Jackson Holland
Portrayed By Freddie Highmore
House Hufflepuff
Year 1st
Position Student
Sex Male
Race Half-Blood
Age 11
Place of Birth Rural Georgia, United States
Date of Birth 5 May 1983
First Appearance 1994 Sorting And Feast
Last Appearance

Jax is a First-year student at Hogwarts, and somewhat of a newcomer to the wizarding world, having been basically muggle-raised for the first part of his life, despite being a half-blood. He is adjusting quite happily to magical life despite this, and has fallen in love with life at Hogwarts.

Character History:

Jackson was born in the United States, the son of an American Muggle father and a British Squib mother. Though neither of his parents had any magical aptitude themselves, his mother's parents and siblings in England were all part of the wizarding world. She had moved out of England after her marriage — America was her husband's home and as a farmer he was reluctant to leave his land. Moreover, she was fairly happy for a chance to get away from her family — though they were lovely people and she was quite close to them, her lack of magical talent meant she never really fit in in their world. And so she crossed the ocean and settled in Georgia, living a quietly happy life on her husband's farm — though she hadn't quite filled him in on the whole truth about the 'eccentric' family she was leaving behind.

Jackson was born some years later, after his parents went through a long stretch of unsuccessful attempts to conceive. They couldn't be happier. From young, he was a bright, cheerful child; he had rather a surplus of energy and was constantly getting into one scrape or another, but he was friendly and always eager to be helpful. In school he was always near but never quite /at/ the top of his classes, though he spent long hours studying diligently. Though he never managed to shine in his academics, he did stand out when it came to art — almost as soon as he learned to hold a pencil he was drawing, and drawing led to painting, and it was clear from an early age that the boy had a phenomenal artistic talent that his parents were quite happy to nurture in him.

And so life progressed, happy and peaceful — schoolwork, art, helping around the farm, and grabbing what free time he could to wander the countryside or go swimming. Things would have stayed quiet and uneventful if not for the strange incidents that seemed to happen when the boy was overexcited or extremely upset — just small and barely noticeable occurences at first, but his mother noticed, and kept a close eye on things. When the strange quirks continued, it became obvious to her that her son had the magical talent she herself lacked — and there was nothing for it but to explain the situation to her husband.

He did not take it well, at all. After the initial shock and disbelief there was just anger, and a good dose of fear. A devout Catholic, the idea of magic offended his religious sensibilities. He wasn't sure what to do anymore with this Strange and Unnatural (and, to his eyes, probably demonic) manifestation in his own child. In the end, Jackson and his mother moved back to England to live with her family again. Jackson spent the next couple years catching up on the knowledge of the wizarding world that he had been missing out on. A bright and curious child, he is endlessly inquisitive about all aspects of the magical world; the day his letter arrived from Hogwarts he was ecstatic.



Cheerful Jax is very high-energy, and almost always has a bright smile and a heaping helping of enthusiasm to offer. That's not to say he's perpetually happy, but he tends to have the attitude that sad times are more easily vaniquished with a heaping dose of cheer than with any amount of moping. He's an incorrigible optimist, and not one for dwelling on the negative, always trying to seek the bright side to any situation.
Curious Jax has a bright and inquisitive nature. Whether it's wandering the castle and its grounds or devouring the wealth of books the library has to offer, Jax has an insatiable drive to explore his world to its limits, even if that means poking his nose where it doesn't belong.
Creative An artist and a child with a whimsical and overactive imagination, Jax has a strong creative streak. From the drawings in his ever-present sketchpad to experimenting with new spells, his drive to create and innovate is high.
Hard-working Growing up on a farm meant waking up early for chores and working hard throughout the day; growing up with a teacher for a mother meant being taught the value of his studies from a young age. Whether in class or out of it, Jax is a Hufflepuff through and through when it comes to his patience and perserverence for whatever work he needs to accomplish — or wants to help others with.
Impulsive An underdeveloped sense of self-preservation and an overdeveloped inquisitiveness often leads Jax to leap well before he looks. He acts on whims more often than is healthy.
Kind Friendly and warm-hearted, Jax is a compassionate and considerate person, often going out of his way to be helpful or try to cheer someone up if they seem down. He is patient with others and rarely has an uncharitable word to say about anyone, preferring to try and find the best in them. He is quick to forgive and doesn't hold grudges.
Naïve A drawback of his tendency to try and see the best in people and in situations is that he overlooks negative aspects to things quite often. He is reluctant to believe ill about someone — to a fault, often persisting in thinking of the world in rosy colours even when he would do well to realize everything isn't always shinyhappy.
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