1995-03-04: Interesting Times


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Scene Title Interesting Times
Synopsis Jack goes to Hogsmeade's post office to post a letter and runs into Moody.
Location Hogsmeade Post Office
Date Mar 04, 1995
Watch For Moody's idea of 'small talk'
Logger Jack

Its ten in the morning and the eleven o'clock train up t' Orkney will be coming soon enough. A quick trip out to the countryside and then back is what Moody has planned. Time to see to things before he is back to work. All the same he has a few things-notes to send out and so he has stopped himself at the Post office-mail being set out with a few customary sickles and the like. Blue eye keeps flicking around to each incoming owl, and outgoing missive. Even if he seems…subdued- he is merely, and agitatedly. Waiting.

Jack steps into the post office and whistles happily as he moves toward the front to find an owl to send his letter off with. "I really need to get an owl for the office," he mutters as he pays the post mistress after giving her a smile and a wink. He attaches the letter to the offered owl, and whispers the location to him. He then pets the top of the owl's head and sends him on his merry way. Moody gets noticed and he gives him a polite nod. "Professor."

Moody turns his head, even as the eye jots to the back of his skull. It would almost seem as if the craggy old professor was about to bloody curse whoever came in behind him-however. As such Moody simply relaxes for a moment, and draws his traveling robes about him a bit tighter. "Ach, Noble." words come out-the elder brother of one of his better and more troubling students. "How are you son?" asked back as he turns, waiting for for apparently something back from the Postmaster.

Jack gives a small shrug of his shoulders. "Been better, but been worse, too, so I can't really complain." He purses his lips for just a moment, and then nods toward the counter where Moody's attention rests. "Waiting for something in particular?" The man is perfectly free to tell him to go ride a broom to Durmstrang and stay out of his business, but Jack asks.

"Really-shouldn't a boy like you be out-doing things, loving women. Shite like that?" Leave it to Alastor to give his own grizzled version of out eating moonpies-and playing penny whistles. All the same Moody keeps his eye on Noble, just as he usually keeps one trained on Siobhan when she seems to be in a mood. "Just a letter-and the train. I have business in th' North Country this weekend." A reply before he's reaching into his robes for that flask. "What has you down here?"

Moody's words make Jack snort. "Doin' things. Lovin' women." He shakes his head. "I ought to be, yeah, but lately…" He gives a grin. "Even doing that's been — difficult." He chuckles wryly. "Ah. Well, I'm sending a letter to my former secretary to ask her to come back to work for me." He doesn't mind sharing that part. "Told her when the shite hit the fan that she ougtta go back full-time where she was." He gazes out, conversation not requiring eye-contact. "Now that things are calming down, I need her back."

"Some thing with you isn't it boy?" A grin from Moody for a moment to indicate a joke. if jack has some history there-could be Alastor just traipsed on it on accident. All the same he is sizing the boyo up, but that's normal. Even first years are eyed as if they are carrying. "What are you doing these days anyway?" He thought it some something like being an Auror-or such. but he could be off. Trying to find where Siobhan got her spark from, naturally. "And who is the woman?" Might as well as whom the letter too. Small talk for Moody is more like-invasive questions.

Jack nods, keeping his focus outward. "Yeah. 'May you live in interesting times.' Mighta been about these past few months." He grins at Moody, and then turns back to gaze at the same spot. "Which woman? My girlfriend? Holly Maplewood. Sirius' lawyer." The question about what he does gets answered with a nod toward Torchwood Offices. "I'm a freelance cursebreaker. I've got a small office set up just the road over there." He reaches into his pocket to pull out a small piece of parchment embossed with the address and floo name of the place. "Here." He holds it out to the old man.

Moody chuckles there for a second. "Never did like that phrase. Everyone thinks th' interesting times are t' be grand. I've seen enough shite go wrong in interestin times." Moody's eye keeps the game of the artful dot going, before he is looking to the clock on the wall, and then back towards Jack "I meant your secretary-not your lawyer. Though a good barrister is hard t' find these days. Has t' be damned good t' get Black off his hook." Mind Moody doesn't think Sirius is still guilty by any means- he's just…Tactless. "Ahh cursebreaker-there's adventure to be had there I am sure…" and when the card is offered of course Moody stares before gingerly accepting it-sniffing the card once before pocketing it away. "Is business good?"

"Oh. I'm sorry. Um, her name is Madeline Sagace. Quiet lady." Jack shrugs, and nods. "Yeah, Holly's good at what she does." He gives a bit of a goofy grin at that. He's proud of her. "It comes and goes," he responds to the question about business. "Right now, it's a bit on the upswing, but with all the dark activity, that's to be expected." He realizes the older man will defnitely understand that. "Yeah… The book I read about that quote says that it was actually a curse, not a blessing." He gives another soft chuckle.

"Is she planning on remaining a barrister-or will she turn solicitor-given the times?" apparently Moody is pumping for information-possibly to know if one will have to keep an eye on the lawyer. He knows during the last war, everyone on the gamot, and in the Auroring department was targeted. A bloody huge mess given the numbers of them vs. the numbers of the Ministry. A faint grin there for a moment "Book is wise.." murmured. "Can you answer me a question-Noble?"

"If I can, sir." The respect taught at Sir Michael's knee is still present, and Jack employs it. "I'm not sure. She's an American, and I know she had to take some sort of exam to be able to practice law here. I know she's still getting her bearings after… the whole mess with the ministry." Jack inhales sharply remembering that.

Moody exhales with a sound short of disgust "Ministry right bungles a bit of everything. I was sorry t' hear about that." though for Moody there was not much he could do in the matter-most of his contacts still there were sacked, or biding there time in the case of Scrimgeour. A shake of his had which sends that mass of unkempt hair in a little bit of a whirl. "how is she doing with all that by the way?"

"Too right, that." Jack gives a quick nod at Moody's assessment of the ministry. "She's…surviving. Doing better now. I'm trying to help her stay positive, and she's more realistic about the situation…" Sometimes to the point of moroseness. But it's all good. "Thank you." For the sympathy, for the understanding, and for just knowing … It's a rare thing. "How is teaching going? I'm not sure I could do that."

Ah there's the snort from Moody there now as he pushes off from the wall where he had, had his back plastered to. A check out the window, before the Post Officer comes forthwith a small letter in hand, held out towards Moody. A quiet nod of thanks before it too is slid into his robes-as he continues where that snort left off. "Its what it is. I love it and loathe it at the same time. But-students like your sister make it worth it."

The mention of Siobhan makes Jack smile. Not as widely as he would were things copacetic between them, but he smiles proudly as he thinks of his youngest sibling. He nods, sticking his hands back into the pockets of his greatcoat. "I'm glad she's doin' well." A trace of the accent of his Scottish family creeps in, though it isn't much. "I'm glad you're teaching them. It'll get them ready for about anything." He starts to say more, but falls silent.

Its being close to home that does it. He catches Siobhan doing it when she is only talking to him-and then she susses up prim and proper else times. He finds it amusing-but then Moody couldn't drop his accent if he tried. Perhaps why he never tried for polyjuice potion. It seemed to be better to have the legend of Moody chasing a man than some enigma. Jack falls silent and Moody joins him "Specially in these times.."

A look to Jack "She'll make a fine auror if she can keep her temper."

Jack laughs outright. "Ain't that the truth." He grins as he turns to face the other man, hand outstretched to shake. "She inherited Mum's I think. But don't mention that unless you want yer arse hexed." He gives a teasing grin. "I tend to agree, though I don't really look forward to her putting herself in danger. But that's my big brother instinct." He nods. "Good to see you, Moody, and …" He pauses, considering whether to say this or not. "If you see my Rosie outside of class, do let her know I love her, would ya?" Since the girl isn't listening to him right now. "I should get back to work."

"I will.." offered back-infact he knows he will see her this weekend sometime-but Moody himself now that he has what he was coming for is making a break for the door. A slight smile there before it disappears as he stumps along the way. "I have a train t' catch." A faint chuckle. "Keep an eye out." Constant Vigilance.

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