1995-02-22: Is He Worth It ??


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Scene Title Is he worth it??
Synopsis Julian runs into Neville in the library. They talk for a while.
Location Hogwarts Library
Date Feb 22, 1995
Watch For Bean thinking about Verrah Important Things.
Logger Bean

Having laid claim to one of the tables near the back windows of the main library section, Neville sits with books strewn around him and a few lengths of parchment spread out before him. A leather bound book is propped up and open in front of him, and Neville appears to be fretting back between it and his Potions paper. He chews at the end of his feather quill, attempting to scribble something useful on his homework.

Julian has a free period between two classes, so he steps into the library and moves to find a book that he had been looking for. "Damn," he whispers to himself, seeing the spot still empty. "Who can have that book for so long?" He steps out into the aisle, restless. Now that his errand is done, he's at a loss as to what to do next. His homework completed, the little First-Year moves to plop down in a seat near Neville, not really being careful about how noisy or distracting he is being. However, he's quiet by nature, so it only disturbs those near him… maybe. He pulls out a large book from his bag and starts reading.

Neville dots a period with a sense of rushed accomplishment. He leans back, tapping his palms on the table. His leather book falls over with a clap and a leafy-snap of pages losing the air between them. Neville jumps, reaching to pull the journal close to him. "Sorry," he says to the other patron in the library. Another apology is shot to the boy closest to him. "Sorry."

Julian looks up when the book falls to the floor. He doesn't know Neville's name, but does know he's in the same year as Potter and his friends. He frowns for a moment, then shrugs. "No big deal. I can't find the book I want anyway." This book is just what he reads to pass the time. "What're you working on, anyway?" He peers over, looking toward the parchment, but not reading it.

"Potions," Neville explains, rapping a single finger to the slightly curled parchment. "Were you in the class? It was the big all-year one. Anyways, I just finished." Neville sports a smile, dusting his own book off. "What book?" he ventures.

"Yeah, I was in there. I watched the whole thing, and took notes." Bean reaches into the bag and pulls out several long strips of parchment. He rifles through them and pulls out one particular one. "Here. This might help." He shrugs, passing the small slip of paper over to the other boy. "Read over it and give it back. Since I didn't take anything, I figured I'd write mine on what everyone else did." Or, at least everyone he saw. "Melchior's Masterful Magics." He wrinkles his nose slightly. "It's about basic charms and hexes, and I've been trying to learn a few things on my own. They seemed simple enough. Weird title, though."

Neville takes the offered paper, letting his eyes roam over it. "Brilliant," he says with a smile. "This is really good work, mate. You have a knack for Potions?" he wonders, setting his journals back down. "If Hermione were here, I'd ask her. M'fairly sure she has all the books in this place memorized. But I'm not too horrid at charms. What is it you were looking to learn?"

Julian has a knack for about anything he puts his mind to. The hat considered Ravenclaw for him, but decided, on the whole, that he was a Slytherin. Good thing, too. He shrugs. "Yeah, I'm pretty good. I like Snape, but the classes haven't been very fun. At least the results of the potions…" Some of the situations are the stuff of legends. Aging potion, shrinking potion, and one that reminded him so much of 'home' that he stormed out of the class as soon as it was dismissed. With another shrug, he answers Neville's question. "Dunno, do I?" He chuckles. "I've just been reading pretty much everything I can get my hands on. Coupla books mentioned it as a starting point for some of the stuff they do, and …" He gestures toward the aisle it belongs on. "Hasn't been there yet."

There is a small flinch at the name 'Snape'. "Well," Neville mumbles. "Maybe this new professor will put some 'fun' back into it." The boy snorts, reading over his own reaction. "I think made it all the way to the size of a rat," the boy sighs, putting the paper gently onto the table. "Well, they typically have restricted times you can take those books out, so it'll have to show up sooner or later. Have you asked Madame Pince?"

Julian shakes his head. "Naw, I figured it'd show up…" He snickers at the thought of Professor Moldavia's idea of fun. "Not sure I want to do what she'd consider fun…" He frowns. "Hey, what's your name, kid?" Calling him 'Pudgy Gryffindor fourth-year' probably wouldn't go over well. "I'm Julian Legume, but folks call me Bean." Neville's comments on the size he shrunk to get a quiet nod. "Yeah. It was close enough to rat sized…" He purses his lips, quiet as he thinks for a moment. "Kid, can I ask you a personal question?"

"Neville Longbottom," he returns, nodding his head. He smiles at the thought of getting called a 'kid' by the younger boy. Slowly he begins cleaning his work space, stacking the books and shuffling his papers. Neville glances over, stopping his fussing with the mess. "Hmm? Oh, sure."

"Nice to meet you, Longbottom." Bean nods, and then asks his question. "What's Potter like?" If he's in the same year, he's a roommate, and would know a little better. "I hear all this stuff about him, and …" He shrugs, trying to remain aloof, or at least appear to. "Everybody knows what the Prophet and the histories say." What's he really like? "I figured you'd know …" He lets his voice trail off, setting the big book down.

Neville watches the smaller Slytherin for a moment. His head falls into a slow, understanding bob and he sits back in his chair, fingers fiddling with his thumb. "I'll tell you something," Neville begins with a serious look to Bean. "When I first came to Hogwarts, Harry Potter was a right friend to me from the start, before he even knew me. And I don't figure Harry would ever turn his back on me, either."

Julian just listens. It's not the blind adoration of say, the Creevy boys, or even the detached interest in his weaknesses like his enemies. Bean knows that Potter is the one everyone's looking to. "Frenchie and I — Well, D'Allemange, I mean — we get along, but…" He would probably leave him in a lurch if it was bad enough. And he figures the other boy would expect it. He wonders what that's like. And, here, the cold detachment comes in, because Bean definitely doesn't think like Harry. And here comes the watershed. "So, you think he's worth the accolades?"

"I think he deserves my own, for being such a mate to me. I don't really… pay attention much to what others says. Because to me it doesn't matter. The Boy Who Lived or not, Harry Potter is a pal thick 'r thin." Neville backs up his claims with a solid, honest smile.

Interesting answer. Bean will definitely have to think about this for a while. He frowns slightly, and nods. He decides to pay a little attention to Neville himself. "So, what's your favorite subject, then?" He glances down at his bag. "I like most of them, although I'd have to say that Charms or Transfiguration are probably my favorites." It's an intentional foray into less murky waters while his mind processes the trains of thought in the background.

Neville seems pretty delighted at the conversation. It's a break, at least, from his homework. "Herbology," comes a firm, quick answer. "I wish I could have all my classes in the greenhouses, I really do. But, I'm decent at charms and divination, too. Though that last one usually isn't but a load of rubbish most of the time."

Julian snorts. "Yeah, it sounds like it." He shakes his head. "Herboology isn't too bad, though I always wonder whether the stuff we're working on is edible or good for potions ingredients." He grins, laughing at himself. "I'm sure most of it isn't edible, but…" The way Bean grew up, you always check. He grabs his big book, sticking it back into the bag. "I probably should get going. Got Charms in half a mo' or somethin'." He glances around, looking for a clock and then realizing again that most rooms don't have them. "Maybe I'll see you around soon. Good to meet you." He gazes toward the shelf, wondering if the librarian has shelved any books yet, and if his might be one of them.

"Some of them are both," Neville says with a chuckle. "But some of them you'd be rather daft to put into your mouth. Believe me." The pleased, happy moment is broken by the reminder of classes. "Oh, bother!" Neville huffs, standing. "I have Care of Magical Creatures in just a few minutes." He opens his bookbag, shoving his work into it. "Yeah, you too Bean. See you later, mate."

"Later.” Bean is distracted, thinking about the book he's looking for, so he waves an idle hand as he goes to check one more time before leaving the library and up the stairs to Charms.

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