Sometimes, coming into a new game environment can be overwhelming. You want to interact with the game world, but are unsure how to go about doing so without breaking anything or "being in trouble". This guide is intended to be a friendly set of 'how to' instructions for the different ways you can jump in and get your character involved.

Pick-Up RP

Some of the most rewarding story arcs come from the most unexpected places. Not every scene needs to be world-shattering or metaplot relevant. Shared small interactions build relationships between characters - whether those are positive or negative ones - and are the fodder that sparks bigger and better (and richer) plot arcs down the line.

Think about the things your character enjoys.

Are they a bookworm? Reach out on channels to see if anyone wants to have a scene in the library.

Do they like Quidditch? Do they play Quidditch - even if not on the school teams? Invite people to the pitch either to actually play a scrimmage game or to talk strategies or compare brooms.

Are they part of Magical Law Enforcement or M-Sec? Grab some friends and set a scene going for a run around the castle grounds.

These kinds of scenes may seem silly or small, but it's the way for characters to build connections with each other and find those who share mutual goals and can work together to achieve them.

If all else fails, having a scene over tea or a meal is never a bad option - and +rpgen now exists to provide randomly generated scene-starter ideas. (See +help +rpgen on-grid for more details.)

Ultimately, this is the bread-and-butter kind of scene. This is the day-to-day stuff that gives ideas and friends for the bigger adventures. With +votes and Log Incentives, it's also how you go out and get XP to help grow your character's strengths and abilities.

Personal Goals

Everyone has something about the world they'd like to change. Sometimes that's a big, massive, all-but-impossible endeavor like 'ending Muggleborn prejudice'. Sometimes that's a very small exercise like 'putting more flowers and potted plants around the castle to try and brighten the atmosphere a little'. Most often, such things fall somewhere in between those two extremes.

Personal goals are an A+ way to stimulate RP. Even personal goals that seem unattainable (or may /be/ unattainable) can spark amazing scenes and arcs and narratives just from the process of trying.

If, for example, your character is an herbologist or simply an herbology buff, and they want to work on a hybrid plant that combines the magical properties of two others, or lowers the unpleasant side-effects of the primary plant, or something along those lines - go out and have scenes with people about looking for specimens or fertilizer or 'just the right kind of soil, dear boy' - use the opportunity that provides to grow little story hooks around the game and accrue XP.

Once you've done that step, send a +request to staff with the links to logs of the preparatory steps (or just a summary of those steps if there are no logs) and let us know what your character is trying to accomplish. We will be more than happy to work with you on getting things done. (More about this below.)

Player-Run Plot

There's another section in the policies which covers the rules surrounding these, but PRPs are absolutely on the table. They can be amazing fun for an otherwise lazy afternoon and can be used as an IC step toward a goal or series of goals. If that's the case, send in a +request so staff knows it's happened and can give you direction on the next steps and how to move forward.

Participants in PRPs are also eligible for additional XP nominations beyond +vote by any other participant in that scene. Simply (you guessed it) submit a +request with a log of the scene and the names of participants and the XP you believe participation in the PRP should be worth, and staff will process the nomination.

Non-RP Interaction (The Catch-All Provision)

Sometimes your character needs to get some information or try to accomplish something that doesn't necessarily involve any other PCs and would not always be terribly fun to RP out. Staff understands this and isn't here to try and force people to RP scenarios that aren't fun.

If your character needs to do research off-camera, or is off trying to persuade unnamed NPC residents to put their support behind some new rule or movement, or wants to find a nest of birds and train them to sing God Save the Queen - or any number of other goals that aren't really scene-worthy (though honestly a scene with someone trying to train birds to sing God Save the Queen sounds delightful) there is a route to accomplishing those, too.

Put in a +request that gives a short overview of what you're trying to accomplish and staff will work with you on what rolls may be required and what other steps may need to happen in order to help you make progress on that goal.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, we cannot stress enough how much +request is your friend. You're not bothering staff. We want to help you engage with the game world that we all love - otherwise we wouldn't be here. Even if you have something you OOCly or your character ICly wants to do or work on or contribute and you simply can't think of how to get started, use +request. That lets staff know that you are lost and need help, and gives us an easy method of communication to provide guidance and assistance so that we can make the gaming experience one that is fun for all of us.

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