1995-04-17: Ice Cream For Starters


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Scene Title Ice Cream For Starters
Synopsis An attempt at normalcy during Easter break.
Location #12, Grimmauld Place
Date Apr 17, 1995
Watch For Mood Swings, Role Models
Logger Bipolar Black

Apart from the vigorous cleaning he and Tonks have put up around Grimmauld Place, Sirius has gone a bit of an extra mile in spots to make the house a bit more festive. He's got Harry here for the Easter Break, and the old Marauder is the happiest he's been in ages. Between himself and Tonks, the main hall is /clean/, a couple of the rooms redecorated with new wallpaper, that being the source of Mrs. Black's agony. (At least his motorbike is parked in the back garden and no longer in front of her painting.) Bunny ears have been placed on the elf heads in the hall and the troll leg has been turned festive, Easter-like pastels. (Possibly by Tonks!) Order meetings have been put on hold for the holiday as Harry is a guest. It's best to just not let him in on things so soon. Some of the usual guests aren't unusual, being family and all. (Or like family!)

Overall, the house has a long way to go before it can be considered an actual home. Regardless of this, Sirius has let Harry have his childhood bedroom to call his own. He made no apologies for his selection of decor in his youth. Currently, Sirius is lounging in the kitchen with a mug of tea and the paper.. debating on badgering Kreacher to cook dinner for them, making a meal himself, or taking Harry to the Leaky Cauldron. It's a bit quiet down in the basement kitchen, just the wireless playing low and Kreacher skulking someplace in the house.

At least the crazy, disgruntled House Elf isn't anywhere near Harry. Seriously. That one there needs to be working for the Muggle Post Office. He'd fit in better there most likely. Still, despite Kreacher, it's been the start of a fairly normal holiday for Harry. Save for the occasional bad dream now and then.

But the young lad is definitely in a much better mood today than the past few as he makes his way out of the allotted bedroom and down the stairs towards the kitchen. "So…what's the Prophet got to say today?" he asks, pulling up to the table and helping himself to what looks like an assortment of cookies. Hopefully not as stale as the last batch.

At least some bit of normalcy is achieved. In this house? That's astounding! A wide grin splits across Sirius's face as Harry enters the kitchen. The paper is laid down on the table, and he sits up a bit straighter in his chair. "Not much worth reading I'm afraid. More of the same Ministry line about nothing to fear, business as usual." He looks to the assorted snacks on the table and says, "Those cookies should be safe. I don't think Kreacher got a chance to tamper with that batch." He sounds fairly certain of this. "Sorry the others were stale. His work, I'm sure of it. Bloody elf, I'd get rid of him if I could. He does have his uses however."

Nibbling on the edge of one of the cookies, Harry finds that, surprisingly, it is indeed very much edible. "Maybe he's just not used to having to tend to people." he offers, pausing to take another bite. "The house was pretty much empty for a while was it not?" His dark hair flails about as he shakes his head. "Yeah, nothing to fear at all." he snorts derisively. "Wouldn't be singing that tune if they'd been there."

Sirius shrugs in a casual manner as he leans back in his seat. "He had been alone for awhile, taking orders from mother's portrait. Still.. he understands English and instructions." There's little excuse for the elf's behavior, but he's not doing much to help the situation at all. A hand is raised then waved, "It's a holiday. Relax. You're as safe here as you are at Hogwarts." It's a feeble attempt to not talk about current events and to get Harry to be as normal as possible for once. Sirius seems to realize this no sooner than the words escape his mouth, "But you can't, and I understand."

Harry rolls his eyes. Lord only knows what Mrs. Black's portrait has filled the elf's mind with. Especially if his own experience so far with the portrait is any comparison. "Sorry…" he replies, looking down for a moment to finish off the last bit of the cookie. "I know I am. It's just…a change is all. I'm used to spending most of the holidays at school." For obvious reasons. Ruddy Dursleys. "Don't think I don't try sometimes to be normal." Does it ever work? Hardly at all.

After a few days of traveling around Britain, and not finding any odd jobs or what have you, Lupin needs somewhere to stay for a couple days, rest in a real bed, and perhaps a bite or two to eat. As such, it's Grimmauld Place that he heads to. It's one of the first places he thinks of. As soon as he enters the house, he makes to look around to see if Sirius is around. Upon hearing voices in coming from the direction of the kitchen, he slowly makes his way down there, knocking on the door frame as he approaches, announcing his presence.

"If you want me to, I'll talk to Dumbledore about you staying here from now on." Merlin knows why Dumbledore is the authority on the matter, but he is. "My home is yours, Harry, if you wish it," Sirius offers up in sober tones. It's an offer he made the previous summer, and one that still stands. About to say more, he's distracted by the knock on the door frame. Another wide grin forms as Sirius beckons Lupin on in, "Remus! You don't need to knock here, come on in, have a seat. I was just about to ask Harry if there was anything in particular he wanted to do today. No need to waste the holiday and all."

"I'm sure he'd say that it's up to me." Harry replies, after a moment of quick thought. "And I'd love to stay here. Beats staying at school when everyone else is gone home. Unless Ron or Hermione stay behind." Of course, then he feels like he's depriving them of their vacation. At the knock, he turns to spy Lupin entering. "Professor." he intones, nodding respectfully.

Lupin smiles slightly, entering the room. "I do apologize Sirius, but I didn't want to come in unannounced unduly. Especially when you and Harry were talking." He turns to face Harry now. "Hello Harry. How are you today?" He asks kindly.

"As well as summer holidays too?" Sirius doesn't dare to presume, as much as he'd like to have his best friend's son around. "Ron and Hermione of course will be welcome to visit when they like as well." Once the whole bit about Grimmauld being headquarters and all is given to them, of course. "Pull up a seat Remus. The tea's still fresh if you want some." He made the pot himself, not trusting it to Kreacher earlier!

"I think I have a standing invitation to spend the summer at the Burrow." Harry answers, his cheeks twinging just a tad pink at the thought. "But we'll see. I might be able to split it between there and here. I'm doing well, Professor. Yourself?" The last is said towards Lupin, of course.

Lupin bows his head. "Thank you, Sirius." He replies. "A touch of tea would be wonderful." He says, taking a seat at the table. "I'm doing fine, thank you, Harry. How is school?" He asks kindly. "The Burrow…the Weasleys are good people. I am sure you enjoy your time there."

"Right. Of course." Sirius does his best to not sound disappointed and to give a bracing smile at Harry. "No reason you can't do that." Grateful for /something/ to do, Sirius gets up and fetches a mug for Lupin, getting the tea by hand. Perhaps he'll speak with Molly and Arthur at an upcoming Order meeting about this.. Black frowns at himself, determined to not feel down with only a short holiday week ahead. "Here you are, Remus," he says, setting the tea down in front of Lupin before he resumes his seat.

"School is….well…school." Harry answers, glancing at Lupin. "Though I'll admit it's getting tougher. Between classes, and other things…there's lots of nights where end up sleeping far earlier than I normally would." He watches as Sirius fetches the tea…by hand…and it generates a raised brow. But nothing is said, as he reaches for another cookie. It's hard for him to play off detecting a slight hint of disappointment. "Maybe I could come here first. Then Ron and Hermione could meet me here halfway through the summer and we could head to the Burrow?"

Lupin nods a little bit. "Understandably. The farther into your schooling you go, the more difficult it gets. It can be difficult, at times, to remember to sleep between all the studying. I am happy to hear that you seem to be getting your sleep, though." There's a look toward Sirius. No questions asked, no curious looks given. Sometimes it's nice to do something without magic, he can understand that. "Thank you, Sirius." He says with kindly as the other man brings over the tea. "How have you been faring?" He asks toward his old friend.

"Whatever is best," Sirius says in an all too resigned manner. "Things can get a bit busy around here." Oh dear, now he's acting a bit petulant, despite efforts against this. It's the sort of pouting that'd have Tonks smacking the back of his head. "So. Do you want dinner here, or shall we go into Diagon Alley? We can stop off at Florean's too." The change of topic is forced on his end and a bit deliberate. He doesn't want to sink into some depressive fit, although half the time he doesn't realize he's having one. "Remus, you should join us, whatever our dinner plans wind up being. We can tell Harry horror stories about our OWL studies in fifth year, get him ready for what he's about to face. In the academic sense." It's forced, but he's trying here to stay upbeat! To Lupin's question, he answers with a shrug. "Tonks and I have been keeping busy. I should show you the redecorating we've done in a few rooms."

"Yeah, it doesn't help though getting up at wee hours of the morning." Harry adds, catching himself before he says anything else. Granted it's almost a certainty that at least these two know. "I don't know. I was sort of thinking maybe hitting the Alley. Sounds like a plan to me." He's not going to pass up the infamous ice cream parlor. Nope. Not a chance. The question will be, who is buying?

Lupin gives Sirius a small glance now. Just quickly. He's seen his friend walk this road of emotion before. "Diagon Alley? I know this lovely little cafe. Or there's always the Leaky Cauldron." He says softly. "But, I wouldn't want to intrude, really. I'm sure the two of you wish to spend time together. Godfather and godson." He says softly.

Sirius is buying, duh! He's generous with his family fortune! The more he spends on blood traitors and half-bloods, the more it makes his mother roll over, and the happier it makes him. "Then it's settled. We'll go to Diagon Alley. Nonsense Moony! It'll be Moony, Padfoot and Prongs Junior. Harry's here all week and we've got stories to tell him."

Harry rolls his eyes at 'Prongs Jr.'. It was only a matter of time before that came out. "I'm ok with trying new places." he offers, shaking his head. "Yeah, it's not an intrusion, Professor. Just please…no stories about cute things I did as a baby." He had enough of that torture from the Dursleys, though they seemed more to use it to make fun of him than anything else.

Lupin shakes his head. "Don't you worry, Harry. You'll get no stories from me about 'cute things' you 'did as a baby'. I'd say that's more of something Sirius might do." He says softly, with a little glint in his eye as he glances toward Sirius. "But should you have any other questions about stories from our younger days, I'm sure I might be able to oblige to a certain extent." No stories about their bad behaviour though! Nosiree Bob! Er…Harry. Only the good things, of course!

"Damn, there went that idea. I know there's a picture somewhere around here of you on your first broom that your mother sent me… or your first Christmas picture where we put antlers on your head." Sirius is teasing about the last, or is he? At least there's a grin back on his face now. Sprawling with casual grace in his seat, he grins across at Harry, and fires a quick wink. "But.. as Lupin says, we could dazzle you with tales of our youthful exploits."

"Oh, I've no doubt that neither of you couldn't." Harry grins, chuckling just a bit. "After what the map told Snape last year when he caught me sneaking about the castle, there's no telling what you all would have done." Probably a few things he'd rather not know at that. "Though, I dare say I could probably top a few of your exploits with some of my own." Even if they weren't exactly the best of circumstances.

Ah yes, that little incident. Well, Lupin need not say too much more about that. He already gave his own two cents about that when it happened. "Well, that little charm…well, I think that was your father's ingenuity. I believe, anyway. Or am I mistaken, Sirius?" After everything that all four of them added to the map, it is hard to say anymore.

"Oh ho! Listen to Harry talk here, Remus! Top our exploits?" Sirius just lets out a roar of laughter in amusement, and for how much the boasting sounds like James. Grinning, he turns to Lupin, "Mostly James's idea. I helped him with that. Lily hexed us both for it. They fell off in time! Dunno what she was fussed about!" No. No remorse here.

"Either way, it was rather brilliant." Harry admits, though a hint of pride comes through at mention it was his father's idea. "Yeah, can't imagine why she was so fussed. Only a small charm designed to insult someone."

Lupin smiles a little. "I certainly heard, Sirius. And I've no doubt that there are some aspects that could give us a run for our money." He says lightly. "Lily was…well, she was never quite enthused by most of what we did." He says softly. "She more someone to follow the rules, you see. Didn't find anything we did funny. Especially the things your father and Sirius did." He attempts to explain. "But she came around, I do believe, near our last year."

Sirius grins and shows no remorse, "We were young. We were berks, what can I say? Always liked to show off in front of her, James did. Still, once she came around, they were a good match." He's then up from his seat and announces suddenly, "Ice cream. Let's have that for starters, then move on to dinner a bit later. My treat, and no arguments about that."

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