1995-04-20: In Search of... the Foogle Bird


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Scene Title In Search of… the Foogle Bird
Synopsis Looking for an unusual bird via broomstick.
Location Hogwarts - Covered Bridge (sorta)
Date April 20, 1995
Watch For Hair-splitting
Logger Egbert

Previously on Harry Potter: Into the Fire

Melissa nods with a little smile. "Okay," she says. "Always a good place to relax." She turns back towards the exit, running a hand briefly through her hair. "And I definitely need that…"

An older student (or a Gryffindor) would probably offer a shoulder rub or something. Egbert is thinking about it, but keeping it to himself. "Over there somewhere," he says, pointing toward the forest. "Looked like a bird, but it didn't quite move like a bird, you know? Except for being off the ground."

Melissa leans out a bit over the railing. "Well, I don't think it's out there now," she says, peering out at the horizon. "Maybe if we catch Mr. Hagrid- he's not technically a professor is he? I'm not sure… anyway, we might ask him about it, he'd probably know if anything like that was out there."

Egbert scratches his head. "I think he is now, at least this year. Trouble is, from what I hear, his idea of answering is to take you out there and go looking for it… Maybe we can take the brooms out instead, check it out from above?"

Melissa nods. "Maybe… I mean, we did ask for them already for the Quidditch, so it should be allowed… just as long as we don't go anywhere weird with them," she says. "How far out was this again?"

"I'm not sure," Egbert replies, "it didn't look like more than half a mile or so. If we don't spot it soon enough, we can come back, right? And there're no Whomping Willows out there— you could see one from here, easy." Yes, it's the Forbidden Forest, but the students are only forbidden to be in it, not over it. Right?

Melissa thinks. "I suppose… but it's risky, I mean, what if we fall off and land in there? Then we'd definitely get in trouble… maybe we should ask someone first," she says. Now we know why she's not in Gryffindor!

Egbert bites his lip. "I don't know, do you think so? By the time we got back, we might not have time to make it out there…"

Melissa thinks some more. "Well, I am awfully curious…" she says. "You really can't think of any better ways of finding out what that thing is?"

Egbert shakes his head. "Not really… I'd look it up in the library, but it was far enough off that I wouldn't know what to look for."

Melissa frowns. "We could always ask Hagrid anyway, then it wouldn't be our fault… but that would be kind of mean to him, so maybe not." She shakes her head. "I don't know what to do… it wouldn't be so bad if we had a Gryffindor with us since we're tied in points… of course even better if we had a Slytherin but I doubt we'd be able to convince any of them."

Egbert bites his lip. "Yeah, convince them not to push us so we'd lose points. Oh, c'mon, let's try it already!" And up he goes, making sure he's clear of treetop level before venturing forward.

Melissa sighs. Well, looks like he's committed to this, no choice but to follow him. She takes off over the forest and looks around, really not sure of herself here.

Egbert puts a hand to his brow, looking around. "Think we'd better keep some extra distance," he suggests, rising up a few more meters.

Melissa nods and hovers up a tad. "I still don't see anything, though," she says. "We really should head back…"

Egbert shakes his head. "Looked like it was a little further out than—" He cuts off as a flock of tiny little birds - are those jobberknolls? no, probably a little too far south - abruptly rise up past him, and he tries to stop in mid-air. He's liable to bump into Melissa at this rate!

Melissa swerves off to the side, cringing as the broom swings around to face Egbert. "I'm okay! I'm okay…" she says, grabbing the broom tightly. "That wasn't what you were looking for, was it?"

Egbert shakes his head, looking down to make sure he's sitting straight. "No, it was bigger, I couldn't have seen those little ones except from up close. Any idea what they are?" A better question might be what they were flying away from.

Melissa shakes her head back. "I'm not sure," she says. "Maybe we'll learn about them next year in Care of Magical Creatures…" If we're here next year after this, she thinks.

"Yeah, maybe," says Egbert, "at least now we know something to ask about. I guess it's getting too dark to go any further out, better head back then…"

Melissa nods, turning back toward the castle. "Right…" she says, sighing with relief. "Where should we land?"

Egbert flies back more quickly than on the way out, he isn't looking for anything unfamiliar this time. "Over there looks like the closest spot," he calls back, pointing and angling down once the trees start thinning out.

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