James Bedwyr Llewellyn
Portrayed By Jamie Hyneman
House Ravenclaw
Year Graduated
Position Joint Head of Experimental Charms
Sex Male
Race Muggleborn
Age 35
Place of Birth Rowen, Conwy Valley, Wales
Date of Birth 25 Sep 1959
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

With such a humble and ordinary beginning, it's hard to believe that this tale winds up with extraordinary results. These humble beginnings take place in Conwy Valley in Wales. A young couple married, as young couples often do. Together than ran a small farm, namely raising sheep and some goats. Due to the terrain and the size of their land, they were restricted in what they could best prosper with. The milk from the goats and wool from the sheep, as well as selling some livestock kept the couple sustained. Then along came two children, one after the other in two successive years.

James came into the world kicking and screaming one year, and after the initial outbursts, showed himself to be a quiet and contemplative infant. When his sister Gwenith, came a year later? She made up for her brother's lack of vocalizations. From the start, James, or Jamie as he was fondly called, showed to be a queer child. (Not in the American sense of the word, but the true definition.) He was the type of child to take his toys apart and put them back together, or using them in ways they manufacturer never intended. He also seemed to have a knack for working with animals. In fact, it was just /odd/ the way he could train the sheep and goats to do things. To be honest, it confused the heck out of the family shelties, whose job it was to herd the animals around. Jamie could manage them without the assistance of the dogs. It wasn't right, but his parents shrugged it off the best they could.

At primary school, the oddness continued. In science classes, his achievements seemed effortless. The standard project of making a volcano? That was aced, and in fact, the erruption was so lifelike, none of the teachers could figure out what chemical reactions Jamie had used! Jamie was a little confounded himself, but he wasn't one to question his talents. It was just something he was able to do and pull off. Gwenith was a bit embarrassed as she struggled with her work, even with Jamie's assistance and patient tutoring. Her brother was just someone she 'didn't get'.

During the summer before he turned twelve, to alleviate some of his boredom, he was training goldfish to ring a bell. (Quite successfully too.) It was appropriate timing as an odd little man.. and little being used in the strictest sense. He was /tiny/. Anyway, this fellow showed up with a letter for James Bedwyr Llewellyn, announcing there was a place for him at a school named Hogwarts. This wasn't a boarding school the Llewellyns had ever heard of, and with good reason! Needless to say, there was stunned silence, embarrassment and maybe a greater sense of understanding for Jamie's oddities.

Thus followed an obligatory visit to Diagon Alley, Gringotts and the introduction to the hidden world of magic. Jamie took to it faster than a duck takes to water, looking forward to applying his love of muggle science to magic. Not sure how the two will mesh, it was going to be fun learning. It was also explained to him that he could have entered the prior year, but he was born after the cutoff date. This was fine by him, better late than never!

During the Sorting Feast, the Sorting Hat declared him Ravenclaw before it was even settled evenly about his head. Tiny Flitwick was proud to have this muggleborn joining his ranks and was sure this child would be an asset. In his first year, Jamie proved to be a diligent student with high marks evenly across the board. This trend continued as his years progressed, even making him a Prefect, as well as a contender for Head Boy, which he did not receive. His years at Hogwarts were treasured, and he found himself more entranced in its halls by seeing what ingredients did what together. There was of course a lovely spectacle he put on one Hogsmeade weekend with bottles of varying levels of butterbeer and the addition of fizzing whizbees. (Think mentos and diet coke, on a magical level.)

When he left Hogwarts, laden down with numerous NEWTs, of course he was offered his choice of employment. For such a brilliant mind, he couldn't seem to settle anywhere. There was too much to see, too much left to learn. Of course there were also Dark Times afoot, and much of his talents were put to the test with experimental charms and spells used for detection, booby traps and even elaborately scaled Rube Goldberg machines. Those were useful in confounding, confusing and trapping a few darker elements. Some of You Know Who's creaturely minions were best contained this way. Trolls, giants, not very bright you know.

Following the downfall of He Who Must Not Be Named, Jamie had married a young witch who flirted with him during his seventh year at Hogwarts.. Flirtations that he didn't seem to notice at the time. Now? Rhiannon practically hit him upside the head as she had lost her fiance early in the war. She still fancied Jamie and basically approached him with 'We're marrying!' To which he agreed readily, possibly without much clue as to what was going on. Nevertheless, it is a peaceful union, and Rhiannon is looking after him the way all absent minded geniuses need tending to.

Amidst this sudden proposal and even faster marriage, Jamie found himself working in Experimental Charms at the Ministry. Surprisingly, he found his old rival of sorts from Hogwarts there. None other than Adam Graves of Hufflepuff notoriety. While the two have their differing views, they work well together and quickly rose to being joint heads of the department. To this day, Jamie still works alongside Adam, being the rein the other wizard needs for his eureka moments of hyperness.


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