1994-10-30: Intelligence Uninterrupted


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Scene Title Intelligence Uninterrupted
Synopsis Elizabeth meets someone she doesn't realize she's met before.
Location Hogsmeade, Three Broomsticks
Date Oct 30, 1994
Watch For Elizabeth being stunned once or twice.
Logger Elizabeth

Hogsmeade, Three Broomsticks

The interior of Three Broomsticks Inn is usually very crowded, noisy, warm, and smoky. Flagons and tankards of mulled mead, butterbeer, red currant rum, and other sorts of drinks are poured and served from the polished wooden bar opposite the door by the curvaceous hostess, Madam Rosmerta. A long mirror covers the wall behind the bar, reflecting even the images of patrons tucked into the most shadowy corners. In one corner next to the bar is a large stone fireplace, with a cozy fire burning in it almost all the time. Stools line the bar, and also surround the many tables in the pub in groups of two or four.

It's a busy day at the Three Broomsticks. Even more so than usual with it being a Hogsmeade Weekend for the Hogwarts students. Dexter has taken a day off from running his shop in Diagon Alley and decided to frequent one of his more favorite places to come and get a drink and a bite to eat. Sitting at a table in the middle of the room, he has a Butterbeer on the table in front of him as he sits there reading a piece of parchment that seems to have a wand schematic on it.

Indeed the Three Broomsticks is crowded a bit more than usual, students in their common clothes, jackets, and scarves milling around or chatting loudly with others. It is one of the booths that Elizabeth has taken residence in, the dark scarf hanging loosely around her neck complimenting the dark ebony of her sweater. Every once in a while she wraps her lips around the end of a straw, sipping from an ice cream glass that froths happily at the top with floating ice cream and bubbles. Her sky blue eyes narrow slightly, leaning back from her glass as her free hand absently lifts up to push up her circular glasses along her slender nose. Her gaze flicks over the surface of a book on the table in front of her, a English to French dictionary, her cool eyes narrowing just slightly in thought before her fingertips brush the edge of the page to flip it aside, moving to the next.

Dexter sighs as he rolls up his parchment and places it in the inside pocket of his jacket. That is something for a later time, not when he's wanting to relax and be happy. There's always a time to not think of work. This is one of those times. He finishes off his Butterbeer and stands, heading back up to the bar. "Rosmerta? Give me another, won't ya? It's particularly delicious today." He grins.

Releasing a slow inaudible breath, Elizabeth wraps her lips around the end of the straw once more, sipping at her foamy beverage as her eyes glance up towards the main Inn itself. Her sky blue eyes flick between the different groups that have gathered, engrossed in their own conversations and jokes as they laugh and tease with friends, some others milling in order to get refills of some kind or another. With her fingertips resting on the book on her booth's table, she watches as a man gets up and approaches the counter, complimenting Rosmerta while seamlessly ordering another.

Rosmerta arrives with Dexter's new order and flashes him a smile. "How's the shop, Mr. Rowland? Business pickin' up any?" Dexter gives a little shrug. "Oh, I've got a little more business than before, but it's nothing to Ollivander's business. He's the most popular one, after all. He's the one I bought my wand from too. But, with luck, more people will hear of my wands and want to buy from me."

With as much talking and laughing there is within the busy in, nothing stands out against the dull roar, though Elizabeth can tell from both of the adult's expressions they are at least acquaintances with one another, the conversation continuing on as Rosmerta prepares the Butterbeer and sets it on the counter for the man. With a light exhale, the young Ravenclaw girl returns to steadily sipping on her ice cream float drink, her hands propping the book in front of her a bit better as her sky blue eyes return to reading.

Dexter smiles at Rosmerta. "Thank you, my dear. Well, off to find my seat again…if it has not already been taken up by my unwitting departure of it." He chuckles and shakes his head, turning back from the bar to face the full room. He pushes himself through the crowd in order to find his previous seat again. Even through his jesting, it seems that the table he had before is taken up fully by a crowd of students. He doesn't blame them, really. He hadn't claimed the table, and he would have done that in his school years as well. He turns about on spot, trying now to find himself a seat, which so far as he can see is providing fruitless in his efforts.

Elizabeth narrows her eyes at her book for a moment or so, lost in thought as she returns to sipping slowly at her float drink. Pondering, her slender fingers brush the page to the side, tilting her head at it before her straw makes a noise, sucking on air now as the last of the froth clings to the sides of the glass. Liz blinks at it, as if just now noticing she had finished her drink before pulling her lips from the straw and lightly pushing the glass away from her on the table. Leaning back a bit further on her side of the booth, she leans back into her seat a bit further, her lips parting slightly to inaudibly repeat words from her book, committing them to memory.

Dexter starts walking about the room, trying to find a seat, much to his dismay as he doesn't find one that is free. Though he does find one with just a single person sitting at it…reading a book no less. He clears his throat as he approaches. "Excuse me. I do hate to be an imposition some, but might I share this booth with you by sitting on the other side? I promise, I shan't be an imposition at all. I'll be as silent as a mouse."

Elizabeth quirks a brow at the sound of a man clearing his throat purposefully, though her sky blue eyes remain on her book propped against the table in front of her. "Asking for permission is hardly a imposition. It's considered common curtsey, which is lacking in modern society for the most part." she answers easily. "You may, if you wish. Who am I to say what one can or can not do. Though that phrase, 'as silent as a mouse', I have always found amusing, considering the norm of magic it is very easily doable. Even to the point of literal. Though I suspect you were proposing the figurative form, rather than literal. Still, intriguing…" Her words eventually slow, as if soon pondering to herself.

An amused smile perches on Dexter's face. "Indeed. And the world would fall into a form of personal and practical disarray if every thus decided to forgo the common courtesy and do whatsoever that they may wish. It would be a most unpleasant world at that." An eyebrow is raised as he takes a seat across from the girl. "Although taking a person quite as literally as to the point of they themselves using magic to ensure that they are indeed as 'quiet as a mouse' is not usually meant to be taken literally but more often than not as more of a metaphorical or figurative premise."

Elizabeth’s sky blue eyes flick from beneath her glasses up at the man as he slides into the booth across from her, as if calculating what he had said along with his facial expressions at the moment he said them. She pauses for a further moment before returning her gaze back to the book between her hands. “I suppose that could be considered. Though if common courtesy was disregarded it is only a matter of time before people’s natures become more apparent. The laws of nature are quite different than what we have adapted to in modern day society. If wizards and Muggles alike were to revert to a more primal nature, more than likely it would only be a matter of time before Muggles are controlled by Wizards, as evolution dictates.” She quirks a brow at her book in further thought. “Though it is not meant to be taken as literal, the phrase in itself is curious indeed. I pray that Fred and George Weasley do not come to the conclusion that this curious phrase could be incorporated into a prank or a treat of some kind. We are liable to have Hogwarts students answering question in class with high-pitched squeaks.” The girl almost sighs at that thought.

Dexter can't help but just chuckle and give Elizabeth a knowing look. "You have the very sound of a Ravenclaw. The calculated responses, the thoughtful gaze as if taking into consideration every factor that you can think of at the time and bringing it together in a solidified response." He sighs softly. "Does evolution dictate that wizards are to be controlled by wizards? We certainly have abilities that they do not poses, but they have accomplished much without the use of magic. Combustible engines to drive vehicles from point A to point B. The ability to make airplanes which fly high above the clouds much like brooms can do, but which can carry many more people. Electricity as well has been mastered by them. Even in our primal natures, it could all be evenly split."

Elizabeth glances up at the man across from her, watching him for a moment before a hand lifts to habitually push up her circular glasses along the rim of her nose. “Hm. I do not deny that I am of the household that you have deduced. Though I find it curious that of the characteristics of the Ravenclaw, you seem to consider myself to be the very example of one. At lease I have the assumption, as I am hardly one to claim to know the thoughts of others. Still… I have met a good deal of others that also hold intelligence of some form, though not all are as calculating as I appear to be. One has their own individual way of expressing their thoughts, as this is my own.” Her expression shifts so subtly that it is fleeting as she returns her gaze to her book. “As for Muggles, I concur. They have accomplished much without the aid of magic. One could possibly think that with magic, we have been crippled by its constant use, as we never consider how much it influences us during our daily lives. Hm, should Muggles ever discover Wizard-kind and decide to try to wage war, it is very likely our kind would be easily dealt away with should they ever discover a method of draining magic completely. Still, an interesting thought for a hypothetical situation.”

Dexter shakes his head. "There is no denying that there are those of significant intelligence from other houses at Hogwarts, but you best exhibit those of a Ravenclaw. I, per my own upbringing during my years at Hogwarts, was a Ravenclaw and thusly am, as well, more apt to observing the tell-tale signs of said house." He says with an air of understanding. "Certainly Muggles could find ways to stop us. In fact, they have numerous weapons that could do so proficiently." He adds in a way that suggests he knows what he's talking about and that he knows of it in more detail. "For example, they have something called the Atom Bomb which can destroy a whole area and those enclosed in said area." He says with a nod. He eyes the girl again for a moment. "Are you related to someone who owns a shop in Diagon Alley at all?"

Elizabeth briefly glances up at the man before softly frowning, only to then glance to the side, "Yes, I do agree that the other houses also show some degree of intelligence, I was mentioning the unique traits of my fellow classmates. They are… not as calculating as I appear to be, I suppose." Her frown deepens just slightly, murmuring, "It is rather discerning when your own housemates struggle to understand a mere simple conversation that neigh holds a single difficult attribute. Still…" Liz tries to shrug the topic off, though it is clear that there was some emotion behind being compared to her housemates. She releases a slow sigh before she returns her attention to him once more, blinking before tilting her head curiously at him. "Truly? That is quite impressive for people who don't have magic to use at such a whim as us. That is intriguing indeed. I have to wonder what would be the purpose of having such a weapon for such a large area." She blink again at the mention of Diagon Alley, her thoughts shifting seamlessly as she lowers her chin in a single nod. "Indeed. My father is Arthur Dweedle, owner of Dweedle's Wheedles in the lower section of Diagon Alley. Though, why do you ask?"

Dexter furrows his brow. "Of what 'simple' conversations do you speak? Certainly if it were but a simple conversation, they'd grasp it would ease, would they not? Especially in a house such as Ravenclaw, which exemplifies intelligence." He says sympathetically. "No wonder you were alone. It must be difficult talking with those who do not comprehend facts the way that you do." He nods firmly. "Muggles use such weapons for war. For mass murder of a neighbouring state." He explains. "Though it has not been used often, for after the first couple attempts, they wished no longer to use such a weapon unless deemed absolutely necessary. But many countries have such weapons now. Or that is my understanding." At her explanation of her father owning a shop, he nods. "Ah yes. I have been past there many times, and even inside myself. I own a wand shop nearby. Wandlore and More."

Elizabeth releases a light sigh, pondering for a brief moment before sitting back in her seat a bit further. "At the beginning of the year I met the daughter of the Publisher of the Quibbler, nice enough I suppose. She introduced herself and offered a copy of the Quibbler, speaking of her father's delight in more students reading about the 'truth'. I mere said that truth is speculative. What is true for one may not be necessarily so for another. Even that seemed to be too much for her, as she quickly dismissed herself. There have been a few other instances, so I have to wonder if it is my unique speech pattern that is the common factor between the different incidence." Her eyes visibly twitch at the word 'alone', as if trying to comprehend it for the first time. Liz shrugs a shoulder idly, "I have never considered it, to be honest." Listening to him for a moment or so, she quirks a brow, her mind visibly flipping through a record of memories before she blinks once, her eyes watching him as she barely tilts her head. "Nine years, three months and seventeen days ago. I believe you were looking for a spellbook of reconstruction and repairs. I was seven years old at the time." She watches him for a further moment. "I think I am the only one that seems to have aged significantly since that time."

Dexter shakes his head, smiling. "Ah, yes. But as far as 'truth' goes, you may be correct, or she may be. There are different kinds of truth, are there not? There is empirical which is based on experience and observation which can be said to be personal truths. Truths that you base of the facts that you yourself know to be true, and than there is truth that is based off of what is known to be hard fact which is truth that cannot be wavered. There is logic as well which has a truth of itself." He explains. "A very exact time frame you have. Not many could be so precise. In fact, most would have said merely 'nine years ago'. But I like that. Helps know exactly when." He says softly. "I remember that, however. And that book still comes in handy for me to this day."

Elizabeth blinks at him for a moment, her lips parting subtly in her silence before lowering her chin in a nod to murmur, "Yes, this is true indeed. There is fact which is founded upon many witness or claims that are in agreement, or truths that are more opinionated than not and should hardly be considered truths at all. More like gossip, as for everyone wishes to state their own opinion of said event." The corner of her full lips barely tug with a subtle smile as she shrugs a shoulder, "I have an eidetic memory. I usually remember customers by face if their names are not mentioned. It also could explain my intelligence to some degree." The raven-haired girl barely presses her lips together before lightly lowering her chin in a nod, "I am pleased to hear that it has been more than useful…"

Dexter is glad to hear that she agrees with that point. You see…when two minds of intelligence come together, agreements can be made! "Eidetic memory, you say? Well, that is a surprising skill indeed. Rare at that. As rare, in fact, as an elder wand." He'd been thinking about that particular wand recently. "Intelligence does not just apply to having an eidetic memory, though, nor even a good memory. It is about ones ability to comprehend and grasp concepts at a certain rate as well as being able to think logically and intelligently on their feet. And to process new information into what they already know and change their perceptions accordingly."

Elizabeth couldn't help but blink at him yet again, stating the link between the talent of an eidetic memory and intelligence being to completely different entities. She takes a moment or so before answering in return, "This is also including the age factor of the subject with both intelligence and an eidetic memory reducing the likelihood of such a subject with unique characteristics." she glances down at her glass in pause, "I, thank you. I think that was a uniquely singular moment that I was complimented upon my learning rate, my eidetic memory not taking sole credit of my intelligence. I… appreciate it…" Liz presses her lips together for a moment before returning her eyes to his. "I apologize for my rudeness, as though we have met once prior I have still yet to properly introduce myself. I am Elizabeth Dweedle."

Dexter smiles softly at the young woman. "Age factor can deal in greatly to the matter of intelligence." He says in agreement, "Though age and intelligence are not mutually inclusive." He adds. "You're welcome." He nods to the introduction. "It is a pleasure to meet you formally, Miss Dweedle. I am Dexter Rowland." He introduces himself as well, holding out his hand to shake Elizabeth's.

"I agree, age and intelligence are not mutually inclusive, though the age factor does have its own impact on the subject with their varying degree of intelligence." Elizabeth nods once, the corner of her lips barely quirking at the word 'formal'. She lifts her hand over the table, reaching out for his as her slender hand slips into his for a firm, steady handshake. "A pleasure to meet you as well, Mister Rowland. At least to the point where names are exchanged. I do remember that at that particular age I was experiencing much frustration with being taken seriously, so it is not odd that this is the first time we have had the opportunity to exchange pleasantries." She watches him for a moment before pulling her fingers from his. "Then again, the age factor always seems to be of some degree of difficulty for me."

Dexter chuckles lightly and shakes his head, finishing off his own drink. "Children are hardly taken seriously. It's the nature of it all, isn't it? Children naturally believe they know everything so adults guard against all they're told by children, only letting in the facts that they wish to let in." He smiles. "Well, I do believe I must be off myself. I've got a new wand to make."

Elizabeth releases a slow breath, "The age of seventeen is within arms reach, when I am to be considered as an adult in the wizarding world. I suppose there is something of a worry that the fact of being ill regarded will not change because of that single attribute." she murmurs, almost to herself. Her eyes glance up to him, lowering her chin in a nod, "I will not keep you then, as I am sure you have much work to be done." Liz lowers her chin to him, "I hope the rest of your day is a pleasant one."

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