Julian Nikolai Legume (Bean)
Portrayed By Noah Gray-Cabey
House Slytherin
Year First
Position Student
Sex Male
Race Muggleborn
Age 11
Place of Birth Adelaide, South Austraila
Date of Birth Jul 11, 1983
First Appearance Wizarding World 101
Last Appearance

Character History:

Julian Nikolai Legume was born to Nikolai and Carlotta Legume, both muggles, in 1983. The Legumes were a second generation immigrant Greek family living in Adelaide, South Australia. His parental grandfather changed their last name when he moved to the island, trying to avoid trouble. The first three years of Julian's life, he was surrounded by family, friends and love. No one in his life really understood the genetic defect he was born with. However, it seemed to stunt his growth and cause him to learn things extremely quickly, even beyond his infant years.


Shortly after his third birthday, the Legumes decided to spend a part of their winter in London, England — it being England's summer. While they were there, they lost track of their son. One of the side effects of his genetic inheritance is a high intelligence. So, using his wits and by the skin of his teeth, Bean, as he came to be called, kept himself alive on the streets. He knew nothing of magic or Hogwarts or anything else. There were times when he felt like there was something he was doing to keep people from noticing him, but he brushed the feeling off as irrational.

Shortly after his eleventh birthday, a strange woman appeared right near his box, seeming to pop out of thin air. Julian watched her for a long while, and then, when she approached him, he was very skeptical of what she had to say. It took some convincing, but he finally believed that he was a wizard and that there was a place for him at Hogwarts. Bean convinced the witch to let him stay with his friends on the street until September, when he'd leave for Hogwarts and probably never return to them again. He doesn't realize that his condition can probably be easily taken care of by a spell or two from a Healer.



Bean seems cold. He's had to become so from living on the streets, and also because of his logical nature. He learns extremely quickly, processes information much more quickly than he lets on, and comes to conclusions that are often correct. However, he seldom lets people know this. His hard childhood has taught him one lesson. If it's between being the bug and the shoe that squishes it, "be the shoe." He's quiet and doesn't take a single thing for granted.

Julian's Secrets

Bean's Logs

Memorable Quotes:

  • Know, think, choose, do.
  • I'm not stupid!' In Bean's experience, that was a sentence never uttered except to prove its own inaccuracy.
  • Be the shoe.

(all from "Ender's Shadow" —Orson Scott Card)


Sio (now Professor Noble): Bean is good friends with Siobhan and speaks Mermish with her. He's glad she's their teacher now.

Rene D'Allemange (Frenchy): Frenchy is Bean's best friend at school. The two of them are roommates, brothers-at-arms, and confidantes. They also tease each other mercilessly.

Mister Jack Noble: Julian did him a favor, so Jack likes him. Bean's just opportunistic enough to play on that.

Professor Snape: Bean likes their head of house, but doesn't know him well enough for much more than general like.

Professor Mad-Eye Moody Moody taught them a lot, and Bean is glad. He likes the idea of Constant Vigilance. It's kept him alive so far.

Trivia and Notes:

Bean is based on "Julian (Bean) Delphiki" from the Ender series of books by Orson Scott Card. He first appears in Ender's Game and most recently appears in Shadows in Flight. I've altered his situation a bit to make it more believable for the HP universe.

Bean's Theme Song:

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