1995-09-09: Itchy Feelings


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Scene Title Itchy Feelings
Synopsis Sirius and Moody meet at the local pub. Talk about dark things a brewing occurs
Location Hog's Head Tavern
Date September 09 1995
Watch For Drinking, Fallacies in the Azkaban tourist brochure.
Logger Mad Eye

Hog's Head Tavern HGM
Sat Sep 09 15:54:10 1995 — Tue Jul 06 22:14:20 2010

The Hog's Head is the second pub that is found in Hogsmeade. One look at the exterior of the building clearly states that this is not a kid-friendly establishment. The outside appears run down and in desperate need of a new white washing. On the inside, the lighting is dim and smoke hangs thick in the air. It's quite obvious that the Hog's Head caters to a seedy looking bunch. The human wizards in here are rough looking and there are a few other creatures recognizable and not, milling about. There are tables towards the back where groups can be found playing cards and gambling.

On duty, off duty, does it really matter when an Order member is out, about, mingling and scoping the area? It's all a bit grey really. Now that the kids are back in school, Black is out and about and not tied to his London home. His immediate assignment is to stick to Hogwarts and the area as a surreptitious guard. Of sorts. He's capable of being sneaky, it's fun, it's childish, but at the moment? He's playing up the part of being obnoxious, and making a nuisance of himself. First order is to sort of check in at the Hog's Head. Later he may harass a post mistress, but for now? He enters the grimy pub and takes up a seat at a dingy table.

Of Course it does. Any time and any minute in the day one should be on the lookout for Death Eaters, dark wizards and witches….CONSTANT VIGILANCE. Or so the figure limping in would adhere to if such a thought was to be pulled from him-or he thought it warranted being said. His traveling robes about him, Moody, still does not entirely blend in. For one, his tell tale stump walk which has that leg of his beating an erratic tattoo on the floorboards is often a dead giveaway. Of course the ever roaming and flittering blue eye is another.

He is coming in either for a break or he is finally off duty as it were from serving as a guardian of the school. Ever since the attack on Beauxbutons, no school has ever been fully seen as safe. So Moody was "retired" and then "hired" back as a Senior Auror, and now-romaing guard at Hogwarts. Could be worse though-they could have taken his drink from him.

Leaning up to the bartop there's a nod given over to the proprietor as eye switches amongst the sparse crowd tonight. And with that he turns his head, focusing in on one table in particular. "Merlin's balls." Hello. "Well Black, you'll turn up anywhere." Easier to snark about in this place than that of the Broomsticks

Sirius grins in a lop-sided fashion and gives a mock salute to Moody. "Mad-eye. I'm like a bad knut, you should know this by now." He abandons his seat in favor of walking over to Moody to pull up alongside him at the bar. "As if I have anything better to do these days, other than to harass law abiding citizens… and barkeeps." He tosses a wink towards the grizzled barkeep. "There's plenty that can be said for being bored and being free to act on it." As opposed to idly beating your head against a stone wall to break up the monotony of staring into space.

He's heard though that Azkaban had lovely Tennis courts. Or so it said in the brochure. Still the old auror offers a nod, and a grunt as Sirius joins him. "Some could say that about You Know Who, an his band of miscreants- an bloody idiots." Of course Mad Eye has other words to describe that lot. "Well it was my plan, given this place is where I am stowed." or rather running surveillance on the school when he cannot physically be there. "Food's alright..Whisky's strong." And the Death Eaters haven't been dumb enough to come in here. Moody idly brings his hand into his coat to pull out a sickle and slide it out on the top as he eyes th'barman again. "As I had last night." oddly enough-the dirty glasses do not bother him.

The Azkaban brochures are grossly misleading. "Just bloody idiots? You're losing your touch, old man," Sirius says good naturedly at Moody. He's got a number of choice things to call Voldemort and his ilk and none of them are fit for anyone's ears. He doesn't order anything just yet, and it's not meant as an insult to the drink in the pub. He's got to stay alert for a bit longer, and while he's no lightweight, alcohol is something he has to re-accustom himself to. "So far, all's been quiet. Haven't caused too much of a ruckus." Just his way of telling Moody that things have been on the slow side in the village. The animagus glances towards the door, almost as if wanting trouble to walk in.

Moody just chuckles in a short raspy bit of air. The drink brought to his lips, there's a mutter and down the hatch before he is nodding for another one. Even if he is not to be drinking on the job-one must assume Mad Eye will. Either it makes him sharper, or crazier. It's hard to say this early in research. "Better than watchin an yellin' at snotties to follow the rules. You'd think with a batch of Aurors about they would all calm down on th' notions of grand adventures." Unlikely with this school. So needless to say the school is rather quiet and normal…for now. A glance with his blue eye is cast towards the door, and there it rests for the most part. "They're layin' low.." his voice dropping for the sensitivity of the subject. "Don' like it."

Sirius will save his drinking for being at home, yelling at Kreacher and cracking jokes with Dung. Those things always mix well. He barks out a laugh, "I dunno, teaching could be fun." Not that parents or the Board would allow Black to hold a teaching post. He may have a few tricks to pass on as well as knowledge, but there's too much attached to the wizard. (And how much learning could actually be had with an overgrown child in charge?) He grumps a little in acknowledgement of Moody's words, and lowers his voice too. "I don't like it either. They're regrouping, planning. Makes me all itchy." Not that Black needs much encouragement to get twitchy for a fight.

Moody did that this summer. You can thank him for keeping the old fires of home burning, no? A chuckle again-though this rattle carries a bit of a caw into it as the eye slides back to Sirius. "Obviously, you've never taught." A grin, scarred and crooked from the old man. Whether he misses it or not, not even the cruciatus could make him speak on. And there his grin falters a little as back into work they go. "Oh o'course they are. It's just a lot worse that we have no inkling where they are a hiding. If I knew where the den of vipers were, I'd go in myself for em." said into the rim of his new glass. "They'll hit us hard, once they can get hogwarts defenses down. Mark m' words."

"Not really, no. Study buddies doesn't exactly count," Sirius says with a shrug and doesn't seem phased. "Maybe I'd like to give it a shot, who knows?" His expression turns grim, leave it to Moody to bring a downer to the conversation. Not that Black expected anything else. "C'mon by for dinner, gonna have a few friends over." Yeah, always a party atmosphere at #12 and the Order's invited. "We'll hopefully have more news, so that we can stay ahead of the game, or at least keep up with them." Another glance towards the door, and the restlessness takes over. "Gotta keep moving, Mad-eye. See you later." It's as if Moody's talk has him just knowing there's something creeping ever closer out there in the forest.

"I'd give it another shot once this is all over. If I live through it." A bit of a sombering thought, but it doesn't phase Mad Eye in the least. Instead there's nod as he plows on through awkward conversation territory- as if it was a roadside stop. "I'd love t', as long as your foul bloody elf isn't cooking. Talk Tonks into it-though she's more likely t' fall in the oven than cook with it." A pause and he is downing the drink with consideration. "Dinner'll be." as for keeping moving there's a grim set of his mouth and a nod to boot. "Aye. Keep a weather eye, m' lad. Oh-Sirius!" And a look up as that blue eye fixates Sirius with a stare. "Constant Vigilance."

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