Icarus John Noble (Jack)
Portrayed By John Barrowman
House Gryffindor
Year Graduated (1981)
Position Independent curse breaker
Sex M
Race Pureblood
Age 30
Place of Birth Balmorrow, Scotland
Date of Birth May 30, 1964
Family Michael and Edana Noble (Parents), Liam, Mickey, Peter, Brian, and Siobhan (siblings)
First Appearance Quidditch and stories and mysteries
Last Appearance

Character History

Icarus John Noble was born in Balmorrow, Scotland, the second of six children. His father Michael is the son of Scottish royalty, and his mother Edana is a formidable Irish witch. Jack adopted his nickname early as he spent time with his mother, who encouraged his imagination. His no-nonsense father spent more time with Liam, which caused a rift between the two oldest boys.

When Jack went to Hogwarts, he was sorted into Gryffindor like a good portion of his family. He studied hard, made a few friends, but also gained a reputation as a playboy. This irritated Liam further, and the two of them often ended up in duels in the halls, resulting in a lot of frustrated Gryffindors because of point losses.

His years at Hogwarts were fairly uneventful, apart from fights with Liam. He got high marks on his OWLs, and managed to get especially good marks in Charms and Defence. With these, and with his innate sense of timing, he decided to become a curse-breaker.

Currently, he works as an independent curse breaker and spends some of his free time at the Ministry chatting with people. He doesn't seem to have a specific agenda, but he does seem to be at the right place at the right time.

Jack is an irrepressible rapscallion. As his sister likes to say, he'll chase anything that moves, and then some. He's got a charismatic smile, a winning manner, and wandering eyes. However, he's also fiercely protective of his friends and family, and of the wizarding world in general. He travels quite a bit with his work, and doesn't like to be chained down.


Pete: Jack's next younger brother. He teaches Charms at Salem Academy in America. He's quirky and fun. Jack enjoys being around him when he's in England.

Siobhan, aka Rosie: His youngest sibling and only sister. He loves her, and they've got a pretty good relationship.

Madeline: A friend, one might say. Jack's taken the initiative to try to find her somewhere to work that she fits better. Whether he succeeds or not is yet to be determined.

Jilly: He had a fling with her at Hogwarts, but neither he nor she remembered it, as it was a short thing, and it was common for both of them to move on quickly.

Holly: He started spending time with her, expressed his feelings for her, and then she got bitten by Remus. Time will tell how things turn out.

Sirius and Remus: Jack has idolized the Mauraders since he met them at school.

Alistaire: Alistaire went to school with the Mauraders. Jack gets along with him pretty well, and is slightly ambivalent about his relationship with Siobhan.

Edana: Mum. He loves her, but doesn't go home very often, because Mum can be a bit much at times.

Artemis: Jack's healer. Artemis Took is a good man, and he puts up with a lot of crap from Jack.

Tiana: She's a Whore. And offered Jack a job. Jack turned her down. For now. Also, she's the one who found him in Romania and told him of Siobhan's demise.

Mickey: One of Jack's brothers, he repairs things and enchants them. Basically fixing the kind of things that Jack breaks.

Memorable Quotes:

"You're full of it you are."
"Full of what? Raw sex appeal? Why thank you." — Siobhan and Jack (Fish 'n' Chips)

"Now don't think you can start with me. Your devil-may-care hair may woo the mediwitches, but I've seen where you have to go to get that sort of hairgel."
"I hadn't even turned on the charm, yet, luv."
"You'll let me know when you do, hmmm?" —Adelaide and Jack (Miss Information)

"Well at least your girly know you're willing to try and save her, even if you're a touch of a dumbass." Mickey (Other Brothers)

Trivia and Notes:

Jack is based on Captain Jack Harkness from the Doctor Who and Torchwood series. He'll flirt with everything that moves, and then some, but he has a strong instinct to protect those he believes need it.

Jack's Logs


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