Kalleigh Monahan
Portrayed By Jodelle Ferland
House Hufflepuff
Year 1st
Position Student
Sex Female
Race Half-Blood
Age 12
Place of Birth Carrigaline, Cork, Ireland
Date of Birth 19 Mar 1983
Mother Lonnie Therese Yovan Monahan
Father William John Monahan
Siblings William John Monahan, Daniel Scott Monahan
Marital Status Single
Children none
First Appearance Through The Looking Glass
Last Appearance

Character History:

Kalleigh was born in Carrigaline, a satellite town of Cork, Ireland. She was born the third child of a very nice couple, with two older brothers before her. unfortunately, a particularly strong bout of postpartum depression caused Kalleigh's mother to completely abandon the family just a few short months after her daughter's birth. Her father was resilient, though and supported by a loving family. Life was moved on. Her father dabbled in the pottery industry in his off hours and the boys played sports. Kalleigh took over the house hold chores of her own volition, cooking and cleaning when she was old enough. (There are pictures of her standing on a stool in diapers trying to wash a sink full of dishes.) When she reached school, she was teased incessantly at school and a little cruelly, because of her hair and eye color. Coupled with the loss of her mother, it was a clear indication that she was a selkie's child. She turned mousy and a little shy, but very energetic around those she knew well.

As fate would have it, the side of the family Kalleigh most took after, her mother's side, was magical. She found that when she hoped long enough and wrinkled her nose /just right/, things she was dreading to clean would be far cleaner than when she last checked on them. Right about the time when the suds in the bathtub started turning colors, Kal received a letter from Hogwarts. It took the family most of the summer to make heads or tails of it, though. They did accept some guidance, provided by the school, and sent Kalleigh on her way. She promised to do her family proud, work her hardest and find a way to enrich her family's life with magic.

Kalleigh has been getting along in school - mostly. Being the equivalent of muggle-born in knowledge, but passing as a half-blood, the girl works very hard to escape notice. She never tells anyone about her mother, making sure to keep all topics of conversation general and boring. She picks up things in what she reads, but is no where near as dedicated of a bookworm as she needs to be. She was doing well escaping notice, which is an especially useful skill when one hears of murderers running around Hogwarts and teachers trying to poison students, but she lost her composure when one of her housemates died, blubbering and crying for three days straight. She's starting to talk to people now, is accepting help from tutors and is making friends as she goes.


While shy and soft spoken, Kalleigh grew up with two older brothers. She's no one's doormat, wilting flower or precious princess (though, her daddy may say otherwise). She has a tendency to say what she means and carry on with whatever she's doing whether it's popular with her peers or not. She's good with authority and responsibility, but tends to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible.

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