Portrayed By Mark Valley
House None
Year Graduated
Position Security Specialist / Former Navy SEAL
Sex Male
Race Pureblood
Age 30
Place of Birth Manhattan, NY
Date of Birth Oct 31 1965
Mother Helena Valley
Father Jacob Morgan, Sr.
Siblings Selena (deceased)
Marital Status Single
Children Cole (Nephew/Ward)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Born to one of the Pureblood families that migrated to America, Jake grew up steeped in American patriotism and with a bit of a silver spoon in his mouth. His parents were already filthy rich as a result of being among the first families to take advantage of the gold mines. And in time, migrated in to the financial sector. JP Morgan-Chase, anyone? He had the best of everything; education, food, clothing, trinkets, fast cars. And on top of all that? Magic. As a student in the Academy at Salem, Jake excelled in Transfiguration and Charms, a combination that made him somewhat useful at detective work and security. But, he didn't do anything with it. Mostly because he didn't *have* to. And up until he turned 18, he took advantage of it all without a second thought. A classic american bad boy asshole with a shit ton of money who didn't care for anyone but himself.

And then, well… when his parents died in a car crash, leaving him and his 16 year old sister Selena alone, he had to step up. Instead of going the route of magic, he channeled his significant energies into learning some discipline through the military. The Navy, to be specific. And in time, he made it into the elite Navy SEAL units. He spent a good 5 years there, keeping in contact with his sister - who had by now gone the opposite route that Jake did. She got married and pregnant by the time she was 20.

Serving even 5 years doing the most dangerous missions the military has to offer can take a toll on a man. And when Jake decided it was time to retire from the unit, he was very much a changed man. The things he'd seen and done only served to make him determined to protect people in whatever capacity he could, with the resources at his disposal. Which is how Morgan Security was formed. His teams go to any length necessary to protect high profile figures, and make a point of offering their services for free to prominent and targeted human rights advocates. His company's services are greatly in demand with members of the U.N. and at higher levels of government. But for all of his expertise, he was taken by surprise when his brother in law murdered Selena; it /was/ a surprise to those close to him that he didn't take his revenge by replying in kind. Instead, he all but hand-delivered his brother-in-law to the authorities and made the man sign away his rights as a parent to Selena's son, Cole. In return, he took guardianship of the boy, who has 24/7 security now. Overkill, yes. But he takes no chances. Which is all why, when he found out recently that he has pancreatic cancer and only 2 years to live /with/ treatment… he remembered a phone call from Edana Noble, and decided to return it. And then mobilized his resources to look into their family, specifically Siobhan, and get all the information he could find.


So American stereotype that it hurts. Military to the core, and unflinchingly loyal to those who have earned it.


Other Information


Memorable Quotes:

Jake to Jethro, discussing Jet's salary upon joining Morgan Security:

"Told you I pay better. Of course it's right." He smacks the back of the folder. "Now you're going to have to buy real cologne and not that cheap aqua velva crap."

Trivia and Notes:

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