1996-03-31A: Just Two Laps


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Scene Title Just Two Laps
Synopsis Christian gets introduced to Jethro, and they collaborate between the two forces. Discussion of lax physical fitness ensues.
Location Hogwarts: Second Floor Classroom / Makeshift Bullpen
Date Mar 31, 1996
Watch For very different styles of authority that still seem to work together well.
Logger Jethro

On a lazy Sunday morning, most people would be sleeping or relaxing somewhere. However, Jethro Gardener is definitely not most people. He sits at his desk in their makeshift bullpen, looking over a piece of paper with his reading glasses firmly pushed up on his nose. The frenetic pace of the normal work week is absent, to be sure, but he is plugging away at something.

Maura is aparrently wandering around the school with a cup of tea in hand; her usual healer's garb left aside since she's not 'on duty' and traded in for something more casual. At least, while she's still here. And to see whether she's needed for anything her footfalls carry her to the bullpen where she steps in and heads over to one of the chairs opposite Jethro at his desk. "Got anything for me to do today?" Smile. "I'm not doing any paperwork. I've enough of my own."

Since the Ministry has been cycling its Aurors through Hogwarts duty, there has been less people to take care of things abroad. That means sometimes others have to pick up the slack. So naturally, one of the hardest working Hit Wizards has also been tapped for his own Hogwarts shift. Christian hasn't been to Hogwarts since he graduated, and while most have pleasant memories, the young man doesn't relish the fact that he's back here. He walks by the office of Mr. Gardener, coming back from his usual rounds and notices the two inside. "Good Morning," he says congenially.

Jethro looks up, looking over his glasses at Maura. "Bout all I'm doin' is the damn paperwork," he grouses, gesturing to the seat near his desk. He leans back, stretching a little as he gazes around the room. When his eyes fall on Christian, he nods in greeting. "Hey." He introduces himself. "Jethro Gardener. I'm frontman for Morgan Securities Security force here in the castle." He hasn't been introduced to all the Aurors or Hit Wizards yet. So, this is a good opportunity. "Have a seat for a few." The implication of 'not for too long, though' is almost audible in his words.

Maura settles down into the gestured seat, giving all that paperwork the evil eye as she does so. "School injuries are usually pretty mundane. Maybe I should check with Brennan. She if she has anything I might be able to study in my spare time." But, no paperwork. When Christian arrives and greets them, she offers a polite smile. "Morning." is returned, though she doesn't actually offer her name. Not even after Jethro does. Not yet. "There's coffee somewhere around, usually. Unless Siobhan's already run off with it."

"Christian Faulkner," the Hit Wizard says with a nod. "Hit Wizard for the Ministry. Thank you, but no, I've already had enough coffee. I will take the opportunity to rest my feet though." He sits, smoothing out his robe and rolling his soldiers. "You know, I have found that paperwork is generally best treated by sicking my intern's on it."

"I pass on as much as I can." Jethro grins, blue eyes flashing with amusement. "But bein' the boss means there's more for me." He rolls his eyes in faux annoyance. "Haven't talked to Brennan in a while. Think she was caught up in those cases." The ones that were bugging her. He got some information from her, but it wasn't yet enough to break the case. Jethro flicks his wand, and his mug floats over to the coffee pot, refills itself, and floats back. "Kinda nice bein' with all magicals. I can do that now." He snorts. "Had a lot of injuries comin' through the infirmary?" He turns his attention back to Maura, asking about her work.

"Not an intern!" Maura raises a hand and declares that, just in case Mr. Faulkner here thought there was a chance Jet would shove off some of that paperwork on her. "Hummmmmm. Well, I'll touch base with her then. I've at least more muggle medical knowledge then the rest of you likely do." is teased, just a little, before she sips at eht tea cup she's been carting around. "You one of the Ministry's extra security?" she wonders, of Christian, before shaking her head a bit at Jet. "No sir. Not more then the usual Quidditch injuries, and dueling or hexing mishaps. I'm used to… you know. A lot worse. So it's pretty smooth going. And one can only count the potions so many times."

Christian turns to Maura. "That's one way to say it," he says with a shrug. "Also here to keep an eye on multiple fronts. Things tend to happen here first before anything else. Might as well put your best Hit Wizard on the hot bed of activity." He listens to their conversation. "This school does have a reputation for the most interesting of mishaps and injuries. I'll take it as good news that there hasn't been anything major for awhile.”

"Always good news when people aren't gettin' hurt." Jethro delivers his comment deadpan. However, he does agree. "Makes things easier on us." Us being the 'front-line' folks. First responders, if you will. "Don't get in her way," Jethro cautions. "Can't see her bein' too happy about someone in her path." But maybe she can help if she isn't right there in her face. "Might be able to help some." Brennan is the smartest and best at what she does, but she doesn't do it all, even in reference to the dead bodies. "Got a bit in the Corps." Medical knowledge, that is. "You got more, though." He'll admit his weaknesses.

Maura frowns thoughtfully. She doesn't like the sound of that, really. She's supposed to be -safe- here. That's why she's here, right? There's even an uncomfortable twitch of her shoulders, a hand reaching reflexively to the amulet at her neck as her eyes dart towards the office door, and then back to the other two room occupants whom she once again has a polite smile for. "Wonderful." she says simply, focusing on Jet's talk of Brennan then to keep her mind occupied. "Oh, no. I wouldn't want to get in her way. Just offer my help, and see if there's anything she'd like someone with a different perspective to look at. Or learn about." she agrees.

"Well that makes one of us," Christian shrugs. "I always focused on the fighting aspect of magic, not the healing. I'm abit of a one trick pony." Chris stands and puts his hands behind his back. "Mr. Gardener, is there anyway I can assist you? I can think of ways to maximize patrols, or offer dueling help?"

Jethro's eyes narrow as he gazes silently at Maura. He's not a legilimens, but he does read people quite well without the magical skill. He quirks a brow at the nurse, catching her tell-tale grasp of her necklace. "Calm down." It's not an order, but it's pretty close. "Anybody come here, they're in for a helluva fight." He snorts softly, then looks over at Christian. "Got most of that squared away." He strokes his chin, thinking. "If you're gonna be here on rotation on a regular basis, you could take the kids for their run some mornings. Especially if the rest of us are dealin' with …" He waves his hand around at the room. "Other stuff." The MA practice is a fairly important thing, and most of the time, Jethro or Sio would be doing it themselves, but there may be situations where they could definitely use another pair of feet and another wand. "MorSec's got a team on a couple professors, and coupla kids, as well as Maura here. Important. Might need t' meet them and familiarize yourself with the slightly different protocol. Don't want you to have a pissin' match in the hallway." He rolls his eyes again. "Tryin' t' be as invisible as possible while still takin' care of the kids." The kids are the most important thing, of course.

"Where I always focused on the healing and protective aspects of magic, Mr. Faulkner. We all have our niche, I think." Maura points out, head tilting a but in curiousity. "I'd say one trick is better then none at all, quite honestly." Yeah, she's one of /those/ people. Silver lining blah blah. That sort. And Jethro's all-but-ordered 'calm down' has her dropping her hands into her lap to approximate a more composed demeanor. "Think you could record that for me somehow? It'd be real handy." is muttered good naturedly. "My two suits are probably outside the door waiting about now. Morning guys!" she calls out. But they're used to her antics by now, and just mumble something about the morning from outside the door.

"You say that like you actually encountered that, Mr Gardener," Christian says with a chuckle. "Aurors and MorSec actually having a contest to see who's bigger in the middle of the school hall way? Rather unprofessional of all involved. May have to see some people taken down a few pegs." He turns to Maura. "I can offer some tutorials if you'd like to get better."

"Might even be a spell." Jethro is sure there is one. He'll ask around; maybe someone knows of a spell to record a very short message and play it on command. If not, he'll talk to the lab rats at the ministry. "Good to have one thing you excel at." He agrees with Maura's assessment. "Need healers as much as y' need the other." It's how Jethro encourages people. He turns to Faulkner and shakes his head. "Caught 'em before they got that far. Just a few butted heads. You know how it goes, servin' with people from a different bunch." You have to get used to their ways, and the reverse. "Had 'em all runnin' around the lake until they fell over." Some of the Aurors, that was like two laps. The MorSec guys were running for most of a day. "What we need most is … translatin'. My guys are mostly US military. The MLE guys sometimes don't get the lingo, and vice versa. Need to find somebody besides me who understands both." There was at least one good side affect to sleeping with Jane. She played translator for a while until he figured it out.

Now here is a true test of wills: Maura versus Amulet. And given the things that she would say that first week of wearing this particular piece of ancient jewelry, Jet's -gotta- know that there are definitely things not fit for polite company being taunted at the poor woman given the conversation. Even as she sits there silently, staring up at the ceiling for a moment. And then breaking out into a cough. "I am never going to make it through a whole day yet." she decides then, aloud, and probably not realizing it. And then it registers that Christian was addressing her, and she nods once. "Dueling? I don't see why not. It would be useful if I need to defend a patient." Talk of military versus civilian just flies right over her head.

"US Military?" Chris asks, raising an eyebrow. "I was not aware the United States had militarized wizards. Only made it too laps? did they?" To this Christian actually visibly bristles. "Well, that just highlights an issue I'm going to need to deal with back at the office." He mutters something about damn high and might Aurors before turning back to Maura. "Just name the time and the place, and I will offer help."

"You think the government's gonna turn down the chance t' have wizards on their side?" Jethro quirks his brow in disbelief. "Morgan's a SEAL Stands for Sea, Air and Land. He's a wizard too." He shifts in his seat, looking between the two. "He botherin' ya?" Jethro asks of Maura and the amulet. "Duck's said a million times how sorry he is." The man is still very distraught at the fact that he gave her the wrong amulet. "Two laps. Definitely need someone gettin' them off their asses a bit more."

Maura sort of smile's at Jethro's recital of Morgan's bona fide's. "Jet taught him for awhile too." she adds, because she remembers that bit of trivia. "Always, Jet. But I'm learning how to keep control of that whole personality integration thing it wants. It just usually means I have to take the thing off for awhile evvery couple of days." Which nobody seems to mind but her. Still, it rankles. "It's not Duck's fault. Tell him it's fine, really. In some ways it worked out rather well." she admits, with a bit of a smile. "That's very kind of you Mr. Faulkner. If you meet me at the Room of Requirement during the early afternoon on Wednesdays perhaps? That would work well. Once the Easter holiday is done. I'd hate to have to take a break when I'mm just starting to learn."

"Will do Ms. Maura," Chris says with a congenial smile. "If there is anyone else who needs the help, they can come with you. However, this news from Mr. Gardener means I've got alot of work to do at the office. Maybe now they will listen to me when I tell them they are all fat asses." He sighs and brushes his sleeve. "I need to report back," He says walking to the door. "Any message you'd like me to convey?"

Jethro shakes his head. "Can't think of anything." He shrugs. "Say hi to Jane, if ya see her." He smirks, knowing it'll drive her batty. "I did teach 'im." Jethro notes proudly to Maura's comment about Jake. "Gotta do what you gotta do. Don't feel bad about that." He knows it's been a struggle for her to try to stay connected and able to move. "You're doin' good, Maura." He smiles, then turns back to Christian. "If you can get that bunch t' do more physical fitness, it'll knock their solve rate higher. Crooks know how t' move, whether they're magical or mundane." That's an American word for Muggles. He uses them interchangeably now. "Good t' meet ya, Faulkner." He gives a brusque nod of farewell.

Maura has to be amused at Jet baiting Jane, chuckling into what's left of her tea as she lifts it up to finish it off. "Thank you." she adds, sincerely. First to Christian and then to Jethro. "It was nice to meet you." she echoes, before looking over at the now half empty coffee carafe and shaking her head. "I'll go chase down more of the coffee for you, then get back to the Hospital Wing for awhile." is finally decided, with a smile for the man behind the desk. And then a return brisk nod for Christian. Once he leaves, she'll be gone as well. Chasing caffeine and injured children.

Christian chuckles. "Sounds like I am missing a few details," he says, shaking his head. "But I will see if I can find her." He turns to Maura, "Nice to meet you as well." With that, he's gone with just a fluttering of his robe.

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