmly with what his family shunned.

One of the many wizarding bands he performed with was Cecily and the Squibs, a name that didn't quite catch on. In his brief musical career, he sang backup, lead vocals, along with playing the guitar, piano, and harpsichord. His professional career in music only lasted a short eight years, due to several factors. He was considered grumpy, a bit of a perfectionist and difficult to work with. His attitude deteriorated some after the rising war with You Know Who affected him personally.

He was out in muggle London, intending on procuring a Les Paul, but instead found himself defending muggles from attack. Hit in the crossfire, he took a particularly nasty curse in the right leg. Edison found himself recovering in St. Mungo's, only to be told his leg was damaged and would never heal properly. To this day, he still walks with the aid of a cane.

Instead of returning to a professional music career, Edison also had decided to petition Hogwarts. He wanted to know if they would kindly allow him to return and teach music to the students. Times were dark, and he felt deep down that this would be beneficial to them. His petition was approved and he was hired on by Hogwarts. Since 1978, he has been teaching to the students brave enough to take his class or join his extracurricular activities.


Snarky and not easily flapped, Keegan is one of the many eccentric personalities of Hogwarts. Since his class is an elective, only the more serious students sign up for his course. He can be a bit of a bully towards those that let him run all over them. He can be harsh, but in the end fair. He also comes up with some rather original punishments for misbehaving students.


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