Leroy Jethro Gardener (Jethro)
Portrayed By Mark Harmon
School Salem Academy of the Magical Arts
House Bear Claw
Year Graduated
Position Auror
Sex Male
Race Muggleborn
Age 43
Place of Birth Salem, MA, USA
Date of Birth 02 Sept, 1951
Mother Allison Gardener
Father Jackson Gardener
Siblings None
Marital Status Widowed, Divorced (3x)
Children Kelly, deceased
First Appearance Boys and Birds
Last Appearance

Character History:

Leroy Jethro Gardener was born into a muggle family in Salem, Massachusetts on September 2, 1951. The Gardeners were a hardworking family. Jackson ran a small gas station in a suburb of Salem. Jethro's mother died when he was young. Jethro was 9 when she died of cancer after a long convalescence. When she died, Jethro became angry at his father's attempt to comfort him, translating the care into smothering affection. He felt the need to get out, so he would spend all his time out in the garage tinkering with the cars there. He learned shortly after his mother's death that he had something more than the other kids. It wasn't a surprise to him, then, when wizards with dark glasses and suits showed up at his doorstep.

He entered Bear Claw at the school there in Salem, hitting high averages in most everything. He excelled in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms. He was driven to do whatever he could to get away from home. He still went home on breaks, but rarely spoke to his father, continuing his habit of spending time in the garage. Shortly after graduating from Salem, Jethro enlisted in the Magical branch of the US Marine Corps, learning easily how to fight both in the muggle and magical ways. He became a sniper, excelling in both wandsight and long-range rifle shots. He served overseas in heavy combat areas, seeing firsthand what both muggle and magical people would do to each other. This instilled in him the deep need to protect those he loves.

He joined the MBI (Magical Bureau of Investigation), got the information on her killer and dispatched him handily. He worked as an Agent for the MBI for several years, marrying three different women in turn who reminded him of Shannon in some way. Maria had her fire, which turned into hatred when he wouldn't give in to some demands she made. Stephanie had her charm, which seduced men into her bed easily, even after she was married to him. Diane had her drive, which drained his bank accounts of gold, and then married his best friend Thomas Fogerty.


After Diane left him and he got the divorce papers squared away, Jethro decided he'd had enough, and asked for a special assignment. He was assigned to the United Kingdom as an Auror intent on helping the fight against their so-called 'Dark Lord' and making sure that his terrorism doesn't cross the sea to his homeland.



Jethro is a solid rock. He's silent, unyielding, and supportive. He was a fairly stereotypical Bear Claw, and an excellent Marine. He doesn't speak much, but when he does, it's intelligent, or provoking. He excels at catching Dark Wizards because he just waits them out, or startles them into giving information. He also has a disregard for protocol that does not fit his own personal set of rules.


Jethro's Secrets

Memorable Quotes:

Siobhan: "Oh, well. Means I get more of a break between runnin' for my life and your new hobby."
Jethro: "Knockin' you on your ass' good for ya, Noble. Won't be long you'll be doin' the same t' me." — Jethro's New Hobby

Jethro: "Use your wand, not your purse, Morgan." — Gear Up!

Trivia and Notes:

  • Jethro has the highest solve rate in his division of the MBI. However, he's kind of known as a Lone Wolf.
  • He's gruff and tough, but around children, he's a papa bear. He'll do whatever it takes to protect them.
  • He's a chauvinist, and proud of it. He doesn't think women are useless, but he does feel the need to protect them, as though he were a chivalrous knight or something.
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