1994-10-28: It's Not Like Math


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Scene Title It's Not Like Math
Synopsis Elizabeth rescues Amber from a trick step. Amber tried to repay the favour, but it doesn't go as she expects.
Location Grand Staircase
Date Oct 28, 1994
Logger Amber

Hogwarts, Grand Staircase

From here you can look up between the gaps of the stairs to see what can best be described as a scene from an M.C. Escher painting, except for no staircases seem to be upside down. (But in Hogwarts, one can never be too sure about this.) The school is said to boast 142 staircases, good luck to anyone who wishes to count them to see if this is true. Paintings pack next to each other, leaving very little of the stone walls visible. The staircases move continuously, switching landings and entrances to various floors and hallways.

There's a trick stair.
There's always a trick stair, actually. This is just one that Amber should have known was there. Now, her leg's caught in solid wood; sitting on the step just above it, she droms her fingers on the rail next to her, and waits for rescue. It's true what they say about Hufflepuffs… They're patient. In this case, though, she's starting to wonder if no one's going to convince this step to release her.
At least she has a book with her. Sure, it's probably the most boring book ever and it means class work when she's not in class, but it is, at least, something to keep her occupied. Hooray for Muggle Studies, though, and the extraordinarily fascinating lesson on why Muggles invented the stop sign.
Oh dear God, someone shoot her now.

Even as the staircases move and shift from side to side, or up and downwards, Elizabeth walks calmly up the stairs with a worn book in hand, climbing the steps instinctively as her sky blue eyes behind her circular rimmed glasses flick over the surface of the page. Avoiding the occasional step as it fades and reappears, keeping the younger years on their toes. With her other hand slipping along the railing, the Ravenclaw girl's eyes glances upwards, narrowing just slightly at as she approaches the stranded Hufflepuff, her foot apparently caught within one of the trick steps. Stopping just two steps below her, Liz lifts a passive brow at the sight, silent before shifting to the other side of the girl and kneeling forward. Cupping her free hand to the side of mouth, she whispers something inaudible to the single stair itself, a moment passing before the grip on Amber's foot releases, allowing her to pull her foot free.

And Amber will waste exactly no time pulling her foot free, even as she strains to hear what the other girl is saying. She's not exactly talkative herself, though there are reasons for that. It just doesn't occur to her half the time to say anything. Still, gratitude is in order. "Thanks," she says simply, backing up to the next step so that she can set her foot on one that's a little more solid. "Missed it this time. Guess it happens to everyone once." Or twice, in Amber's case. She hit a different one when she was a first year. Can't memorise 'em all, right? "So, what's the secret? How'd you get my foot free?"

Folding the book, Elizabeth tucks it under her arm as she lowers her chin in a nod to Amber, "You are welcome." is all she answers as the other girl sits up enough to pull her foot out and sit on the step above where she originally was. She quirks a brow at the question, her eyes briefly glancing to the step in question before lightly shrugging a shoulder. "This particular step has something of an ego. Coaxing it usually encourages it release limbs and so forth. Hopefully it did not deter your from your classes. The Professors have some understanding on such matters of tardiness, but there is still a limit."

Amber shakes her head. No, she wasn't being held from getting to class. In fact, she was heading for the library. She looks up toward its general direction, nodding once. "Was just going to take a couple books back." Turning her shoulders a little to indicate the back pack that she still has resting there, she smiles. "So by calling the step various names, I probably just ensured that it'd hold onto my foot for the rest of forever, huh? Well, in that case, I owe you one." Standing, carefully avoiding the step again, she closes her own book. "So… You're in Ravenclaw," she says, indicating the patch on Elizabeth's robe. "…Neat. Ah… I always thought I could be a Ravenclaw. All smart n' all. Amber. Is my name." She transfers the book to one hand and holds out her right one to shake. She smiles, pale eyes meeting Elizabeth's. "Guess I wasn't quite smart enough to avoid getting my foot trapped."

Elizabeth lifts a brow passively. "Taunting the steps in general is usually inadvisable. It tends to lead to unwanted circumstances. Though the owing of a favor is dismissible. You did not ask for assistance, after all. I merely gave it." she shrugs a shoulder idly. "Intelligence may be the common key factor among many Ravenclaw students, as which the Household has been founded upon, though the other three houses have their degree of intelligence and wit. Though intelligence is only one portion of each individual personality. Everyone has their unique aspects." Liz watches the other girl for a moment before lower her chin to her once in acknowledgment. "Dweedle. Elizabeth Dweedle. A pleasure to meet your acquaintance then, Amber, even under the given circumstances."

okay, maybe she wouldn't want to be a Ravenclaw. One of Amber's eyes narrow just a bit as she tries to figure out if Elizabeth just said what she did. Obviously, she has. Amber's ears aren't playing tricks on her. Looking away, she bites her lip. There's only one thing to do in a situation like this (Besides running away). Loosen the girl up a little! See, Amber owes her one, right? So. "You ever play football?"
Slinging the backpack off her shoulders, she stuffs the boring Muggle book inside of it. She already knows why stop signs were invented, anyway. "Like, just to take your mind off things like 'dismissible' and 'acquaintance' and things like that. I mean, you're…" A chess club geek. She stops herself before saying that, though. It'd be like the pot calling the kettle black. "I have a football down in me dorm, n' I can go gettit, n' we can play a li'l bit out in the courtyard. Seem like you could use a little break, or these books'll have you theeing and thouing all over the school. Whaddaya say?" It takes some doing, but she finally gets the book stuffed into the bag along with all her other stuff.

Elizabeth blinks at the completely random question, the train of thought that could have lead to it beyond her. She just lifts a brow, seeming unsure if the question is genuine or rhetorical. As if she looks like someone that would know about a muggle game like Football. After a brief pause, she absently lifts a hand to touch a fingertip to the bridge of her circular frames to push them upwards. A gesture that is habitual. "Hm, the rules regarding this games called Football is unclear to me at the present moment." Her sky blue eyes behind her glasses flick to the bag as Amber tries to get the book into her bag, pondering further. "Football is little to be desired, though I am sure that if you have been entrapped within this stair step for a period of time you will need some exercise. Would a walk within the gardens be equally acceptable?"

It's at this point that Amber does a little more staring. "Rules are… You kick around 'round black an' white ball. C'mon." She reaches out for Elizabeth's arm, and will guide the girl all the way down into the basement if allowed, toward the entrance to the Hufflepuff house. "Point is, it's fun. S'what I'm tryin' to get at, anyway." And she's not trying to be mean here. In fact, she's going to great lengths not to offend the Ravenclaw. Sure, maybe their definitions of 'fun' are a little different, but Amber's just trying to help a little bit.
"It's not 'little to be desired.' It's a great sport — c'ordination, exercise. Gets y'away from the thesaurus for awhile, eh? c'mon. Gimme a few minutes with you an' a football. I'll make a believer outta ya. Y'really don' need to know the rules anyway, aye? I mean, rules say y'got more people on the field than just two, so we've already broke that'n. Plus, we don't have a net or anythin', so."
The closer they get the the basement, the more it smells like food. After all, the Hufflepuff common room is near the kitchen. Not that anyone actually knows how to get to the kitchen, except a select few, but scents do carry.

"Fun is purely speculative." Elizabeth answers idly as she tugs her sleeve from Amber's grip. Lightly pushing up her glasses along the edge of her slender nose, she releases a slow sigh. "Hm. I believe we have reached an impasse. You have made a proposition that although I found somewhat undesirable, I proposed an alternative means of acceptable exercise. Such as is compromise. Though if one party has no intensions of compromising, then there is no real result that is acceptable to both persons." At the end of the staircase, her steps slow to a stop, her eyes firming slightly. "I do not appreciate being 'goaded' into an activity that has little interest to me. 'Peer pressure', as it were. Pushing someone into a decision is rather unappealing."

At this point, Amber frowns. Purely speculative? Impasse? GOADED? "That's not— what I was trying to do," she says, the hopeful smile becoming a frown. Unappealing? Okay, she can see the other girl's point, but she was just trying to get Elizabeth to lighten up a little. In any case, it does make Amber stop, and she doesn't proceed toward the Hufflepuff common room.
"Y'don't have t'play if you don't want to. Life isn't… Math, though. It's not like adding two and two together all the time, I mean, just 'cuz I wanted t'do sommat with you doesn't mean I was goadin' you into it. Never know unless you try, aye?" She shrugs. Maybe they could have taken a walk next time. "I wasn' lookin' fer exercise, Elizabeth. I'll see you 'round." Unless she's stopped, she turns and starts heading in the direction she'd been going.

"Nor have I stated that life is Math or only thus. But since the compromise for another activity was not even considered, it suggests that you were set upon this Football sport. Compromise is a simple part of life." Elizabeth answers, lifting a light brow as the other girl shrugs and turns lightly on foot. She lowers her chin in a nod. "So be it then." she merely answers, lifting a hand with a light wave as she turns on foot in another direction. Pulling the book from under her arm, she holds it in hand as her thumb tucks under the edge, sliding the pages apart as she glances to her book once more.

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