Portrayed By Peter Cushing
House Slytherin
Year Graduated 1770
Department Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
Position Vampire Liaison, Beings Division
Sex Male
Race Vampire
Age 242
Place of Birth Balmorrow, Scotland
Date of Birth** 12 August, 1752


After nearly two and a half centuries of life, Ichabod has become quite set in his ways. This means that his qualities - both good and bad - are so deeply graven into his being that it is unlikely he will ever really change his habits, or feel the need to. Of course, that doesn't imply he's beyond learning anything new - quite the contrary - but he will probably come across to most people who haven't known him for a long period of time as the epitome of a cantankerous, irritable, foul-natured old so-and-so. He has come to uphold a rather unique set of scruples - naturally, he does not share the stereotypical Slytherin's dislike of all things 'impure', considering that he himself is not even human any longer. But he does believe his intelligence and ability to quickly grasp complex problems makes him superior to other persons. In fact, over two centuries of life have probably only served to increase this aspect of his personality, since he's acquired such a vast amount of knowledge in that time that it has become relatively easy to make all but the wittiest people look as if they were wearing the proverbial dunce cap, when he wants to.

Still, deep down, he generally comes to respect those he considers hard, honest workers. He has learned to treat at least those who work in his Department with some measure of esteem, since to do otherwise would be to endanger his fragile position within the Ministry. And he has been known, on one or two occasions, to actually become really fond of someone and consider them a friend. When this happens he'll go to any length to protect them - and because of what he is, those lengths are considerable - but in two-hundred and forty years he's only come to hold two or three people in such regard, so it certainly doesn't happen often.

Those who have crossed him over the ages have found themselves the target of a methodical, tireless, and very much predatory creature who will stop at virtually nothing to preserve his own hard-earned well-being. Usually this just means being taught an embarrassing lesson or two.. but then, a few fervently anti-vampire Witches and Wizards have quite suddenly and inexplicably vacated their positions within the Ministry over the past couple centuries, and one does have to wonder exactly why that is..

Character History:


  • August, 1752 - Ichabod is born in Balmorrow, Scotland.
  • September, 1763 - Begins attending Hogwarts and is sorted into House Slytherin.
  • September, 1768 - Awarded a House Prefectship.
  • September, 1770 - Graduates from Hogwarts as Head Boy.
  • January, 1771 - Begins working for the Ministry.
  • February, 1772 - Promoted to a full researcher position after writing 'A Treatise on Several Magical Beings and Their Locales'.
  • July, 1772 - Noble Manor burns to the ground.
  • December, 1774 - Torchwood Manor is completed, and the Nobles move in.
  • April, 1793 - Promoted to head of the Beings division of the Department.
  • July, 1815 - Promoted to Head of the Department.
  • March, 1823 - Starts a journey to the Black Forest to meet with the vampire clan that is reputed to live therein.
  • April, 1823 - Attacked, murdered, and subsequently turned to a vampire by Serpentus, the clan leader.
  • August, 1823 - Returns to England. Immediately stripped of his title, wand, and possessions and kept under constant Ministry surveillance.
  • September, 1829 - Recognizing his usefulness, the Ministry allows him to begin working on minor cases once again in an unofficial capacity.
  • June, 1848 - Restored to an official position within the Ministry and granted use of his wand once again, although the affair is kept strictly confidential and he is still considered a liability and therefore kept under careful watch.
  • February, 1873 - Permitted to take up residence in Hogsmeade in the countryside. Weekly checkups are made by Ministry staff. These eventually become bi-weekly and then monthly as the years go on.
  • July, 1891 - Ichabod has a falling out with the mortal members of his family and ceases all contact with them for the next several decades.
  • November, 1960 - Ichabod discreetly purchases a Runespoor egg and raises the three-headed serpent as a pet once it hatches.
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